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Soapbox for 2022
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AA7VR   Contact Moderator
Sure needed SB to clean sweep. so sad.
AB1YW   Contact Moderator
This was my first Sweepstakes and an impressive contest. With little
ambition to find a spot to operate portable, I opted to set up multiple
EFHW radiators for 20-15-10 in my apartment living room to operate QRP.
Expecting the challenging exchange going in and having full computer
logging with rig  frequency monitoring in RUMlogNG greatly expedited
logging and checking exchange completeness, not to mention dupe
checking. My small signal out and high local noise behaved as expected.
Every contact, from first call to waiting in the pileup to long repeats
through QSB both ways, was valuable and an appreciated experience.
I look forward to next year and an improved score, even if operating
from the same location with a similar antenna configuration!
AB4KA   Contact Moderator
I don't have a "competition" station by any stretch of the
imagination.  I just get in for fun, and I had a great time.  The
highlight was working W1AW!
AB5GG   Contact Moderator
15M was wall to wall signals with usable sigs on 10M. Sunspots on the rise, for sure. Tnx for the
Q's. 73 - AB5GG (WF5X)
AB5ZA   Contact Moderator
Low power entry from DN35RW, Montana, USA.
AD4XT   Contact Moderator
All S & P . Lots of fun.
AI4WU   Contact Moderator
Seems some days you just can't win. I set aside ample operating
time for once and my amplifier failed about halfway through.
Wouldn't make more that 200 watts, which was not enough to bust
the coast-to-coast pileup I needed to get the clean sweep. Oh
well, it was fun while it lasted!
AI7OW   Contact Moderator
I operated 20 meters exclusively... until my radio broke. Yup, my Icom
IC-735's vfo dial stuck, and when I turned it, it unscrewed. This was
my first time operating SS. 73 DE AI7OW, the 13 year old Extra. (SOLP)
AL1VE   Contact Moderator
This year I improved my station's HF antennas by replacing an Inverted V for a couple of fan
dipoles. From my aluminum scrap pile I cobbled together a tri-band two element trap yagi on a six
foot boom. Lacking a tower, I hung it between two trees at 60'. Wished I could have rotated it!

The RF was supplied by my trusty TS-2000, which has seen lots more action in my VHF rover over the
past 20 years. A couple of old Johnson Matchbox Lite tuners kept the whole set-up in harmony. 

Whether it was the new antennas or band conditions, this was the first year I actually heard all the
sections. Did I work them all? Nope, came up four short. Couldn't break the pile-ups for some
Ontario sections and EWA.

The exchange was crazy long, and after a few hours of repeating it one can easily understand the
value of a digital voice recorder. Thanks to everyone who gave me a shout. I had a blast.

AL1VE  -  Tim
K0DSL   Contact Moderator
Radio was a Icom IC-7300 and an End-Fed Half Wave Wire slopped. I
enjoyed the contest.
K0GD   Contact Moderator
Rig: K4D, KPA1500
Antenna: 144' doublet at 60 feet with ladder line.
Preparations for the holidays got in the way so I missed
lots of easy sections: ND, EMA, NNY, PR, SC, WCF, NM, OK, AND WTX.
K0HC   Contact Moderator
( 1476 * 2 ) * 84 = 247,968 IN 23:45
K0IE   Contact Moderator
Didn't make a lot of contacts but enjoyed working for the ones I got...FT-450 to 17' portable
K0KWH   Contact Moderator
K0MJS   Contact Moderator
15 meters was open!
K0OZ   Contact Moderator
This is the first contest that I really took interest in. I did it just for fun and not to compete.
I only worked it on Sunday and took time off to watch some football. 
I "got my feet wet" in this one and now look forward to future contests. It was great fun. 
One note for next time, read the rules prior to any contest, I would have tried for more sections.
K0TJT   Contact Moderator
2022 November Sweepstakes
K1AUS   Contact Moderator
Didn't work as many as i would have liked bhad other chores to
do. Tfor sponsering the contest.
K1RA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Thanks to my dad (Rich K1HTV) for hosting me this 2022 ARRL SS SSB.  Over the past few years we've
been building out a new Rohn 55 rotating tower system at his VA QTH to hold his HF monobanders that
have been sitting in storage since him leaving MD in '08.  My last serious ARRL SS SSB entry was 26
yrs ago in '96 from his old QTH with roughly the same antennas, though a K3 rig now and a TS-850SAT
then.  It was good to work some old familiar calls from back then.  I dug up an old '96 QST SS
results article and saw many other calls from back then that made it into the log this year too.  In
'96 I placed 15th (174K) overall, no 3830scores back then. I'm hoping to do a bit better this time
around :) though I already noted a big difference between SOLP high scores from now vs. back then.

