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Soapbox for 2020
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AA4LR   Contact Moderator
Please do not penalize N7RMK if he copied my number 002. I accidentially send him number 002
went it was actually 003. I tried to correct, but I'm not sure if he picked it up.

I had to correct the time of the VE4GV QSO, my QSO #14. For some reason, N1MM logged it as  being in
the 0700z hour, but I was asleep at that time.
AA4TI   Contact Moderator
Disappointed with the unruly crowd this year.  S and P with  HOA type antenna was difficult.  Glad
to put my mic away again...lol
AA6DX   Contact Moderator
Tthe older I get, the worser I get!
AB5XM   Contact Moderator
Elevated 19' wire vertical @ 31' & 3 counterpoise wires @ 12'
AC3D   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
AC3MB   Contact Moderator
First sweepstakes, had an awesome time! Good luck all!
AE0BC   Contact Moderator
Good test of my new 80m OCF dipole and my old IC-706MkIIg at a new QTH,
which I just got on the air this fall for the first time in about 15
years.  For me this was more about testing out the setup than any serious
contesting effort, though I did get into the spirit during a little over
8 hours of operating time.  The first evening was frustrating trying to
operate Alpha amidst the chaos, but on the second day I had a lot of fun
on 15m and 20m, and was particularly proud of working three PAC stations,
which definitely count as the most memorable of the bunch.
AE3B   Contact Moderator
First time submission.
AE6NN   Contact Moderator
good contest
AF1T   Contact Moderator
No Clean Sweep this year.  I missed AK, NL, and NT.
AF5T   Contact Moderator
My first SSB contest as a new extra class ham. The additional band privileges really helped! I will
be back for the next sweepstakes with more time dedicated to contesting.
K0HC   Contact Moderator
( 1515 * 2 ) * 84 = 254,520 IN 23:10
K0MJS   Contact Moderator
The HF bands, especially 15 meters, were wide open to the coasts.
K0PJ   Contact Moderator
Where was NT?
K0TEA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all the ops who took the time to work with QRP stations!
K0UK   Contact Moderator
K0VH   Contact Moderator
15 was great! Something to spend few hrs on during COVID lockdown + Vikings game & putting up tree.
K1AUS   Contact Moderator
Was not able to work the contest on Saturday and only a few hours
onSunday. Had to really work to make contacts, Heard lots of
voices but many to weak to hear me. Thanks for the contest. See
you next year.
K1CCN   Contact Moderator
We were set up in a cabin in Jackson, NH operating with just some dipoles tossed up in the trees.
K1SO   Contact Moderator
Did not have full time to spend on Contest, but enjoy what I could.
K1TH   Contact Moderator
Great to see 15 seriously open!
K2DV   Contact Moderator
I started out unassisted and then half way though the contest went to assisted.   I retained the "A"
precedent to not create more confusion for other stations.
K2EKM   Contact Moderator
Usually operate QRP cw, but thought I'd try QRP ssb. It's a lot harder with ssb! Glad some ops had
good ears do dig my little signal out of the ether! Was lots of fun.
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB operated Multi HP in SSB SS 2020, as we have for 4 years.
With few non-ham things to distract us this year, we put in 23.7
hrs BIC, and for the first time claimed >900 Qs and a score
>150K. This beat our best past claim, in 2016, by 53 Qs and 12K
points. Condx mixed; SFI 85+ but K of 4. As we did in CW SS, we
planned shifts to minimize gaps. N3UM was on for 5 hrs. 21-02Z,
and found 20 M hot; he ran for 188 Qs and 42 mults incl. PAC and
AK in 3 hrs. Abrupt QSB suggested auroral E. When 20 M rate died
at 0006Z N3UM QSYd to 40 M. It was pitiful; 17 Qs and 2 mults
run and click, so he went to 80 M at 01Z. Much better; 79 Qs and
26 mults by 02Z. W3GB did better yet; 220 Qs on 80 M 02-0550Z,
214 in a run. He then got 68 Qs and 2 mults 40 M, on for 6 hrs
vs the plan of 5 hrs. At 08Z QRT we had 574 Qs and 77 mults, our
best by far. From 12-14Z N3UM ran for 90 of 95 Qs and 2 mults on
40 M, then got 43 more Qs and 2 mults on 20 M. At 1611Z we had
712 Qs and 81 mults total, lacking NNY, ONN, and NT. Sun. PM was
slow; in the 8.6 hrs till 0044Z QRT we got 208 Qs, 24/hr, plus
NNY and ONN. Never heard NT, or saw a spot.  W3GB was on for one
2-hr and one 3.1-hr shift, N3UM on for 2.3 hrs, and gaps of <30
min. took 1.2 hrs. BIC time was ~50/50, 11+ hrs each.
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Hard multipliers were easy and easy multipliers were hard!"
K4SBZ   Contact Moderator
A fine contest. Missed a sweep by two: NT and MAR. Couldn't believe that SNJ was a holdout for so
long. Spent too much time cchasing WCF. George, K5KG was o n 15, 20 & 40, but was just too weak most
of the time. When he finally became stronger on 40, someone cme along and started calling CQ on to
of him. After I had given up on K5KG in WCF, Jim, K8MR, found me calling CQ on 80 and gave me the
final US section. I had a slow start when my Flex-6600M began making a loud grinding noise and would
