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Soapbox for 2021
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4I1EBD   Contact Moderator
September 11. 2019 1st Licence Amateur  Radio Operator
4X1VF   Contact Moderator
Dear All
I heard only 33 stations from NA!
The conditions on 20M was extremely poor.
7K1CPT   Contact Moderator
Power 100W
QTH Kasumigaura-city Ibaraki-pref.
Remote Control op from Tokyo.
7K4XNN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed with the contest.
7L1DST   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
7M2FTR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
7N2UQC   Contact Moderator
I could enjoy the good contest.
Tnx for a fine contest again.
IC-7600, Dipole-Ant.
8J17CALL/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
8S0C   Contact Moderator
Very poor conditions this year.
9A5AET   Contact Moderator
9A/Croatia (9A1TT) is a www.RemoteHamRadio.com station that
members may operate remotely.  Rig consists of a FLEX-6300
driving an OM2000A+ 1500W amp.  160m antenna is a 31.5m vertical
with a top hat and 6 radials elevated 6m.  A 4 square is provided
for 80m and seperate beams are provided for 40, 20, 15 and 10m.
W, NW, N and NE beverages are provided for 160, 80 and 40m RX.

N1MM+ voicing instead of a microphone.  This allowed me to use
ESM just like I do for CW contests.
AA5H   Contact Moderator
Licensed: Jul 2019
AA9ZI   Contact Moderator
First timer into radio sport. Loved it! Would do it again. :)
AB8KP   Contact Moderator
bands were not good
AC4G   Contact Moderator
Bands were terrible Friday night into Saturday.  Propagation on
low bands at my sunrise  was absolutely terrible.  The low bands
Saturday night were not much better.  I was having the most
difficult time making QSOs with my low power 100 W atation into
Europe.  On Sunday never heard any EU opening on 15 m, however,
did manage to work SA on 10m during a brief opening.  20m was
indeed my bread and butter band, but conditions were not good
enough for me to run even though I tried it a couple times.  Most
of my efffort was search and pounce.  All together, I beleive
this to be the worst propagation I expereinced in this contest.
Still had fun trying to plan a new strategy.  Thanks for all who
had to bear my repeats with my weak signal.  Thanks all of the
QSOs and best DX to all.
AC9PR   Contact Moderator
Had too many interruptions and an equipment issue.
AD0L   Contact Moderator
I was only able to spend an hour. I have been back in ham radio only
since the start of the plague. I was first licensed in 1965, and had
to take the cw exam for the extra, at the FCC office. I have been
intimidated a bit, because I only have 100 watts and a wire antenna
the valley. But I started listening to 15, and heard all these DX
stations calling CQ. On a lark, I answered one, and he answered back.
Then I realized that I did not know what the response should be, so I
had to do some fast googling.
AD2BO   Contact Moderator
Being a single father with a 3 year old makes operating a challenge.  But that didn't stop daddy
from making 146 DX contacts across 4 bands!!

80m Inverted V at 50'
40m Ground mounted Vertical.  Also used for 15m
40m Dipole AT 30"             Also used for 15m
4 Band Fan Dipole at 30' for 20m
AF2V   Contact Moderator
AG5MS   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
The contest followed an ice and snow storm in Austin that disabled my 80M OCF dipole antenna (no
damage, just a tree branch on the short leg of antenna causing high VSWR).  Contacts were made using
Cushcraft R-6000 and home brew 40M vertical antennas (photo attached).  I set up a new Mac computer
the week before the contest - CAT control of Yaesu 3000 etc.  Big mistake.  New OS for computers, 
new USB port driver, new versions of MacLogger and WSJT-X and loss of CabConverter during file
migration.  I was able to submit a Cab File to the contest thanks to help from Marv Bloomquist
(N5AW) and Scott Anderson (CabConverter).  I've only worked a few contests (first FCC license
9/11/2017) but each has been an interesting learning experience with help from other hams.  Fun and
enjoyment factors outweigh  frustration factors and  I'm hooked on ham radio and contests.  I look
forward to future contests as the sun spot cycle progresses. Ham friends tell me that I entered the
hobby at one of the worst propagation periods in decades.  I don't know any better- but this contest
was fun in spite of the (mostly self inflicted) problems. 

73 Jim Erskine AG5MS
AH6FC   Contact Moderator
First semi-serious attempt...about 6 hours.  Good fun. Conditions horrible, unfortunately.
AI4WU   Contact Moderator
Sat down at the bench to work on an overdue project and turned on
the radio for company. Turns out I had somehow missed the fact
this contest was today! Managed to work a handful of contacts
while completing the project, but the project had priority this
AJ6T   Contact Moderator
I only intended to operate in this contest to look for new band-countries
but I could not find any.  Decided to make a few QSOs just to see what I
could work with 100 watts and wire antennas.  I was pleased to make a few
SSB contacts to EU on 160 and 75m.  The period just prior to sunset on 75m
at the end of the contest was especially productive.  SO2V practice with
my K3s and K-Pod showed how useful that mode is with dual S&P.
No activity was heard on 10 meters.
Rig: K3s    Antennas: 160/75 T-verticals   40-15 OCF Dipole
CB4R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
missing an hour of competition I was still trying to raise the antenna for the 20 meter band (3 ele
OP-DES). on a makeshift mast. The energy of the house is with solar panels during the day, at night
with batteries that were charged with the solar panels. The antenna was fixed with no options to
move it. The spread for my area was decent from 20:00 local time and the next 2 hours. of the 16
hours of work that I had in the contest, 9 of them, the number of contacts was less than 4. in 5
hours, only one contact per hour.
The antenna was 11 meters away, the adjustments were made while the antenna was on the ground. when
uploading it there was not much variation. Sunny days that allowed me to call CQ without much
CE4JZO   Contact Moderator
Fue mi primera vez en este Concurso de la ARRL, lo encontré bastante  bueno, la propagación no
estuvo tan esquiva para mi estación, lo pase bien y me entretuve  bastante, desde Machali, tierra
de los brujos buenos y también de los otros, sexta Región de Chile...

 73 y Dxs.... CE4JZO...
CS5SS   Contact Moderator
DH1TT   Contact Moderator
The idea was, to work 15m singleband. Antenna was pointed to 300°, all engines and software ready
for take off.... but what we got here in DL was much less than expected. 0 QSO`s on Saturday, 0
QSO`s on Sunday. NOT A SINGLE BEEP from the U.S. or VE. NOTHING, just line noise.... and maybe some
1-2 second flares. 
FR4QT was +10-20dB, all day long, working pileups, even others from Africa..... But in central EU??
Complete fallout.
Later, I decided to enjoy my run`s on 20 and 80m.... but missed all Friday/Saturday night..... so,
even I was not a competitor, I hope that my Log helps others....
DH2RTW   Contact Moderator
20m closed early in DL; heared some US but i am to weak with my
Cushcraft R5
DJ1AA   Contact Moderator
IC-7800, ACOM2000A, 750W, Monoband Dipols Inv V for 80m & 160m
17 Ele. Yagi Optibeam OB17-4 10m,15m,20m,40m
DL1GRC   Contact Moderator
Just for fun a few QSOs on 20m and 40m. 100 watt and 70 m loop antenna
DL4MM   Contact Moderator
Second day I had twice number of QSOs then the first day! That is very unsual. But finally I reached
still satisfying 870Q and 57S/P on 20m. Big fun at least on 2nd day.
I wish there was an assisted category for single band activity as there is less fun without DX
cluster assistance. To avoid allocation to Allband Unlimited category I submitted a checklog only.
DL5RU   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
With 100 Watt verry hard Work !!
ANT.11 :Two days before the Contest
DN5HR   Contact Moderator
Frederik 9 years, Klara 7 Years, DM9EE 47Years supervising
DQ2C   Contact Moderator
We are in the sunspot minimum! Not a single qso on 15m, not even heard the big
guns. A lot of qrm on 20m, because no other band was open. Nice first night on
40m, only modest to poor in the 2nd. 
We tried a new mode: serial multi op. That means only one person at the station
(no multiplayer op, no inband, no nothing ...) it felt like single op all band
with a shorter on air time.

