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AA4Q   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I only had a few hours to get on the air, so I went up to a peak with road access north of phoenix.
6m dipole and 10' and an arrow beam handheld for 2 & 432. HTs for FM only on 22, 902 and 1.2. it was
tough holding the antenna in one hand and the microphone in the other and logging on paper! AA4Q
AB2YI   Contact Moderator
Managed about an hour on the air after resurrecting the station.
Progress towards roving the next day fell short with family
Hey, its a log.
AC4WC   Contact Moderator
Operating from my cabin in Mathias, WV.
AF1T   Contact Moderator
Glad to work the Rovers!  SSB activity seemed low, and I don't do FT-8.  My 3 GHz rig died, so I
replaced it with my low-power (2-Watt) unit.  Having the microwave Bands more than doubled my score.
AF4JF/R   Contact Moderator
First time as a Rover on 5 bands.
AF7MD   Contact Moderator
Couldn't have asked for a better September contest (except perhaps less rain on Sunday). Multiple 6M
Es openings to the southwest, shortlived though the were, gave a big boost in mults.
AJ6T   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of trouble with the N1MM+ integration with WSJT-X and had to resort to standalone
operation with the resultant fractured logs. My 160 watt 2m Mirage amp failed during the contest so
the rest of the 2m QSOs were only with 35 watts.  I was very pleased to catch a very long-lived
meteor burn that resulted in three surprise 6m FT8 contacts up into New England.
I took off a few hours to participate in the Alabama QSO Party and to watch
some college football on TV, but I don't think I missed much doing that.
     73, Walt, AJ6T, EM64 Alabama
AL1VE   Contact Moderator
B0GUS   Contact Moderator
K1HC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Operated the last few hours of the contest after driving to Maine.
Glad to work VE1SKY in FN74 on 2 meter SSB as a highlight of the
contest.  Thanks to all the rovers for all their efforts traveling
from grid to grid!
K3AE   Contact Moderator
We had fun.
K4XR   Contact Moderator
Too much time spent messing with log software
K5QE   Contact Moderator
Murphy came early and often.  After a week battle, I got the propane company to come out and fill
our propane tank.  This just in case we lost power during the contest.  After about 2 hours, the
utility power just went away and we were in the dark.  The stupid generator did not start.  We had
to get a new battery installed by the Generac repair guy....and the generator still would not start
and run.  He had to replace a little sensor too.  Finally we got that working.  Then we found that
all the off,on,off,on from the power company had ruined our 432 EME amplifier, again!!  We moved the
amp from the tropo station over to the EME station.  Then in the morning, we moved it back.  The bad
power ruined one of the UPS backup units.  Fortunately, we had a spare for that.
K6LMN/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Note - there were handwritten comments/soapbox in
this paper log file but they were not transcribed.
(Scanned PDF of handwritten comments uploaded on 9/30/2019).
K6MI/R   Contact Moderator
K7IW   Contact Moderator
Working QRP from a mountain top, this was another fun year doing
the September VHF contest. On top of that, it was combeind with
SOTA VHF Long-distance trial and I made multiple contacts over
100 miles including 167 miles from Bandwidth Mountain to Fuji!
K7SMA   Contact Moderator
Not much activity, need better antenna system - will work on it!
K7VIT   Contact Moderator
Filing this log to verify QSO's with my QSO partners.
73, Jerry
K7XC   Contact Moderator
Not a full effort on my part. Surprised by the weak Es into 5
Land Sat afternoon & enjoyed reconnecting with friends I havnt
worked since August. Missed working some stations in CA by not
being QRV at the start time. Damadged the Xmit side of the 222
Xvtr by accidentally overdriving it as I was assembling the
station so this is a 3 band only entry. See you all in January!
KA0CRO   Contact Moderator
Fun to see the equipment work.
KA0JGH   Contact Moderator
Summary Sheet listed "Midwest" as Section; based on address
and sent grid, submitting with Nebraska (NE) as Section.
KA2BPP   Contact Moderator
first time in a long time I had twice as many grids on 2 mtrs than 6
KA2KQM   Contact Moderator
Ran 100 watts to hb 6 element yagi on 50 mhz, 200 watts for a few q's,
mostly 50 watts to 16 element yagi on 144 mhz, 50 watts to 23 element