shut down after booting up. I quickly pulled it out and hooked up my XYL''s ICOM IC-7300.
Fortunately, I had a cable to connect it to my SPE Expert 1K-FA linear.
K5GD   Contact Moderator
synthesized voice segments really throw off listening for the response information
K5JSG   Contact Moderator
This is my first SS contest.  Was fun.  Only ran as S&P this
time.  Will need to Run next time I think.  Not too bad for only
a S&P score.  I operated until my Keyboard, Mouse and MY
batteries died.  Can't wait for next year.  Should be fun! de
Jeremy - K5JSG
K5OMC   Contact Moderator
Band trying to improve but got a few more states worked on 15m
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Been doing too much radio lately.  Decided to take it
easy for this one.
K6CSL   Contact Moderator
Not quite as good as CW. Hope for better next year.
K6FA   Contact Moderator
Has been awhile since using SSB. No fun with had mic and trying to type and copy at the same time
when your not much of a typer. Was glad to had out SJV though.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
First time in a long while that I entered the Unlimited
Category.  My goal was to work for a sweep but I
did not succeed, missing NL and MAR.  Great to have
15 meters open so well.  Thanks for the QSOs
everyone.    Dana
K7DLX   Contact Moderator
Wow. What a difference a year and a new antenna makes. The new beam performed flawlessley and the
solar cycle cooperated this year! Thanks to all!
K7TIG   Contact Moderator
My first time contesting. Fun!!!
K7XC   Contact Moderator
Not a full effort as I Never felt 100% all weekend. Made a few
mistakes before and during the event that cost me time, energy, &
money. At one point early Saturday evening, I was so annoyed with
the station layout I tore it apart and rebuilt it. Not the best
time but the finished product is vastly better than before,
except, when tired and distracted I put the ANC-4 Noise Canceller
back inline, but reversed the coax lines effectively rendering
that sweet little box of magic INERT! Tried to go back and
continue several times but in the end I decided it was best to
punt this year. Being limited to only100W made it more of a job
than fun but I still managed to run to ground many of the rarer
mults. The new section PE is waaayyyyy out there from here! Found
one station on 20M doing well with huge pileups I just couldn't
get thru only to be surprised on 15M fining a YL from there with
a very low serial number and hardly any callers! Found NT early
on but missed MAR, NL, QC, and ORG of all things! Go Figure.
Changed the station antennas around as well this season by taking
down the 20M Monobander @ 43ft and replacing it with a
refurbished 40 yr old 3 element FB-33 Fritzel Beam Tribander from
Germany. Turns out to be one of the best designed antennas of its
type I have ever owned, performing very closely to what the
manual promised for Gain, F/B & SWR Bandwidth. Replacing the 30
yr old coax didn't hurt either, HI! Having a gain antenna at
height on 15M & 10M proved to be the right choice as each band
was open. Nice to have more than 1 local contact on 10M this
time!  Here's to Cycle 25! TY TY! Even Retuned my trusty 40M/80M
Dual Band Inv Vee @ 38ft to good effect. Only have the 160M Inv L
@40ft left to get in final shape before the 160M event in Dec.
Once everything was back together and working, there were no
further Station or Operator Malfunctions the rest of the weekend.
Thanks to the many who strained to pull me through the QRM! Happy
Thanksgiving & a Merry Christmas from Northern Nevada! 73s and GL
K8LF   Contact Moderator
SSB is not my bag but wanted to make some points for PVRC
K9ARF   Contact Moderator
Operated Low Power this year due to sunspot cycle and because last year's punishment as QRP was so
discouraging.  I need to cultivate a better antenna farm and replace my wife's plasma TV with a
RF-quiet model!  Still I did ok for one antenna (80m horiz delta loop), almost WAS (never heard NNY
or AK), and only found half the Canadians.  I was surprised to hear several PAC stations this year
here in the DX black hole of the midwest.  Maybe next year I will return to QRP.
Thanks to N3FJP, that logging software is so easy & worry free.
K9DHC   Contact Moderator
First ARRL contest.  Forgot all about it until late Sunday.  May not have done all that well but had
alot of fun.
K9KM   Contact Moderator
20.20 ARSSPH  16 Contacts
K9WBS   Contact Moderator
First of what I hope are many Sweepstakes. Put up a homebrew ZS6BKW
multi-band dipole just for the occasion. Great time!
K9WZB   Contact Moderator
Much more difficult using low power QRP!
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
Fun contest
KA0REN   Contact Moderator
Entered all 176 Qs manually from paper log .  Followed the format to
submit cabrillo format .  Received ERROR MESSAGE THAT ALL MY ENTRIES
HAD TOO MANY ITEMS PER LINE . Studied all and can find nothing to
delete to comply ! 3 plus hours spent for what ? Very disappointed ! So I enter my first Q EXACTLY
as before [ didn't use caps ] and it is O K ! I am not going to reenter all 179 Qs again ! Very
disappionted . 

