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Soapbox for 2021
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AB3GS   Contact Moderator
Format for QSO line not found anywhere.
AB4UG   Contact Moderator
First time doing Sweepstakes and first time doing any significant radio activity at the QTH in a few
years.  Lots of fun, but had to cut my activity short because it turned out there was too much RF
getting into the house and messing up a few things, making the wife unhappy.  Looks like I'm going
to have to work on the antenna situation.
AB5GG   Contact Moderator
Nice to be able to get with my good friend and do Sweepstakes from his home in Arkansas after
COVID-19 killed plans last year. Although there seemed to be plenty of operators, there were gaps on
20/40/80 to get between stations to run this year. Glad to give out Arkansas, and be the last one
needed to complete one op's sweep. 73 - AB5GG
AD0DB   Contact Moderator
AE5OV   Contact Moderator
Thank you to all the great operators that were able to pull my tiny
signal out of the mud. You folks are the best!
AF1T   Contact Moderator
Worked 83 Sections, missed VY1CO.  Too bad he left right after he was getting strong enough to work,
on Sunday.
AF9FA   Contact Moderator
A lot of fun. BONUS... I learned a few tricks with my radio.
AI4WU   Contact Moderator
Worked a total of about 4 hours all S&P. Focused mainly on
working as many multipliers as possible. Made for a few hours of
good radio fun!
AI7JV   Contact Moderator
First try contesting! It was fun! I didn't know it was happening, just
happened upon the contest in progress and decided to jump in. Scary at
first, but other stations were patient. I don't know what this soapbox
thing is for.
K0HC   Contact Moderator
( 1254 * 2 ) * 84 = 210,672 IN 22:01
K0IL   Contact Moderator
My apologies to those who hate overuse of digital voice keyers during contest exchanges; however,
due to having laryngitis this year, I had to use a combo of my earlier voice recordings and NATO
voice phonetics for the callsign letter phonetics.  Just wanted to give out Nebraska section in the
contest and try to work my last SSB state on LOTW for the Triple Play.  Unfortunately still need
Arkansas on LOTW for Triple Play.  Ratz!  Maybe next time.
K0VH   Contact Moderator
Last contest from address of 29+ years. Moving to HOA, will have
simpler antennas :-(
K1KP   Contact Moderator
First time running a hybrid local/remote operation in SS Phone, which worked great with partner
operator Eliot W1MJ. By 9am Sunday, we had 82 sections in the log. Was running 40, and wondering how
to get the last two we needed for the sweep, SDG and NT. Kept an eye on the numbers on 20, waiting
for the right moment to QSY. One mult appeared, and SDG was quickly in the log. Thinking that the
elusive NT might be a case where the only way to get them was for them to call us, we found a spot
on 20 and started calling CQ. The first caller was a real weak one, true ESP QSO, coming up just out
of the noise,  ‘VY1CO’ was faintly heard. After turning the beam, he was in the log for the
sweep! A feeling only experienced in Sweepstakes!

Kudos to the W1VE gang and the Online Scoreboard. Although they missed the sweep, they were ahead of
us by 200 Qs on Saturday, but we cut the lead down to 100 for most of Sunday, and then around 80 at
the end as they used up their off time before we did. We didn’t quite catch them, and doubt log
checking will make up the difference. Watching the game on the Scoreboard really kept the juices
flowing to the end.
K2EKM   Contact Moderator
5w to a 53 foot endfed sloper. my sig mostly in the noise level. Good ear awards to those who heard
K2KR   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
K2ORC   Contact Moderator
End fed random wire "stealth" antenna w/tuner and IC-718 on Saturday only.

