Oct 2023 School Club Roundup final results are listed below. Click on a call sign to see the entry details.

Category: School Club - Elementary/Primary - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
K4DKWCommunion of Saints Elementary School ARCOH33,372102063236323
KA4CDNOur Lady of Good CounselVA1,0122046131040
KG4EIFBaker-Butler Elementary SchoolVA864302480115
Category: School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
K5LMSLampasas Middle SchoolTX125,67510455504111038
W4LMSRambler Radio ClubGA100,1003057242514222
N4GCSGainesville M.S. Radio ClubGA72,1765034741616527
KA5LMSLingle Middle School Amateur Radio ClubAR15,730627673501218
KD4TGRMcConnell Amateur Radio ClubGA15,336701422812115
KS4TEMMidlands STEM Charter School Amateur Radio ClubSC2,9898245210008
K4WBMWilliam Byrd Middle SchoolVA2,78491136181215
KM7SCSpring Creek Middle School Radio ClubNV2,546100381401110
W0EPSEstes Park Schools Amateur Radio ClubCO2,23211072162801
K0BRVBelleview R-3 Amateur Radio ClubMO1,48212026151037
W9GRSWatseka Jr. High SchoolIN2081301390011
Category: School Club - Senior High - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KE0ZNVHOME SCHOOLCO313,02810112650891337
KF5CRFTiger Radio ClubOK260,820209664748839
KY4DHDixie Heights High School Ham Radio CluKY49,3483029245514021
KI5GAVBastrop High School NJROTC ARCTX46,6704035947621136
K5LBJLiberal Arts and Science Academy ARCTX43,5605132844512313
K4WTLW.T. Loften High School ARCFL19,026601513663315
KQ4LLBManufacturing Radio Club at Maxwell HSGA9,32470842714215
WM5HSWest Monroe High School ARCLA8,24980113282237
KC3JNDCouncil Rock HS SouthPA7,26890791323209
K9SHSR. Nelson Snider High School Amateur Radio ClubIN6,21610084291218
WB4HSWilliam Byrd High School ARCVA2,544112111171315
W2CXNBrooklyn Technical HS Amateur Raiod & Wireless Technology ClubNY1,738120221303411
N5HWLHaworth Lions Amateur Radio ClubOK1,26013021150009
K7SHWahkiakum Mecha MulesWA96814022140006
W7AHSAlhambra High School Amateur Radio ClubAZ4761501490005
KC3QLXNorthwestern Lehigh High SchoolPA96160440004
W6HHSHeritage High School Amateur Radio ClubCA441701131000
Category: School Club - College/University - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
W9YBPurdue University ARCIN732,2751017235010693346
W0IOUniversity of Iowa Amateur Radio ClubIA541,86121114795110482142
W0EEEMissouri University of Science and TechnologyMO267,7483098849711738
W5ACTexas A&M University Amateur Radio ClubTX254,04043580050960931
W8CULWest Virginia University Amateur Radio ClubWV111,156506284668621
W5YDMississippi State UniversityMS36,993602094143225
W9YTBadger Amateur Radio SocietyWI36,9607222737215320
W1KBNNortheastern UniversityMA32,0768024334217215
K5LSUAmateur Radio Society at La State UnivLA25,9359111733714317
K8YSUYoungstown State UniversityOH18,3521051143115321
W0QQQkansas state universityKS17,5951121113214322
W2CXMAmateur Radio Club at Cornell UniversityNY16,7501201253335417
W8UMUniv. of MichiganMI10,530130813423317
W6BHZCal Poly San Luis ObispoCA5,000140502420214
W9HHXMilwaukee School of Engineering ARCWI3,948150422333013
W8YYHusky Amateur Radio ClubMI3,41016251231117
KE4UGAAmateur Radio Club at The University of GeorgiaGA2,83517045201018
KC5OROTech Amateur Radio AssociationNM1,95218032131019
KB3CVDUMBC Amateur Radio ClubMD1,38619021190019
Category: Non-School Club - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
N4HKZ4-H Ham Radio ClubVA20,448131363343718
W4CARoanoke Valley ARCVA13,60025702812227
K4RFTReelfoot Amateur Radio ClubTN10,66830843011517
Category: Individual - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
N5MKYGlenn H McCrayMI3,48460261700123
Category: Individual - DX
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools


K4DKW   OH   School Club - Elementary/Primary
This was our second SCR after placing second and nearly winning it in February 2023. This time, we had 19 kids participating, as opposed to only having 9 in February. So, half of my team were experienced and the other half were rookies. No matter where we place, I'm very proud of my team and we'll be back in February!