Well, to be fair to all my contacts , I re-entered all AGAIN. With lower case  100% ERRORS AGAIN !

Went to b4h cab forms and retyped all AGAIN .  This worked with NO ERRORS !

Bruce Horn has the BEST Cab Forms !  Thanks Bruce !
KA1WPM   Contact Moderator
Triumph turned to disappointment for me this year.  I was having
a great time and having one of my best contests, reaching 60
different sections.  Things went downhill when I read through the
rules again and noticed that using the spotting network would put
me in the unlimited precedence instead of the low power category.
So, my effort becomes a checklog instead.  It was still
encouraging to see how many sections I did reach with the new
wire antenna I installed over the summer.  It was the first time
I was able to use  all bands from 80 through 15 in a contest.  I
am looking forward to getting it right next year.
KA6KEN   Contact Moderator
KB0V   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
First SS in about 30 years, and loved it!  Nothing like a quick raising of an emergency 40M dipole
in freezing temps because of an overnight failure.  And where the heck was Oklahoma, hihi!!??!! 
(also missing a handful of VE sections, but really wanted all the states. sigh).  New rig, new
microphone, new computer operation... same ole FUN!
KB0YH   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3S + KPA1500. Antennas: LPDA (10-20m), Inverted Vee,
40m elevated vertical
KB1PA   Contact Moderator
Had Fun, Learned A lot. Need a contest for just alpha power stations. It was very difficult going
against high power stations. I had only 10% of my
contacts with A Stations.
KB2HSH   Contact Moderator
First contest using my newly restored Atlas Radio model 180.
KB2MMI   Contact Moderator
Bands worked well this year!  Even 10m!
KB3MCL   Contact Moderator
Good tme.
KB4CG   Contact Moderator
Great to return to SSB SS after 21 years of inactivity!  The 2020 version was just as I remembered
it: intense, challenging, rewarding, educational, and, most of all, lots of fun!