Tx & 73 de K2ORC
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
Mike W5MPB did Multi-Op HP in the 2021 SSB Sweeps. Mike has done
casual LP SSB SS. Our 3 goals; give Mike practice with HP in a
more serious SS effort, claim a score >100K, and get a sweep. We
did all 3, and had fun. At start, 20 M was great. N3UM ran 21-
00Z for 166 Qs and 36 sects; all CA, all W7 but EWA and ID, and
rare (1-2 Qs) AK & NT. Then on 40 M, sigs were loud but few; ID
& 3 more sects in 9 Qs 0003-0116Z, then rate died. Not on 80 M;
N3UM ran at 74/hr for 83 Qs and 31 sects including rare MAR, WV,
& ONN 0024-0131Z, then quit to return early. W5MPB did the late
shift 0153-0717Z and got 95 Qs & 9 sects on 80 M, including rare
PE, DE, and MB. At QRT we had 353 Qs & 76 sects. N3UM 1214-1401Z
ran for 84 of 100 Qs & AR on 40 M, then 1412-1550 got 42 20-M Qs
+ PR & rare NL, SFL, & EWA. We did ~2.5 hr shifts 16-02Z to get
to 24 hrs on. W5MPB 1630-1830Z got SK and PAC on 20 M and VI on
15 M for the sweep! Together we then scraped up 37 Qs on 20, 31
on 40, and 6 on 15 M to get to 594 Qs by 0004Z. N3UM ran on 80 M
for 88 of 101 Qs 0021-0156Z, a pleasant surprise at the end.
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"My last section was Maritime for a Clean Sweep!"
K4SBZ   Contact Moderator
I discovered, by THOROUGHLY reading the rules and all  supplements that I should have been operating
in the U category. I continued to report A, however, so that my log would be consistent. Why bury
the information that A and B are unassisted on page 5 when the simple word "unassisted" in the two
earlier discussions of categories would make it clear
K4TMC   Contact Moderator
Portable opeartion from Atlantic Beach, NC (FM14PQ, IOTA NA-112,
US Islands NC010S

with base 8 ft above ground; 80M PAR EF80 inverted L (40 ft
vertical 80 ft horiontal at 30 ft)
K5EEE   Contact Moderator
I am still amazed at how many operators resist working dupes.  If the other station does not show a
dupe, they have logged it incorrectly and YOU ARE NOT IN LOG.

Also, I realize that this is a contest and speed is important but I believe that going a little slow
and being more accurate pays off.

Many operators rattle off their call signs so fast that only THEY can understand them.  Give you
call signs at a speed that someone awake can copy.  

And use standard phonetics, resorting to alternative phonetics only to clarify your call and

As always, it was fun albeit i did not do as well as I have in the past.  But it was better than my
average.  I was disappointed when, after many contacts on 80m, my VSWR shot up to infinity or so on
Saturday night.  It remained there on Sunday morning.  Then magically, at the end of the contest, it
was back to normal.  Some sort of magic happening there.

I was pleased to work my alma mater, W0EEE.  I hope to visit the university at Rolla MO during the
St Patrick's day celebrations in March, Covid permitting...

Terry   K5EEE
K5OT   Contact Moderator
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Lots of good and patient operators.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Always fun.  Great to see so many new hams participating!
K6OO   Contact Moderator
All seek and squeak with 5 watts to multi-band dipoles up about 30
feet. Still using paper logging. I think I aged one year each time I
heard 'All again' and 'Try later', which seemed to be common, not just
for me, but for others. That would put my age in the triple digits. It
was nice to hear how patient and polite everyone was. I missed EMA,
NNY and six Canadian sections. It would be interesting if someday the
precedence was changed from just output power to (ERP) Effective
Radiated Power.
K7DLX   Contact Moderator
Had to wrk Saturday, so didn't get on until Sunday. Then got sick Sunday afternoon. Not a lot of
contacts, but I had fun. Thanks everyone.
K7HP   Contact Moderator
only missed couple SS since 1951- Hope can operate longer next year
K9KE   Contact Moderator
Society of Midwest Contesters
K9ZO   Contact Moderator
I screwed up and started sending B, never having been unlimited before.  Our internet is so spotty
in this rural area. I think I should be class U, assisted.  Used telnet spots and DX Summit to find
the Canadian mults.
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
Fun contest. Thanks 73 Matt ka0pqw
KA3MTT   Contact Moderator
Sure missed NT, ONN, and MAR!!
KB2KDY   Contact Moderator
best score ever
KB8UUZ   Contact Moderator
Was looking forward to the Sweeps, but my radio died after a few contacts. Hope to get it repaired
for the next contest.
KC1MBQ   Contact Moderator
20 watts
KC1NBI   Contact Moderator
KC4LZN   Contact Moderator
Bands were in excellent shape. Just time enough for S&P. Maybe one year, I'll get enough on air time
to make a run with it.
KD3TB   Contact Moderator
Not the best band conditions. 80 M turned out to be a strong band
while 40M was noisy.  No opening on 10 M and poor propagation on
15 M from my QTH. Where did the sun go
KD4ACG   Contact Moderator
Not an aggressive effort, but a good test for the recently-upgraded HF rig, and its ability to push
QRM to the background, and make the intended station easier to hear. The majority of the time was
spent on 20m. 15m was sparse, and 10m was a complete ghost town. My indoor attic antenna is not
suited for 40/80. First time entering this event in about four years...good to be back.
KD5WBW   Contact Moderator
Conditions were good and most operators worked hard to ensure send
receive was correct. Still some info was lost.
KD8QDL   Contact Moderator
Quick note.  There is a typo in my submission.  Operator was KD8QDL and not W=KE8QDL.  Error on my
part...Fat Fingers!