Found worse SWR on 80m during the 1st night, changed the antenna Sa morning to a
low dipole, which gave us a few qsos on 80m. Also no rx antenna on 160m.
Everyone who worked us, was stronger than the S9 noise on the tx antenna.
DR1X   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Thanks to my American friends for QSOs. Many stations called on the same Frequency, mine wasn't
always clear to whom the answer was valid. All TNX stays healthy, see you in the WPX. vy 73 DF8XC
EA2DDE   Contact Moderator
dipolo DX-B Alpha Delta o hy gain avq 14+expert
EA4RR   Contact Moderator
QSO= 64
ED1R   Contact Moderator
Remote operation many thanks qsos CU again next year 73 de ED1R Team
ED7R   Contact Moderator
SOAPBOX: Our first serious multi-op operation from EC7WR station.
SOAPBOX: Last week 4 new antennas were built.
SOAPBOX: Many problems during the contest made us lose a few hours of propagation.
SOAPBOX: 15 m was really bad. A fault in an amplifier prevented us from doing a single
SOAPBOX: QSO during the first day on that band.
SOAPBOX: We were able to hear signals after dark from the southern states on 10m across
SOAPBOX: the skewed path while they were working South America, but unfortunately no QSO
SOAPBOX: was logged as they were not beaming to the southeast for the scatter point
SOAPBOX: reflection.
SOAPBOX: Thanks to Bego and Raul EC7WR for their hospitality. 
SOAPBOX: Thanks to everyone for calling us.
SOAPBOX: Jose, EA7X on behalf of ED7R @ La Loma del Burro
ED8M   Contact Moderator
EW1TO   Contact Moderator
FT-991A,  PWR 100 W, ANT GP
F1GZV   Contact Moderator
F1UVN   Contact Moderator
F2CT   Contact Moderator
I enjoy my first participation but I was very hungry about QRM made by some EU stations over 30kHz
OK5 LZ9 SP8 etc ; it was impossible to keep a clear RUN QRG 
Hope to ork during Russian and WPX contestq.
Stay safe
Guy F2CT
F4AIF   Contact Moderator
It was a pleasure to give a few points ! TNX
F4CPY   Contact Moderator
FT890 + Vertical ABV M0MCX
F5JU   Contact Moderator
F8KCF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Always fun to participate to ARRL DX despite very poor conditions this year!
G0ATG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed participating in the ARRL DX SSB contest. It was hard going
using 100w and a dipole plus a lot of QRM and QSB.
G3SEN   Contact Moderator
100w and GP.
G4BUO   Contact Moderator
I'd have to go back more than 30 years to conditions as bad as they
were this last weekend. Total washout.
G4DBW   Contact Moderator
Condx worst that I can remember.
G6XX   Contact Moderator
Conditions were not great this year for SSB. Nothing on 15m or 10m
from here. 20m was quite good and some fun was had on the other bands.
Thanks for all the QSOs. Always good to work into North America with
this classic callsign from the fourth Transatlantic Tests in December
GM2Y   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Conditions weren’t the best for the ARRL DXSSB contest this year, but still a pleasure to work our
North American cousins. 


GM3PPG   Contact Moderator
Unable to operate last year (2020) but good to get on
80m again this year
Poor condx. this weekend from this latitude (57.6 deg N.).
Slightly better for me on second night, and better again
in last 2 hours of the contest.  Very lucky to get CA and WA
on Sunday morning just before band closed for me and two
stations from AZ - tnx OM's.  High geomagnetic activity
increased absorbtion for all signals but especially for
more northerly paths to the far NW.  Congratulations to
the other Eu stations who are further away esp. 9A8M.
Good to hear lots of competition from French, Spanish and
the sea.  Thanks for all the qso's and see you next year I hope.
73,  Rick
GW5L   Contact Moderator
US stations were 'light' and sometimes worked with the skirts of
very strong eastern EU stations overlaying. A little QSB at times
but US stations very responsive and patient when contact made. No
LF antennas here with nothing on 15 and 10m heard on my Mosley
Tri-band mini dipole.
HB9CXZ   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately, listening to the low bands has become a problem here. There is a wide band noise and
for the whole contest I had to use a small 70 meter long beverage. With this antenna I partially
eliminated the noise but the signals were very low and I lost several stations calling me. I'm sorry
for who called me and I haven't been able to listen. The propagation was also bad, I didn't hear any
west coast stations and even the big stations on the east coast didn't arrive with the usual
signals. I hope it will be better next year. 73, Luis HB9CXZ
HP1GDS   Contact Moderator
Great activity. Was a good oportunity to test both of my homebrew antennas Dipole and Vertical 9:1
unun T-240-43
I1RB   Contact Moderator
The propagation was very bad, in my qth I had a lot of noise, beyond the
s6. I attended a few hours. But with my years (in a month 99) the joy of
being present is always great. Good organizers. 73"  Paul
I2RBR   Contact Moderator
Few time dedicated to the Contest. Sorry.
Equipment: Drake TR7A at 100W and Inverted V.
73 to all and take care
I2WIJ   Contact Moderator
Just for fun.
I5KAP   Contact Moderator
A heartfelt thanks to my correspondents for their attention to my little
radio signals
IK0ETA   Contact Moderator
i had a lot of fun. I want to say thanks to all hams that worked me
during the contest. Waiting for an opening on 15m without success.