Conditions were excellent, especially 15 meters.  I knew 15 was going to be good early in the
contest when I worked three VE5 stations in a row!  Look forward to next year!
KB7FSC   Contact Moderator
Seemed like lots of activity in the contest, and lots of friendly operators. I was encouraged to
hear many operators coaching folks on the exchange, and patiently explaining how the contest worked.
I'm continuing to learn N1MM+ and it is making my contest experience much better.
KB8TL   Contact Moderator
Wow! I heard some SSB signals that had to be pretty much square waves. Seems like quite a few ops
set everything to "11" and think they are loud. Maybe not loud but certainly wide. Yuck.
KB8ZGL   Contact Moderator
Missed coaching at W8SH (check 19) this year.
KB9YOJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was my 2nd contest.  Worked 12hours and it was a blast.  SOLP with wire antennas and had some
fun runs!
KC0LQL   Contact Moderator
Elecraft KX2
KC1NBI   Contact Moderator
My first contest, right after getting my General ticket.  Lots of fun!
KC3PFT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This is the first time I worked a contest solo.  It was lots of fun. I was able to work at least two
sections from Canada and reach as far as California.  Looking forward to the next one.


Ed KC3PFT Sweeney
KC4NX   Contact Moderator
Had a great time. Thanks for the contacts.  CU all next year.
KC8ZKI   Contact Moderator
My first SSB Sweepstakes.  Thanks to everyone who participated
KD2QLH   Contact Moderator
I learned a lot with sweeps. It was great to be from NNY. See you next year.
KD2TJD   Contact Moderator
First HF contest since getting my license earlier this year.  What a ride!  Sure was fun.  Hope
everyone else had fun too!  73
KD3TB   Contact Moderator
Even with poor band conditionis the bands were open with lots of
stations. This year I was able to more than double my score from
last year. 20 M and 80 M were the money bands. No Sweep as I
missed some of the VE stations.
KD5CFX   Contact Moderator
running no more than 10W, lumped in with the 150W stations :)
KD5IKG   Contact Moderator
Normally do not play on HF contest, so I picked QRP and decided to give out points to those that
would listen for the weak signals
KD9QS   Contact Moderator
KE0OR   Contact Moderator
A last minute change to my antenna mix gave me an opportunity  to
try out my hex beam antenna at an improved height.  I enjoyed
working folks from coast to coast but did not have time to
restore my 40m antenna or complete the addition of an 80m option.
KE0Z   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
My first attempt in the phone QRP class. Thanks for your patience in digging me out. It was
KE8PAQ   Contact Moderator
My first HF contest. Thank you to all those who had a QSO with me.
KF0ACN   Contact Moderator
I was licensed and upgraded this year and this was my first ARRL SS and it was very enjoyable (as
long as I skip the first day madness)! Thank you to all my contacts for the encouragement!
KF7OJA   Contact Moderator
With the exchange order serial # A KF7oja 09 WWA make it hard to type in quickly as the call sign
should be he first item KF7OJA #535 09 WWA which is the order of the N3FJP program entry. Easier to
tab window to window + enter.
KG6MWI   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
KI4BXU   Contact Moderator
Lake Anna SP Cabin 1, Spotsylvania VA 22551
KI7YFP   Contact Moderator
First Voice HF contest.
Competed for less than an hour.
KK0SD   Contact Moderator
Had a great time! Missed Utah and EWA both CW and Phone?
KK0U   Contact Moderator
First SSB contest in I don't know how long.  Thanks to all the ops for
pulling my QRP signal out of the noise. You all were very patient!
KK4ODQ   Contact Moderator
Always a fun contest. Best score I have ever put up from here
KK7AC   Contact Moderator
I have W5RRR logged twice; he apparently did not receive my first
contact with him at Q #250. He wanted to rework me at QSO #849.
KN6ECE   Contact Moderator
sorry if my log is a mess this is my first contest... didn't know about it till after it started,
had no time to prepare
KN9W   Contact Moderator
Limited time, can't WAIT for retirement!
KS7T   Contact Moderator
So I get VY! early in this one and thought i'd be on my way to a sweep
Wrong - Far from it and lots of guys lost in the noise who were barely
above the noise floor on all bands. My QtH is completely surrounded
by the Rockies-Its way better on top of them - I knw from FD up there!
KU4FX   Contact Moderator
KW8N   Contact Moderator
Even though I seemed pretty far off the pace at the beginning, just
kept plugging away QSO by QSO.
KZ2I   Contact Moderator
Part time effort this year due to family illness.  Heard a KL7 and VY1 but never heard ONN, MAR, NL
and QC.  Definitely one of those "NEXT YEAR" years.
N0CS   Contact Moderator
Wish I could have dedicated more time for operating
N0DIM   Contact Moderator
Also operated from SC - see other log entry
N0MMA   Contact Moderator
Solar flux above 80 and actual voices heard, AND CONTACTS, on 15m.  Perhaps there is hope for the
future.  I was impressed as usual with the professionalism and fine ears of the stations who worked
to dig out a little pistol station at 100w with dipoles at 20ft as the antenna system.  Had many
things needing doing around the QTH so less time than usual was spent on air, but it was good fun
and keeps the ears tuned up.
N0UNL   Contact Moderator
Rig: Yaesu FT-950 @ 100-watts, Ant: Cushcraft D40 @ 75-feet
N0YH   Contact Moderator
That was intense, but fun.
N1YKH   Contact Moderator
N3OJL   Contact Moderator
Great fun contest.
N4NTO   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed a nice, brief effort!
CDX not as good as SS CW, but still fun!
N4PVH   Contact Moderator
Random wire 99 watts Maryland.
N4TOL   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-703 into OCF
Challenge at QRP, but many nice QSOs
N5WMQ   Contact Moderator
Glad to see 15 meters open both Saturdajy and Sunday.
   On the other hand Canada oh Canada where were you.
   Only heard 3 canadian stations and worked two.
N6AN   Contact Moderator
Another portable operation from Flint Peak. KX3 @ 45 watts, 100'
doublet fed with CAT5 twisted pair at 20'. 15 was alive on Saturday.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
Ran QRP, 5W to a 20 foot end fed wire.
A part-time effort, but this was fun (for SSB!)
The message memorys in my new rig make
SSB contesting SO much easier. I never had
a voice keyer before. Maybe I will operate
in more SSB contests now. hihi.
With just a little more time expended, I made
twice as many QSOs as this in the CW Sweeps,
and I only ran 1/2 Watt in that one. Hmmm ...
Thanks to all for your patience and the QSOs.
N6JSO   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed my first Sweepstakes!
N6SMH   Contact Moderator
Thank you!
N6ZE   Contact Moderator
1. Fun instead of Contesting on Saturday: Traveled to Vandenberg AFB
to see Space-X Launch with subsequent recovery of Stage 1 on the pad!

