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RankCategoryCall SignQTHYearScoreQSOsMultsHoursOperatorsClub160 80 40 20 15 10
HQ  R0HQ UA9 2020 10,670,040 7,047 360 24.0  R0AGO R0AS R9IN R9IR RA0AAC RA0AM RA0R RC0AK RD0A RG0A RK9UE RM0A RT8U RU0AM RV0AR RW0AR RW9HSB RX0AT RZ0AI RZ0AT UA0AGI UA9PM UC0A   98/20   447/46   1,542/79   2,565/93   1,633/72   762/50

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Scores in italics were received after the deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.