yagi on 432 mhz. 2.5 watts to 6 element yagi on porch for 222 mhz.
Thanks to the ARRL for sponsoring this VHF and up contest. And, thanks
to all for taking time to get on the air and keeping our bands active.
Operating time, 6 hours Saturday, 2 hours Sunday. 73, Kent/KA2KQM EM74tm
KA5D/R   Contact Moderator
We are Der FunkWagen. KA5D.com
KA9VVQ/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
KB0MRK   Contact Moderator
Fun to run the family station.
KB0YHT/R   Contact Moderator
Total QSOs         80
Total Points      144
Total Multipliers  24
Operated LOW power - 5 watts or less FM
This was my first solo rover with a couple of hand held and low power. I set out to support N0LD and
his rover
 attempt. I tried to talk with other hams, but they could not hear me. Next time I may us external
 or better equipment.
KB2HSH   Contact Moderator
Happy September VHF Contesters! This was the event that I always looked forward to when I was first
licensed, and this year was no exception! 5W to an eFactor dual band halo was enough to make a few
QSOS.  Not a huge score, but still FUN!!
KB4BKV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Chilly setup on Big Mountain in WPA in the early morning with temperatures in the mid-50s, quickly
warming into the mid-70s with a cloudless sky.   Operated 6m, 2m, 1.25m and 70cm on Sunday.
KB8W   Contact Moderator
My third September VHF QSO party entry. Had good Es opening Saturday evening and worked 3 stations
in Phoenix and Denver areas.
KC0P/R   Contact Moderator
Lots of activity from EN44 & EN34.
KC0SKM/R   Contact Moderator
September Rove was fun as always. Good to hear from friends near and far.
KC0UDO   Contact Moderator
This was the first ham radio contest that I have participated in.
What can I say - it was a blast. I know I don't have a huge
score, but I am still very proud of it. I did a lot of research
and planning working up to it. I even moved my shack into the
garage to shorten my feed line run to limit line loss. For my
modest station (FT-736R driving a brick on 2, and 30 watts on
432 - both into 10 and 11 element beams), I think I did great.
I am fortunate to have met some great operators that have given
advice to help me develop in the hobby.
VHF weak signal has really started to become my main interest
in the hobby and I am looking forward to expanding on it.
Conditions were excellent off to my southwest, which allowed
for a few long distance SSB contacts that I never imagined
getting over those days. Of course a couple days after the
contest the band opened off to the southeast and I made a SSB
contact into EN70 on 2 meters.
KC2UES   Contact Moderator
Used two transceivers: one FM only (2m and 73cm) and one SSB only (2m
only) and Arrow brand J-Pole about 20' above ground.
KC6ZWT   Contact Moderator
Quiet contest.
KD2PGE   Contact Moderator
This was my first contest and I enjoyed participating thoroughly.  I also learned a lot.  Thank you!
KD2RMD   Contact Moderator
Icom 746 100 Watts, Comet Magnet Mount Mobil antenna in attic
KD7WPJ   Contact Moderator
Loma Alta (SOTA W6/NC-350)
KE8KUY   Contact Moderator
rookie ham licensed 10/21/18
KF7E   Contact Moderator
Unplanned last minute entry.
KG9Z   Contact Moderator
No SSB or CW activity. Fairly boring wih just FT-8 QSOs.
KJ2G/R   Contact Moderator
Stuck in WSJT-X? Consider CW/SSB/FM at the top of every hour! Run the bands with your neighbors and
local rovers. Give it 10 or 15 minutes. Everyone's logs will thank you, including your own. Thanks,
KK4BZ   Contact Moderator
Kenwood TS-570S and Stessed Moxon for 6m SSB/digital, Baofeng UV-5R
and vertical antenna for 2m FM
KM6PHB   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
KV4ZY   Contact Moderator
Casual operating just for fun
KX7L   Contact Moderator
Limited effort this year due to lots of family obligations.
Still had some fun, seemed like a fair number of rovers/portables
out and about.  Thanks for the QSOs!
N0BSR/R   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!
N0HZO/R   Contact Moderator
Short contest for me.
N0JK   Contact Moderator
A surprise sporadic-E opening was a treat Saturday night of the
contest on 6 Meters. Tropo was down this year.
N0LD/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Total QSOs        233
Total Points      354
Total Multipliers  81
N0LNO/R   Contact Moderator
Our Plan was shortened in real time due to band openings. Had
interesting conversations with the farmers.
N0UK   Contact Moderator
The web submission form seems to be calculating the score incorrectly.
26 QSOs
25 QSOs on 50/144 = 25 pts
 1 QSO on 10GHz = 4 pts