In closing, and just kike Layla's button read at the beginning of the club last September, "Kids Can Do Anything!" I know that first hand. My kids are amazing!
K4RFT   TN   Non-School Club
Ben,KO4MAO, a local high schooler, operated the School Club Roundup for Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club. Reelfoot ARC is an ARRL Special Services Club located in Northwest Tennessee. "The contest was fun. It was great to hear all the different schools on the air and to operate a pileup. We will be back in February!" -Ben
KA4CDN   VA   School Club - Elementary/Primary
I had six classes:
10/17: 6th grade from 8:15- 9:00 and 9:00- 9:45
8th grade from 9:45-10:30 and 10:30-11:15
10/18: 7th grade from 8:15- 9:00 and 9:45-10:30
So I estimated the number of participants at 15 per class.

The school posted a Facebook video:
KE0WPA   MN   Individual
Didn’t get on much due to the fact that I am in high school and had to be at school. I always try to get on this contest so that the younger kids can get the experience in ham radio that I have had.
KG4EIF   VA   School Club - Elementary/Primary
Tuesday (Engineering Club):
David W
Evan W
Ivanka P
Jack J
Jacob G
James V
Lainey C
Michael Z
Oliver P
Quinn L
Sani P
Simi P
Jasper F
Asher M

Wednesday (Ham Radio Friends):
David W
Luke W
Joey M
Sefi G
Riley G
Anders E
Michael Z
Ruth L
Amaris K
Nehemiah K
Seth K
Simon T
Sammy T
Benny H
KS4TEM   SC   School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High
SOAPBOX: Our club has grown to 10 students in Grades 5-7. We were only able to operate on Mon, Tues, and Friday of this week because of other conflicts. The kids had a great time, with many new members making their first contacts. We also have a 5th grader who was interested in learning CW, and by Friday he was able to call CQ for the contest. Alyssa (7th) President, Katelynn (7th) Vice President, Joseph (7th) Treasure, River (5th) Secretary, Camp 7th, Parker 6th, Gunnar 5th, Jewelie 5th, Landen 5th, & Sophia 5th.
KY4DH   KY   School Club - Senior High
My thanks to all the Hams supporting School Club Roundup by making contacts with students! My students love contesting!! Thank you, 73, de KJ4MOB, Sherri
N4HKZ   VA   Non-School Club
Great SCR! The kids all had a great time and even brought their younger siblings along in some cases. Our "4-H Kidz" for this SCR were 5-16 years old.
N4SMS   SC   School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High
We operated all 5 days with 6 students. Had 3 alumni help out with coaching and logging.
N5MKY   MI   Individual
Rule change suggestion:

As I try to work schools, and as the week goes on I hear the same schools calling on the same bands but with new student operators. The new operators are not getting many calls back and when they do, many are dupes.
I suggest that dupes would be allowed if the QSO was made on a different day with a different student operator.

SCR is an EVENT, not a contest and it's purpose is to get students on the air and make contacts and have fun, not score points. If students are able to make more contacts, they will have more fun and more will be more encouraged to continue amateur radio as well as bring their friends into the hobby.

BTW, the most fun I had all week was listening to Giels operating KC3SGV making DX contacts.
ON7DQ   DX   Individual
It was great to be mentioned in the latest QST article about the SCR, so I felt obliged to participate again, hi.

I had a great week, propagation was good, especially on 10m.

My simple shack (see picture) : IC-7300 @100W and antennas : 33m (100ft) long wire inverted-L, and a monoband GP for 20m.

73 de
W7AHS   AZ   School Club - Senior High
W7AHS is a new club built on the memory of a much older radio club. The SCRU was the first club event for the new W7AHS. It was so exciting to get students on the air and exploring the world of ham radio. Our participation would not have been possible without the support of the radio community of Arizona. W7AHS would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona and the Arizona Red Cross Communications Club, W7ARC for coordinating the loan of an antenna from a local ham. Our efforts to get on the air would have been for nothing without their kindness. A final thanks goes to ARCA-AZ Chairperson Charlie Zurenko, N2TFS who has been so kind and supportive of this nascent club. Expect to hear W7AHS on the air more often!
W9GRS   IN   School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High
Our 3rd time operating portable during our 8th grade geology field trip. It is becoming a tradition for our October School Club Round-up participation. This time we activated Shades State Park (k-2267) Indiana for the first time. Utilized a Buddipole with a Kenwood TS-480, powered by 12-volt baattery. Were able to put a few QSO's in the log, making POTA chasers happy and even got a school station into the log. Always a good time combining geology and radio!