I had antenna issues on 40m until midnight the first day, which had me mainly S&P on that band and
probably hurt me the most with respect to QSOs.  Overall the station worked well and I was happy
with conditions as no geomagnetic storm arose as was earlier predicted. VO1KVT (NL) was the last
mult in my log for a sweep, with SDG being the only other one I struggled finding, both Sunday
evening. MAR, ONN, SF and SB were the other last few that trickled in late Sunday afternoon.

Great to see an influx of new CKs from 2019-22 and I was happy to be a #1 for a few who called in
just to give a point while I stepped them through the complex exchange.  Take a guess which CKs were
the most popular?  See a histogram of the CKs I worked in this SS in the pix album below along with
a few pix of the station and a flashback to '96 high scores. Copy & paste URL:



andyz - K1RA
K2KR   Contact Moderator
Sweeps is over for another year, only 364 days until it returns. It was a very good year this year
with 15 open and a little more room to spread out. We missed Kristin, KC0INX, this year as she was
very busy with a new Granddaughter. Hopefully she will be back next year. Carol, KC0MOM, filled in
for her this year and as in all the years very much appreciated. SS has been a family event for
about 20 years now and we get to thank the BARC jrs and Steve, N2IC for getting us into it. We have
had a lot of fun. We helped a lot of new people with the exchange this year and to them we say
welcome and we hope to see you next year. We would also like to thank all the hams that made those
remote sections available to us. We hope everyone had fun and we hope to work you again next year. 
Mike K2KR
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. Ben N3UM
and Mike W5MPB did Multi-Op HP in the 2022 SSB Sweeps, as we did
in 2021. N3UM ran, and W5MPB clicked spots for mults and always-
CQing ops. At start the 12-V power supply for the K3s was dead;
N3UM lost 19 min. putting in a spare. His 20-M run rate 2119-
2325Z was just OK, 100 Qs at 47/hr, then 20 more Qs by 00Z. Odd,
since sigs were good and he got 42 sects; AB, BC, all but SF in
W6, all but WY in W7, plus IL, TN, GA, and sects in between. (In
2021 at start, he got 166 Qs but 36 sects 21-00Z.) On 40 M 0006-
0151Z N3UM ran for 85 Qs and 12 mults, with ND and VI. W5MPB
0214-0643Z then hopped back and forth between 40 and 80 M as he
worked all spots on one band while they built back up on the
other band. He got 32 Qs and 4 mults on 40 M; NL, PR, PAC, and
PE. On 80 M, he got 64 Qs and 14 mults, with medium-rare RI, DE,
NNY, WV, & VT. At 0643Z QRT we had 299 Qs and 72 mults total. In
daylight 1227-1412Z N3UM got 116 40-M Qs in 2 runs at good
rates; 56 Qs at 79/hr, then 60 Qs at 65/hr, plus 6 mults, none
rare. Then on 20 M 1431-1555Z N3UM got SK and 40 Qs, 26 in a
run. W5MPB came in at ~1615Z, but saw a bad computer crash soon
after. Restart, reconfig, & resync took time, so no Qs logged
1555-1702Z. By 1945Z W5MPB got 14 Qs and NT on 20 M, plus WY and
14 Qs on 15 M. At 2010Z N3UM got MAR and 29 20-M Qs, then 37 40-
M Qs and our 83rd and last mult, ONE, at 2156Z. W5MPB 2208-0047Z
got 19 40-M Qs, 4 20-M Qs, & 1 on 80 M. From 0100-0247Z N3UM ran
for 91 80-M Qs, 53/hr till rate died. We never saw or heard AK.
K3TC   Contact Moderator
After 59 years - a clean sweep!
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Operating QRP in the Phone Sweepstakes can be challenging!"
K4EES   Contact Moderator
I had a ball
K4YJ   Contact Moderator
1st clean sweep
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Another good run, but no clean sweep.
K6UFO   Contact Moderator
The ARRL Sweepstakes Phone Records show "no entry" for SO Unlimited QRP for US Call Area 1.
I can fix that!  Also, it looks like I needed Alabama for my WAS Phone-only. Fixed that, too!
Got on Sunday afternoon, when people want some fresh calls, and made a pass up 10m and part of
15m. Saw a spot on 20m for AB4EJ in AL, jumped there, worked, and I declared done!