Paolo ik0eta
IK2XYI   Contact Moderator
Spare Time... Vy beautyfull Contest!, so go on!
IK6XEJ   Contact Moderator
Partial participation, in search of some missing state.
I send the Log for correctness and confirm the QSOs for the competing
Thank you all.
Guerriero "Rino" - IK6XEJ
IQ2GM   Contact Moderator
iq2gm s.op all band low power
IR9Z   Contact Moderator
In the past I participated in this contest in the low power category and
with 100 watts I could make myself heard. Unfortunately, due to
unfavorable propagation, this year despite the 500 watts I have not been
able to connect many stations that I had again with a signal of 57.
While others with 100 watts managed to get over me. Very low final rates.
IT9DGG   Contact Moderator
Log de IT9DGG op. Gianni in ARRL DX Contest SSB 2021
IT9GHW   Contact Moderator
IT9GHW Carmelo
Fiumefreddo di Sicilia (CT)
ANT: 7 EL. YAGI MOMO BEAM TRI-7 20-15-10 M
IT9OPR   Contact Moderator
I worked the contest only for 3 hours and only on 20M.Worst propagation
like last year.The signals from US and Canada was very weak and allways
smeter was overcovered from European big pistols making qrm.Anyway, I say
many thanks to all stations that I worked.Hoping better conditions on
next year.All the best.73'S
IU0LRV   Contact Moderator
A Beautiful Contest.
IU0OVB   Contact Moderator
IU6FUB   Contact Moderator
ARRL International DX Contest SSB 2021
IW1RMM   Contact Moderator
Thank you dear friends. Not bad QSO using a vertical antenna on
the balcony !
IW2ENA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I participated in the contest with the hope of collecting someone new state for my WAS Award, but
with a small antenna and 100 w, little propagation I did not collect much, on the other hand I had
fun despite 30 qso, certainly to be redone in the next edition best 73' de IW2ENA op. Jo
IZ2ZQP   Contact Moderator
Bellissimo contest con gli amici USA la propagazione non ci ha aiutato per nulla ma ci siamo
divertiti ugualmente, grazie e alla prossima 73
IZ4UFG   Contact Moderator
sorry I was wrong to load the power: no QRP but 100 watts
J68HZ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
COVID-19 has made this past year challenging for all of us, so it was a wonderful relief to get away
from it all and do a face-to-face contest once again with good friends Kyle, Dan W0CN, and Bill
J68HZ (K9HZ).  Villa Grand Piton on St. Lucia provided the perfect accommodations (both staff and
villa) for the contest.

Once again, we had work to do when we arrived.  A new vertical antenna for 80 and 160 was installed
and proved to work better than the previous antennas.  After some initial intermittent connections
in the K3 were resolved (by disassembling and reconstructing the radio), the equipment worked
flawlessly during the contest.  The KPA1500 worked without a single hitch.  We did have some
continued issues with the big SteppIR antenna again... and we will be looking for maintenance free
replacement to it for next year.

Propagation was not as good this year; fewer contacts on 160 and 80, but we did have a short 20
minute opening on 10M late on Sunday that was critical to our score.  We spent more time on
multipliers, paying attention to subtilties in the changes in band conditions. 15M was a real
work-horse again... like last year.  Seemed we always had multiple bands open at the same time, so
choices had to be made.

Thanks to our friends at ZF1A for the competition, providing some healthy motivation to excel. 
Their operating is solid. We look forward to next year's contest.

Kyle - WA4PGM
Dan - W0CN
Bill - J68HZ

Villa Grand Piton - St. Lucia
JA0BJY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed contest.
JA0BZY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA0CLB   Contact Moderator
Needed more SUN-power, but it was enjoyable.
JA1CCX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1CRJ   Contact Moderator
I tried to CQ calling, but no one called me.
I was disappointed. My signal was week. Hi 73!
JA1FFB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1GQC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest, propagation very nice on 20m.
JA1ILA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1JNM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
Condx is not so good.
JA1KPF   Contact Moderator
Radio: YAESU FT-817ND
Antenna: 1/4 wave vertical
JA1NED   Contact Moderator
JA1TMG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2HYD   Contact Moderator
Tnx FB Contest !!
JA2KKA   Contact Moderator
ICOM IC7100 100W
Inv VEE, Vertical
JA2KQE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2MWV   Contact Moderator
ANT  40M-14mH DIP    80M-13mH DIP
RIG  IC-741S    PWR < 5w
JA3KKE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3LEZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3QOS   Contact Moderator
Hight-Band condition were not good.
JA4LCI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA6CNX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7BEW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7OWB   Contact Moderator
Put your comments here.
Use multiple lines if needed.
JA7QVI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7UES   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest !
JA8RWU   Contact Moderator
Finally could hear the east coast on 20m the last morning,
but the condx with good signals lasted not so long.
So could not get them to work.
This time wkd only W6,7,0. Not hrd W5!
Again nothing on 160m&10m neithter wkd nor hrd.
Hope to play better in a few years with a small station.
Again mni tnx for picking me up and congrats on ur wonderful ears!
73's Akira, JA8RWU
JA8TGD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
FTdx5000 Ant 4elyagi
JA9LNZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1CWQ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1SPY   Contact Moderator
I entry on a single-op 80m lowpower. The condition was not
so good.
I QSOed 66stations in this year.
I QSOed 34stations in the last year.
But I QSO only 7stations in 2019 year.
I had very heavy OTH lader QRM from U.S.S.R.
That OTH lader transmit point from 42.861213N 133.653435E.
The Eeast of the coast in Nahotoka.
I was using only 100W and small fishing rod vertical
only 10m length antenna in my balcony of my small aprartment.
We JA ham got a new 75m band.
Please look for JA under a new 75m frequency!
35993612KHz13KHz width
36803687KHz7KHz width
37023716KHz14KHz width
37453770KHz  25KHz width
I was using only 100W and small fishing rod vertical
only 10m length antenna in my balcony of my small aprartment.
I was disapointed to disapare a separating of output power
categoly each single band section. It is very difficult to get
an award on the low band in the same categoly with high power
Please separete high power categoly and low power catagoly in
each single band.
JE2FUP   Contact Moderator
Thanks for Good Contest !
JE2LPC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE4USZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE6WGT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE7SOG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE8CLT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE8UHY   Contact Moderator
RIG: ICOM IC-7300 50W
ANT: Mobile Whip
Operator's License: Japanese 2nd class
Very fun contest. I want to spend much longer period next year.
JF1LMB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1OPO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1TEU   Contact Moderator
I couldn't have QSO with the stations on the east coast because the propagation was not good for me.
I hope the situation will improve soon.
JF2FIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you all stations!
May the coronavirus disappear.
JF3DCH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF3KCH   Contact Moderator
FTDX5000(200W) & VD(10mh)
I enjoyed the contest.
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1FML   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1GCO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1XIO   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed the contest.
JG2REJ   Contact Moderator
JG2RFJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1APZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1BHW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1HIC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1LEM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1OGC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1TJH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH3GMI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH4FUF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
see you next year !!
JH4PBQ   Contact Moderator
I participated for the first time.
JH4RUM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH6QIL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH7UJU   Contact Moderator
FT-817ND, 5watts. DP Yagi
JH7VTE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest On 40,20,15m
JH8RXM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9CEN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9DRL   Contact Moderator
TS-990S 200W
Inverted L 8mH
JH9FCP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI1ALP   Contact Moderator
IC-7610 Yagi DP
JI1NZA   Contact Moderator
I had only 3 QSO, but enjoyed the contest.
JI1RSF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI4WHS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ0SFV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
using mobile whip ant.
Thank you for picking up my weak signal.
JJ1LBJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ1XAS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ7PMS   Contact Moderator
power 100W claimed
age as of 73
JK1CNL   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed the contest.
JK1HIY   Contact Moderator
I HAVE A LOT OF FUN. Last year score 4602.
JK1NJH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1TCV   Contact Moderator
I used power less than 5W.
JK3NSD   Contact Moderator
Thank you!
JM1PIH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JM3FUW   Contact Moderator
FB contest! TNX QSO stations!
JM7SKE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest very much.
JN4ESD   Contact Moderator
ANT: Vertical R8
Operator's License: 1st.class
JP1GUW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed contest
JP3JUV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JP3MFV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1PCT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1UXN   Contact Moderator
It was not good condition.
JR1AKD   Contact Moderator
Enjoy the contest
JR1EMO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1JRW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1QBA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1USU   Contact Moderator
Portable:Midori-ku, Sabgamihara City, Kanagawa Pref.
JR2MIO   Contact Moderator
JR2PMT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3NZC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3RIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you for QSO.
IC-7600 KPA500
JR4DAH   Contact Moderator
I used QRP(5W)RIG
JR7ASO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS1NDM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
K0ARM   Contact Moderator
K0BBB   Contact Moderator
Antenna broke pin to mast, took 3 hrs to fix.
K0MJS   Contact Moderator
South American countries were coming in loud and clear on 15 meters.  The event was also a geography
lesson because I heard from countries I never knew existed.
K1MTD   Contact Moderator
Only a checklog this time. My new rescue dog Kira came home this
weekend. See everyone next year!
K2AX   Contact Moderator
HI3T changed power mid contest and acknowledge he had done this
over the air. Another station from Italy later did the same thing
and also acknowledged it on air as well when asked about it.
K2PLI   Contact Moderator
This is my first ARRL DX SSB Contest. I have held this call and
license since 1955, am a life member, but never was into contesting
except RDXC.  I'm branching out in my old age.  73  K2PLI
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB operated Multi-2 in 2021 ARRL DX SSB. We tried to beat our
best past result, in 2020, but could not. Doing 1.24X as many
BIC hrs got us 125 more Qs on 40 and 20 M, 1.22X as many as in
2020. But, Kp of 3 or 4 in many dark hours meant we got 61 fewer
Qs and 37 fewer mults on 160 and 80 M than we did in 2020. In
the end, 1.08X as many Qs and 0.84X as many mults gave a claimed
score 0.91X that of 2020. The first 3 hrs 00-03Z hinted at the
future; N3UM got 85 Qs on 40 M, while W3GB got a quick 15 Qs on
20 M and then just 25 Qs on 80 M by his QRT at 03Z to sleep and
return early. N3UM stayed till 06Z and got just 50 more Qs in 3
hrs; 28 on 80 M, 12 on 40 M, and a pitiful 10 Qs on 160 M, 50/3
= 17 Qs/hr. From 1230-1512Z W3GB got nearly 3X that rate, 125 Qs
on 20 M. He then got 45 Qs on 15 M by 1638Z, while N3UM took 20
M and got 39 Qs, 15 in a short run. After lunch 19-02Z we QSYd
whenever runs or spots ran out. W3GB got 111 Qs on 15, 20, and
40 M. N3UM got 71 Qs on 20, 40, and 80 M till 02Z. Low bands
were poor late; by 0510Z QRT W3GB got just 27 Qs on 80 and 40 M.
From 1226-1522Z on 20 M N3UM ran for 92 Qs at 78/hr, and did
spots for 47 more, mostly EUs. From 1516-1742Z W3GB got 35 Qs on
20 M and 13 on 15 M. The last 6 hrs 18-24Z we QSYd when rate
died, as on Sat, and got 127 total Qs, 6 on 80 M and even 4 on
10 M. W3GB got 48.5% of our total QSOs, but 59% of total mults.
K3GWK   Contact Moderator
Thanks to the DX stations and their patience.
K3IB   Contact Moderator
soapbox goes here
K3TC   Contact Moderator
Still recovering from shoulder surgery = modest score but greater challenge!
K4VXD   Contact Moderator
I am fairly new to contesting and did not write down DXCC entity power, so I'm just claiming 0
points for this contest and submiting for completeness.
K5TIA   Contact Moderator
I have notice callsign/bad spots posted during recent contests.  What does that mean?  K5TIA
K5XU   Contact Moderator
High noise level, but still had fun.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Not the best conditions, but there was fun to be found.
We sure missed 15 meters.
K6FA   Contact Moderator
Wifes birthday on Sunday so not much operating at all that day. Was only able to operate Friday and
Saturday nights.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
Very slow going for me, got maybe 10 responses to
CQs, spent a lot of time trying to get through the east
coast wall to work Eu.  Sometimes no wall but EU couldn't
hear my 500 watts.  Quite a few 100w Asian stations
booming in on 40m couldn't hear me either.  Bands were
open but conditions not at all great here.

