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Soapbox for 2019
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2E0WHQ   Contact Moderator
Great work QRP in this contest and thanks to all the stations that worked me. My setup was a Yaesu
FT-817ND, LDG Z817 ATU feeding an EFLW configured as an inverted, sloping 'L', which runs vertically
up a 8m fibre-glass pole and then horizontal part slopes about 14m. Nice to work so many stations
across the pond on just 5 watts.
4X4LF   Contact Moderator
Check Log only.
7J1YAD   Contact Moderator
Thanks for stations I had QSO. 50w operation is so hard at such a like poor propagation.
7K1VKU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
7N2UQC   Contact Moderator
I could enjoy the good contest.
Tnx for a fine contest again.
IC-7600, Dipole-Ant.
AA2HJ   Contact Moderator
Greetings from CA.  Not a serious contest op but I enjoy limited participation.  Could not find any
info on what a "Cabrillo Formatted Log" should look like anywhere in the contest rules or on the
ARRL site.  The Winlog32 program I use doesn't do Cabrillo very well so I have to hand edit the
information.  For example, it drops all non-numeric text in the reports columns.  So "KW" and "CA" 
have to be entered by hand. The header is left pretty much blank. 

Actually the reason I'm adding these comments is that you certainly can use me as a check log if
that serves you.  I'm not going to be competitive in any way and I honestly don't care how the input
gets used. 

73.  Had fun despite some really awful band conditions.
John, AA2HJ
AA8SW   Contact Moderator
AB2TC   Contact Moderator
Conditions fair but not good. Europe and the Caribbean were good.
AB4EJ   Contact Moderator
AC4G   Contact Moderator
Seemed like propagation was lacking on 10, while 15 opened more
on unday afternoon.  Akways seemed that propagtion favored NE USA
for SA and Caribbean stations.  Will have to contend with these
conditions a few more years.  Can't wait for 10m to open worlwide
AD7UP   Contact Moderator
Band conditions difficult this year
AE6JV   Contact Moderator
A very minimal effort with about 12 minutes of operation.
AG1YK   Contact Moderator
Working 160 barefoot is no walk in the park. You have to work for every contact, but each completed
exchange gives you a real feeling of accomplishment.
AG5GN   Contact Moderator
AG6JA   Contact Moderator
Began by installing the SteppIR 2-element on the crank-up mast, then took that down and put up the
Cushcraft R-7000 to work 7 mHz.  IC-706, Yaesu rotator on homebrew crank-up mast, and N1MM+.  No
computer crashes or power failures this time.
AG7AA   Contact Moderator
Bands so-so, stateside operators leave a lot to be desired.
AH2R   Contact Moderator
It was the first time we participated in this contest. The condex was much worse than expected. We
were impressed by the first contact with W6 in 160m SSB.
AJ6T   Contact Moderator
I entered the fray mainly to look for new band-countries to enhance my DXCC stats,and I was pleased
to work C37NL on 40m for a new one on that band. With low power and wire antennas, the rest of the
time was spent S&P just for fun, mostly on the low bands. One highlight was snagging HB90CXZ on 75m
right at his sunrise. I copied EI7M Q5 on 160m but could not get his attention even at 
his SR. Retuning my 160m inverted-L to mid-band proved worthwhile.
CA3GCA   Contact Moderator
thanks for contest 

73 for Chile!
CN8SG   Contact Moderator
CO8BYT   Contact Moderator
Im very happy to participate in this contest i hope to make more contest
DD7CW   Contact Moderator
Bad bad Condx
DG2BHB   Contact Moderator
Thank you every body for all the nice contacts
Hope to see you again next time on air.
73s Bjoern
DG5MLA   Contact Moderator
Nice Contest, is very hard to work NA with 150W...Vy 73 de DG5MLA
DJ1AA   Contact Moderator
ICOM IC-7800, ACOM2000A, Optibeam OB17-4 and Dipol for 80m.
I had some problems with the feeding system, coax or balun
In this case a lot of problems and only some test QSOs :(
DJ3GE   Contact Moderator
100 Watt from TS130v > TL120 > AT130 > MFB23 (2 Ele-Mini-Yagi)
11m high.
DK6VCO   Contact Moderator
Just to share a few points. Only 20m.
DK9JC   Contact Moderator
30 US/VE logged. FT-450 100W Outbacker 1899 short vertical
DL5RU   Contact Moderator
This Weekend  QRM with 5/5 to 5/9 !
Verry hard Work !!
Vy 73's Rudi DL5RU
DL9GMN   Contact Moderator
only small log, some qsos before job is beginning, hi
EA3KT   Contact Moderator
Very bad propagation
EF7X   Contact Moderator
Add to the bad conditions a horrid new power line noise on all bands. Worked W3LPL on 15m skewed
path for
for the only QSO on that band.
EI5DI   Contact Moderator
EI7M   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all who called, sorry for those who i can't pick up.Tnx Mark EI3KD to get stn ready.
CU in WPX.
F4IEX   Contact Moderator
Locator : IN94wo
F4VSE   Contact Moderator
100w from Icom ic-7300
F5GGL   Contact Moderator
ic 7700 pwr 100 ant steppir, G5RV, and bazooa for 80m
F5JU   Contact Moderator
G0UKZ   Contact Moderator
Excellent Contest
G4IUF   Contact Moderator
Hard going here, never a good West Coast run
G4NBS   Contact Moderator
K3, KPA500, 22M Long Doublet@8M
SRI different exchange on the bands! Lower PWR on 20m due RFI
G5W   Contact Moderator
Many thanks to G3BJ for hosting me
GI4T   Contact Moderator
Always one of my favorite contests. Limited operating time of less than 4 hours this time round but
reasonable conditions on 20m given the solar conditions/geomagnetic disturbances. 
Running 4 ele SteppIR in lowered position of only 40ft AGL (still not raised until WX improves!) .