10m: 8/8/8/8 stack of yagis
15m: 6/6/6 stack of yagis
20m: 5/5/5  stack of yagis
Flexradio at 5 watts
RemoteHamRadio.com, W1/Jonesport station
K7AEZ   Contact Moderator
The ARRL Sweepstakes in always a fun contest.
It was nice to see the Band Conditions were good Saturday it was SFI-116, SN-60, K-2, A-9 and Sunday
SFI-115, SN-62, A-2, K-9.

During the day I used both of my V Dipole Antennas; the 10M and the 15M-20M. 

So 10 Meters was open in my area for about 5 hours. This band I did the best on and I worked a few
stations in Alaska, Hawaii, some on the East Coast, and some in the East Midwest states.

The 10-10 Guys always tell me that on 10 Meters it is easy to work the East Coast and a lot in
Florida; South of Ohio and East of the Mississippi River? This of course is from my QTH here in
Mesa, Arizona.

When the 10 Meter Band died, I went to 15 Meters for another hour, then to 20 Meters. 

I used my 81ft End Fed Wire for 40M-160M for the night bands. For some reason my Linear Amplifier
had difficult tuning the Wire, so most of the time I had only used 100 Watts
At night I could not hear too many on 80 Meters, but I did get 5 QSO’s. On 160 Meters I got zero
K7DLX   Contact Moderator
15 meters! What can I say It was an incredible band this weekend!
K7FR   Contact Moderator
73 Q's and 73 sections sounded like a good stopping point for my QRP effort.
K9ARF   Contact Moderator
Homebrew Station
K9KE   Contact Moderator
Society of Midwest Contesters
K9TY   Contact Moderator
First time really doing sweeps. The long exchange is unique, but made the pace interesting...more
deliberate! I'd really like to see the sweeps format transferred to Field Day (make it an optional
contest). Anyway, had a blast in sweeps chasing sections. Learned how to tune my antenna and amp
really fast to change bands! ALMOST a sweep!!  Just missed ONN!!
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
Fun contest the most i have ever had for s s. Thanks 73 Matt ka0pqw
KA7RRA   Contact Moderator
It was a lot of fun I enjoyed it I should have been more gun ho on Saturday but I had stuff to do
maybe next year I made some contacts on Saturday, and some on Sunday
KB3IPZ   Contact Moderator
The call sign for #18 is possibly a busted call - my mistake. All other ex
change info is correct but I am not positive about the Call sign and did
not catch the error on my part until after the contest. I do not care if I
lose the points, but would hate to see the AZ station lose points for my
KB7SDM   Contact Moderator
this is my first time doing the arrl sweeps and used xiegu g90 at
5w power , didnt do great but had fun making some contacts.
KB8OOJ   Contact Moderator
First time attempting contest.
Not sure if I am doing Cabrillo correctly or not.
Thank you for the contest, it was fun!
KC3NLT   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the QSOs! :D
KC3STZ   Contact Moderator
Soap Box Text
KC5AXH   Contact Moderator
First time operating in a contest.
40M inverted V at 17 feet. 100W
KC8HQS   Contact Moderator
KC8QDQ   Contact Moderator
clean sweep
KC8VPQ   Contact Moderator
first sweep
KD0JTR   Contact Moderator
First time in contest, using new FTDX10, was fun.
KD2MU   Contact Moderator
Amazing what you can do with 5 watts and a wire.
KD2TZX   Contact Moderator
Participated in the ARRL November SSB Sweepstakes. This was the first
time I made a conscious effort to participate after reading some of
the rules. It was a great experience and was able to get some good
advise and info from other operators when I was unsure of what I was