I look forward to the next CW contest, better
conditions and getting my KPA-1500 back from
Elecraft repair.

73, Dana
K7ACZ   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-7610, F12 C3-SS at 75 ft
Conditions not good for me to EU. Can hear Eastern USA/VE stations
working EU but do not hear the EU stations they are working.
Then a small opening where I was able to get some EU in the log.
Seems no one is traveling to good DXEpeditions for the contest
during the pamdemic
K7IU   Contact Moderator
High noise level made things difficult but lots of countries on
K7OED   Contact Moderator
Had fun - happy to work a number of European stations this year due to better band conditions. 
Almost worked the Phillipines (heard a station calling, but very few west coast stations were able
to work him).
K8CVM   Contact Moderator
Great time, worked Club Station(WA8Q) on Saturday, Home Station today
K8GL   Contact Moderator
Conditions were not the best! But it was a good contest.  Thanks for all the Q's!
K8YE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest - despite the tough propagation conditions.
Thanks to the ARRL for hosting this event! 73 de K8YE
K9DH   Contact Moderator
Great time first ARRL DX Contest in many years!
K9EMF   Contact Moderator
Check Log
K9KE   Contact Moderator
Society of Midwest Contesters
K9UC   Contact Moderator
Pretty good contest.  Absolutely nothing heard on 10 meters; most action for me was on 20 and 15; 40
m very noisy as of late.  I did learn one thing: I will need to get an antenna for 80 meters that is
resonant in the phone portion of the band; the one I have up is fine for FT-8 and RTTY, but has a
VSWR of about a zillion to one in the phone segment. Oh well.