Thanks for your help and for all you do for Amateur Radio.

KD8QDL  73
KD8RUC   Contact Moderator
This is the first time I have submitted a Cabrillo log for a contest.
KD9QS   Contact Moderator
KG2E   Contact Moderator
My 35' end-fed wire antenna is poorly suited to 80 meters, but I had unusual success there on
Saturday evening into Sunday morning.
KI4BXU   Contact Moderator
FM18cc Lake Anna SP Spotsylvania VA 22551
KI5OYC   Contact Moderator
First ARRL Contest
KJ6RMM   Contact Moderator
Grandchildren listened and wrote in prepared log page the 5 elements of exchange.
KJ7WRB   Contact Moderator
First Licensed on 2021-04-05
KJ9C   Contact Moderator
No chance of winning so looked for club members
KK0SD   Contact Moderator
Had a great time working SS. I wish I could have found NL for the clean sweep!

de kk0sd
KK7AC   Contact Moderator
KL7TC   Contact Moderator
Solar winds made this brutal
KM4OZ   Contact Moderator
Some nice patient ops, good to hear. Came close to sweep with  100 W, one wire and modest op hours
but couldn't reach UT and AR as I only heard them answering, not calling, and never heard Northern
Territories anywhere, But showed me it's possible. Maybe a few more sunspots next year? Please? And
I really like not having  to send pretend "59"s to everyone.  Sure hope everyone upload to LOTW to
help out the WAS variations.
KM4PIH   Contact Moderator
My first ARRL Sweepstakes. Didn't spend much time, but look forward to
next year!
KM8AM   Contact Moderator
WOW!  Folks from the Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club activated the
KM8Q (SK) radio station under her OM's call in memory of Karen.

systems including antennas, rotors, and software....
dedicated operators led by Ken, W8ASA; a great team of loggers,
software gurus, and superb food all weekend.
club came to "supervise," and all had a great time.
introduced several hams to contesting this weekend, and we thank
everyone for their patience with us.
KO4AKX   Contact Moderator
First Contest - interesting - good way to collect stations from
different sections
KO4HMB   Contact Moderator
Rookie, First licensed 2020-09-17.  Operating from my parents
place in Chicago for the holidays.  My first sweepstakes, I had a
blast!  CAT errors resulted in failures to correctly log many frequencys.
KO4QZY   Contact Moderator
My first contest
KQ6NO   Contact Moderator
Great opportunity to get familiar with my new Elecraft K4 which just arrived three days before the
contest!  Amazing radio!