Enjoyable as always! See you next year..
GM3PPG   Contact Moderator
Disturbed magnetic condx on Friday and Saturday nights
made for very poor propagation on 80m from this QTH.
No prop. on more Northerly paths and to the West coast.
No W6 or W7 heard and only three W0 call area states worked.
Also missed AR and NM. Prop. not quite as bad as the first
night in 2008,though, which was awful.  A/K indices dropped
on the last (Sunday) night and prop. improved a lot.
Surprised but delighted to be called by VY0ERC 30mins before
the end.  Tnx. OM.  Otherwise furthest West Canadian province
was VE3.
Rig  : FT990 and Acom amp.
Ant. : 6 element vertical array.
Thanks for all the qso's and see you next year.
73, Rick, GM3PPG
HB9GSL   Contact Moderator
Please delete 4410878.arrl-dx-ssb it was multiband wich was wrong.

73 de HB9GSL
HC5DX   Contact Moderator
First Contest. If I win anything PLEASE send to my WB4OZM address on QTH. It will never get to me in
HF40STOK   Contact Moderator
RIG:FT-950 PWR:15 ANT:2el DeltaLoop
HI3T   Contact Moderator
Great contest!!
Thanks for the pileup and QSO's, Not 15 or 10 but good rates.
God willing see you in the next one with better sunspots.
HL3AMO   Contact Moderator
Marginal propagation limits operation time.
HR2DMR   Contact Moderator
Great Contest
Cu Next year !
I2WIJ   Contact Moderator
Just few hours; cu next one. Bob, I2WIJ
I5KAP   Contact Moderator
Converted CB for QRP 10 m + Tranverter 20 40 80 m: 5 w out,
my antennas are dipoles 1/2 wave at 20m from the ground.
the merit of this little log was certainly of my correspondents OM for
your efficient stationing yoour marked disponibility
I5YKQ   Contact Moderator
knwood ts950 100w
ant...magnetic loop
IB1B   Contact Moderator
Bad Propagation.
I partecipate only few hours for funny.
IK4LZH   Contact Moderator
Bad propagation on Saturday, better on Sunday.
IK4OMO   Contact Moderator
IK4RQF   Contact Moderator
Sorry, only 2 qso
IR9Z   Contact Moderator
Total activity 9 hours - Dipole 10-15-20 and inverted V dipole 40-80
IU5FFM   Contact Moderator
tnx for all  iu5ffm
IZ0DXD   Contact Moderator
beautiful contest many station heard from USA
IZ2KXC   Contact Moderator
Bad prop. 
See everybody next one.

IZ8GUQ   Contact Moderator
Beautiful contest, large participation limited by very little propagation
in zone 8. Satisfied with the result of a shame having lost part of
Saturday night due to the breaking of a hexbeam wire then settled in the
morning. Appointment to the next edition hoping to improve setup and
score. Thanks to all the stations that have had the patience to connect.
73 'of IZ8GUQ Giovanni
IZ8HUW   Contact Moderator
Beautiful contest, good participation sin had little time available and
also problems with the antenna. Appointment to the next edition trying to
improve in all.Thanks to the stations that have had the patience to
connect.73 'to all of IZ8HUW Emilio
JA0BZY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1CHY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1JNM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
Condx is not so good.
JA1KZP   Contact Moderator
71 yrs Old
JA2KKA   Contact Moderator
ICOM IC7100 100W
12AVQ Triband Vertical, Inv Vee
JA2KQE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2MWV   Contact Moderator
ANT:  14mH DIP
RIG:  IC-741S    PWR: <5w
JA2VQF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3LEZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA6FCL   Contact Moderator
JA6GMC   Contact Moderator
Condx poor
JA7BEW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7LLL   Contact Moderator
Fun to have QSOs. Thank you.
JA7QVI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA8TGD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9EJG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1GZB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1RXJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed 20m single band.
I only 3.5 Hours use the band.
BCU I must go to work.
JE1SPY   Contact Moderator
I entry on a single-op 80m lowpower. The condition was very
poor than the last year.
I QSOed 7stations in the last year.
But I QSO only 3stations in this year.
Because I had very heavy OTH lader QRM from U.S.S.R.
That OTH lader transmit point from 42.861213°N 133.653435°E.
The Eeast of the coast in Nahotoka.
I was using only 100W and small fishing rod vertical
only 10m length antenna in my balcony of my small aprartment.
We JA ham got a new 75m band.
Please look for JA under a new 75m frequency!
3599~3612KHz 13KHz width
3680~3687KHz 7KHz width
3702~3716KHz 14KHz width
3745~3770KHz  25KHz width
I was using only 100W and small fishing rod vertical
only 10m length antenna in my balcony of my small aprartment.
I was disapointed to disapare a separating of output power
categoly each single band section. It is very difficult to get
an award on the low band in the same categoly with high power
Please separete high power categoly and low power catagoly in
each single band.
JE3UHV   Contact Moderator
TRx. IC-7410/100W   Ant. Vertical
JF1GZZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1LMB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF2FIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you all stations!
JG1GCO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG2REJ   Contact Moderator
JG2RFJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH0ILL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH0JDV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH0OXS   Contact Moderator
3.1. Single Operator (use of spotting networks is NOT PERMITTED): CW only CW only
JH0ROS/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1APZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH3JSJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9AUB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9CEN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed SSB Contest !
Thank you for all .
JI1CIN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI1NZA   Contact Moderator
Condition of high band was so bad. I had only 3 QSO in 40M.
JJ0NSL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ3TBB   Contact Moderator
RIG is TS-850S and ANT is GP
Power output is 50 watts or less
JK1NJH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1TCV   Contact Moderator
I used power less than 5W
JN4ESD   Contact Moderator
ANT: Vertical R8
Operator's License: 1st.class
JP3MFV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR0GXA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2BCF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PMT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PZX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest in  half an hour.
JR3RIU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed contest.
JR4DAH   Contact Moderator
I used QRP(5W)RIG
JS1NDM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
K0CMH   Contact Moderator
My end fed zepp antenna was downed by wind and I was stuck on 20 meters for this contest.  Ugh! 
Only good time for contacts was in the evening on the gray line.  Not much of a log to submit. 
Maybe I'll get the booby prize,  Hi Hi
K0RF   Contact Moderator
Lucky thing I had my smart phone to play games while CQing. I don't think I could have stayed awake
without Candy Crush.
K1AUS   Contact Moderator
My noise level is very low and many of the DX stations I could
hear where running 1KW and where not even moving the S meter.
Conditions will be better next year. Thank you for putting on the
K1HG   Contact Moderator
Small contribution to club totals.  TS-570SG Cushcraft MA5B vertical 20 - 6.
K1HX   Contact Moderator
Great to operate with just an inverted V and low power from midcoast Maine!
K1MTD   Contact Moderator
Prepare for another New England winter storm! Did all that. Enjoy the ARRL
International DX Contest. Did that too!
K1VWQ   Contact Moderator
Had to work most of the weekend. Operated when I could after work, and inbetween the fix it list
around the house.
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB operated Multi-2 HP in 2019 ARRL CW DX. We each had non-ham
priorities that kept us from the shack for hours. In 24.3 hrs.
on, we were both there for just 4.5 hrs. And, our Falcon 20/40m.
beam was unusable due to faults in both coax feed lines atop our
85-ft. tower. The coaxes were damaged when rotor clamp bolts
loosened and wind turned the beam back and forth. We fell back
on our C3 tri-bander and a 40m. dipole, both a few feet above
the shack roof. High power with the low antennas put RFI into
one logging computer till we swapped out a keyboard and put on
more ferrites. Less ant. height and gain meant few to no Qs when
we tried to run on 20 and 40m, so we clicked spots and tuned.
Rates were low, but it was fun to find 69 mults on 20 and 57 on
40, some rare. N3UM was away till ~16Z Sat. so W3GB started
alone. He got 62 Qs/44 mults on 40 and 13 Qs/11 mults on 80m.
0118-0549Z, then 13 Qs/11 mults on 20m. 1208-1251Z. From 1558-
1710Z N3UM got 46 Qs/29 mults on 20m, then W3GB did 20 and got
41 Qs/26 mults. N3UM got a few Qs on 40m, and at 2134Z we had
205 Qs and 126 mults. As it got dark we took supper breaks and
jumped between 20, 40, and then at 0045Z 80m. W3GB quit at 0240Z
while N3UM got slow but steady results on 80 and 160m. till QRT
at 0602Z with 317 Qs and 179 mults. Sun. daytime we got 121 more
Qs and 28 more mults. N3UM slept in but got 30 Qs and 9 mults
16-17Z on 15 and 20m, then scraped up a few Qs from among many
dupes in 3 more hrs BIC. W3GB was busy but did well in 2.1 hrs.
late PM and at the very end. Rare and/or distant mults; 5T, 9X,
ZS, and FR in AF, C3 in EU, JA, and KH2. Surprise with low SFI.
We worked 50 PY’s, nearly = our 24 EA’s and 27 I’s combined!
K3HW   Contact Moderator
Root canal would have been better than this contest.  Conditions
were worst I have ever seen!
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"There are no ice storms in Florida, but we can not avoid a solar disturbance!"
K3URT   Contact Moderator
K4AJA   Contact Moderator
Wish band conditions had been better. 160m and 80m were good the first night, but disappointing the
second night. Managed a few contacts on 10m and 15m in addition to 20, 40, 80, and 160m