attempting to send.
KD4IZ   Contact Moderator
S & P QRP fun...
KD8VRX   Contact Moderator
Limited to 40m on a wire antenna.
KD9GY   Contact Moderator
My first SWEEP!
KD9QS   Contact Moderator
KE0ME   Contact Moderator
need better instructions and updated examples for cabrillo logs. Could not make the loader work so I
have to send this in instead.
KE0MHJ   Contact Moderator
Casual pass through 40 and 80
KE3KD   Contact Moderator
Didn't have much time, so jumped on for an hour and had a great time
until a power outage knocked me off the air.  Better luck next time!
KE5RHE   Contact Moderator
Used my new FT-710 at 100W on a 30m dipole.  Last contest for me was 2016.  This was a lot of fun!
KG4NEP   Contact Moderator
Antique rig , Argonaut 509 , 2 watts , rusty antique operator with a
very questionable inverted L .
Tough Fun
KG6LHW   Contact Moderator
KK6SYJ, KN6NSK, KJ6OUI played as well.
KI4ASK   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun working this contest QRP using my IC-705
KI4BXU   Contact Moderator
KI5QBQ   Contact Moderator
My name is Josiah Hubbard, I am 11 years old.  I have my general
license, and this was my first contest.  I had a great time making
pile ups. 73 KI5QBQ
KI5RQG   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contest!
KK7GCG   Contact Moderator
First time submitting a contest log.  Used a hamstick mounted on my
truck in driveway for all 20m contacts. 15 and 40m on a efhw in the
trees. Thank you to the ARRL for all you do. 73-KK7GCG
KN6TZK   Contact Moderator
This is the correct log.  Sorry for the confusion this is my first SSB Sweepstakes
KO4YKW   Contact Moderator
Submitted for check log only. Please disregard the 2nd/duplicate
contact with wr3r, it was my mistake as I answered the station's call
on a different frequency.
Also, I failed to log the ser, prec, check and sec on my first
001, my mistake. I deleted 001 contact due to lack of information.
KS7T   Contact Moderator
The highlight of the contest was when W1DAD called me and I asked him
if it was a vanity call and he said yes and not only that but his xyl is
K1MOM!  Now what are the chances that combo wud be available to this
couple - great stuff!
KW8N   Contact Moderator
Was going to do full effort but got frustrated with slow start and
decided to do part-time.
KY4KP   Contact Moderator
KZ2I   Contact Moderator
10M not as good as I was expecting. 80m antenna throwing RF into house for some reason, setting off
smoke alarm, screwing up coffee maker and cooking timer, so lessen time on that band due to xyl's
pacemaker (not taking a chance).  Missed ONN - wrong band at wrong time.  The "hard ones" (NT, AK,
PR, VI WY, MT, NNY, etc) were easy.
N0GLK   Contact Moderator
My first time using a computer to log a contest.  Bye bye paper logs!  Came nowhere close to
operating 24 hours, but still had a great time, exceeded 60 sections.  15M was pleasant surprise.
10M not so much.  Vast majority of stations heard were courteous and patient. Can't wait for next
N0JK   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
10 Meters not nearly as good for phone as CW sweeps. Nice to work K7RAT &
then WH7T in Hawaii for PAC Sunday afternoon. I ran 5 watts, 1/4 wave mobile whip. Several people
commented good signal for QRP.
N0NB   Contact Moderator
First time in several years operating SS.  Bands were very good except
10m didn't have any activity on Sunday afternoon.  Operations were
friendly with seasoned ops helping newbies all around.  Good show!

