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Soapbox for 2020
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2I0WMN   Contact Moderator
An enjoyable ARRL Contest
3Z50DVP   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Special event call sign 3Z50DVP is to celebrate 50th anniversary of the amateur radio by Krzysztof
(Kris) SP6DVP, and will be active begining from October 15st , 2019 till April 30th, 2020.

Certificates Contest ARRL - IARU : SP6DVP -  3Z6V 

7K3CZU   Contact Moderator
Thank you very much for pickking up my weak signals!
7N2UQC   Contact Moderator
I could enjoy the good contest.
Tnx for a fine contest again.
IC-7600, Dipole-Ant.
8J7M   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest on 20m.
9A0BB   Contact Moderator
9A2KI   Contact Moderator
many stations just heard, pse call CQ to us low power....
9A5OIA   Contact Moderator
Contest was a real challenge for me, my Yaesu FT897 and home made wire antennas.  Thanks and good
luck to all.  Until the next Contest.  73. Ivan
AA1W   Contact Moderator
AA4VT   Contact Moderator
Nice Contest. Good conditions for 80, 40, 20 and 15 meters. Good number of participants. Tried out
my new SteppIR DB36 with 80 meter dipole. Worked great. Thanks for all the contacts!
AA6AA   Contact Moderator
Ended contest participation early due to faulty Internet connection (ISP equipment failure) between
base and remote.
AA8SW   Contact Moderator
1st license August 2017
AB4EJ   Contact Moderator
AC4G   Contact Moderator
Cinditions do not compare with the recent ARRL International CW
contest.  In this SSB contest I was not able to make QSOs with
100w category; therefore, I had to power up my amplifier and
compete in the high-power category.
(160m) was nothing like the CW contest.  Heard only a few
stations.  Saturday and Sunday mornings, there was not many (if
any) still on the band calling CQ just prior to sunrise here in
TENN.  Ten (10m) meters was terrible and did not hear any signals
either day.  I lost some good multipliers due to bd 10m
conditions.  On  bright note, was glad to work many Europeans on
15m on both Saturday and Sunday.
faulting out.  Believe it was a patch cable recently crimped.  I
beleive I like soldered patch cables better ensuring a real
connection.  Switched patch cables a few times.
many QSOs and looking forward to next year.
AC4YL   Contact Moderator
Always a favorite contest of mine, didn't get to play very long, but had a blast!
AC9TO   Contact Moderator
AE1P   Contact Moderator
General DX Log
AG6JA   Contact Moderator
I decided not to change antennas, and just stay on 20m.
AJ4A   Contact Moderator
Slow start in this one but got through it.  Had a good time on the low bands and then 15m opened for
some more fun!  Tough staying inside in the nice wx we had here. 
AJ6T   Contact Moderator
My station is not setup yet at my new QTH in Tennessee.  I wound up operating
with a 15 meter wire delta loop in a tree.  The only operational rig at hand was
an old FT726R with an HF module that covers 15, 12 and 10 meters.  I decided to
operate single band on 15 meters with 10 watts output, and had a lot of fun
doing that even though it was often difficult to be heard.  I was pleased to
work a few Europeans on Saturday.  As expected most of the propagation was to
the Caribbean and South America.  The vast majority of stateside stations were
heard via weak backscatter.  I managed to make 71 QSOs in 32 countries, and I
was satisfied with that given the station I was able to cobble together.
73, Walt, AJ6T
CT1EOD   Contact Moderator
due to time, couldnt make more...tnx
DF8XC   Contact Moderator
TNX all callers in the QRM, see us again next year with better conditions especially at 15 meters.
DG5MLA   Contact Moderator
Only 50 QSO in this Year. Not many time for Contest. Vy 73 de Geri,
DJ0MY   Contact Moderator
Haven't been active in this contest for a long time, since we usually have a large regional VHF
contest at the same time. Has been great fun. Thanks for all the stations pulling out my LP signal.
CU next year...73
DJ1AA   Contact Moderator
IC-7800, ACOM2000A, 750W, Monoband Dipols Inv V for 80m & 160m
17 Ele. Yagi Optibeam OB17-4 10m,15m,20m,40m
DJ3GE   Contact Moderator
TS130v + TL120 + AT130 100 Watt >> 2 Ele Mini-Yagi MFB23
11m high
DK6VCO   Contact Moderator
Only shared a few points, mostly on 20m.
DL6SBD   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-730, Yaesu FL2100B PA, Fritzel 5-Ele beam, Dipole
DL7CX   Contact Moderator
The 20m qso with vy2zm was with 2 watts from portable location.
DN5HR   Contact Moderator
Frederik 8 years old, supervised by father DM9EE
DU1/N6HPX   Contact Moderator
EA3HSO   Contact Moderator
Played very lightly. Tower is down from 18 to 6m high, waiting for replacement. 2L quad worked well,
with great grayline activity and variable the rest of the day. Good fun!
EA3HWC   Contact Moderator
EA3RCI   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Congratulations, good contest, but bad propagation for our.
EA4DGZ   Contact Moderator
RX/TX Kenwood TS830S
Antenna 1/4 wl vertical
EA5IUN   Contact Moderator
EA7X   Contact Moderator
Had lots of fun. Needed to stop for 4 hours at Saturday evening. I couldn't catch DL6FBL after that.
Congrats to Ben for his incredible effort, specially on 20 m.
During many hours 40 m was the place to be. Some EU stations produced too high splatter levels, the
contest committee should take note of those using excessive bandwidth.
EA8/G7COD   Contact Moderator
Icom IC756 ProIII, Doublet Inverted V Antenna 10m above ground level, 100 watts output.
EA8AUW   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
After ten years without participating in competitions, I had a lot of
fun this weekend. Few contacts on Friday and Saturday, the weather was very windy to install the
quad antenna. Sunday without wind was much better. Thanks ARRL and all the North Americans. 73! de
EA8AUW - Edu.
ED1R   Contact Moderator
Fantastic contest as always, Tnx qsos and CU again next year 73 de EC1KR aka ED1R
ED8M   Contact Moderator
EE5X   Contact Moderator
TS 130S , Moxon .
EF8O   Contact Moderator
little time due to family obligations
EU6DX   Contact Moderator
Used FT990  100w + LW 42m
F4VSE   Contact Moderator
Only for fun!