I would have had many more QSOs but for the fact that a windstorm Sunday morning ripped the final
section of my feedline away so I was working with no antenna, just an approximately 400-foot piece
of ladder line with an automatic tuner near the shack.  It actually tuned up on some frequencies and
I actually worked a few stations!  Then the problem was discovered and repaired and things worked
much better.
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Due to quirks in circumstances, in my case the guy with the bucket
truck having a stroke and unable to get my homebrew 5 el. 10 mtr.
beam(modified Moonraker) up on my mast, I turned that negative
into a positive and used this contest to see if it works on other
bands (with my tuner, of course)-it does - over 100 of my qsos
between 20-75, most on 75 were with it-driven el. 3' high. 3rd director
10' high. Ant. at 45 degrees  SWR Flat all bands! Installation -
temporary, I hope!  Besides the compeition why do we have contests
That's why!
KU4FX   Contact Moderator
KY4RJ   Contact Moderator
My first sweepstakes! I wish I had realized that my logging software wasn't following band changes
earlier, so I'm sure there are some band mismatches. I edited them based on best guess. I had a lot
of fun and learned a lot.
KZ2I   Contact Moderator
Still learning how to use new (2 weeks old)FTDX10.  Another year of saying, "NEXT YEAR..."
N0AX   Contact Moderator
A great effort by a team from three states - the best mulitop score from
this station so far.
We'll see you in the next one! 73, Ward N0AX
N1ADX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed operating in the sweepstakes contest.  Thank you to the
organizers.  However, it is hard to prepare a cabrillo file from my
paper and pencil one.  Has someone ever developed a voice-activated
version to get the QSO info in to the file  That would help as I do
not know how to get started with a logging program.
N1YKH   Contact Moderator
N2LDV   Contact Moderator
Had a great time!
N2RQ   Contact Moderator
It was fun to get back in the SS after a long time.
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2021 Sweepstakes SSB
N4GFG   Contact Moderator
First Contest as an EXTRA!
N5BIG   Contact Moderator
N5WMQ   Contact Moderator
I really miss 10 meters. Come on back sun spots.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
QRP, just ONE HALF WATT to a 20 Foot End-Fed Wire.
Couldn't devote a lot of time for this one, but I
had a little fun with flea power on SSB for a change!
Thanks to all for your patience and the QSOs.
N6IC   Contact Moderator
Tower down rotator broken but still had fun chasing a few.
N6JSO   Contact Moderator
Operated from a cabin in a state park, so also a POTA activation!
N6KRJ   Contact Moderator
Outside of Field Day 2021, this was my very first contest submitting logs.

Fun evening even though I started late. 

Looking forward to the next contest - hopefully I'll be an extra by then and can work more of the
N6MW   Contact Moderator
Operating @ AA6DW
N6XI   Contact Moderator
Very brief operating session using a left-over voice message file that said my class was U so that's
what I logged. But in fact I didn't turn on any form of spotting and most of my Qs were in a single
CQ run on 20M. Adjudicators can put me in U to match my exchange if they wish but in fact I was
unassisted (B).
N6ZE   Contact Moderator
Only operated a few hours due to weekend family commitments, but did
get on!
N7MZW   Contact Moderator
100 watts,a single wire antenna,and no voice "parrot" for this attempt.Great to work several of my
GMCC Club members. Could not keep a run freq on 20 for any length of time,and almost the same deal
on 40. Never heard a soul on 10 meters. Always a great contest, but still lots of Ops that clearly
did not check their audio on any SDR before starting. Thanks for your Q's and for the frequent
fills, when the QRM and/or QSB got bad. November Seven Many Zebras Walking.
N7VGO   Contact Moderator
Great contest!  Early on in the test and operator said I was splattering, so he helped me get my
splatter down and on we went.  Got many great signals reports after that, and I was running around
500 watts most of the time.  Also I was only running S & P and the many stations were very good at
working weak signals.  It was slower for me but as long as everyone got in the log that is what
counts, plus I was not going to win any races!  Had fun, look forward to this test again, and I'll
improve my typing skills.
N8HKU   Contact Moderator
all via the LFP battery and voltage booster
N8JJO   Contact Moderator
Only had a little time to operate, I had forgotten how much fun SS is.
N9LAA   Contact Moderator
This is my first time in a contest. Please let me know if I made any
N9OK   Contact Moderator
First QRP attempt. It went much better than I expected. ComEd had
a local power outage Sunday afternoon which interfered with
operating time. Only had a few hours to operate and was pleased
with the operation of my newly built K2.
ND0C   Contact Moderator
This was kinda fun!
ND8DX   Contact Moderator
Sadly our Sweepstakes effort came to an abrupt halt when my Son came downstairs
around 0400Z Sunday and told me our oldest and most loved dog, Skye, was failing.
We both laid with her on the floor until she passed late Sunday morning.
NI0K   Contact Moderator
Excruciating pain when sitting limited my BIC time. Had a few pretty good runs
on 80-15. Needed more stations to work!
NY9X   Contact Moderator
Great Time!!
VA2VT   Contact Moderator
Well... Trying again for the 84/84 but no mug again. Missed SD and NT wich is
VA6BGE   Contact Moderator
Licenced in 2020.
Flexradio 6600
Hexbeam for 10-20m,
Hexbeam for 40m
Vertical for 80m
This was my second ARRL SS SSB contest
VE2EZD   Contact Moderator
VE3ETE   Contact Moderator
I would like to see the Manitoulin ARC added to the list of amateur radio clubs.  Not sure why this
hasn't happened before, as Igor VE3ZF, a contest winner of some repute, belongs to this club.  Al
Boyd VE3AJB is the President, and also ARES Section Manager, as well as being a Director of RAC in
Canada.  73, and thanks.  de Bob VE3ETE
VE3GJP   Contact Moderator
Being a rookie/first timer on this event I had fun operating. The propagation was not at is best we
lost all bands at late night through the early morning for several hours, we ended on 80 meters at
the given moment. 

You Tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGUrPm6_cAI
VE5CPU   Contact Moderator
Needed more late afternoon and evening time on Sunday to complete the sweep.  Maybe better planning
next year
Thaks for all those who dropped by to exchange QSOs.
VE5GC   Contact Moderator
Lots of activity.
VE6CLG   Contact Moderator
As a new ham, this was only my second contest.
Had fun, and already looking forward to next year, with an improved strategy and hopefully a
sweep.Thanks to those who worked me.

VE6FXL   Contact Moderator
Operated portable from a Park - much of the contest was run at 25W or less.
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operating SS again this year. Rigs used a
couple Yaesu's the latest FTdx-10 and a Viontage low power FT-7
for a few QSO's 73 Gerry
VE7XFA   Contact Moderator
ORCA DX and Contest Club
VY1JA   Contact Moderator
Single 33ft vert and 100W.  Mic / Conn troubles + confused . Hope for better OP and station for next
year. (Good antennas under construction and hopes for amp)
W0EEE   Contact Moderator
Fun contest, making a contact with Alaska was very notable and
was very exciting. We never did come across anyone from NT.
Installed lots of dipoles on the building roof which really
performed well. Had some amplifier troubles after hour 3 but
band aids were installed. Didn't get as many contacts as we were
hoping, but we'll be ready for next year!
73 from Thomas, Adam, Gavin, Beck, Tanner, and Ron!
W0PP   Contact Moderator
After just over 50 years as a Ham I finally decided to play in this contest for a little while. I'd
had throat surgery a couple of weeks ago so wasn't able to talk much but I still really enjoyed
playing. Jerry W0PP
W0WLA   Contact Moderator
This was my first Sweepstakes. I had fun even though i only operated for a few hours. Operated
mobile with Yaesu FT-891 and Tarheel 75A antenna.
W0WND   Contact Moderator
ROOKIE and quite the learning experience with all of the floor noise.
W1DWR   Contact Moderator
This was only my second attempt at the SSB Sweepstakes. I did all the logging manually and that
really took time, but I still more than quadrupled my previous score. I'll look forward to the next
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contacts and fun on the radio. Thank you to the
ARRL for sponsoring the contest. 73, Dan -W1QK & Roger - NG1R.
W2RQ   Contact Moderator
Very strange conditions both nights with extremely weak or nonexistent
signals from call areas 1 and 2 into NJ, and many signals that just
completely vanished during the exchanges
W3IDT   Contact Moderator
For some years, the check "class" of '57 has gotten in the habit of saying  something akin to "that
was a very good year" to each other. This year,  unfortunately, the class seems to have gotten
somewhat smaller.