29 pts x 10 multipliers = 290
Web form calculated score of 130
N1ADX   Contact Moderator
Tnx to the organizers
N1AV   Contact Moderator
Great job by the AZ Rover Swarm to keep us all busy for two days!
N2SFS   Contact Moderator
Band conditions were flattered than a pancake, rolled over twice by a steam roller!
N4DLA   Contact Moderator
Did not make very many QSOs but was thrilled to QSO K6MYC in DM07 on
222.100 MHz USB (over 150 miles from my QTH) with just 7 watts PEP
output. Who needs a linear??!!? Did not QSO or even hear any rover
stations, despite good weather in my grid square and the grids around
N4NIV   Contact Moderator
6M - MFJ 9406, TE Sys 0510G, Par Omniangle up 22 ft
2M - Kenwood TR751A, Par Omniangle up 26 ft
N5KS   Contact Moderator
New to VHF and up, and my first contest in my 49 years as a ham.  Contacts not easy on these bands,
with some very hard fought.  I learned to use propogation modes to your advantage, and on 6M MS you
don't point your beam at a station to work him!
N5QYC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was my first September VHF Contest after an absence of seven years.  The band was flat here in
the Arkansas Ozarks with only one short opening into South Florida on 6 meters that only lasted
about a minute. Was only able to work close in to states surrounding Arkansas.  Had some interesting
band runs with those who were available.  Already planning on January Vhf Contest.  73.  Joe N5QYC
N6RH/R   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!
N6ZE   Contact Moderator
Fun contest! All QSOs SSB or FM (NO FT USED)