100W from an Icom IC-7300 + 7 element Multiband Yagi
F5GGL   Contact Moderator
ic7700 pwr 100w ant steppir 3elts(30/40) + dipole 80m only home made (ON4UN/K6TU) 15m up
F5JU   Contact Moderator
F6BNH   Contact Moderator
High level of statics difficult to copy stations on all bands but
enjoy a 2  hours and a half 136 qso on 80m . On my side 20m was bad
more than in the cw test in february. 15m even if some big gun were
spotted no signal readable on my side. Very pleased to operate in this
contest and give US/VE some points and multiplier If god will see you
next year 73's and greetings from France F6BNH Bernard
F8OOI   Contact Moderator
Nice contest but low propagation. CU next year!
G0AZH   Contact Moderator
poor condx
we need solar cycle 25
G3YRZ   Contact Moderator
I think it is important to support contests with a log even with just a few QSO's like me. Condx
better than may be believed from propo reports.
G8GYW   Contact Moderator
My first ever amateur radio contest. Limited by low power and a primitive antenna, I was delighted
to make 14 contacts with US and Canadian stations.
GB2GP   Contact Moderator
The Gilwell Park Scout team got together for our next attempt at
this contest. After a frantic rotator replacement on the
tribander tower on Saturday morning and rapid deployment of a NW
beverage half way throught the contest, we felt that our small
team made as much as we could from the conditions. Scratchy QSOs
on 15m and even the big boys were not strong on top band left us
three contest bands to carry all the traffic. Lots of fun
nonetheless and Im sure we will be back next year
GM4UYZ   Contact Moderator
H33K   Contact Moderator
Another enjoyable trip by the intrepid 3 Brits for the ARRL Phone contest.
In the last 3 years we have moved further and further west, starting in PZ
then on to P4 and now here we are in HP, where to next year? A very big
thank you to our host Jay, HP3AK. We had some problems with the 40m
beam when we arrived, but managed to get it repaired and back on the tower
thanks to Jay's mechanical engineering and tower climbing skills. We were
less fortunate with the 160m antenna, which try though we did we couldn't
get it to radiate very well. We also suffered a number of long power failures,
thankfully the on site generator kept up going. No 10m opening again, maybe
next year?
HA3DX   Contact Moderator
Rig-YAESU FT2000
PA-HENRY 3K Premier
The first day quite nice condx.
Thank's to All for QSO's
Best regards from Hungary!
Charlie (HA4XH)
HB9GFW   Contact Moderator
operator: HB9GFW HB9GFT
HB9NE   Contact Moderator
First time HB9NE in the air. Tnx QSOs
HC5DX   Contact Moderator
Trying out new Verticals Phased, got the first Q with Low Power, so had to stay on low power. I was
impressed with the perfomance. I live in Ecuador at 8,300'. But I use a Ga address as the mail
service isn't worth a dime here.
HK3EA   Contact Moderator
After 22 years removed from the radio, I return to the passion of the competitions. I really enjoyed
this contest, despite the various inconveniences I had. Something more than 1100 contacts and 58
multipliers I think is a good return. Thanks to Camilo Fierro, HK3TU, for providing me with your
I2RBR   Contact Moderator
Many stations. Good sign.
Equipment: KWD TS430s at less than 70W with Inverted V.
73 to all
IQ0WV   Contact Moderator
IR2L   Contact Moderator
Great contest
Lot of fun, sadly for poor propagation,
few band open
IR9Z   Contact Moderator
Closed high bands and antenna for 80 and 160 poorly performing. About 14
hours of activity on 20 and 40 meters and 10 QSOs with well-equipped
stations. It was not easy to log 160 qso.
I noticed that many stations with 100 watts and others even with 25 watts
were able to pass me despite having used 500 watts.
Highest final score of the previous edition.
IT9AKC/4   Contact Moderator
IT9DGG   Contact Moderator
Log de IT9DGG op. Gianni
IT9OPR   Contact Moderator
I worked the contest for few hours only on 20M.I say thanks to all
stations that i met during the contest.Hoping better next year.Best 73's
IU0LRV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Thank you so much.Beautifull contest.I had a lot of fun.See you at the next ARLL DX SSB contest.
Greetings from Central Italy from the Umbria region (The Green Heart of Italy).
IU4JIC   Contact Moderator
license 13/07/2017
IU4MTR   Contact Moderator
Questo  stato il mio primo contest, grazie a tutti coloro che mi hanno
IU6FUB   Contact Moderator
IW2NRI   Contact Moderator
operatong qrp with 5watt antenna dipole eco rf6 . more  activity in the
band  . nice job researce  station and multiplier on frequency
only 2 qso on 21 mhz . band not opened in the contest..
see you on the next contest best 73 to all
Dado iw2nri
IW2NUX   Contact Moderator
ARRL contest 2020
IZ2ZQP   Contact Moderator
IZ3NVR   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Operated for a brief time QRP battery powered portable from a mountain top. Lots of strong signals
in the band, was great to be able to work a few of them with my constrained antenna.
IZ5FSA   Contact Moderator
IZ8GUQ   Contact Moderator
Beautiful contest, large participation limited by very little propagation
in zone 8. Not Satisfied with the result of a shame having lost part of
Saturday night due to the breaking of a hexbeam wire then settled in the
morning. Appointment to the next edition hoping to improve setup and
score. Thanks to all the stations that have had the patience to connect.
73 'DE IZ8GUQ Giovanni
JA0AVS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA0CLB   Contact Moderator
Poor propagation, though I enjoyed.
JA0NFP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1KJC   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed the contest 73
JA1PIG   Contact Moderator
JA1UOA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2HYD   Contact Moderator
Tnx FB Contest !!
JA2KQE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2MWV   Contact Moderator
ANT  40M-14mH DIP    80M-13mH DIP
RIG  IC-741S    PWR < 5w
JA3KKE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3LIL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3UWB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA6GPR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest since 1968
JA7BEW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7KED   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7QVI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA8AZN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA8DJY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA8TGD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
FTdx5000 Ant 4elyagi
JA9CCG   Contact Moderator
Better than last year's contest.
JA9EJG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9LNZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1GZB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1RXJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed 20m single band.
JE1SPY   Contact Moderator
I entry on a single-op 80m lowpower. The condition was not
so good.
I QSOed 34stations in the last year.
But I QSO only 7stations in this year.
Because I had very heavy OTH lader QRM from U.S.S.R.