Thank goodness for South America! They were consistently there to work QSO's. Many, many contacts
with Brazil.
K4CGY   Contact Moderator
excellent contest but no east asian (JA)
K4FBI   Contact Moderator
K4GIG   Contact Moderator
Excellent event while mobile from the Birmingham Hamfest. What surprised us was how 20m was open to
us. The setup is a FT-891 paired with a ATAS-120A on the roof of the GigaParts Vaesu Van. Even thru
the hills we worked several DX stations and Alaska too. 

Steve KI4KWR
K4GIG GigaParts ARC
K4JLD   Contact Moderator
Delighted to see several stations on from Venezuela.
K5LAD   Contact Moderator
Sunspots --- please come back -- no questions asked - all is forgiven!!
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Conditions not very good, but entertaining in moderation.
K6CSL   Contact Moderator
Very rough conditions, but still fun.
K6DAJ   Contact Moderator
Mainly was involved with N6WM@N6RO M/M.
But couldn't resist getting on for a bit at home.
One hour Friday night, then Sunday afternoon.
Poor conditions. Thank goodness for South America, which
showed up in force.
Best rate was last hour on 20; fun to finish with a bang,
after a rough slog.
K7ABV   Contact Moderator
with our temperatures in the -25, no way I was gonna turn the beam...so left it SE and did what I
could...didn't get much Europe of course...but, actually didn't hear many on the west coast working
them either, so who knows ....10 and 15 meters were not much either, however did enjoy Central and a
few South America qso's on 15...did some good on 40..and a few on 80 meters...my score was low
compared to past years..but, still all in all enjoyed it...thanks to all for the q's...
K7ACZ   Contact Moderator
K7IU   Contact Moderator
Conditions were not so good this time around.
K7STO   Contact Moderator
Good times
K7UWR   Contact Moderator
First time to make SSB contacts on HF bands in many years.  Made 2 state-side
contacts, guess i was not supposed to that, so did not count in score.
K7XC   Contact Moderator
Fighting a cold so SSB was not a good fit this weekend. High Winds, rain, and snow showers made Fri
night useless. Local line Noise rampant after NV-Energy jury rigged a powerpole pole back into
service after a recent power outage. Time to make another call to have the Power Line Noise fixed...
AGAIN!  IC-746, 750W,
Yagis, Wires.
K8TRW   Contact Moderator
First contest for me from home and first international QSO's
K9IDQ   Contact Moderator
It was a "JOY" to recognize the voice of Martii, OH2BH and working his station!  A simple dipole
vertical wire with the horizontal wire 15 feet above the ground worked well.  It was FUN handing out
some contacts.
K9KE   Contact Moderator
Society of Midwest Contesters
KA4CDN   Contact Moderator
Vienna Wireless Society (VWS)
KB0ARZ   Contact Moderator
It's been great to work a contest again.Thank You.
KB0EOR   Contact Moderator
Worked contest while Scout-BSA Radio Merit Badge  was conducted in NE
KB8ZWT   Contact Moderator
KB9DKR   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all the DX! Conditions were about what I expected. I used search and pounce methods with
internal antennas for the high bands and vertical wires for the low bands. 73 Carl KB9DKR
KC1EWL   Contact Moderator
enjoyed the contest 73 see you next year
KC2KZJ   Contact Moderator
propagation poor
KC3EWJ   Contact Moderator
Thanks for running the contest.
KC6ZBE   Contact Moderator
Starting late. Let's give this a try and see how it goes.
KD0WAN   Contact Moderator
KD0WAN  File
KD2JPW   Contact Moderator
I apparently used an older version of N1MM+ and originally omitted "NJ" from sent exchange and also
entered rcvd power in the comment section and it was also rejected .  I then updated the N1MM+
software to the latest version, recreated the cabrillo file and manually edited the missing NJ and
power data in correct fields.  There still remains a green comment "QSO dates dont match
contenst.... dont understand comment as I entered info live during contest via N1MM+ input and that
data has not been edited??
KD3TB   Contact Moderator
This was one tough contest. Much different from conditions during ARRL DX CW contest. Between Snow
Storms and very poor atmospheric propagation, my score is much lower than normal.
KD5FBA   Contact Moderator
2nd year of participating. Lots of fun and learning
KD5HTS   Contact Moderator
1st ARRL DX Contest for this station
KD8TNF   Contact Moderator
KD9GY   Contact Moderator
I was only able to work a few minutes, but fun anyway!
KD9LA   Contact Moderator
Thanks to the stations that took the time out from the contest
exchanges to inform me of my audio problems on 80m.  My autotuner
failed to tune the 80m band and I never would have noticed it
until the rig died if they hadn't informed me, permitting me to
troubleshoot before damage was done.
KE0ITC   Contact Moderator
I would like to submit my log as a rookie, I was first licensed in April of 2016.