Weather summary for weekend: partly cloudy, misting, pelting rain at
times; winds southerly 5 - 25 miles per hour; temperatures ~65F on
Saturday and
~60F on Sunday.

No trop enhancement noted, but big surprise were Sunday QSOs on both
2m &
70cm with W7MEM in DN17 (ID) at 252 miles over the Cascades! I also
had comms
with him on 2 meters at mid-day and early evening.

Rovers were active, but SOTA stations and stations casually mobiling
on 2 or 70
cm FM added to the QSO totals this time: thanks to them.

QSOs were made with just over 70 unique callsigns.

FT991 with 1/4 wave mag mount whip on 6m; 7 el. Cushcraft yagi on 2m;
& 11
el, M-2 yagi on 70 cm.
TM231 with 6 el. "VJB Cheapie yagi" on 135 cm
ALINCO DJ-G29 with 10 el. "VJB Cheapie yagi" on 33cm
ALINCO DJ-G7 with 10 el. "VJB Cheapie yagi" on 23cm

See you in January from DM04ne or CN87tw
N7EPD   Contact Moderator
Great tropo on Saturday to the south and then a couple sporadic E
openings on Sunday made for some good distance contacts.
N7MZW   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-7300, Heil Pro Micro Headset, and Homebrewed 2 element cubical Quad up 25 feet pointing N/W.
Worked the three Ops I heard. I  was operating on 6 Meter SSB only, LP, as a Single Op. Maybe next
time I will have a functioning rig for 2 meters and 70 CM. 73, N7MZW
N7QOZ   Contact Moderator
Three QSOs with Band 222 were transcribed as X-QSO: since entry
category selected on Summary Sheet is 'Single Operator, 3 Band'
On third log page, the only Date listed is "9-15-19" but Time rolled
from 2353 to 028 between 25th & 26th lines on that page, Date was
entered as 2019-09-16 from the QSO with the 028 Time until the end.
N7VD   Contact Moderator
I added 902 and 1296 and long loop antennas for new bands for a great
improvement to my score from last year.  No 6m opening was a bummer,
but the rover swarm kept me very busy.  A big thanks to all the rovers
for their tremendous effort to keep it interesting.  Keeping up with
you guys was crazy at times, but a lot of fun.  I kept the amplifiers
off and ran phone only.  It still amazes me how good 10 to 25 watts
works at UHF frequencies. I'll be adding 2304 and digital to the mix
for the January contest.
N8CGY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I did not get the good antennas on the new tower quick enough for the
contest so I had to use a Homebrew Squalo for 6 meters and a Discone
antenna for 2 meters.
N8GA   Contact Moderator
Not much in the way of band openings, but digital modes made up for a lot.
N8XA   Contact Moderator
Poor Activity
Found and entered 19 Qs on the "2 mtr" log page, count on
was only 17. Counts agree for the other 2 bands.
N9NDP   Contact Moderator
During Transcription, entered dates one day later
for QSOs showing times starting with "0"
NA2NY   Contact Moderator
As per usual the southern stations do not look to the north as most of the points to be had are in
the south and west of them, as larger density of operators are there. Should be a digital class for
the contest with the popularity of the new FT8 and FT4 and other digital modes. As I mentioned to 
Ria Jairam by email, I think we Amateurs in N.N.Y, Albany and above should be in N.N.Y. division not
ENY as the density of Amateurs is much smaller than in the lower part of N.Y. so we will be
competing on an even basis. As it is some of the NNY counties extend below  the county I am in
(Washington) and I am in ENY. Just my 2cents worth.
ND7M   Contact Moderator
On third log page, the only Date listed is "9/15/19" but Time rolled
from 2352 to 0013 between 15th & 16th lines on that page, Date was
entered as 2019-09-16 from the QSO with the 0013 Time until the end.
Numerous duplicate QSOs were noted that APPEAR to HAVE BEEN included
in the count of "Valid QSOs" on the Summary Sheet.
NR2C/R   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!
NY2NY   Contact Moderator
Most activity on 6 and 2m is now on FT8. This makes it difficult to ask stations to change bands
with the present ft8 format. I suggest 2 possibilities:
1) possibly expand ft8 format to include message packages (TX7,8,etc) asking station to qsy to xxx
2) designate specific hours (by band) during the contest when ssb/cw are recommended so band-hopping
can be facilitated.
I was surprised that no FT4 was being used as it was specifically designed for contest use although
it is less sensitive than FT8, sometimes an issue on VHF/UHF.
VA3MW   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
First time using a Flex 6600M with an Q5 XVTR for 2M.  The ability to see and  bounce is pretty
VA6ZO   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This is my first time using logging software ever,however when filling out the info there was no way
to eliminate 220 mhz so it put me in the all band class? I Operated 3 bands low power only.The
contest was mostly a local event with the exception for a brief opening south of the border on msk
144. Bob VA6ZO/VA6PPZ P.S. I found the error in my submission and it has been corrected.
VE1SKY   Contact Moderator
Except for 1 SSB Phone QSO, All WSJT-X
From Eastern Canada, to be in this contest, thank goodness for meteorscatter and MSK144
VE2OTA   Contact Moderator
First Contest entered ever....
VE3OIL/R   Contact Moderator
BAND           QSOs              MULTS

50             73                17
144            93                21
222            45                11
432            50                10
902            25                9
1.2G           26                9
2.3G           17                8
3.4G           8                 4
5.7G           6                 4
10G            4                 2
24G            4                 4
LIGHT          4                 4

RVFHG eligible score 69871
The EN82 site is outside the circle
VE3SMA/R   Contact Moderator
My transmitted mode is shown for cross-mode contacts
Log contains 4 duplicate QSOs not counted towards claimed score
Equipment -
50 MHz K2+xvtr+amp 50W, Moxon/mobile vert.
144 MHz IC-7000 50w, 5 el. Yagi/mobile PAR Omni
222 MHz K2+xvtr 20W, 7 el Yagi/mobile dipole, HT/duck
432 MHz K2+xvtr+amp 100W, 11 el. Yagi/mobile dipole
VE7DAY   Contact Moderator
Digital, SSB, CW, FM. Sporadic E, scatter and tropo prop made
for an interesting contest.
W0AMT/R   Contact Moderator