That OTH lader transmit point from 42.861213°N 133.653435°E.
The Eeast of the coast in Nahotoka.
I was using only 100W and small fishing rod vertical
only 10m length antenna in my balcony of my small aprartment.
We JA ham got a new 75m band.
Please look for JA under a new 75m frequency!
3599~3612KHz 13KHz width
3680~3687KHz 7KHz width
3702~3716KHz 14KHz width
3745~3770KHz  25KHz width
I was using only 100W and small fishing rod vertical
only 10m length antenna in my balcony of my small aprartment.
I was disapointed to disapare a separating of output power
categoly each single band section. It is very difficult to get
an award on the low band in the same categoly with high power
Please separete high power categoly and low power catagoly in
each single band.
JE2DOD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE2HCJ   Contact Moderator
Good opening for east coast from JA on 20m 21z-23z. Especially calling from north east of canada,
were so exciting.
On the other hand it seems decrease that number of paticipants from west coast.
That makes tough operation for asian station.
JE3EDJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE4ADO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE6KFN   Contact Moderator
My 1st QSO with W/VE, My 1st DX contest.  So, I am very happy!
JE6OXU   Contact Moderator
Thank you for QSO. I operated
from my hometown.
JE6WGT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1DWJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1LMB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1TEU   Contact Moderator
It was so tough for me in a bad propagation but excited.
JF2FIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you all stations!
Codix was wrong hi hi
JG1GCO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG2REJ   Contact Moderator
JG2RFJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG4QFG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH0ILL   Contact Moderator
RIGIC-7610 / ACOM 1000
JH1BHW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1HIC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1LEM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH3GMI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH3JSJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH4FUF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
see you next year !!
JH6FTJ   Contact Moderator
PWR: 100 W
ANT: TA-371,DP
E-MAIL: jh6ftj@jarl.com
Very nice contest!
JH6QIL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH7UJU   Contact Moderator
FT817ND, 5watts. DP YAGI
JH9AUB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9CEN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9FCP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
But condition was not good.
But condition was not good.
JI0WVQ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI1ALP   Contact Moderator
JI1RSF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI2IXA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI4WHS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ0NSL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1HIY   Contact Moderator
JK1NJH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1TCV   Contact Moderator
I used power less than 5W
JK3NSD   Contact Moderator
Thank you!
JM1PIH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JN2QYN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JN4ESD   Contact Moderator
ANT: Vertical R8
Operator's License: 1st.class
JP1GUW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JP3MFV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JP3UBR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1CIV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1PCT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1TIV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR0DZH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1AKD/1   Contact Moderator
Enjoy the contest
JR1EMO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1JRW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1LEV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1QBA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2AWS   Contact Moderator
JR2BCF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2KQE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PAU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PMT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3NZC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3RIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you for QSO.
IC-7600 KPA500
JR4DAH   Contact Moderator
I used QRP(5W)RIG
JR6IKD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS1NDM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
K0BWQ   Contact Moderator
100W with 40M Dipole (CFZ) in Attic
K0DSL   Contact Moderator
On the reservoir with FT-857 and Buddipole
K0FE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
My first contest, this was A LOT of Fun!
TU VM - 73 K0FE
K0JJR   Contact Moderator
Band     QSOs     Pts  Cty  Pt/Q
1.8       4      12    4   3.0
3.5      35     105   26   3.0
7      61     183   37   3.0
14     209     627   62   3.0
21      60     180   30   3.0
Total     369    1107  159   3.0

Score: 176,013
K0VH   Contact Moderator
Midwest propagration great Sat on low power, Sun a struggle wish I'd had an amp!
K1AUS   Contact Moderator
Stations very weak and a lot QSB at my location. Only had a
couple hours to workthe contest. Hopefully more time next year.
Thanks for the contest.
K1KI   Contact Moderator
Gave wrong state (MA) for first three QSOs.  Oops!
K2CNN   Contact Moderator
First contest
K2LOU   Contact Moderator
K3AU   Contact Moderator
Six hours of 100% S&P spread between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. An RF feedback problem
popped up Saturday evening that was tracked to a bad connector 15 minutes later. Otherwise
uneventful. Good CONDX and lots of fun.
TNX for the Q's!
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB operated Multi-2 HP in ARRL SSB 2020. Our goal; to beat our
best past ARRL SSB result, in 2017. We did that, and had fun;
condx and activity were good, and we had 2 radios on for ~half
of our 25 total hrs. At 00Z start W3GB got on 40m. and did well,
123 Qs by 0533Z QRT. N3UM got 122 Qs by QRT; 19 on 20m, 85 on
80m, and 18 on 160m. We could not run, but got decent rates and
139 mults clicking spots and tuning. Sat. 14-18Z W3GB got 92 Qs
on 20m. while N3UM got 66 Qs on 15m. At 18Z we had 226 mults,
78% of our 290 final total after 37% of total hrs on. From
18-2213Z we zig-zagged between 15 and 20m with offset breaks to
eat; W3GB got 67 Qs and N3UM 36 Qs for 103 total, 76 of these on
20m. After dark we found the low bands slow and full of dupes;
W3GB got 32 Qs on 40m, N3UM got 40 Qs on 80m. and 11 on 160m,
but we got 34 more mults by 0407Z QRT. Sun. AM W3GB was away.
N3UM found great condx to EU on 20m; he got 38 Qs clicking spots
in 36 min, 1329-1405Z. He then ran 1411-1508Z  for 91 Qs in 57
min, 96/hr, and clicked for 21 more Qs by 1542Z. Then, a typical
slow Sun. PM. W3GB got on 20m. at 1645Z and got 78 Qs, 18 in our
only other run. N3UM got a last 20 Qs on 15m. after 19Z. At 22Z,
there was no one left to work; bandmaps clear, CQs not answered,
so we went QRT. We claimed 843 Qs and a 733.4K score vs our best
past result of 765 Qs and a 612.8K score in 2017. We were amazed
to get 45 countries on 15m including KH6, ZL, and 6 EUs with 100 W
to a backup C3 antenna on a low tower, and no sunspots!
K3LT   Contact Moderator
Low-profile, low-power station using portable HF vertical.  Quite a challenge, but bands were
remarkably quiet so my results surprised me in spite of the poor propagation.  Worked Hawaii 2x and
Australia on 40m!  Many thanks to the "Big Gun" stations for their patience!
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Compared to CW, Phone is always a struggle!"