2. Murphy on Sunday: 20m antenna would not tune & antenna coupler inop
on 40m til 30 minutes before contest end.

3. But, I did get on the air!
N7ECM   Contact Moderator
SS was an excellent excuse to finally install my HF antennas and wire up the shack at home. After
install all day I finally got on the air right about the 09UTC (4am local ET!) lull, but took a nap
and then worked until the bitter end. Not as well equipped here at home as I was during school on
the rig at W1YK but I had an absolute blast for my first contest on my own setup!
N7OR   Contact Moderator
I hadn't had an HF station for 13 years. Now I suppose I do.

Cascade Contest Club
N7WY   Contact Moderator
TIME ON 17:12 - FTdx101 alpha 87a
N8ADK   Contact Moderator
My first-ever ARRL contest! Very exciting and intense.
N8FYL   Contact Moderator
My SS plans were significantly altered by a family medical
emergency. I did manage to work the first hour and a half, and
the last two hours, so not a total "no contest" weekend.
N8HKU   Contact Moderator
Better than I thought I would get.  Some section, just never heard.
N9KJU   Contact Moderator
I work at Fermi National Accelerator Lab in Batavia, IL. But our Fermilab
ARC does not participate in contests. So I am offering my (albeit trivial)
score as part of our partner lab at Brookhaven National Lab. I work with se
veral people in their HPC group.
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Watched some college football so missed some prime operating time.
ND9M   Contact Moderator
I used two rigs this weekend: FT-817 (QRP) and FT-857D (100W). For some reason, I was able to make a
lot more Qs with the 817 at 2 watts QRP than with the 857 at a full 100 watts. Go figure!
NE9A   Contact Moderator
NF4A   Contact Moderator
100% S&P
NF6P   Contact Moderator
Part time effort, about 8 hours but managed to almost work WAS (Missed WV).  I need an antenna for
75 meters but a small lot.  Good conditions.
NI0K   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Tried very hard to make a clean sweep but never heard AK, NL, NT or PE. Nothing
on 160 or 10. Interesting analysis of sections vs number of contacts per
Column1	Column2
MDC	32
AZ	30
IL	29
WWA	29
VA	23
SV	21
SCV	20
OR	17
LAX	16
NV	16
EB	14
GA	13
MI	11
NFL	11
SJV	11
TN	11
NM	10
OH	10
ORG	10
SF	10
UT	9
CO	8
MN	8
NC	7
BC	6
ID	6
IN	6
AL	5
KS	5
KY	5
LA	5
SC	5
CT	4
IA	4
NE	4
RI	4
SB	4
VT	4
WI	4
AB	3
ME	3
MO	3
NH	3
WV	3
AR	2
DE	2
MS	2
MT	2
OK	2
MB	1
ND	1
PR	1
QC	1
SD	1
SK	1
VI	1
WY	1