W0OHU   Contact Moderator
FT8 all the way  with 10 watts and 2m SQUALO inside the shack!
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
W1TR   Contact Moderator
I finally got all the transverters to work with the Apache Labs Anan 100D SDR !
W1UED/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Not sure why is says DX. i was in FN31LQ
W2DPT   Contact Moderator
Rig Yaesu 847 Ant. m2 Squalo all 3 bands-can't wait til January! 73
W2EA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
W2JAZ   Contact Moderator
I’m not much of a contester but I enjoyed working ft8 on 6 meters with my 5 element yagi. The
trouble came when I up loaded my log as there apparently were issues getting WSJT-x JTAlert and HRD
Logbook to work together correctly. I’m indebted to Paul, N1SFE who works for the ARRL who is the
contest program manager. He offered to repair my log and submit it for me! Now that’s going above
and beyond the call in my book. A big TNX to Paul and the League. 
Rick, W2JAZ
W2ODH   Contact Moderator
W3DKT   Contact Moderator
W4GHV   Contact Moderator
IC-7610 & G5RV
W4INK   Contact Moderator
W5EKG   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
W6EK   Contact Moderator
Had a great time operating at 7,200 ft at the Duncan Peak Lookout
W9FZ/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
While we supposedly were in a tropo opening, we didn't think conditions were outstanding. In fact,
we found 2m and 222 to be a struggle. Our one highlight of a possible opening was reaching out to
KD9GKL/WS9V in EM59 from the EN21/31/32/22 grid corner from one of those grids.  We do not operate
FT8 from the rover. We thought activity was down.  But we can't complain--we stayed busy.  We took
some night photos with a full moon and interesting clouds when we were on "Keister Hill" at EN33do.
W9HQ   Contact Moderator
In the days leading up to the contest I was scrambling to get some
antenna upgrades in place and getting my "new" Tonna 55-element
antenna on 1296 piped into the shack.  As I mentioned last week, I
also had a feed-line problem on 144 MHz, so I added a temporary
replacement into the work mix.  With the adapting from PL-259 to N
such I probably lost a dB or two on that band, but no biggie.

Saturday morning and early afternoon a few local hams, including
KC9JTL and me, helped direct parking cars at the Vernon County Fair
and that effort included making a bit of noise on VHF FM.

After I got home and put in an hour or so making the last fixes to
antennas and in the shack, I was able to put in a few hours of
time on Saturday evening, a bit of time on Sunday morning, then a bit
more time late Sunday afternoon.  Conditions seemed flat to slightly
positive.  Others talked about some enhancement to the north, but I
didn't really experience any.

I think the new K1FO-style antenna on 222 MHz worked quite well.  And
I was finally able to make my first contact on 1296 MHz!  I tried
band twice on Saturday, with K9MU and N0AKC.  I could hear them fine,
but my 1 - 1.5 watts running into the huge trees to my north
them from hearing me.  But on Sunday morning I was able to make a
QSO with W0UC -- thanks Paul!

As always, the rovers were great.  I didn't catch Janice and Bruce in
every grid, but was able sweep the bottom four bands with them where
did catch them.  Thanks also to KC0SKM/R!
W9VW   Contact Moderator
First time running 100% FT8.
W9ZB   Contact Moderator
I was surprised that I didn't find anyone on FT4, It's supposed to be the contest mode.
WA1LBK   Contact Moderator
Much better conditions on Sunday evening!
WA2ZNC   Contact Moderator
*OLD* summary sheet used so default to SOHP
Log pages show local time and am/pm; translated times (and
dates, as necessary) from Eastern time to UTC (add 4 hours).
WA4DYD   Contact Moderator
Horrible band conditions this year!
WA7XX   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all the rovers!!
WA8TWM   Contact Moderator
Not many station on SSB or CW on 50 MHZ. More activity 144 MHZ. There was a lack of the usual local
stations. Most operated digital FT8 maybe there should be a separate weekend for phone and CW and
one just for digital.