K4EOR   Contact Moderator
This was my initiation into SSB contesting!  I have been operating CW since getting my Novice
license! Most of my time was spent setting up my IC7300 for optimum SSB operation.  CW certainly is
clearer and simpler to operate if one doesn't have an amp and a beam!  I'm really a QRP guy! HI  I
did operate 100w during the contest. I have to admit, it was a nice change of pace, but I can talk
on a cell phone every day.  Morse code is something different and unique!
K4KAY   Contact Moderator
Had fun limited time to operate
K4ONC   Contact Moderator
Only my 2nd contest and first AARL International DX phone Contest. Had alot of fun and next year
will devote more time and gain more points. Thanks!
K4RFK   Contact Moderator
Finally back on the air after a 13 year absence.  Felt great to hear CQ Contest again.  Really
enjoyed this one.
K5GN   Contact Moderator
Fun to work a lot of friends while not being serious about the score.
But I kept finding another milestone to chase ... 100Q's here ...
50 mults there ... another 100,000 point level ... even on 'phone!
K5RX   Contact Moderator
Only 7 hours of operation, but with conditions as they were, more
time would have inceased my score very little.
K5XS   Contact Moderator
It was great to hear the bands so busy.  15 was open but had only a fraction of the activity of 20. 
So much (exhausting) fun!
K6CSL   Contact Moderator
Really rough bottom or cycle conditions.
K6TD   Contact Moderator
remote to K6MTU
K7ABV   Contact Moderator
had a fun time, even after my 40 meter 2 el beam died, after our 80 MPH wind event a week or so
ago.even so my trusty Inverted vee and vertical by Zero Five, do a nice job when the beam is
down...well be sometime before I can do anything with the 40 meter beam..so it goes...always have
another antenna to work on...thanks for all the q's and another fun time..doing this since
1959..still love to chase the DX..Eric K7ABV
K7IIJ   Contact Moderator
First contest with Flex6600
K7IU   Contact Moderator
Best condx into EU I've seen since moving here 9 years ago, on 20m it was basically for the entire
K7XC   Contact Moderator
Not a fullbore effort but not bad for a SSB contest at the bottom
of the Sunspot Cycle. I was able to work DX on 160, 80, 40, 20,
and 15 Meters during normal expected openings. Managed to work
almost every European heard calling CQ on 20 and 40! 15 was
limited to mainly NA / SA, without a single peep from AS. 10 was
spotted but nothing ever heard. Had this been a CW event the
station would have played vastly better as my antennas are too
low to the ground to effectively run SSB EU DX from this far
West. Still it was a nice challenge! Station: Flex3000, AL80B @
750W, 160 Inverted L @ 30ft, Dual Band 80/40 Fan Inverted Vee @
38ft, 3ele 20 Monoband Yagi at 43ft, 3ele 15 Monoband Yagi @
28ft. Thanks for all the QSOs! KB NCCC!
K8AZ   Contact Moderator
This contest effort is dedicated to long-time K8AZ Crew member WT8C, who became a silent key
02/27/2020 after dedicating more than 30 years to contesting at K8AZ in over 100 multi-op contest
efforts.  73, Reno, and RIP.  You are irreplaceable and will be missed.  With sadness, Tom, K8AZ
K8GL   Contact Moderator
Many Thanks! 20 meters was crowded beyond belief but you knew that!
K8LF   Contact Moderator
Just tesing out the new remote Coax switch kit I just finished
building over the weekend.
K8TS   Contact Moderator
15 Wide open all Saturday, then I sick all Sunday.  Oh well, there is always next year.
K8UR   Contact Moderator
1st Contest in over 30 years.
Conditions were great on 80.
325 qso, 85 co 80k score but i did the whole contest long hand with paper and pencil. Transferring
to that damn N1MM program took me forever!
8 element Yagi @85’, Dipole @55’, 500’ Beverage
IC-7300, Al-1200
K9IDQ   Contact Moderator
Finally AWESOME conditions on 80M.  Glad to hand out some contacts with
a simple 'wire' vertical and one above-ground element.
K9IU   Contact Moderator
Indiana University Amateur Radio Club
K9KE   Contact Moderator
Society of Midwest Contesters
K9UC   Contact Moderator
Fun contest...and I actually made one QSO on 10 meters.
KA3PCX   Contact Moderator
good contest 15 meters was open good sign!
KA6PNL   Contact Moderator
We are operating portable Kerr Lake NC KX3 with 250 feet of wire
in the air over the lake.
KB0V   Contact Moderator
First contest since the early 90's, getting back in the saddle!
KB2MMI   Contact Moderator
1st time - great contest!
KB7QFE   Contact Moderator
KC2TFI   Contact Moderator
Had a fun time not many contacts , but I wanted to submit my entry so the ones I had a contact with
would get credit.
KC4LRR   Contact Moderator
K KILO KILOWATT all the same ?  first contest
KC6ZBE   Contact Moderator
Had to turn on the amp for this one. All in all, I still had a
good time.
KC9VGG   Contact Moderator
Fun casual operating for a few hours.
KD2EFK   Contact Moderator
KD8GBK   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the QSO's!
KE0THJ   Contact Moderator
Great contest, I wish more DX would spend some time in the general portions of the band's, I think
they would be surprised by the amount of states they could fill with ease if they did not just sit
on one freq way down in the extra portion.

Can we stop with the constant recorded messages at the bottom of the general ssb portion of bands
referencing an extra freq. It not only limits our generals even more on freq span but is also just
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KE8HBV   Contact Moderator
my first contest!!
KF0GV   Contact Moderator
Was a great contest.  Nothing on 10 meters but 40 and 20 were awesome!
On Friday night, you could talk all over the world on 40. Good to
participate in the DX contest again!  KF0GV
KF5KWO   Contact Moderator
I operated Friday night, a little Saturday during the day, and Saturday night of the contest; made
contacts on 15, 20, and 40. 85 contacts, 44 unique countries, and one ATNO: 4U1UN. Using
“QuickLog” on my iPad to log. Very busy, lots of signals, hard to break through.  Definitely
need to get my 80m antenna up again.  See y’all next time!  73 de Jeff, KF5KWO, Texas.
KG2E   Contact Moderator
ICOM 7300, 95W, 35' end-fed antenna sloping from 25'
KI5EBJ   Contact Moderator
I'm new to contesting, hopefully I'm doing this right.