K9WN   Contact Moderator
What fun! AND they hear you much better if you move the little switch from STBY to OPR on the BIG
grey box.
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
fun contest but hard thanks for having it 73 Matt ka0pqw
KA3CZY   Contact Moderator
The contest started out with some difficult conditions, but got better later in the weekend.
Lots of fun!
KA9JBD   Contact Moderator
Though I only had limited time for the contest, I had a BLAST! Haven't worked much DX in years, but
now I've got the bug!
KB0V   Contact Moderator
Fun contest with all the ingredients: challenges, losses, and wins!
KB7QFE   Contact Moderator
KC3PFR   Contact Moderator
This is my first contest submission. I'm excited to get into
KC6ZBE   Contact Moderator
The CW contest was a lot of fun! Didn't get a chance to
operate in this one as much as I wanted to.
KD4CX   Contact Moderator
Fun contest.  Thanks to those who worked behind the scenes to make this a successful event.
KD4IZ   Contact Moderator
Mostly to help those I contacted and add a few points to the club total.
KD5UVV   Contact Moderator
OCF wire running about 700 watts.
KD8KQH   Contact Moderator
This is my first contest entry.  I made the entry mostly to help the other stations so that their
QSOs with my callsign won't get rejected for lack of confirmation.  Given my lack of experience with
contesting, I apologize in advance for any mistakes in the log or entry form.
KD9GY   Contact Moderator
Very high noise levels all weekend!!!
KE0QGJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was my first contest ever--talk about jumping into the deep end! That was an intense
experience, and I am so glad I got out there and took part. While my points were few, my lessons
learned were many and I can feel confident that I did the best I could with the equipment I had
available to me. I am already looking forward to improving my setup and my techniques for next
year's contest. See you all on the air, 73 de KE0QGJ.
KE4YOG   Contact Moderator
Conditere tough. No Europeans on 15 meter
 I did work front Reunion Island and ZL on 15. 160 and 80 were very noisy
 I was on 14 hours and made 206 contacts. O am still learning my FTDX5000
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KF0GV   Contact Moderator
Great Contest!  Conditions not as good as the CW DX weekend.
10 meters totally dead.  Very few on 160 that I could hear.
Highlight was working Iceland on 20 and Hawaii on 80.
KF2E   Contact Moderator
Flex 6600
KF2O   Contact Moderator
poor conditions and participation; I hate splatter
KF5YUB   Contact Moderator
RTM 305VH Amplifier
ATR-20 Tuner
Cushcraft R-7
40 Meter Inverted V
KF8N   Contact Moderator
Great fun.  But a little concerning to hear contest operation sometimes taken over by Skynet.  Even
the cheerful "THANKS!" out of the Caribbean following each QSO was eerily robotic.  A little
frightening to hear non-human M2M QSOs fill the bands.
KG5VK   Contact Moderator
Spent a few hours training a new Contest OP N5KCH
any Runs, all S&P
KG9Z   Contact Moderator
Only on short time.
KI4BXU   Contact Moderator
IC7300 Lake Anna SP cabin 1
KI4MYD   Contact Moderator
This is my first time ever submitting a log for a contest! Had lots of fun.
KI7YFP   Contact Moderator
I spent maybe 1/2 hour in trying to contact.  Spent more time
KJ7MEV   Contact Moderator
First contest! What fun!
KM4OZ   Contact Moderator
Got an OCF dipole up about 60 feet in trees 3 day before contest, at new QTH, so great opportunity
to test it out. Also 15 M vertical dipole, no beams. Using "new to me" IC-765 at 100w and was
pleasantly surprised given low SS. 40M in particular got me more than expected. Hawaii on several
bands, alas no JA Africa or Down Under.  Many multipliers took 5-10 minute of calling to break
through, patience: the key to a "decent" score for us little pistols.
Shame about the relentless "bullies"- vast majority of operators were sporting. Would also like to
see a change from "fake' 59 exchange in favor of  ...something else.
KM7DX   Contact Moderator
KN4EWI   Contact Moderator
Thanks world!!!
KN6EVH   Contact Moderator
I wish more Amateur radio operators would participate on 10 meters
us technicians and novices. Thank you 73, KN6EVH.
KP4/NH7A   Contact Moderator
Operated from two continents, Europe and North America,  as G5RC and KP4/NH7A.
KQ2M   Contact Moderator
Damaged antennas and no time to operate.  See you next year!
73  Bob KQ2M
KS4TD   Contact Moderator
KS7T   Contact Moderator
With the G1 CH HSS messing up the propagation wasn't
expecting 15 to be open at all but one never knows
so when Eu. faded out on 20 took a listen on 15 and
caught many mults in SA and Carib. To those who asked
me to try 160 it was deader than a stone hr(1mi asl) at night
KV4ZY   Contact Moderator
Casual operating just for fun.
KX1G   Contact Moderator
Wow! I had no idea we could pack that many high powed stations in a band. Working low power was
extremely hard. Dissapointed in 15 meters.
LA2GKA   Contact Moderator
Due to bad conditions as well as other things I have only a few
contacts in this contest. Use them as check-log to ensure that my
contacts get their points.
LB4FH   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Operated from Summits on the air LA/RL-011
LU6DU   Contact Moderator
lucontes group
LU7EHR   Contact Moderator
CONTEST: 2021 ARRL International DX Phone Contest
NAME: Hernan R Sanchez
CREATED-BY: CQ-WPX Adif Converter [N1MMLogger.net]
QSO:  7159 PH 2021-03-06 0245  LU7EHR          59  1         K3UA            59  000      
QSO:  7195 PH 2021-03-06 0329  LU7EHR          59  2         K1TTT           59  000      
LV4V   Contact Moderator
Este concurso es en homenaje a nuestro amigo y parte del equipo Juan
LU2VJ que dejo su manipulador SK.
LY0NAS   Contact Moderator
Licensed from 2019-10-30.
Used 36m wire with manual antenna tuner
Improved last year result 3x
LZ2RS   Contact Moderator
M0HHG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed using SD
Thank you
M6O   Contact Moderator
M7N   Contact Moderator
Hard going - grim condx
MM0AOQ   Contact Moderator
Bands not in great shape from here
MM0HTL   Contact Moderator
Good contest 1st time taking part
Conditions were good
MM0NBW   Contact Moderator
First attempt at this contest.
MM2N   Contact Moderator
Zero conditions between GM and USA on 40m at the start and v poor on 80m also.
N1BA   Contact Moderator
Call: N1BA
Operator(s): N1BA K40V
Station: N1BA

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 36

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   16    14
   80:   85    45
   40:  312    68
   20: 1074    93
   15:  110    38
   10:    7     2
Total: 1604   260  Total Score = 1,249,560

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


Mr. Murphy left us pretty much alone this year. Plenty of prep time to get the
station ready this year. We added a pair of dipoles on 15 and 10 with hopes of
watching the 2nd receiver spectrum display to catch openings. Watching the
available Q's and mults pop up turned out to be just as good.  Band condx were
scary bad on Friday and that portended the lousy conditions on Saturday. Wow did
we suck on 40m at the beginning of the contest, we have never had such a
horrible first few hours. If we had not checked the two tower coax runs and
rebuilt the stackmatch and 2x6 controller before the test, I would have thought
our terrible rates were due to bad coax or a funky signal path.

Saturday improved and we started to feel loud, at least on 20m.  40m perked up
and it was fun to be called by ZS and YB0.

K40V did his usual great job on 80. He braved sitting in an enclosed aluminum
tube with a bunch of other germ-spouting humans for an hour to travel up to NH
and it was completely worth it. N1BA enjoyed using the fixed stack match to get
great signal reports on 20m all day. Things got fun on Saturday afternoon and
even better on Sunday morning when Q's kept on piling up on 20m

We decided to sleep, a LOT. we must be old. I couldn't believe the off times
when I saw the report.  Only 36 hours total in the chair!?  OMG.  This was
comfortable fun but we really weren't sure if everyone else was suffering with
the same lousy condx here in New England.

There were not very many jammers or misbehaving frequency squatters this year.
Maybe poor propagation made it less fun for them too :-).

This will be the last contest from N1BA's current QTH as we are moving a bit
north soon. And this will be last time we run the main computer on Vista.  Those
were the days! N1BA will be looking to guest op in the neighborhood once
everybody has vaccine on board.