WA8YLZ   Contact Moderator
Summary Sheet listed "Great Lakes" as Section; based on
address and sent grid, submitting with Michigan (MI) as
Section. Also, "FM" shown as mode for ALL QSOs but
"SOLP" is clearly checked as Category on Summary Sheet.
WA9STI   Contact Moderator
Operation was at SOTA location Mt Lewis, W6/CT-246, at 8396' elevation in the San Gabriels
Mountains, north of Los Angeles.
WB2AMU   Contact Moderator
Two Meters had some moments on Sunday morning with some minor tropo
WB2CUT   Contact Moderator

New usual equipment: Yaesu F897-D/Mirage B5018-G amp/preamp,
same 13LBA 43’ up. And it’scertainly true that electrical and
electronic equipment does NOT like me. On Saturday I made NO
contacts between 21:45 and 23:18. In fact, I didn’t HEAR
anybody, though the noise level did its usual variation as I
swung the beam and the SWR seemed typical. WA2GFN suggested
that I see if I could hear a repeater on FM. One, barely. But
when I switched back to SSB I was right back in business,
making 9 contacts between 23:18 and 23:55 (WB1GQR FN33 calling
me), also including KA2LIM/R in FN11.

And it stayed precipitation-free here, though a weak front
sliding through surely didn’t help propagation.

So I battled my way through, picking up 16 grids (though only
60 contacts) on Saturday. Sunday started off quite well. I made
my first contact of the day at 13:50 and another 13 by 15:15,
including both FN23 and FN44 (N1JEZ, who called me). Then it
sadly fell apart. I only made another 18 contacts the rest of
the contest, none after 01:30 on the 16th, though LIM did call
me for FN12, so I got my 19th grid - never did hear an FN10,
much less N3MK in FN27 (if he was on). So my score was two
contacts better than the June contest. (It’s also true that the
last few hours I wasn’t calling CQ after CQ with little break.
I was quite tired and it wasn’t getting me much of anything,
though the FN00 was an unexpected bonus.)

It was a little odd. FM29s were scarce, FM19s were not. And,
with W4IY back on in FM08, I worked both 08 and 09. FN32s were
around, too. No FN22s again, and nothing from WNY again except
LIM. But I did get an unexpected call from W0GPR/R for my second
FN00, and his QRZ page says he QSLs. I wonder what county he was
operating from. In fact, I sent out 12 QSL cards for new
stations - that’s a LOT for only 92 contacts - and several say
they will QSL.

At least there was little QRM and not much QRN. Kept the preamp
on most of the contest, even sometimes in the noisy area to the
southwest, which wasn’t always noisy

Almost 72 and still putting in 9+ frantic hours of CQing on
Saturday and another 13 on Sunday.

See you in January.


WB4OMG   Contact Moderator
Conditions OK. Very little activity.
WB7PEK   Contact Moderator
WB8JAY   Contact Moderator
Not a barn burner submission. Ran 6m dipole at 20 ft and a 2m vertical also at 20 feet. Surprised 2m
stations heard me, since I am using a vertical at 20 feet. FT8 seemed to help in that respect and
probably would not have made any qsos on 2m SSB or Cw. Great fun no matter!
                     Dan Jones - WB8JAY
WB8WUA   Contact Moderator
The VHF conditions were typically on the poor side (no skip signals
were heard on the six meter band), but still had fun - Thanks for the
WB9WOZ   Contact Moderator
Being in the RF Black hole of the Midwest, there was not much fm
activity. Maybe everyone was working FT8. Best qso was 114 miles.
WF4R   Contact Moderator
At present limited to only six meters
WW7LW   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Ms Pat-WT7N, Mike-W7MKE, Chuck-AC7QN, and Rich-KR7W, members of the Mt Rainier ARC drove to the
Sunrise Visitor Center located in the Northeast part of Mt Rainier National Park- to hike approx 2.5
miles to the true summit of Mt Fremont (also a Summits on the Air summit, W7W/RS-005).  

The hike begins at 6600 ft elevation and gains approx 900 ft.  The last 1/2 mile of the trek is off
trail or X-country. 

We operated 6M SSB, 2M+70CM SSB, 2M FM and logged 65 valid QSOs from CN96 over a 3 hour period-
using 5 watts or less to home-built antennas.
Radios: Yaesu FT-817, Elecraft KX3, Kenwood D-72.  Best DX was into VE7, British Columbia- approx
150-200 miles.

WX was about 45 degrees with low hanging clouds.  No view of Mt Rainier was had.  Photos by WT7N.
WZ1V   Contact Moderator
W3BFC operated 2 grids but didn't sign /R.
All contacts logged as PH despite mode.
XE2N   Contact Moderator
Really fun! and CNDX terrible, but with national celebration too!!
XE2PEA   Contact Moderator
It was terrible conditions this weekend, but I'm present here