KJ3T   Contact Moderator
The girls and Piggy had a lot of fun!
KJ4OAP   Contact Moderator
Had fun operating this contest while mobile.  It really helped break
up the 3 or so hour drive that I had.  Great to hear lots of countries
(including the Carribean!) on!
KJ7LAN   Contact Moderator
ARRL SSB DX contest 2020
KJ9C   Contact Moderator
Need to find better stealth antennas
KK3Z   Contact Moderator
This was some of the most fun I've had on the radio yet! Thanks to all the big-gun DX station out
there doing the heavy lifting to help my little station hit some many DX entities.
KM4RK   Contact Moderator
Nice DX for our low sunspot period.  Some surprises out there, which really makes it fun.  That's
why I like this contest!
KM8AM   Contact Moderator
Thanks for last minute reminder from Tom, N9NC!  Took a break
from some stressful matters to "relax" in the contest..Had a
great time.
KN4EWI   Contact Moderator
Thanks earth people!!!!
KN9W   Contact Moderator
Only had a small radio, and a small amount of time, but loved the few I got!
KP3MM   Contact Moderator
I'm very pleased with my results using an A4 Tri-Bander and wire antennas for 40/80/160. I never
went looking for Mults and just ran, ran, ran whenever I could. Sunday morning was the pits with
only 20 meters open and covered wall to wall with EU signals. The Tribander is great BUT I need to
put up a 4 or 5 element monobander on 20M to help null out those pesky EU signals and hold a
frequency. I went almost two hours Sunday morning with zero Qs. The station performed flawlessly
other than N1MM logger or my desktop stalling twice to catch up to something. First time I had to
wait about 30 seconds and the second time about 2 minutes for logging to resume. 
The Elecraft K3S is the best SSB radio ever! Thanks to all of you rare states and provinces for
taking the time to call me and help my score.
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Its an old problem but it keeps happening, DX stns insist
Bad enough to call a guy for a half hour in a pile  up let alone
Wasting another half hour qrxing for the call of a dupe!
KU4FX   Contact Moderator
KV4ZY   Contact Moderator
Casual operating just for fun.
KV9M   Contact Moderator
I did not have a lot of time for contest but it was fun anyway.  South America and Bahamas came in
on 15 meters pretty well on 3/8 afternoon.
KW8N   Contact Moderator
Still waiting for sunspots.
LA2GKA   Contact Moderator
Challenging contest. Low power and a geographical location seemingly a little bit on the side of
mainstream US - Europe, together with crowded bands. Conditions on the bands rather poor. 80 m best
in early morning and late afternoon - evening, 40 m very much the same. Both the bands "dead" during
daytime. 20 m fair from about 10.00 UTC to 18.00 UTC, "dead" the rest of the time. 15 m absolutely
dead. 160 m and 10 m not tried.
Will try again next year, may be conditions will improve as the new solar cycle hopefully speeds up
a little bit.
LU2EE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Poor conditions. But lot of fun.
LW7DX   Contact Moderator
Saturday morning, 28 MHz problems with the amplifier led me to 21 MHz, funny contest.
LX20I   Contact Moderator
LY0NAS   Contact Moderator
Licensed from 2019-10-30.
Used EFHW 80(coiled)/40/20/15/10 antenna at max 9m height.
This is my first attemt to participate in DX competition.
I learned a lot.
LY4A   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Much better propagation when last year
M0HAO   Contact Moderator
Just Friday´s night to test a new home made antenna.
Operating from the car, FT Dx-101D running 100w.
Vertical antenna, 1/4 Lambda "fishing rod".
Very good performance, able to work from New York to California, and from Texas or Florida to
Washington, Oregon or Dakota, plus some Canadians provinces.
Very good Rx, but noticed more Tx power is needed to be able to be noted.
Great fun.
M0HHG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed using SD
Thank you
M0MCV   Contact Moderator
S&P only, but a good run on 80M.
M6T   Contact Moderator
Fun weekend but conditions were not good. We struggled to
make 147 QSOs on 15 on day one, and added just one more QSO on
day two. Topband was also a disappointment, we monitored it while
running 40m but never found an opening so had to work hard
for 33 QSOs. Conditions on 160 improved in the last 15 minutes
of the contest, we QSYed but no-one spotted us, so no QSOs!
Our 40m total looks rather light as well, but it was very hard to get
any rate going especially on the second day.
MM0MUN   Contact Moderator
Usual splatter from the KW+ brigade
MW6M   Contact Moderator
Just did S&P as conditions were difficult with 100W.
N1AM   Contact Moderator
Great test this year
N1BED   Contact Moderator
1 Operator, 1 Station, 100W
N1KT   Contact Moderator
Operated from Westport Astronomical Society
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N1SP   Contact Moderator
Not much time to operate, but hope I helped some folks with VT multiplier..
N3FAA   Contact Moderator
Fun event this year!!  Sadly couldn't join the entire thing due to work.  Ugh! :(
N4BP   Contact Moderator
N4EFS   Contact Moderator
Check Log
N4TZ   Contact Moderator
N5KF   Contact Moderator
Very Part Time
N6HI   Contact Moderator
QRP, ONE HALF WATT to a 20 foot wire, Part-time effort.
Band conditions were, lets just say, not the best.
SSB just not really my thing, but Thanks for the QSOs.
Looking forward to upcoming CW ant Digi contests.
N6IC   Contact Moderator
Always fun... good to hear 4U1UN again
N7GND   Contact Moderator
2nd contest, had great fun
N7MZW   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-7300,Heil Pro Micro Headset, Vectronics HFT-1500 Manual Tuner for 15 and 80 meters only,and
a modified ZS6BKW up 50 feet,running N-S at 6,053 feet elevation from Grid DN-71od in Laramie
County, Wyoming. A limited effort, with 100% Hunt and Pounce operating.Surprisingly decent results
using a single wire antenna, with 100 watts power output. I more than doubled my 2019 effort. ZF5T's
short and staccato canned audio made him sound like a "Munchkin on Meth",making copy very difficult!
I did not engage TM29X, who was operating on 14.349 MHz. Several stations worked on 3 or 4 bands,and
the majority on the first or second call. Always a challenging but fun event, with 100 watts and a
wire. Thanks for the Q's. November Seven Many Zebras Walking
N8HKU   Contact Moderator
Low Noise level on 20m and 15m into Michigan.