That sad news is to be balanced by the number of checks in the 00 - 21 range.  Especially good news
for contesting is the number stations calling in who had to  be talked throught the exchange
components, the exchange sequence, and be prepped  for the next contact they make. That effort
results in a larger than usual number  of serial numbers of 1, 2, or 3 in my log. Full kudos to
those stations who  stood-by while I went through the process, and then commented positively! Quite 
literally, passing the love of radio contesting forward.
W3TB   Contact Moderator
W3TB, Franklin, Tennessee
Inverted Vee for 80.
W7BJN   Contact Moderator
I have been a Ham for 43 years and at 73 years old, this is my first time participating in the
Sweepstakes. I had a great time. I was fortunate enough to get a clean sweep! Thank you for putting
this contest on. I plan on participating again next year.
W7VC   Contact Moderator
Resubmitting; the logger recorded some frequency incorrectly, so I had to
manually enter them. Thank you for the fun contest!
W8GJK   Contact Moderator
We registered as multi so my wife Carrie could take part, she helped find multipliers and logged
while I operated.  We had a great time, thank you!
W8LM   Contact Moderator
I only contest November SS phone. Great time. Best score ever. Only use a Windom antenna 100 watts.
W8PSP   Contact Moderator
Clean Sweep!
W9TCV   Contact Moderator
Great working with all of the W/VE stations during the contest -
thank you all for participating!  So close to a sweep this
year...maybe next time.  73, W9TCV
WA0CSL   Contact Moderator
Pulled out of contest early due to rig problems on lower bands - thus, low score.
WA0LIF   Contact Moderator
Ridiculously long exchange for no reason.
WA2CNV   Contact Moderator
Only needed EB, NL & NT for the Sweep!
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
Finally got a clean sweep!!!!!  Broke 150K but couldn't get #900.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA8Y   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
My First Clean Sweep!  Maybe I'll get a coffee mug, ha!
As a bonus, I worked W1AW and 4U1WB who call me on 80 meters from MDC.  I said, "4U1WB what the rest
of you call?"  His reply; "you've got it".  
Light bulb time, oh, so I do!
WA9YI   Contact Moderator
More fun this year with multiple antennas, but still only 73 sections,
on to 2022!
WB2KHE   Contact Moderator
conditions could have been better; still happy to have participated!
WB2KLD   Contact Moderator
Sometimes we rush - or plain forget. I know I will show up in the record of a Delaware station but
he is not in my log. I did not log him. We had a nice contact - he gave me a "roger" and was gone!
Started answering other stations in the pile-up without sending me his info. I tried questioning for
a fill but he never replied. Oh well, I did get Del from another station. Lesson to be learned is -
don't be in such a rush, guys and gals!
WB2VVV   Contact Moderator
Was only able to operate on Sunday but it was great to hear so many familiar voices, and also hand
out the RI multiplier for those that needed it. Best 73, Chris WB2VVV
WB3JAC   Contact Moderator
This was my first HF contest.  I had a great time and met some very nice operators. I am looking
forward to the next one.
WD0BGZ   Contact Moderator
Operated 40-meters only and almost had a clean sweep on one band
WD4FMG   Contact Moderator
After submitting my log today I realize I too missed the supplement info in back of the rules about
assisted vs. non-assisted.  I read both the quick rules and then went to full rules and neither
mentioned this differentiation.  So I reported precedence A throughout when I should have been U.  I
didn't get a sweep (missed AK and NT, MAR and amazingly ONN).  I submitted anyway as I don't think
it will have bearing on final contest results.  I'll know better next time.  My first SS in 28
years. I've don't lots of other contesting this year and hadn't missed a rule this important before.
 Overall, enjoyed it though I was getting hoarse by the end.  Guess I need an accessory that I heard
so many others using! I was trying to concentrate on 80 meters where I have a lot of WAS needs. 
Nothing heard on 10 and band conditions did drop out for me Sunday afternoon/evening.  Was hoping
for AK on 80 so I bypassed AK on 15 and 20 early in contest, bad move from me.  

Had fun, learned a lot. Who knew N1MM+ could show mults you needed? Not me until an hour before
contest was over! Glad this is once a year, I'm pooped. Thanks to all who dug me out of the mud. 
Thanks to ARRL for the fun.
WD5ACR   Contact Moderator
Good conditions this year (well, better than the last few years). No QSOs on 10 meters, though.
Hoping for even better conditions next year!
WF1L   Contact Moderator
upper band were crummy on Saturday. Had a pretty good run on 40M today.
WN3N   Contact Moderator
Another great Contest, we just can't quite make it to Alaska and Northwest Territories
WO1S   Contact Moderator
First time on this one: great time, great operators.  Genuinely fun.
WO3X   Contact Moderator
I would like to do better than in 2020.
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This was another screw-around portable operation contest weekend
from W7AYT's QTH in Concord.  The weekend offered the opportunity
to test-run new audio cabling configurations, specifically for
Dual-receive contesting while putting some hours in the remote
operating chair for NX6T in ORG section.
The FT-1000mp ran flawlessly altho the 8JK Cobra dipole array
seemed a bit funky; then again it produced most of the QSOs.
10 meters was open on Sunday but virtually no one knew it.
Calling CQ SS for nearly 25 minutes, out of NOWHERE VE3TW
came in loud and clear and 1/2 HOUR later KE8OLL.
Pay ATTENTION folks.  If everyone is listening and no one is
calling CQ, the band can seem quite DEAD, when in fact,
its simply being under-utilized.
LooK for a writeup on this event at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
WR4I   Contact Moderator
Band condx not so good!
WT8E   Contact Moderator
Just tried for a sweep, but missed by two.  Never could work NT and did not ever hear MAR, but still
a lot of fun.