I had limited time due to farm obligations and I had to learn not to
care about a sweep or being competitive and simply make contacts and
hand out my section to help others along.

I heard far less contention on the bands this year than years ago.  Have we turned a corner as a
service?  I certainly hope so.

I do think some additional training might be helpful.  Some times I heard a running station ask for
a repeat of the answering callsign and in addition to simply repeating the callsign, the answering
station proceeded with their report.  At a minimum this upset the flow for the running station in
one instance and in another it caused a double and an awkward silence and neither station knew the
other was transmitting until another station waiting said, "Double!"  Then the whole thing had to be
done over again by both.  Full duplex isn't yet a thing in amateur radio HF operations.

Perhaps the rules page could emphasize a "best practice" of letting the running station give their
exchange first and the answering station after and the answering station not giving their exchange
until they have confirmed the running station's exchange was received correctly.

Overall, I only heard this happen a couple of times but I do know that this bad habit seems to be
common on Field Day and perhaps some emphasis on Best Practices would be helpful.
N0QO   Contact Moderator
Fan dipole at 40 feet was only antenna used.  Approx. 11 hours op time.
N0UI   Contact Moderator
TIL:  The World Bank has a Radio club.  Thanks to 4U1WB for the QSO.

Shoutout to W2UB, University at Buffalo ARC.  Great to work a School Club.
N0XMD   Contact Moderator
I see an error. My claimed score of 600 included my multipliers. My raw score should be only 60 (30
QSO times 2 = 60).
N1ADX   Contact Moderator
Thank you for a great contest.
N1ROZ   Contact Moderator
first sweep !!
N1SFE   Contact Moderator
The contest was going really well for a part time effort until about 23:35 on Sunday night when my
Icom 7000 wasn't making power and let out the magic smoke.  Contest over. 177 Q's and 177 sections
in the log at that point.
N1SMB   Contact Moderator
Boulder Amateur Radio Club
N3BAS   Contact Moderator
N3FR   Contact Moderator
Great contest!  Where was ONN
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2022 Nov 19 Sweepstakes SSB
N4RWH   Contact Moderator
Fun contest. Thanx to those who worked to make this a successful event.
N4UJ   Contact Moderator
First time trying Sweepstakes QRP SSB. Had a great time but a little radio needs a bigger antenna!
N5XJ   Contact Moderator
Missed ONN  section , thanks for QSOs.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
Ran QRP, just ONE HALF WATT to a 20 foot
end-fed wire, thrown into a tree out my window.
I probably spent way too much time on 10m,
as there was not much action on that band.
Condx seemed quite poor compared to CW SS.
Thanks to all for your patience and the QSOs.
N6JSO   Contact Moderator
Operated from Clear Lake SP, so also a POTA activation.
N6JTX   Contact Moderator
Had fun. Heard that contest on the air and had to join in. First time
in years.
N6VOH   Contact Moderator
lots of activity on 15 meters. Had a great time, missed several mults, better luck next time
N7ECV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Credo - Quia - Absurdum
N7EPD   Contact Moderator
Just had oral surgery so can't talk much.  N1MM voicing to the
rescue!  Thanks for tolerating my number and letter files.
N7MZW   Contact Moderator
ICOM IC-7300, Vectronics HFT-1500 Manual Tuner for 75 and 15 meters only, Heil Pro Micro Headset,and
a ZS6BKW flattop, up 45 feet above my apartment, running N-S at 6,053 feet elevation in Laramie
County, Wyoming. MULTIPLE COMPUTER CRASHES (including the first hour) resulted in 3.25 less hours of
Op time, 5,360 less points, and 58 less Q's than last year. BUMMER! I missed ND and NL for the
"Sweep". Great to work a few GMCC members, as well as a handfull of school stations. Minimal QRMing
this year, and nearly everyone was familar with the "long" Sweepstakes exchange. Tnx for working me
in my favorite domestic contest! November Seven Many Zebras Walking.
N7WY   Contact Moderator
N8HKU   Contact Moderator
Nice to have 15-80 working this weekend!
N8IE   Contact Moderator
First sweeps in a few years. Had fun and got a sweep thanks to the folks in SDG coming in towards
the end! 73!
N8KAM   Contact Moderator
nice to get the sweep...
N8TXI   Contact Moderator
Haven’t been on HF for about 5 years and it was 2012 when I last participated in November
Sweepstakes. I think it was the best I’ve ever done on 80 meters. I was impressed at the
helpfulness of other operators towards people who didn’t know the format of the contest exchange.
N9ARX   Contact Moderator
First log submission for Sweepstakes in over 20 years!  Had a great time.  It was a shame that 10
meters was so poor, when it was so good just a couple weeks ago.  Looking forward to next years, and
a few more contacts.  Need to beat 1996's entry, Hi Hi!
N9DMS   Contact Moderator
High Power stations should get an extra point for working an "A" statiom (100 watts or less).  If
not that, then create a category for high power stations to log low power stations worked and make a
separate award or recognition for winning that.
N9KIY   Contact Moderator
N9TF   Contact Moderator
Rough going for a little pistol. Just glad to have at least one resonant
antenna, 6BTV, up and running now, since the move to TN.
73 Gene N9TF, Clarksville, TN.
Station, K3S 100 watts to 6BTV ground mounted w/8, 32' radials for now.
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Good conditions allowed me to run, especially on 15.
ND8DX   Contact Moderator
NE5B   Contact Moderator
Probably my first time to submit a log for Sweepstakes