Thanks to everyone for all the Q's, it was great to be ham that weekend.


Lee N1BA
Rob K4OV
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N3WTK   Contact Moderator
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2021 ARRL DX Phone
N4DTF   Contact Moderator
a limited effort but I found good signals on 40 and 80,
especially Friday evening (US) also had a good opening to the
Pacific on Sunday morning.  Great ops in the contest, a pleasure
to hear them working large pileups.  Lots of fun!
N4LSJ   Contact Moderator
super casual :-P
N4NTO   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed the brief effort. Saturday cdx were bad to say the least.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
Ran QRP, 5 Watts to a 20 Foot End-Fed Wire tossed into a tree.
Very poor conditions for us HOA-limited stations.
Highlight was working Fred, Remote at KH7M, on 2 bands,
the most I could muster up in these trying conditions!
Thanks for the QSOs. Looking forward to sunspots ...
N6IC   Contact Moderator
Can't you feel the sunspots growing... always nice to see a
little better propagation then last year.
N6ZE   Contact Moderator
Conditions on 1st day of contest: Grotesque!
Nice to make so much use of 40 meters.
Interesting to have 15m open and nil on 20 meters on Sunday afternoon
N7MZW   Contact Moderator
This was a real slog with 100 watts and a wire, and no Spotting assistance! Nothing heard on 10
meters and only 2 stations worked on 75 meters. Significant signal fading on 20 and 15 resulted in
many repeats on my signal exchange. I thought Mr. Sol would give me a few more sun spots, for my
64th birthday on March 5th, but apparently he ignored my birthday wish. November Seven Many Zebras
N7VS   Contact Moderator
A very disappointing contest. Propagation was poor, and this is probably my worst score for an ARRL
event in a long time. Hope conditions will be better next year.


Steve Brandt N7VS
N7WY   Contact Moderator
Time on 12:30.  FTdx-101mp w/alpha 87a, Yagis.
This contest really brings out the USA lids.
70 F outdoors.  Time to walk the dog.
N8DE   Contact Moderator
Conditions were poor .... but worked many friends.
hope the sunspots return as I'm now 84 years old and
need some good DX conditions soon.
N8VW   Contact Moderator
Noise level on 15m at this qth is an outstanding s9 solid never changing.  Haven't investigated what
is causing it.  Maybe I should be doing that, but hey there is a contest to operate.  Priorities,
right?  Absolutely no EU heard (not unsurprisingly). Did managed to dig EA8AH out from under the
noise (thank you K3 dsp).  My zs6bkw style antenna has a sharp null to the south, so loaded up the
160m inv-l to make some contacts. Thanks to all the SA stations who managed to pull me out of the
N9OK   Contact Moderator
Conditions were better than expected, should have put more effort
in. Had quite a bit of fun.
N9TF   Contact Moderator
Painfully frustraing contest conditions, unless you were operating from
the east coast and down around into 4 and 5 land. Not one of my contacts
was ever answered on the first call, and many never answered. 2s 3s and 4s
were making the most of terrible conditons in the upper midwest. I had high
hopes for at least 500 Qs going into the contest. Guess I forgot to pray for
or put my order in for good band conditionss to this QTH! Seemed like DX
activity was down from previous contests also. Eastern EU stations wer sparce or
non-existent. Fought for evry last Q in this log. It was painful to call a DX
station and to have them answer with "CQ contest"! Even worse was waiting in
line as the DX would work many 2s 3s and 4s before maybe even hearing my signal.
Many times after the hurd was thinned, out and there were no more stations
to work but me, yes, you guessed it, CQ CONTEST in my face! That's OK, next
years ARRL DX contests will be different for me, as I will have moved to 4 land for
retirement! If you can't beat em...Join em!!
73 Gene, N9TF
NC1A   Contact Moderator
Worked 20M and 40m with this station's antennas
NC4MI   Contact Moderator
Conditions were bad in Western North Carolina.
Thanks to everyone I contacted
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Gorgeous weather here and I stayed inside for this?
NI0K   Contact Moderator
Nothing heard on 10 from fly-over land. I'm not nocturnal, so didn't operate at
night, so 80 wasn't much. I don't have a yagi on 40, so the competition beat me
out most of the time. 20 was jammed with huge pileups calling the DX and the
band was wall-to-wall signals. 15 wasn't too bad, but no Europeans heard here-
only Mexico and south. I decided before the contest to operate "Relaxed
mode". I clicked on mults and worked as many as I could. I also just spun
the dial and worked what i could. Meh, still fun as any contest should be. I
missed being able to work my stateside regulars.
NO9E   Contact Moderator
This contest was a good opportunity to test may antennas, especially after 
JK Mid Tri at 100ft was now stacked with JK Mid Tri at 65 ft.

Surprisingly, the best band was 80m where my 4 sq seemed very competitive.
2 el shorty on 40 did OK. The stack was not too competitive on 20m. 
I managed only one good run for about 1 hr. Perhaps too many stations 
crammed on 20m as 15 was nearly dead.
NP2J   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
NX6T   Contact Moderator
This was a somewhat last-minute Multi-2 operation from NX6T in Fallbrook.
This was largely a remote operation altho W6CAY managed to achieve B-i-C
status on both Saturday and Sunday, while the of the rest operation was
remotely run.
Space-WX conditions made things difficult at best.  10 & 160 were nearly
a no-show.  15 meters gave us some surprising results and multipliers.
Thanks to reasonable propagation to Asia, 40-meters was our top band.
the frustrating part was DUP callers, calling in every other hour and
the statesiders who obviously hadn't read the rules and insisted on
calling us both mornings.
Despite a couple of logistical difficulties we managed to make
a more-or-less well-coordinated effort.
Read more about this at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
OH1F   Contact Moderator
QRV 5 hours on Sunday.
Thanks for QSOs!
OH1TD   Contact Moderator
SENT: 59 1KW
OH2BJ   Contact Moderator
Not so good conditions this year, 15m totally blocked. Nice to
work US hams. Good bless America!
OH3BCX   Contact Moderator
Conditions were even worse on the second day, just whispers on
the vertical...  Grand total of 3 Q's overall: MA / NY / PA...
Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA
OK1OA   Contact Moderator
Sorry, due to covid restriction I had to stay in Prague, without TX power and antenna. Using 80W
only into 33m LW 7m above ground, between houses.
OL5G   Contact Moderator
Operating Laura, 7 years old, daughter of OL5Y
OM1AVL   Contact Moderator
Rig: FT991A, Antenna: HyGain AV640 vertical
OZ5E   Contact Moderator
An experimental contest for us this year, testing our new M/M
setup with 2 remote Access points at the station.Terrible Condx,
but a lot of fun nevertheless and a very steep learning curve !
PA1EJO   Contact Moderator
I caught some of the well known stations, don't have a kilowatt and access to a better antenna
because we live under lockdown orders. If you want to hear me on 40m I need 300W, on 20m I can do it
with 100W. Hopefully next year to be repeated at a club station.
PA3GEO   Contact Moderator
Verticale antenna 100W
PA5CT   Contact Moderator
When I attend the ARRL SSB contest, is normally in a multiop setting (OT6M and before that PI4TUE).
Covid-19 broke that up, so I decided to operate from the homeshack using my own callsign. Just like
two weeks ago in the ARRL CW I was active on 20 meters.
Condx were not good on saturday. Sunday was better, but of course I was not the only one that wanted
My 400W was barely enough to get the DX. The Big Guns and constant-callers (not waiting for the DX
to call back) made it very challenging...
But it was easier for me than for our good friend Mark PA5MW - who has the same prefix and only
100W. 'PA5' meant that I was heard, not Mark... So he was reminded to hook up his PA next time ;-)

Thanks everyone and see you next year!