Scott Timperley KE0ITC
KE0MHJ   Contact Moderator
Very casual ops.  Had a good time between other family duties.
KE4H   Contact Moderator
The bands were wide open when I started - and slowly faded away towards the end, great contesting -
had a lot of fun !
KE4YOG   Contact Moderator
Terrible conditions. No European 15 meter contacts and no 10 meter contacts. While I understand I
have a very modest station I am still used to being able to add some 10 meter contacts and Europeans
on 15.
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KE8JNU   Contact Moderator
I am a 10 year old YL operating independently.  This is my first HF SSB contest.  I had a lot of
trouble getting my log in a format that would be accepted. I hope this is correct.

KF2E   Contact Moderator
Flex 6600, SteppIR 3 element, Quadra
KF4QFJ   Contact Moderator
I had a great time in the 2019 ARRL International SSB DX! Thanks to
Organizers, Operators and My Family! -Good DXing & 73 de KF4QFJ, Jerome
KF7PBM   Contact Moderator
KG5SER   Contact Moderator
correction on email  paulajennings@bellsouth.net
KG5WRZ   Contact Moderator
I am not affilitated with Great South Bay ARC.  I am not sure why it showed up on this submission. 
Please revise.

KG9Z   Contact Moderator
Not stellar condx but had fun.
KI7DG   Contact Moderator
DX station should be required to ID evey 2 or 3 contacts.  H&P stations sit thru 10 or more contacts
waiting for an ID "NOT RIGHT".
KJ7AFI   Contact Moderator
First contest on my own!  (Ok, where I actually make more than 2 contacts and submit my log.)

I spent half of the time rearranging my station, setting up my new radio, and hooking things in to
N1MM.  What a difference that made.

It was fun! I'm looking forward to the next one - as well as digital modes and CW.

KK4RV   Contact Moderator
fun even with solar cycle and storms!!
KK6RAO   Contact Moderator
Operator KK6RAO (tech) used W6CPR (extra) Control Op Priviledges where there were tech restrictions.
 So both call signs were used by KK6RAO.  Cecil Rendon W6CPR
KK7VL   Contact Moderator
Radio used for 20m contacts was a stock Yaesu FT-817ND with 3 1/2 watts out.
Radio used for 40m contacts was a Yaesu FT-890 with 4 to 5 watts out.
KM1R   Contact Moderator
only worked one night. 6 grandkids showed up :)  Maybe next year !
KM8AM   Contact Moderator
Operated the whole contest with small tribander and wires.  New
antennas go up when mud dries up :-) Sure had fun though. Thanks
to everyone for their patience.
KQ2M   Contact Moderator
Spent some time in the "mosh pit" on 20.  I played inter-collegiate
Rugby when I was younger. It was far more civilized!
Tnx for the q's and mults!  73  Bob KQ2M
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Openings sure were short in this one. Fortunately Eu. came in both
mornings to help with mults on 20. 40 and 80 here were noisy and
Had limited activity-even from stateside stns. Heard a guy say 15
was wide open-listened-hrd zilch. 10 same. Big snow storm hr also.
KS7W   Contact Moderator
KU2M   Contact Moderator
KU4FX   Contact Moderator
LU9ESD   Contact Moderator
Here is the result of a single Inverted-V dipole at 60 meters high in the south Patagonia (10.000+
Km to USA/Canada). 
Alone, in a small tent, with a small generator, far away from the civilization, with a few wires,
500 meters of rope, a small mobile amplifier, but with a lot of passion for what I do. 
The Patagonian frozen nights and strong winds were my only partners this weekend (since Thursday). 
Thanks to the company who gave me the permission to climb this tower (they never understand what
kind of crazy thing I’m doing here but they said: Yeah! Use it!)
Thanks to those who help me with data, tips, advices and more. 
I love Contesting and Dx-Peditions equally: For the first time I have decided to mix them in a solo.

First attempt. More to come... 

