Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
W7AHSSchool Club - Senior HighAlhambra High School Amateur Radio Club10
Primary Operator/Sponsor
W7AHSAZAdney, Thomas
ScoreCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools

W7AHS is a new club built on the memory of a much older radio club. The SCRU was the first club event for the new W7AHS. It was so exciting to get students on the air and exploring the world of ham radio. Our participation would not have been possible without the support of the radio community of Arizona. W7AHS would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona and the Arizona Red Cross Communications Club, W7ARC for coordinating the loan of an antenna from a local ham. Our efforts to get on the air would have been for nothing without their kindness. A final thanks goes to ARCA-AZ Chairperson Charlie Zurenko, N2TFS who has been so kind and supportive of this nascent club. Expect to hear W7AHS on the air more often!