I think the propagation was only poor to fair.
Just wait until next year!
NR1T   Contact Moderator
This was my first contest as a ham. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome I received from
many of my contacts when they realized my check was '20. My setup consisted of my 80M OCFD (my
workhorse), and a new-to-me Mosley TA-63-N in a tree fixed West. My tower is not assembled yet.
Still, I made more contacts than I had expected and nearly completing WAS (AK, I have yet to hear
you!). Thanks to my elmer, N1DID, and other members of GBARC, for showing me the ropes and helping
me with my gear, antennas and showing me contesting. Not to mention I now have so much of your
equipment, hihi. I have learned so much about operating more effectively (TPBT among other
features), that while there are some who dislike contests or contesters, I believe it can be great
fun and does go to show it helps us learn to be more proficient operators. I can't wait for the next
contest and to learn CW so I can have a qso and contest CW as well. 73 all, and thanks for the fun
NS7U   Contact Moderator
Thoroughly enjoyed the contest.  Thank you to all who organized
it and will score the contest.
NY9X   Contact Moderator
Great time...
VA4CQ   Contact Moderator
noisy bands
VA4HZ   Contact Moderator
Haven't done the Sweepstakes for a few years.  It was good to participate again. This is wasn't my
best showing.  My 80-10 EFHF antenna came down a few days before contest and is now laying across
the roof, about 15 ft above ground. Thanks for all involved to make this contest a reality.
VA6BGE   Contact Moderator
Licenced in 2020.
40m, Long wire for 80 and 160m.
VE2EZD   Contact Moderator
FT-950 + AL-811H + AT2K + 80m dipole + 40m delta loop
VE2HEW   Contact Moderator
First contest since I installed my new 6BTV vertical. Pretty
happy with the initial results. Thanks all!
VE3EL   Contact Moderator
First big snowfall just added plenty of extra static!
VE3UZ   Contact Moderator
We are a husband and wife team
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operating this years SS contest. Rigs used
Classic IC-756 Pro and Vintage FT-901DM and IC-751A on Sunday. 83
Gerry VE7BGP
VE9MWA   Contact Moderator
k6jo was an unfinished contact #46 in my log but for some reason did not transfer in the cab file.
VY2NA   Contact Moderator
W0CN   Contact Moderator
W0EEE   Contact Moderator
First sweeps with the new antlers on the tower, been without it
since 2012. We beat our personal club record by surpassing 1k
QSOs for the first time, were happy about that! Station
worked great but we had to take a tube amp that was misbehaving
out of service. Well get it fixed and be back to dominate sweeps
next year! We only ran into 5 other school clubs throughout the
contest, would have loved to see more. We installed an 80m dipole
on the roof mid contest in the darkness and the rainthat sure
was cold! Its taken a long time to get the station to where it
is today, and wed like to thank our gracious alumni for their
efforts and donations. It still has a ways to go to becoming a
superstation, but the students in the club are determined to put
W0EEE at the top of the school clubs list! Thomas KX0STL
W0XA   Contact Moderator
Even thought I did not have a lot of time to spend during the contest was still a great time.
W1DGL   Contact Moderator
Man, was I tired after this one!  Got home afterwards and went right to bed and slept until almost
10am (local AZ time) on Monday morning!  Operated all but the first 2 hours, due to club station
availability issues.  The first contest I've operated overnight.  Had a few "mini-pileups" but
nothing I couldn't handle.
Would have been nice to have a 2nd operator (or even an unlicensed friend) there to at least log for
me, but that wasn't the case this time.
W1JSR   Contact Moderator
This was a fun contest even though I was only able to get 50 of the 80+ sections.  Hopefully if the
city ever approves my new to me 52 foot tower I will have even better results next year.
W1QC   Contact Moderator
I made a mistake and used category "A" in the exchange when I
should have used "U" since I used a spotting network.  So you can
use this log as a check log if the rules require that.
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest. Missed AK and NT for the
sweep this year. Tnx to VY2NA for Prince Edward Island multiplier
on 75M. Fun Low Power and Unassisted.
W1RO   Contact Moderator
Fun event for those of us without much time to operate. Nice to see the bands NOT DEAD as reported.
Worked 80, 40, 20 & 15 meters for this event. 73 Jim/W1RO/NV
W1SSS   Contact Moderator
Came in late but had fun anyway, thanks!
W3OY   Contact Moderator
W3OY- First ever contest. 
Was at the radio for about 5 hours over the 2 days.
Had really cool exchanges with other operators that were impressed that I was in the Sweepstakes
during my first year licensed.