73 de LU9ESD 
Loc: FE60BN
LW7DX   Contact Moderator
10m ... always 10m ... and here we are, LU CX CE PY ... look for us! Congratulations to CX2DK,
CE2ML/CX1EK and PY2PT, good work.
LZ5R   Contact Moderator
Tnx for the nice race on live scores to E7DX,LX7I,ED1R and others.
It was really fun. 
We are proud to have for the first time in our team Desi LZ1DRI. She is vy young smart contester and
excellent singer too, so fun was guaranteed.
Condition on the first night was total disaster. 40m almost nonexistent.
The second night was much better with nice second opening on 20m .
THANKS to all for contacts and CU in RDXC!
LZ5R team
M0XLT   Contact Moderator
Poor conditions noted on Saturday but much improved on Sunday as we exited the
Solar Wind stream.
M0YRX   Contact Moderator
100w Hexbeam 6ft off ground                                                                         
     QSO: 14000 PH 2019-03-02 1200 M0YRX         59  100    W2RE          59  ME     0
M1DDD/P   Contact Moderator
2 March M1DDD/P from my RV in IO93CH.
3 March signed M1DDD (NOT /P) from home IO93DG
I hope that this wont cause a problem
M6T   Contact Moderator
Unbelievably bad conditions! MUF dropped way below 7MHz and we were
unable to make any QSOs on the band until a handful just after dawn.
We thought that surely, we would be able to make at least a few QSOs
on 15m but the band remained shut all weekend. We are much too far
north in Europe when conditions are like this. In addition, high
winds across the UK took their toll. The crankup towers stayed up
but the 40m 3el yagi was wrecked.
M6YTU   Contact Moderator
Single Operator, Single Band (20M). 10 Watts output power. Good
to see some propagation on 3rd March on 20m! Using only vertical
antenna. 73
MW6M   Contact Moderator
Conditions were not that brilliant, it was a bit of a
struggle on LP but still enjoyed the contest.
N0JK   Contact Moderator
Originally planned a single band 10 Meter entry, but 10 was dead. 15M this year
seemed like 10 last year.
N0SMX   Contact Moderator
Conditions werent the best, but I worked it off and on when I could.. Ill probably do it again next
N0WRK   Contact Moderator
Nice to have some propagation on 20 and 40 Meters.
N1SFE   Contact Moderator
Operating 100 watts and a wire dipole antenna during what I would consider less than optimal band
conditions can be challenging.  I operated Friday evening and Saturday morning/early afternoon from
the East coast.  I'm not what I would call a big-time contester, and was hoping to catch a couple of
ATNO's for DXCC (and HI for WAS- the last state I need!), but it would not come to be for me this
contest.  All in all, I still had fun, and it's always great to see what my modest station setup can
do under conditions that weren't the best.
N2CW   Contact Moderator
N2CW operated solo by Joel KS3F! Go FRC!
N2FF   Contact Moderator
Miserable conditions. perhaps the worst ever, in my memory.
In addition I have no 160M antenna and lost my
80M dipole in the big WIND a week ago.  Despite
all that I was constantly surprised that the DX managed
to hear my 100 watts if I called long enough except for JA,
Hopefully conditions will be better next year.
Nice to work a lot of old friends.
N2KWO   Contact Moderator
First contest that I have done on HF as single Op.  Bands seemed to be working well given the
grand-minimum status of the sun.
  Thanks to my friend who gave me so much support and his Gonset amp.
  Hope I didn't mess up the log info, as I did run 600-800 watts.
N2OO   Contact Moderator
CW4EVER!... oh, that's right, this was a phone contest! Had fun anyway! :-)
N3VFK   Contact Moderator
12 hrs worked
N4BCD   Contact Moderator
Broken effort around a Friday club meeting, Birmingham hamfest, hamfest trip
report, and publishing the Huntsville Club newsletter. Glances at the MFJ 24
hour clock said I had a few hours left but a look at the bandscope told me I
missed the last hour.  It's not MFJ's fault the battery died - the second hand was wiggling but not
moving.  Mark N4BCD
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2019 ARRL DX SSB Contest
N4DY   Contact Moderator
Florida Contest Group
N4ESI   Contact Moderator
First contest from home QTH.  I work weekends so I can only do so much.  However, this was great
fun. No beam. Used G5RV, Delta loop on 40, and homemade FB-5 by AF4Z(most used).
N4PN   Contact Moderator
N4PVH   Contact Moderator
Operated from home station: K2/100 100 watts to random wire 76' in inverted L on 22' and 33'
fiberglass poles, Marine SSB tuner at base.
N4TZ   Contact Moderator
ouch -
N5ABA   Contact Moderator
This is my first time doing this . I’m sorry if this is not correct .
N5KAE   Contact Moderator
80  Meters was pretty hot !!!
N5UUA   Contact Moderator
Since I am not a serious contest operator this was not well planned for but I am happy with the
results. Besides the exercise aspect it is a great way to pick up some new countries... even after
all the years active in amateur radio I still do not have my DXCC or even worked WAS so I am looking
forward to getting more contacts confirmed.
N5WVR   Contact Moderator
Very difficult conditions. I had planned on operating overnight at least one night, but it wasn't
worth the effort.  A few strong stations were running huge pileups, while others were going begging
but couldn't hear me when I called with a kilowatt.
N6OSB   Contact Moderator
Using Linux
N6TRU   Contact Moderator
Great signal from station!
N6TV   Contact Moderator
Just time to hand out a few QSOs.
N6ZE   Contact Moderator
poor condx and not much time available to operate, but still lots of fun;
IC756Pro2, 80/40 dipole @ 6 m & R-5 vertical
N7BIN   Contact Moderator
This was my first SSB contest after getting my General Class license!
N7MZW   Contact Moderator
A very limited time effort.I missed the first 2.5 hours due to other
obligations.Working Conditions here:a Icom IC-7300,Heil Pro Micro
Headset,Vectronics HFT-1500 Manual Tuner for 15 and 80 meters only,
MFJ-4245MV Switchng Power Supply,and a ZS6BKW (Modified G5RV) up 50
feet,running N-S at 6,053 feet from DN-71od in Laramie County,Wyoming.
95% Hunt and Pounce,with no stations answering my brief period of
attempted running.Many DX stations not giving thieir call sign during
exchange,(as clearly stipulated in the contest rules).Your Amateur Radio
Call Sign IS NOT "QRZ"! Many DX calls were spotted incorrectly with
wrong call or frequency not centered.These may well have been the worst
contestsolar conditions that I have experianced in 30 years.The grossly
over driven audio, excess processing, and 6 KC wide signals from many of
our "neighbors to the south" did ot help this situation one bit.Just a
few JA's worked and Europe might as well have been Mars as far as any
potential to hear and log with 100 watts and a wire. My new Icom IC-7300,
(a wonderful retirement gift from my Ham parents) is a joy to use while
contesting in poor band conditions,thanks to excellent filtering,DSP noise
reduction,and most of all the "water fall" which indicates active stations
at a glance. Another "100 watts and a Wire" effort is in the books.It was
fun to provide the rare mult of Wyoming to 99 of you around the world. My
100 watt, one wire antenna signal traveled a total distance of 399,642
miles,(excluding US),and my average "miles per DX contact was 4,078
miles. Thanks to all who heard and worked me. A special thanks to those
that hung in there for exchange "fills", when conditions were at their