Claudia PA5CT
PA9HR   Contact Moderator
Not much time during this weekend, but made some QSO's. Conditions were not very good, I heard no
station form the west or mid-west states. Maybe better luck next year. 73 Herman - PA9HR
PD5ISW   Contact Moderator
PWR: 25 W
PI4COM   Contact Moderator
The first time I entered the ARRL DX SSB Contest

Friday Night verry bad propogations,on the greyline good signals from West coast,but only 48 Qso's
in the log,
Saturday Evening verry good propogations make around 450 Qso's 
Sunday Morning Greyline not so good a few stations from the West coast,Sunday evening propogations
are oke but not so good than Saturday evening,finish the contest with 766 Qso's on 7 mhz,try also LP
on Saturday and Sunday afternoon but no luck,

TX-RX: Kenwood TS590
Antenna: 2 El Moxon 100 feet 
Amp: Acom 1000

73'Dervin PD9DX - PI4COM
PJ4DX   Contact Moderator
Due to Covid-19 there was no big multi-op entry from Bonaire this
year, so I thought I'd fly the Bonaire flag with a single-op 15m
entry. Conditions were better than expected on the Saturday, but
deteriorated badly on the Sunday and I spent a lot of time CQing
with no takers - at least no audible ones. Apologies to those who
called me who I could not hear - a new and so far unexplained S5
noise level appeared which peaked in exactly the direction of NA
and many, many stations were well below S5 in strength! I missed
North and South Dakota and I did not hear any VE4, 5, 6 or 7
stations - I guess the band just did not open that far to the
north or west. Rig: Icom IC-7300 to Acom 1500 amp at 1kW to
Spiderbeam with 3-eles on 15m at 30ft above ground. 73 de
Steve, PJ4DX.
PR4A   Contact Moderator
PU5DEH   Contact Moderator
PY1ZV   Contact Moderator
PY2BBQ   Contact Moderator
Very exiting. Getting experience in contesting. It stimulates the improvement of our station and
improves our skills as radio operators.
PY2QT   Contact Moderator
PY7GB   Contact Moderator
R0MZ   Contact Moderator
TNX 73
R0QAF   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
R1BAC   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
RK9CYA   Contact Moderator
RM4F   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Ant: 4SQ160m Array 48m Up.
RW0CV   Contact Moderator
RZ9YN   Contact Moderator
TNX 73
S50R   Contact Moderator
Only second day.  Test of FT-DX 3000 on SSB... far behind the
FT-DX 5000 !
S51DX   Contact Moderator
5 Hours of time, nice opening. 73s de Janez S51DX
S55X   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
My first participation in ARRL DX contest. With new endfeed antenna (40m long). Few hours, just for
S57C   Contact Moderator
I was only active occasionally for less than 16hours. I didn't start until
Saturday afternoon at 20m, but the band closed pretty early. For activity at 40m I got up too late,
but such poor conditions at 40m I can't remember. I did a little QSO at 80m. To decorate another 3
QSO at 15 and no activity at 10m. Fortunately, at least 20m band were useful.
ANT: 160-horizontal quad, 80m-inv.v, 40m-inv.v, 20/15/10m-3el. beam, RX

CU RDXC! 73! Branko, S57C
SP5GNI   Contact Moderator
SunSDR2pro + 300W PA, ant. HexBeam
SP6JOE   Contact Moderator
YAESU FT-847 100 W , 2 ELE YAGI
TA2BS   Contact Moderator
TA7EB   Contact Moderator
TG9ANF   Contact Moderator
QSL Manager VE7BV
UA1CUR   Contact Moderator
US6IKF   Contact Moderator
UT0ZT   Contact Moderator
UX1CL   Contact Moderator
TNX! 73!
VA2CSP   Contact Moderator
tres accopuper mais jai tres aimer je vais le refaire desole pour les photo
VA2OBW   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun
VA3KRT   Contact Moderator
VA6BGE   Contact Moderator
This was my second international contest when I operated by myself. The propagation conditions were
quite terrible at my QTH. Looking forward to the next event.
VE3BFU   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all grate contest . ve3bfu jana.
VE3EL   Contact Moderator
Great Contest!
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
Lots of Noise between signals
VE3UZ   Contact Moderator
We are husband and wife team
and as such we are compliant with our gov't COVID-19 rules
VE3VY   Contact Moderator
Wire antennas only
VE4HQ   Contact Moderator
Working the Int.Dx contest with a inverted vee dipole is like using a flashlight with out any
VE5CPU   Contact Moderator
Not great conditions from VE5 land.  Nice to work some DX
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operating this contest with my vintage
IC-751A. I used my SignaLink USB as a vioce Keyer it worked great
I use Audicity to record the .wav files. 73 Gerry
VE7GEL   Contact Moderator
Only participated briefly in the last couple of hours of the event.  Log submitted as a checklog
VE7IAD   Contact Moderator
Thanks for ARRL SSB DX contact from Vancouver Island BC Canada
VE7JAR   Contact Moderator
I accidentaly lost some of my conntacts through operator error! i
should have five or six more.
VE7TBN   Contact Moderator
First time DX contester. 1/4 wave vertical: "ground level" 16.5' wire,
4 wire radials, air wound choke, 100 Watts Icom 750 "portable" in VW
Westfalia camper van. VERY happy with 8 DXCC zones! I kept paper logs.
All operators were readable but I did not copy down exact signal
levels so edited my Cabrillo log accordingly.
VE7ZFE   Contact Moderator
Radio - ICOM IC-7300
Antenna - Inverted V @ 28ft
VK2CZ   Contact Moderator
Having my 20m beam stuck on USA short part courtesy of a tree, propagation seemed thin and bursty. 
I could hear stations accidentally beaming at VK with S9 sigs, however they were not the stations
holding the frequency.. It was obvious the 20m was packed full at the USA end, so calling CQ was
never going to break thru the wall.. The stations I worked were only audible for 2 to 3 minutes as
well, then disappeared. The spectrum display had me jumping around the band.. 
Queue tree trimming soon.
VK2OP   Contact Moderator
Fabulous propagation for the contest between East Coast North America
and my QTH in Northern NSW on the East Coast of Australia.
VK3IO   Contact Moderator
Fantastic conditions on 40 and 80. Nothing on 160,
20, 15 & 10.
VK6NCB   Contact Moderator
Added a few more US contacts to the log, had a bit of fun playing
radio for a few hours.
thanks to all who took the time to work me.
VY2GF   Contact Moderator
For confirmation only. Do not score.
VY2LI   Contact Moderator
A few minutes here and there with a wire 7 feet AGL to scratch the itch! 73, Bill
W0OVM   Contact Moderator
Lost my amp first morning; hard to play without it.
W0YJT   Contact Moderator
I think a KW would have helped a lot in this contest just a peanut whisle in the mid-west
W1AST   Contact Moderator
So Much Fun!
W1HS   Contact Moderator
Very rough conditions Friday night. 40 was very noisy and 80 never really picked
up. 20m was open on Saturday, but it was overcrowded with many overlapping
signals because there was nowhere else to go.  Very difficult to find a clear
run frequency, but I managed to get a very short but productive run on 20m
Saturday early afternoon localtime. 40 was sparsely populated and noisy. There
were stations to work, but they seemed to be having trouble copying and the band
seemed much less full than previous years.