NC1A   Contact Moderator
Used an Indoor 20M dipole at 25ft ASL and an outdoor 40M hamstick at 30 Feet ASL.  75 watts   Fun.
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Gone until Sat night on business trip.  My daughter made a few contacts so it is multi-op this time.
NE5B   Contact Moderator
Off and in effort using Less than 100 watts into a 92’ end fed wire 9:1 unun

Hopping to pick up a few more countries toward DXCC
NI0K   Contact Moderator
20M was brutal! Nothing on 10 but 15 was productive. I did not work anything at night as I wasn't
feeling well.
NL7V   Contact Moderator
Fun Contest.  Did not hear many VE stations for clean sweep.
NR0Q   Contact Moderator
The bands were a little rough but was a great way to test out my new radio.
NR0T   Contact Moderator
I started out on 40 meters at 0320z Friday evening and the first two contacts were Namibia and
Turkey.  Expectations immediately soared!  And it was good to get some 15 meter QSOs into the log
for a change.  

And I was pleased with the 80 meter delta loop performance which I put up last summer.  I cut the
wire for the SSB portion of the band and then put a 200 Amp 12 volt relay at the feedpoint which
allows me to switch in a coil to tune the antenna to the bottom of the band.  By carefully tuning
the length of the wire as well as the turns on the coil I can cover either 3500-3700 KHz or
3700-3900 KHz at 2:1 SWR or less with a flip of the switch.  There is a quarter-wave length section
of 75 ohm coax at the feed point which is then connected to 50 ohm coax for the remaining run to the
shack. This was the first SSB DX contest for the antenna.  In the short time I was on the air
Saturday evening I was able to work Austria, Lithuania, Croatia, Bosnia, Spain in short order, in
addition to the usual SA/Carib/KH6/KL7.  So color me pleased!

And, yes, Murphy paid a visit. About the time Dan KE0OR was leaving early Saturday afternoon the PTT
(and VOX) on my Flex 6500 quit working.  On CW works it fine, but not on SSB.  The final few
contacts on Saturday were done from Taty's rig, a Yaesu FT-1000.  I haven't done any more checking
into the cause of that yet....Hopefully it won't require sending the rig out to fix.

It was a casual effort but great fun for both Dan and me.
OE1VMC   Contact Moderator
Enjoying leisurely contesting with 100W, some wires, and a vertical.
ANT 40m Folded Dipole above metal roof at 6m AGL
ANT 20m Quarterwave Vertical at 6m AGL
40m Mults = MD PA PEI,                   No. of QSOs =   3 ( 9x12 Pts)
20m Mults = DE IL MA ME NH NY PA PEI VT, No. of QSOs =  15 (45x12 Pts)
Raw Score: 54 Qpts x 12 Mults = 648
Log received at: 2020-03-08 13:15:00 UTC
OE3MCS   Contact Moderator
giving some points... nice to see 20m open .. ..
RX/TX:Kenwood TS-890
ANT:Hyendfed antenna Longwire 7m about ground
Power:100 W
OG6N   Contact Moderator
Part time operation. The conditions left a lot to be desired.
OH1SIC   Contact Moderator
Op time 26 min with dipole.
73 de OH1SIC/SM5SIC Gran
OH7KBF   Contact Moderator
ARRL DX SSB Contest 2020
OM0ET   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Nice conditions during contest here in central Europe ;) see picture - thats all americans
ON5WL   Contact Moderator
The propagation was weak so I have not much qso.
But I enjoyed the contest.
Till next year.
73 Leon  ON5WL
OS0S   Contact Moderator
Yaesu FTDX5000MP - Acom 2100 - Antenna Mosley TA53M
P40A   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I had not operated the ARRL DX Phone contest from Aruba since dismantling my P40A station in 2011.
Many months ago my wife and I had planned an Aruba vacation around this time frame and just days
before leaving home I learned that the P49Y/P40L station was available. The owners Andy, AE6Y and
John, W6LD had just completed a major antenna overhaul in February so the station was in pristine
condition and they were so kind to let me use it. I had little available time for operating while on
the island except during the contest. We were quite busy vacationing and enjoying Aruba. We went
shopping, walked and swam the lovely beaches, ate at great seafood restaurants and even went scuba
diving where we saw a sea turtle swim out of a shipwreck. I added a few new vacation photos
including the turtle to http://www.p40a.com. On Friday afternoon we essentially moved into the
P49Y/P40L home for the weekend. The station is well equipped, however I brought along my Elecraft
K3S and peripherals because it was familiar. Everything at P49Y/P40L is clearly labeled and
organized and earlier in the week I talked with W6LD for an hour on WhatsApp, so I became very
familiar with the setup. I started on 20m and had a great first hour total of 253 QSOs.  As this
band closed for the night and rates diminished I switched to 40 and the 200+ rates resumed. I forgot
how much fun this contest was from a big station! Since I was the only active participant from
Aruba, I anticipated having the same big pileups when switching to 80m and 160m later in the
evening, however that did not occur at all. Low power is just not loud on the low bands and my first
QSY attempts produced no contacts. There were times later in the evening when propagation was either
a little better or I was spotting a lot and I did manage do pretty well on 80m. 160m was always a
struggle and I missed a lot of sections. The station has an incredible beverage system so I could
easily hear most of the 80m and 160m callers. 15m was open during most of the daylight hours and it
was a great place to be to avoid all of the 20m QRM however, propagation was spotty. In some areas I
was very strong and in others, especially to the west, I was barely readable. I missed some normally
easy multipliers but I made a lot of QSOs especially to the southeastern part of the U.S. While on
15m I listened to the station’s K3 set on 10m hoping for an opening but I only heard South America
stations running the US. I did not make a single 10m QSO all weekend, I do not recall that ever
happening to me before in this contest. By the halfway point I had made 3600 QSOs, three years ago
from the mountain station in St Croix where I operated as WP2AA, I made a total of 3900 low power
QSOs all weekend so I felt that things were going quite well. I did not sleep at all on the first
night nor was I not well rested at the beginning so I took a five hour dinner, nap and shower break
which felt great. I was refreshed and hoped that this would allow for higher Sunday daytime rates
plus enough energy to move back into our rental house so that we could pack for the Monday flight
home. Unfortunately conditions seemed a little worse on Sunday and rates were about half of
Saturday's. I typically work all dupes however at times they can became annoying when there are so
many. In one 1/2 hour segment, near the end, despite clearly and slowly saying my callsign, 26
operators duped me which forced me to change bands. The contest was very enjoyable and the station
worked flawlessly. I would like to thank AE6Y and W6LD for allowing us to invade their home and
station for the weekend. I would also like to thank my QSL Manager, WD9DZV for putting my logs on
LoTW, Clublog and EQSL plus replying to card requests. Plus a special thanks to everyone for the


John KK9A – P40A
PA0AA   Contact Moderator
Great contest with many contenders. Pretty good prop with quite some west coast stations in the log.