100 Watts and 2 endfed antennas.

Hunt and pounce mode only.   
122 contacts and 67 sections/Mults.

Next time home to add an 80m loop for evening operations making it easier to get my nearby sections.
NF7E   Contact Moderator
NI0K   Contact Moderator
Started out fighting my Flex. Murphy finally won so I gave up and
switched over to a K3. Then I fought with my TH11 on 15. On
Sunday the TH11 behaved itself, so I think it was ice related

that were *NASTY*.  Please read the piece by K9YC about how to
adjust your rig for punchy contest audio. The answer isn't 'turn
it up to 11".
rare one, but N1MM show 10 runs, mostly on Sunday, one for 45
minutes at 123 per hour!
a sweep. No ND, OK, AK, NL, or ONN. It seemed like the rare
sections were *NOT* spotted on VE7CC cluster.
NJ8M   Contact Moderator
This year M/S entry was used not to win but to help a new contest op give it a go with long hours of
BIC. His skills greatly improved and it was a joy to see how much fun he was having. He worked about
80% of the stations. I was a support operator for bathroom breaks and food breaks. W0OOA, Brett did
a great job. Now to begin station building at his QTH because, he is biten with the contest bug. 73,
Morgan NJ8M es Brett W0OOA. Anyone have any aluminum seeds they want to part with?
NM2O   Contact Moderator
NN4DX   Contact Moderator
Great contest! Great band conditions and everything worked.  Woohoo...
NS1O   Contact Moderator
Another fun weekend, people were polite. Broke my headphones :( and RF on 40 meters got into my
computer all of a sudden buy hey that's part of the fun LOL. Thanks to all the people that I
contacted only missed VI, LAX, SB, MAR, NT and ONN for the clean sweep didn't hear any of them? Oh
well I'm looking forward to next year:)

NS2N   Contact Moderator
thanks to those who offered kind words and concerns about the WNY snow-maggedon. This QTH was in the
cross-hairs the whole time.