N7WY   Contact Moderator
used Koss SB45 headset w/boom microphone
connected RP.L-bias - Time On 15 hrs 05 mins
N8BI   Contact Moderator
Not great conditiona. A few abandoned contacts due to conditions and
the constant calling of other stations. Unfortunately I failed to
re-intall the band change counter with the updated
logging program. So reclassication likely, but
still had a good time. After 20 plus years it is still
great to hear some of the same stations and operators.
N8DE   Contact Moderator
Even with poor conditions and low power -80 watts-
N8HKU   Contact Moderator
20m closed down quick with 0 sunspots
N9OK   Contact Moderator
160M antenna broke in the windstorm, and that affected operation
on other bands. Good band conditions, but limited TX ability due
to poor match esp on 20M. A fun contest never the less.
N9TF   Contact Moderator
Not competative in SSB HF contetsts. Poor conditions and lots of LIDs.
Spent time with XYL, and played on 40m when there was time.
Very dissapointed in many contest operators. Stations calling the DX
not listening or caring when DX calls for specific station, Dx stations
not bothering to ID for very long time. Two of the major LID categories.
Cant't get excited over this contest. 73 Gene, N9TF
Rig, K3S 100 watts, to a 40m dipole at 35'.
NC6R   Contact Moderator
Very poor band conditions. Almost no EU and very few JA's. 
Steve / NC6R
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Just over 2 hours of operating - couldn't get very fired up with the poor conditions and there were
other things to do.  Also operated a few hours from my daughter's school club station, W0WCS.
ND1C   Contact Moderator
IC-7610  OCF @45', 2X end feds @40'
changes for MS
NO7E   Contact Moderator
Max Power 500 Watts
OA4SS   Contact Moderator
Running low power and poor conditions kept my score low. But tnx to the crew at OA4O (Radio Club
Peruano) the "OA" multiplier was not hard to find.
OE6MMD   Contact Moderator
1st time ever not a single 15m/10m contact, operating here mainly in the evening / very early
morning. 2 times asked for 160m, no antenna yet, working on that. Enjoyed the pile - up on 40m. BR
OH1F   Contact Moderator
Quite poor conditions. QRV only on Sunday for a
hours. Thanks for QSOs!
OH2RM   Contact Moderator
OH2RM, 1kW Power
OH3BCX   Contact Moderator
Aurora spoiled my hours of activity. A grand total of 12 points
on 14 MHz! Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA
OH7KBF   Contact Moderator
ARRL DX SSB Contest 2019
OK7W   Contact Moderator
Even conditions were bad, I made nice qsos with many states/provinces, especially thanks for NU
(VY0ERC) and NV (VE8GER) :-D
Thanks to all and see you in next test! Standa OK7W OK1CID
OL5Y   Contact Moderator
1) On 80m some US stations were calling CQ above 3800 and listening around 3620 kHz or so. I have
(and many other guys I know) my 80 m antennas tuned either to CW part of 80m band or to Phone part
of the band. Or it is switchable. In the middle of the band, where is nothing for contestant, I have
SWR around 1:10 or even worse on all my antennas... Therefore those who were listening there I can
not try to call at all.
2) Miracle antennas of LZ5R. Look here:
https://photos.app.goo.gl/joqQ4WWvoFXBxuU67 There are many EU big guns with big PAs, 4el yagis,
phased foursquares, ... And on 3785 is sitting LZ5R, 25dB stronger than the rest of EU. Isn´t it
miracle? And moreover, the signal was in terrible quality about 10 kHz wide...
OM8JP   Contact Moderator
3band wire dipole, 100W
ON5WL   Contact Moderator
The propagation was not good so I could not work many
stations with 150 W. But I enjoyed the contest and
working some stations from US.
I hope for better condx next year.
73 Leon  ON5WL
OZ6AGX   Contact Moderator
Very bad condition from my side. Only a few stations on 20 Mtr was heard.
Rig : Icom 7800 - PA : SPE 1K-FA - Ant.: Vertical Hustler BTV-6
OZ7D   Contact Moderator
The 2019 result is quite modest as due to Aurora borialis - a real contest killer. Stations whom
usual have a good signal was faint, and hard to work.
This years highlight - was the coffee breaks ;-)
P44K   Contact Moderator
Very high local noise here so apologies to the many stations who we know were calling us but that we
were unable to winkle out. We were on the lookout for a 10m opening, but only managed a few QSOs in
to Texas. Thanks go to Andy P49Y (AE6Y) who loaned us his climbing harness after we discovered one
half of the top band dipole had snapped off at the top of the tower.  Other than that everything
wokred OK!
P49Y   Contact Moderator
Bad condx are good for the Caribbean, but still challenging.
PA3DRL   Contact Moderator
icom ic-7300 2el Fritzell inverted V 80/40 home made solid state
power amplifier
PD1ABO   Contact Moderator
Thanks till next year
PE1EWR   Contact Moderator
Even under these flat conditions I'm amazed about the nuber of stations that can actually hear me:
TS2000X (70W), 30m RG213, hb Balun, 25m end fed wire max 8m up, following the rim of the roof in rhe
confined space with the house next door (3m)! A big thank you to all that set up such big ears!
PI4AMF   Contact Moderator
PD0ZX , PD0WVD , PC3M BAD Propations
PP5IP   Contact Moderator
Gostaria que fosse adcionado a ARRL nosso grupo de DX chamado: 
Obrigado !
PR2E   Contact Moderator
PT7ZT   Contact Moderator
Not Good propagation BUT ???
PU5DUD   Contact Moderator
PY2BN   Contact Moderator
He overcame my specimens because he was operating qrp and with polo antennas, he surpassed the
specimens and now he waits for the result, thank you all and apologize for some errors because I am
recovering from a surgery in sight and I came to prestige the answer.
I thank everyone
73 dx
Tuka py2bn
R3LC   Contact Moderator
e-mail: r3lc@mail.ru
RM4F   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
RX7K   Contact Moderator
Good Luck! 73!
SP3BES   Contact Moderator
FT757 GXII 100W  balcony GP
SP3GTS   Contact Moderator
SP4TB   Contact Moderator
Dipole ant for 20M, 100W
SP5GNI   Contact Moderator
SunSDR2pro + 300W PA, ant. HexBeam, W8010
SP6DVP   Contact Moderator
QSO 40M = 8
QSO 20M = 30
FTDX 3000 = 100 W
Ant.DIPOL  h= 45
SP8CGU   Contact Moderator
TRx Icom IC735, ant. dipole
SP9KJU   Contact Moderator
ic730 50W, ant DELTA LOOP 42m
SQ4O   Contact Moderator
TS-570S + PA (500W) + 3el YAGI
SV2BXA   Contact Moderator
Pikra DX Club Thessaloniki
T32AZ   Contact Moderator
Thank you Everyone.  Apologies to those in the pile up when the antenna went down.
TA4PR   Contact Moderator
Thanks for contest.
TF8KY   Contact Moderator
let's work some north America
TG9ANF   Contact Moderator
The address is of my QSL manager
TI2KAC   Contact Moderator
TI7/W6PNG   Contact Moderator
Conditions were much tougher than last year.  The low part of the
solar cycle brings its own challenges, and in our case we weren't
able to make use of either 10 or 160 meters despite our fervent
TO3Z   Contact Moderator
Always with our portable equipment and two verticals. Many thanks.
UA1CUR   Contact Moderator
UA5C   Contact Moderator
UR5VAA   Contact Moderator
IC-760PRO; ANTENNA: Inv. Vee.; 1 el. SP3PL
US6IKF   Contact Moderator
UT5UT   Contact Moderator
Band condx was terrible. I don't remember this for a long time.
UY3U   Contact Moderator
IC-756PRO3, 4-el. Yagi
V31VP   Contact Moderator
There was just the two of us staffing this M/S effort, myself V31VP (WB0TEV), and Scott V31CQ
(K5PS), but we managed to keep BIC for all but about 4 hours, generally in the wee hours of the