In the end even hawaii came through, nice to hear, good to see 20 meters up and running.  Missed the
dakota's ? Only 20 meters this year, and a few on 15 and 40 meters due to shortage in time, but did
enjoy !!!  CU all next year and thanks again for the nice qso's. Not really easy to find a clean
spot on the band, but we managed ;-)
PG1R   Contact Moderator
Rig TS590 barefoot; output max 80Watts.
Horizontal dipole, only 17m long, trimmed for 15, 20, 40 & 80m bands.
I'm very sorry, but could only take part for a few hours.
PP5FE   Contact Moderator
falcon dx group
PP5WEB   Contact Moderator
Club Falcons Dx Group
PS2T   Contact Moderator
Sorry, just 11 hours for the contest due to family commitments.
PT2SR   Contact Moderator
I was not prepared for this contest and my station is very simple
(specially antenna, a single 7m wire from the window of the
apartment to a tree + AH-4). Radio was a IC7300, software N1MM
via wine on LinuxMint. On saturday night I tried to join but due
to problems on computer I gave up. After install N1MM and review
my setup, without expectations, I called CQ in the last hour of
the contest. A pile-up formed. I loved the experience after many
year away of SSB contest. During that 1 hour my mind was totally
away of stress, it was a wunderfull. Recently I updated my
license. -- So, these was the first set of QSO on 20m I ever
made!-- Thank you for everybody that reply to my CQ. 73 PT2SR
PU5DEH   Contact Moderator
PU5DUD   Contact Moderator
PV2P   Contact Moderator
Nice time again in company of  PX2A radio station friends, thanks
to the owners.
PY0F   Contact Moderator
Noronha Contest Group
PY1RI   Contact Moderator
PY2MIG   Contact Moderator
PY2QT   Contact Moderator
PY4AZ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
We like the contest very much and we are already looking forward to the next 2021
R0AGY   Contact Moderator
Licence number -17-02686
Date of issue 14.12.2017
R0QAF   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
R2EL   Contact Moderator
73 tnx !
RM3M   Contact Moderator
RW0CV   Contact Moderator
RW0UM   Contact Moderator
RZ9WU   Contact Moderator
RZ9YN   Contact Moderator
TNX 73
S51DX   Contact Moderator
Nice contest, hope to be on next year. Regards de Janez S51DX
S58D   Contact Moderator
since I am late sending the log, use it as a check log only.
Best regards,
Danjel Voncina
SG3O   Contact Moderator
SM3LBP   Contact Moderator
Nice contest 
Locking after Iowa.an Nebraska for my was ssb but no lo of ham from PA

And we vaiting on better sunspot 
Best 73 sm3lbp/Anders
SP3GTS   Contact Moderator
TS-590S,GP80/160, K9AY
SP4AAZ   Contact Moderator
SP4LVK   Contact Moderator
RIG:FT-950 PWR:5 ANT:2el Delta Loop
SP8MRD   Contact Moderator
73, TNX GL
SP9KJU   Contact Moderator
ic730 50w, ant inw v
SQ7BFC   Contact Moderator
SQ9LPO   Contact Moderator
My first ARLL DX Contest!  THX  for all !
TA2BS   Contact Moderator
TG9ANF   Contact Moderator
QSL Manager VE7BV
TK4RB   Contact Moderator
CHECKLOG only for fun ! it s a miracle to have contacted 40 US/VE
stations from my qth sadly closed to West.
TM6M   Contact Moderator
Hard, very hard! Too much qrm! Propagation was average! Tks for qsos
TO3Z   Contact Moderator
TO3Z in Guadeloupe Island . Many thanks to all.
UA1CUR   Contact Moderator
UC6K   Contact Moderator
Waitng fot better propogation to North America! Maybe next year? ))
US6IKF   Contact Moderator
UX3UU   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Delta loop 20m band, lower angle say 5 meter abowe ground. FT-817 and 5w only. And /p position in
the nearest park.
UZ1WW   Contact Moderator
V47T   Contact Moderator
Station worked great.  Single radio made band changes
more of a challenge. Line noise during both days
cut into the fun.
VA2OBW   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun
VA3CME   Contact Moderator
wire dipole on apt balcony
VA3CQG   Contact Moderator
Worked the contest part time and casually. First time I have ever submitted a log. What still amazes
me is the activity on 15 meters. Where are all the stations during non-contest time. I know
propagation is poor...but there didn't seem like there was enough band space on 20 sometimes!!
VA3ONO   Contact Moderator
First ever contest log submission.
VA3RKM   Contact Moderator
K3, verticals.
VE3MIS   Contact Moderator
Had a few hours available on Sunday and enjoyed working just 15 and 20m. I was impressed with the
number of respectful and friendly ops in this contest.
VE3OJN   Contact Moderator
Nice contest wish had more time, but had a good time.
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
Conditions pretty poor very very noisy
VE3VY   Contact Moderator
Wire Antennas only off 40' tower:
VE4DL   Contact Moderator
TS-590S 100W into a GAP Titan vertical based at 15 feet
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operating this Contest in the limited amount
of time I had to contest Rigs used a couple of Icom's Greats
IC-756 Pro and vintage IC-720A.
VE7DNT   Contact Moderator
VK2CZ   Contact Moderator
Amazing long path propagation around 2100z each day with slamming doors.. literally the path opened
from zero with a 40 second crescendo of S9+ noise burst, followed by wall to wall stations across
20m, and then in the span of 2 minutes the S9+20 signals went to zero..  I learned a lot from that
path behavior.

Best effort was working Maine and Ontario, a tough gig from here, but made it..
VK3IO   Contact Moderator
Great contest again. Good weather conditions
here, with no QRN noise. Unfortunately, just had
my usual 160m dipoles on all bands. Not the
greatest antennas for the high bands, it was still
good enough for a lot of great contacts and give
a VK mult for some. Of course the 40m band was
the best for me at this time of the Sun Spot cycle.