Super Awesome Contest!!!
W3TTT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the hour that I was operating in the contest.  Thank you to all who put on the event. 
It's a lot of work.
W3ZF   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-7300,Chameleon CHA Hybrid antenna, N3FJP
W4BZM   Contact Moderator
Only three hours of operation
W4GHV   Contact Moderator
ic-7610 & EFHW
W4KFC   Contact Moderator
Again a great pleasure to use W4KFC in the ARRL SS SSB contest!
Amazed at the number of QSO's mentioning a fond memory of Vic Clarks significant contributions to
ARRL in particular and the ham radio community world wide.
Thanks for the QSO's.   73,  Buddy W4YE
W4NF   Contact Moderator
Band conditions were much better on Saturday afternoon,
especially on 20M. Where was NT?
W4SSF   Contact Moderator
My first Sweepstakes. Had fun and worked 15 hours.
W5ACQ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Well, I threw my YL to the wolves for contesting experience. She enjoyed it and did well. We are
still together! Whew! WA5POK and KM4TYV operators at W5ACQ
W5IOH   Contact Moderator
I can do all things [a]through Him who strengthens me.
W5RJJ   Contact Moderator
Hope to have made a sweep of all of the US sections, was short 5 sections in Canada only...
W5RRR   Contact Moderator
Great fun as always! Noise floor on 40/80 did not play nice. Thanks for all the Qs - see y'all next
year! 73!
W5WDY   Contact Moderator
W6DMW   Contact Moderator
I know I’ve said this before, first... well when one gets their license there are a lot of firsts.
 This time it was first HF Contest with everything being mine.  Icom 7100 and Inverted V Dipole
tuned to 20 and 40. At my QTH, no remote, no borrowed gear.  All me!   

So... with N6RO and N6WM being my mentors it was only fitting that N6WM be my first contact.  (Not
planned but a very happy accident).  After that the next 30 hours of the contest were an exercise in
being low power with an antenna not really high enough.  S&P the whole time.  Tried to call CQ a
couple times but got stomped on or nothing. 

The bands were well used while 40 had noise at night and allowed me to get the time off. Both had
great signals from the East.  Which leads me to this: thank you to those that have powerful stations
and still put up with the low power guys and home brew antennas like myself.  I know it takes a lot
of patience to deal with repeating the info because of not hearing us.  