When we flew down from Texas on Tuesday I brought along a suitcase full of wire, pulleys, a plastic
kitchen cutting board with an SO-239 mounted to it and plans for making an inverted-L with a couple
elevated radials for 160m. Heretofore the only antenna down here at the Maya Hill shack for 160 was
a low windom. Last year I only managed 1 QSO on 160m (moves with K3LR as I recall) and had high
hopes that we could up our game on top band. Spent much of Thursday getting it strung up and tuned
with help from Scott and the station owner Andre (V31DL). 

Would it work? The answer came the first night when we managed to bank a number of Qs (and most
importantly mults) on Top Band the first time we went to 160. The 202 QSOs and 46 precious mults
were a nice boost to the score. 

Rigs: IC-7800, Icom PW-1 amp 
Antennas: 160m Inverted L 55 ft up, 85 feet horizontal, two elevated radials 6-8 feet up strung thru
the trees. 80m inverted Vee at 60 feet, long windom at ~30 feet for 40m (40m inverted Vee from tower
needs maintenance), Cushcraft X7 for 20/15/10 at 65 feet. 
SW: N1MM+ on an HP Windows 7 laptop with extra monitor. 

Bands: 160m was in good shape. Noise wasn't that bad. I'm sure we could have worked more if we'd had
a beverage or some dedicated receive antenna. That's probably next on the continuous improvement
80m played quite well, noise was low and propagation opened early and lasted long. 40m varied from
good to "odd" and iffy. We deliberately stayed above 7200 to keep out of the Region 1 QRM. 
20m was the money band during the daylight hours for sure with endless callers especially after prop
from the USA to EU faded and folks started turning their beams south. 
15m was a pleasant surprise. With the dearth of sunspots and the dreary prop forecast, expectations
were tempered at best. However, after trying to move a friend from 20 to 15 around 1830Z Saturday a
big run of callers ensued that lasted the next couple of hours. More followed in the 1800-2100Z
period Sunday. 10m: What 10 meters? 
US MULT Report: Worked all 49 on 20 and 40 
80m:only missed WY 
160m: missed mostly west central US, CO, KS, ND, SD, ID, MT & DC 
15m: missed DC and a string of states that were too close AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, AR, LA, MS, NM 
10m: Nada, zilch. 
VE MULTS: Nothing from LB,NT,NU or YT. Got ON and SK all bands 160-15; NF and PE from 160-20. QC MB
AB 80-15. BC 40-15. NS on 20 only. 