NW2P   Contact Moderator
VA2EPR   Contact Moderator
my first contest
VA3MZD   Contact Moderator
1st contest, 1st Cabrillo log!
VA4BDK   Contact Moderator
So fun! I passed my Cdn basic with honours for the second time 3 weeks
ago, and was listening to CQ CQ Sweepstakes... what is this What an
amazing opportunity to learn so much so fast. 73 to all (the few)
operators I contacted.
VA6BGE   Contact Moderator
Licenced in 2020. Flexradio 6600
Hexbeam for 10-20m, Hexbeam for 40m, Vertical for 15&10m
VA6TVA   Contact Moderator
I would like to thank the organizers for this event.  It was my first time entering a Sweepstakes
contest.  I enjoyed the experience very much.  I enjoyed the pace, and very much enjoyed the extra
complexity of the exchange, that I believed improved my listening skills.  I even had a go a
"running" on 15m and 80m with good success.  The other operators were very polite and patient. 
Great event.  I will definitely look for the next one.  Thank you.
VA7CTG   Contact Moderator
VE2KLW   Contact Moderator
low-power, 40m band only, rookie
VE3GJP   Contact Moderator
Single OP, Low Power, 12 hours, Rookie, Non Assisted
VE5GC   Contact Moderator
Murphy showed up.  Had some ant. trouble.
VE6CLE   Contact Moderator
Doubled my score from last year. I'll take it.
VE6FXL   Contact Moderator
Operated portable from a local POTA park for the second year in a row on battery power with a full
size dipole at 25 feet and a mag mount 10m whip
VE7CKZ   Contact Moderator
Always love this contest.  It's a fun one.
VE7NA   Contact Moderator
We had a lot of fun operating SS on the saturday 73 Gerry
W0EEE   Contact Moderator
Gotta make some bandpass filters for next sweeps!
Thanks to our new beam antenna we were finally able to operate
on 15 Meter, absolutely essential for making a clean sweep.
Lots of new hams joined our club this year,
was really fun introducing them to November Sweepstakes!
73's from Peyton, Ron, Josh, Mayowa,
Connor, Zeke, Morgan, Katherine, Beck, Thomas, and Adam
W0WLA   Contact Moderator
I operated from the comfort of may car, I have no HF shack at the house.  I had fun chasing the
different sections, and did far better than I thought I would, despite only operating for a few
hours of the contest.  Equipment used: Yaesu FT-891,  Tarheel 75A antenna, and Lenovo laptop running
N1MM for logging and CAT control.
W1JGM   Contact Moderator
Band     QSOs     Pts  Sec  Pt/Q
23   2.0
2    1   2.0
Mult = 3.8 Q's
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contacts. Thank you to the ARRL for sponsoring the
contest. 73 - Dan, W1QK & Roger, NG1R.
W3FR   Contact Moderator
Got all but 3!  Awesome fun.
W3TB   Contact Moderator
W3TB Franklin TN
W3ZAP   Contact Moderator
Thank you for another great contest!!!
W4GHV   Contact Moderator
IC-7610 & EFHW
W4LX   Contact Moderator
This is the first club competition of the Fort Myers Amateur Radio Club since 1982 - 40 years ago. 
We're back !
W5KY   Contact Moderator
IC-7600, DX Commander ABV
W6JLV   Contact Moderator
tough work having hicups
W7AWE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
My very first contest. Thx to everyone making this fun and exciting. I live in an HOA and had to
battle the wind and cold (yes, in Arizona) to set up a portable station.  It was a blast ...
literally.  Wish I could upload the short video of my antenna bending in the wind ... or was it all
those powerful stations knocking it over? LOL
W7BJN   Contact Moderator
Got a Clean Sweep- what fun!!
W7STV   Contact Moderator
ARRL SwS Nov '22
W8GG   Contact Moderator
Usually a cw only guy, but tried SSB for a change. Much tougher playing QRP SSB. Enjoyed the contest
73 Gregg
W8GJK   Contact Moderator
Submitted as Multi/Single as my wife assisted with logging and got on the mic with myself as control
op a couple of times.  Had a great time, we enjoy working this contest together every year as Santa
Barbara is such a rare entity.  Its literally the only contest that she asks about and gets up early
on a Sunday morning for.  Maybe she'll get her license in time for next year, we'll see...    