73's all, until the next contest, from Ron.
VK6HAG   Contact Moderator
First contest! Just reporting, not competing.  Not sure I did this right!
W0AAE   Contact Moderator
15 year old amateur radio operator.
W0NA   Contact Moderator
3.3 hours of excrutiatingly distorted audio.  RT%*M and discover
W0OVM   Contact Moderator
W1AKI   Contact Moderator
Logger disconnected from VFO 2020-03-07 1158 to 2020-03-07 1310?
W1AST   Contact Moderator
Wish I had more operating time!
W1HS   Contact Moderator
Had a great time operating with my son, KC1GDW during the ARRL DX SSB Contest
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest. Too bad no propagation on
10M and very sparse on 15M. Bring on the sunspots.
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
W2DLT   Contact Moderator
W2DWS   Contact Moderator
Using an Elecraft KX3 with KXPA100. Antenna is a Chameleon 18.5'
vertical 5 feet above ground
W2LCQ   Contact Moderator
First ARRL SSB contest. Band condx were very difficult. Many spots on the AW and
bandmap I simply couldn't hear due to small antenna. Many calls not returned.
Heard nil on 15 meters. It was a struggle but I doubled my 2019 CQ WW SSB QSO
total and achieved my 200 QSO goal for this contest. Worked 3 KH6s and my very
first SSB VK. Worked several PYs on the gray line Sunday evening. Great to work

Icom 7300 100 watts out w/stock hand mic
Icom AH-4 Auto Tuner
Antenna 30 ft long #22 gauge magnet wire up 30 ft in a sidewalk tree.
Dell Latitude Laptop w/Windows 10 & N1MM+ USB CAT @ 115200 baud
Frankford Radio Club GoFRC!
W2NMI   Contact Moderator
W3AKD   Contact Moderator
Here's MAINE- VF condx. sri only 1 day ops...
W3CF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
80 Watts into an Hypowerantenna.com 6-80 OCF @ 65'  7.5 hours in the chair running Q's/mults window.
W3FOX   Contact Moderator
Fun contest. Got some new slots worked. However, my footswitch broke down
during the contest and I had to use vox.
W3PA   Contact Moderator
Had fun but lost control of my rotor early in the game Friday night
W3TTT   Contact Moderator
Note to DX stations:  Some stations have pre-recorded their call and/or power.  When I asked for a
fill, the DX station just pushed the play button.  The reason that I ask for a fill is because your
recording is impossible to understand completely.  And it is a bit irritating to have to listen you
your QRZ call multiple times to try to get your call first, and really never get your call right.  
Otherwise, I had a great time in this contest.  Got my first Africa and Australia/New Zealand
I was building on the skill to listen to that empty quiet space between the monster stations.  There
is often a good contact there.  And after I worked them, the pile up was started.  Guess that other
stations heard me working that rare one.  
I was on 40 meters for the whole time that I participated in the contest.  It seemed to be as open
as if it wasn't a sunspot minimum.  Let's have a DX contest every Weekend!
W4DD   Contact Moderator
A very slow weekend on 10M, especially Sunday.  Propagation was long and weak, so no Caribbean and
Central American Mults from here (GA).  Missed a lot of Q's as they disappeared before we could
complete the entire exchange.  Worked some SA stations who had great Rx capability and others who
seemed deaf.  Best DX:
V55 and EA8.  Missed HK and other Caribbean Mults.  Just too close for
Propagation.   Things will get better, right?
W4IPC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest as much as i could but it was tough going, 
i came down with the flu the morning of the start of the contest 
so i was only able to do S&P and even then i did not fare well 
at that, either way a day on the air is better than a day anywhere 
else. See everyone in the next contest


Radio: FT1000MP
Amp: AL-811HD
W4ZYT   Contact Moderator
Had fun squeezing in a relaxed S&P in the few hours i had to play.
W5KS   Contact Moderator
W7JCR   Contact Moderator
Operating Club station to introduce new hams to contesting.  Operated
for about an hour.d
WA0TML   Contact Moderator
The Hustler works quite well on 40 Meters, I was
Impressed and worked 5 continents using 100 watts.
WA1FCN   Contact Moderator
Now I know why my last ARRL DX
All Band low Power was 20 years ago!
SSB and low power don't mix well.
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
IC-7000,  TEN TEC 238C,  INVERTED L,  DX-88, 100 WATTS
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
I hope they pass the day light savings time bill so we don't have those 2 stupid time changes every
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo,
WB6JJJ   Contact Moderator
A few moments here and there in amongst building my antenna and farm chores.
For the heck of it I tried loading up my 40-10 Meter ground mounted vertical on 80 meters and was
surprised that I actually made three contacts.
WD6T   Contact Moderator
Amazing to work so many European stations on 80 meter phone.
EU sunrise allowed me to work several who couldn't hear me before.
18 hours of operating, 13 hours with single digit rates,
but when I'd work a new mult, it was a special thrill.
Wish there were a single-band assisted category, but
was also fun discovering the stations myself.
WJ4HCP   Contact Moderator
ARRL DX Contest, PH 2020 for WJ4CP
WP4KEY   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun. I did not plan to participated. I just wanted to
help the participants as a DX Station but in just 3 hours make 170
QSOs. It was an incredible experience. Had a lot of fun. looking
forward for the next contest.
I am not sure in my claimed score is correct because I am confused
with how the multipliers works so If I am incorrect please accept my
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This was just a screw-around operation from W7AYT's QTH in Concord
in between remote operating shifts with NX6T in Fallbrook.
Ironically, the only QSOs were with JA & KH6 (with a Kl7 bonus).
Altho South America was heard from this location, they evidently
could not hear WQ6X calls back to them.
Nevertheless, it was fun.
Read all about it at: WQ6X.Blogspot.com
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Chihuahua Contest CLub
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Great time with my QRP station sharing with great friends!!!!
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For test a new anttena
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Just checking out the K3 on phone in a check log submittal. In-house noice level made it impossible
to work 20m and above. 40m terrible as well but the biggest US stns could be heard some of the time.
Source now identified as related to a circuit through breaker no.2 on the main board. A good start
on bug elimination at our new qth.
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Nice to get some QSOs on 15m but overall conditions were poor.
Didnt seem to be many USA ops on the contest this year....must have
stayed away due to COVID-19 - Hi Hi!
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