Sunday conditions on 20m improved, and I was able to find an open frequency
which yielded a decent run going on 20m before the band shut down to Europe. 15m
was open for several hours, but signals were fairly weak. 10m was open for a
little while, but it was extremely weak.  I was only able to work one PY
station, and that took many calls to get the QSO completed. 

All in all, I did ok, not as good as last year and it was a lot more work, with
more very slow periods, but I had a good time, and got some cleanup done in the
shack at the same time...

Thanks to all.
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest. 73 - Dan, W1QK
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
A difficult weekend, with terrible propagation Friday and much of
Saturday. Sunday was a slight improvement. S&P only here, and a real
slog with 100 Watts and a wire antenna. Hoping for better days to
come. Go FRC!
W2DLT   Contact Moderator
W2ESU   Contact Moderator
First time contesting!
W2IKN   Contact Moderator
Best DX is VK3IO on 40M SSB.
W2LCQ   Contact Moderator
Like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Condx awful until Sunday afternoon when
the East EU big guns started to hear me on 40 meters. SSB needs heavy lifting
and not a job for 100 watts and a 30 foot antenna close to the ground. Can't
wait for the CW contests.
W2PAA   Contact Moderator
My first contest actually participating. Loved it. Had fun and am very happy with my results.
W2YR   Contact Moderator
Heavy harmful interference from Altice Optimum cable system that is now
utilizing the 20 meter amateur radio band to distribute their services.
W3FOX   Contact Moderator
I was a bit disappointed with my performance this year. My score was less than
last year. Was not able to get a run going on any band so my operating was
search and pounce and using the spots.My new antennas for 160 (an inverted V and
the Hi Z3 receive antenna) really helped on 160 and the receive antenna also
helped out on 80 and 40.Worked HI and AK on 160 as well as some EU
countries.Heard a number of PVRC members working the contest. No problems with
equipment and antennas this year. Equipment of IC7600 with PW-1 amp,HEX beam at
40 feet, 40M dipole, and 160 antennas as described above. I wish I had the
strength to stay up after 2 AM to work Asia on 40 meters and increase my score,
but this OM needs his sleep. Didn't hear much in the way of "rare" DX
during the contest but I had a lot of fun and hope that my score helps PVRC.
W3SA   Contact Moderator
sure alot of stations using nothing but QRZ
W3TB   Contact Moderator
W3TB, Franklin TN
W3TTT   Contact Moderator
Battery powered - 100 watts on a wire antenna.  Had fun.  Heard
many stations that could not hear me.  Broke a few pileups.  And
then there were stations (you know who you are) that displayed
BAD manners, talked over the DX station giving his call over and
over.  ARRL should have a "contest" where points are awarded for
good operating.
W4EEY   Contact Moderator
Just having fun in the contest. Getting back in the swing of things!
W4MBX   Contact Moderator
10 QSOs (30 points)
7 DXCC entities
W5DMC   Contact Moderator
Multi-band Wire Antenna
W5YBT   Contact Moderator
Thank you for your assistance Paul

W6QU   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was a very challenging contest!

That bottom of the cycle and the pandemic (which almost eliminated any contest DX-peditions)
combined to make it very tough for this QRP station!

But tough challenges make for better ops, and can still result in some pretty thrilling Qs, ...like
working D4Z on 40 meter SSB from San Diego with 5 watts and my home made vertical in the front

I love this contest!  Bill Parker W6QU - W8QZA
W7HU   Contact Moderator
W8CUL   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
As a university club it has been difficult for us to participate in events due to covid-19. This is
the first contest we have been able to participate  in over a year. It was a great opportunity for
some of our members to get back in the shack, and be able to test our newly installed G5RV dipole
antenna and make sure our radios were all still properly working.
W8DBC   Contact Moderator
Sure had a lot of fun on my first ARRL DX SSB contest. Looking forward
to the next contest.

W8KNO   Contact Moderator
Worst I have done in years.
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
IC-7000, TEN TEC 238C, DX-88, KT-34A (120 RADIALS)
WA2CNV   Contact Moderator
Great openings on 15 & 20, 40 & 80M - no 10M.
WA4NOT   Contact Moderator
I was able to get some contest time while 20 meters was open; so I
could actually reach some DX with my peanut whistle setup.  Heard four
Europeans and actually contacted four Caribbean stations: one new DXCC
entity and three new WPX prefixes.
WA5WFE   Contact Moderator
Fair Conditions.  Not many Europeans worked. Band was not crowded.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA8Q   Contact Moderator
Great Time. Several new Hams participated.
WA8Y   Contact Moderator
I knew I could not win but I did my best when I sat in the chair.  I had a great time using my
knowledge of propagation to contact as many places as possible on as many band as possible.
I enjoy using the station I built, remotely.  My station is in Michigan and I winter on Hollywood
beach, Florida.  Its the best of both worlds.
WB2AMU   Contact Moderator
Conditions were poor.  No stations heard on Ten Meters....
WB7UOF   Contact Moderator
Wanted to help with some contacts for the DX stations
WJ4HCP   Contact Moderator
ARRL International DX Phone 2021
WX8V   Contact Moderator
XE2B   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Very Noisy coinditions on low bands produced almost nothing.
- 20M and 15M performed well.
- 10M I never heard any NA stations.
XE2N   Contact Moderator
Great contest with our family and sharing time with them.
YB1HBO   Contact Moderator
YD4SIZ   Contact Moderator
Greetings and healthy greetings always to all the crew of the ARRL International DX Phone Contest
Hopefully the more victorious in the air and the more participants.
I'm sorry for something and other things I can't continue until the end of the program.
which is certain I am very very proud to be part of this contest. maybe my points are not valuable
to others. but for me this is a pride ..
okay thanks and always success for the ARRL International DX Phone Contest for the following year.
.. '73
YE8RAF   Contact Moderator
YL3IR   Contact Moderator
YO2MJZ   Contact Moderator
YO4RST   Contact Moderator
YO4SI   Contact Moderator
YO8THG   Contact Moderator
YV6BXN   Contact Moderator
terrible conditions almost all weekend nothing on 80mts quite few on 10m
just half score compared with cw part anyway see again next year as always
ZD7BG   Contact Moderator
Very poor conditions to/from the South Atlantic on both
days. Tried 10 and 20 metres until blue in the face. H
opefully conditions will be better next year.
ZD8HZ   Contact Moderator
on the island for a work project, free-
time hf op.