Missed NL for the clean sweep but gave out the last section for at least a dozen clean sweeps.  A
couple of the pileups we brought were some of the most hectic I have ever operated.  Cant wait to do
it again next year!
W8GX   Contact Moderator
Clean sweep! First since 2014.
W8RU   Contact Moderator
Made one pass across 40m and had fun giving out points.
Thanks for the QSOs and 73, Ron (W8RU).
WA2BOT   Contact Moderator
I am grateful to Dave, K1TTT for the opportunity to use his station to compete in Sweepstakes this
WA2CNV   Contact Moderator
Good band conditions overall! Worked ALL Canada!
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
Just wanted that clean sweep on CW and SSB with only a HF9V vertical at my new QTH!
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA8Y   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I got my Voice Keyer working just in time.  It saved my voice and helped my wife
sleep (since the bedroom is directly above the ham shack).
Friends arrived, to visit for a few days, so that end the contest for me.  When everyone turned in
early, I went back on the air for the last hour and made 26 more Qs.
Propagation was pretty good.  My RX antennas worked amazingly well. And nothing
All in all a good SSB Sweepstakes
WB0RUR   Contact Moderator
Great contest
WB4KFO   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all of you for your patience in working with me to make these contacts happen.  I really
apprieciate it.  Also thank you to those who uploaded their contacts to LOTW.  I am now much closer
to my WAS award.
WB8REI   Contact Moderator
Another exciting year for November Sweepstakes! Good band conditions. Thanks ARRL for a great

WD5DJW   Contact Moderator
There should be a new catagory for contests.  A kind of
wall-of-shame.  Here you would post the callsigns of those asking
about the rules during the contest.
WE6Z   Contact Moderator
Conditions not very good on Saturday, better on Sunday.  Finally got the sweep at near 5pm Sunday.
WI9B   Contact Moderator
I wish the ARRL store would wait to order FIELD DAY pins until after Field Day too.  The store ran
out of FD 22 pins before the event happened!!!!  I would rather wait for the FD pins instead of not
getting them at all.  I have all the FD and SS pins except FD2022.  Poor leadership at the store.
WN3N   Contact Moderator
Great time with the Family
WO3X   Contact Moderator
I hope to surpass my score of last year.
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This was another WQ6X Sweepstakes dual-OP from the East Bay (EB)
ARRL Section.  Aside from putting in 5-hours for the NX6T operation
(running from Anza in the ORG section), the rest of the time was for WQ6X.
Similar to the last several contest weekends, 10-meters has been THE
daytime band.  Running the FT-2000 into a 3-el Hygain Long John yagi
allowed me to sweep the yagi looking for openings. While Saturday
presented a greater 10-meter opening, Sunday afternoon found
a PIPELINE to MO, MN and WI, as well as the surrounding areas.
40-meters Saturday evening was a REAL disappointment as was 75-meters.
Calling CQ on 160 (from BOTH WQ6X and NX6T) produced no QSOs,
nor did I hear any other stations calling CQ on the band.  Bummer Dewd.
Look for my detailed write-up on this GiG at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com.
WR4I   Contact Moderator
txs to all who pulled out my qrp sig!
WS0Y   Contact Moderator
Made my goal of 50 QRP contacts!!
WT1M   Contact Moderator
It's been a few years since I've posted a log in Sweeps.
I forgot how much fun this test can be! Even without a clean sweep...
WV1H   Contact Moderator
Clean Sweep!