Lastly thank you to stations like KA6BIM, WA8Y, and W9RM (I know there was at least one more but I
didn’t write down the calls) that took the moment to wish very warm welcomes to the new guys with
the 20 check number.
W7LKG   Contact Moderator
Token effort. Might make a good check log. See you all next year. Stay well.
W7LRM   Contact Moderator
This was my first try at contesting. New to HF and it was a lot of fun
just to get some experience making contacts.
W7PSK   Contact Moderator
only had a little time to tinker.  This can be check log
W7XZ   Contact Moderator
Nice 15M openings both days, but especially Sunday.
W8AT   Contact Moderator
Introduced 3 hams to the world of contesting. One of which made
his first ever HF contact. We didn't do as well as last year
because we just through the effort together at the last minute.
Missed NT for a clean sweep oh well next year. THis was a great
training experience for the new guys.
W8IDW   Contact Moderator
A brief power interruption caused my logging program to enter the same
exact band frequency (7288) from contact W1XX thru K2PS.  I do not
know the actual band stations were on until the logger was reset
before the last contact.
W8PSP   Contact Moderator
Just missed the sweep!  Where was Quebec!?
W9KEY   Contact Moderator
Changed from Precedence B to U at QSO # 53. Logfile reflects that change.
W9LSE   Contact Moderator
Fun; I worked on-and-off amid other activities. All opswere freindly and courteous.
WA1BR   Contact Moderator
My logging software broke!  Hopefully this works- it was the best
score I ever had in Sweepstakes!
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
Two shy of a clean sweep again.  Had xcvr. problems I need to address.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA8ZNC   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed the contest except when mu computer went into a windows restart loop and I had to restore
everything. That took over six hours. Fortunately the logs were restored but it effected my
operating time for a while.
WA9YI   Contact Moderator
First time pushing for a sweep.  Only got to 77 but did so thanks to many good operators, thanks and
WB2KHE   Contact Moderator
Rig's power supply went bad just in time for SS (excess hum, noises and occasional "blip-outs"
during transmit) but was able to substitute an old car battery I had in garage and salvaged the
experience (49 more QSOs than last year's zero!)

One suggestion?  If ops tended to choose target frequencies on 5kHz increments, there would be fewer
instances of "bleed-over" chatter which might yield more possible contacts for those of us with
hearing issues!

Thank you to all of my 49 contact operators for their efforts... and a special "shout-out" to N3FJP
for his great software that makes logging so easy!
WB4EHG   Contact Moderator
Missed WAS by 1 state, Alaska. Had 4" rain Sunday AM that caused high SWR which kept knocking me off
the air.
WB7CYO   Contact Moderator
Always a challenge at 5 watts.
WB7QMR   Contact Moderator
Flex6300,  Outback antenna
WB9LRK   Contact Moderator
I wish I had more time to spend in the contest.
WD6T   Contact Moderator
Wasn't feeling up to commit to a FT effort, so did this from my modest home station, with a hill
blocking the path to most of the US. Of course, I have to work three times as hard from here to make
1/3 the Qs. 20 was the best band. 40 rather poor, 80 worse, 15 mediocre.

Was happy to get my last state (MS) in the last hour.  Only missed QC, MAR and NL. 

All in all, I was happy to have managed as many Qs and mults as I did, given the constraints of my
QTH.  Also happy to work WA0CSL (ND) on 15, as that's the last one I need for 15m WAS.
WN3N   Contact Moderator
Glad I participated missed my Multioperators
WO2Y   Contact Moderator
This was the first time operating in this contest in many years.  Thankfully, there were a number of
very patient operators out there!  20 meters died out pretty early.  Next year I'll put more
antennas up for the phone parts of the bands to add to the enjoyment!
WO3X   Contact Moderator
This is the first time that I am using logging software for the
ARRL Sweepstakes.
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This was another WQ6X operation from W7AYT's QTH in Concord, Ca.
My time was divided between remoting into NX6T in Fallbrook and
running as WQ6X.  The usual signal-vortex situation existed in
Concord so the number of QSOs / Mults was way down this year.
A failing USB situation and some background audio hum made things
more complex than they usually are.  RFI on 40-meters made the
USB-powered lamp cycle through its 3-levels +off cycle on Sunday,
requiring it be unplugged until after the contest.
For more audio PUNCH the Electro Voice 664 was used as a microphone
stand for my Heil PRO headset allowing me to wear wireless headphones.
Read more about this at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
WX4W   Contact Moderator
Conditions were better than last year as we made over 100 more Q's and operated about an hour less
total time.  20M was open later than last year and maybe the Covid resulted in more people on the
air on Sunday afternoon?
However no Clean Sweep this year due to no NT nor the new PE section in Canada.  Did anyone here get
a Clean Sweep?
WX8MOJ   Contact Moderator
Husband and wife operation - happy to have our 10 year old daughter help with 5 contacts!