Scott and I had a blast. Thanks for all the QSOs. I plan on being back later this month for CQ WPX
SSB. As always thanks to Andre (V31DL/DL1AS) and his XYL Monika for the use of their fine station
and great hospitality at the Maya Hill Lodge. 
73, Victor
VA2OBW   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun
VA3CME   Contact Moderator
100w wire dipole antenna
VA3RKM   Contact Moderator
K3, verticals.
VE1JS   Contact Moderator
Funky propagation, but still managed a few runs
SD by EI5DI is still the best logger for single ops
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
Now that was a noisy weekend on 160
The Rx 4SQ really helped listen to NE/NW
VE3TW   Contact Moderator
I felt like I was trying to ride a bicycle in the sand but thanks
to all that could hear me.
VE5WI   Contact Moderator
Contesting is always fun regardless of your level of expertise and equipment.
Due to solar activity Europe was nonexistent on Saturday, and Japan was scarce, at least from my
location.  I found that calling cq garnered more answers from well-meaning US and Canadian stations
who were worth zero points, than actual point gaining dx stations It was easier to just work them
and send them away happy than explain the situation.

Another contest is history; bring on the next one...................Len.
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operating this contest with my venerable old
IC-751A. 100 Watts barefoot can be challanging at times. 73 Gerry
VE9ND   Contact Moderator
Malcolm VE9MO and Brent VE9EX tried out the new club radio, a
Kenwood TS-590SG.  Brent VE9EX reports that the radio noise in
the VE9ND club room is better than VE9UNB.  We heard a station on
15 m, but could not make a contact.  Most of the QSOs were
marked QSO-X as a form of a check log.
VK2CZ   Contact Moderator
40m and 20m closed on day 2, great
signals on 40m while that lasted.
VK2FHRK   Contact Moderator
Even though I have submitted my log,
as running "HIGH" power,my licence
only allows 10watts.
VK2LEE   Contact Moderator
40 meters only 85 watts [due to power supply] Worked all I could hear..
VK7GN   Contact Moderator
Just a few contacts, conditions didn't sound very good! M
VY0ERC   Contact Moderator
It didn't start well.  It didn't end particularly well.  For some
bits of time in between it was almost okay. The atmospheric noise
was tremendous and seemed to be mostly horizontally polarized, so
the verticals were the listening antennas of choice.   We were
happy to hand out NU again and a big thanks to those that worked
to hear us.
W0WCS   Contact Moderator
This was a chance to rack up a few DXCC entities for the school club station.  Unfortunately the
poor condidtions didn't cooperate and made it tough for the low dipole to compete.
W1AST   Contact Moderator
Band conditions were terrible
W1DYJ   Contact Moderator
Bad A index
W1HIS   Contact Moderator
One antenna for all bands: wire, 30 ft high, 70 ft long.
W1MX   Contact Moderator
Late start, 40-20-15-10 yagi compromised by weather. We continue
to be deaf, meaning running competitively is not a strong viable
option for us. S&P QSOs continue to prove our TenTec Orion II
transmit audio is NG.
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
W2DLT   Contact Moderator
W3WHK   Contact Moderator
Only had 5 hours to operate, and with 100w and a wire it wasn't easy to make QSOs with band condx as
they were. As primarily a CW op, it's always fun, however, to try my hand at a phone contest.
W4FEB   Contact Moderator
W4KW   Contact Moderator
Good openings on 160 & 80 the first night. Good participation by all. Heard several TCG folks. K3IE
(Hunter) & I chased each other up and down the bands.
Nice short opening on Sunday afternoon to Guam & JA's, etc. reminds me of Happier times.
Tennessee Contest Group - Celebrating over 25 years of Contesting Fun
Tnx to all for the contacts.
W4ZAO   Contact Moderator
I always look forward to this contest and had a great time working all the radio operators from
around the world with my 100 watts. Thank you to all those who took the time to spend an extra few
moments to pull me out from all the big guns. See you all next year!!
W5DMC   Contact Moderator
1st contest submission
W6AX   Contact Moderator
Operated from W6RFU (Amateur Radio Club At UCSB); Grid square DM04bj.
W6SFI   Contact Moderator
I should really solve my (lack of) rotor problem one of these days!
W6WB   Contact Moderator
SB20M Assisted = SOAB Unlimited
W7MEM   Contact Moderator
W8BRY   Contact Moderator
100 watts and a wire!!
W8FEM   Contact Moderator
10 meters was dead.
W8KNO   Contact Moderator
Could not get motivated.
W8WA   Contact Moderator
Lousy condx, very high power line noise... not enjoyable with all the racket so gave up.  Just did
S&P searching for countries. I needed an injection of Novocaine in my brain.
W9WR   Contact Moderator
Great fun with local friends! My thanks to the Shackapulco Gang
for helping me so much in getting on air this winter- couldn't
have nicer friends WHAT A HOBBY!
WA4EMU   Contact Moderator
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
2 deaths in the family in 1 week and then my wife's twin sister was just admitted into the
hospital...have to QRT!  We got a little activity in this week end.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WB6KBZ   Contact Moderator
WB7QBO   Contact Moderator
Check log only
WB8AKW   Contact Moderator
Band conditions were dismal most of the time
WE1SAX   Contact Moderator
ICOM 7300 100W  OCF Dipole at 13.5 Meter
WH6FQI   Contact Moderator
My file was rejected because of the format of my entries.  Also my grid square is BK29LN
WJ4HCP   Contact Moderator
ARRL DX Contest, PH 2019 for WJ4CP
WN7T   Contact Moderator
SO so propagation on 20
WO9B   Contact Moderator
Could conditions be any worse?
WT4BT   Contact Moderator
Very limited operating time, one wire to cover it all, but had fun anyway!
WT4R   Contact Moderator
Kenwood TS850 and a dipole between two trees
XE1AY   Contact Moderator
My laptopcrashed and couldnt continue the contest
XE2B   Contact Moderator
Due to an absurd amount of work during the previous workdays, I ended too tired, so skipped the
Friday (XE)  and started  past 1440z.(8:40 CST)
20M was the stellar band and 15M almost did not open.
80M and 40M were under a horrid noise.
10M just heard a few SA station
Thanks for the Q's
YB0ANN   Contact Moderator
FT-817ND 5W,  Dipole
YB3DY   Contact Moderator
Very nice contest and Good luck
YB3ZBD   Contact Moderator
YB3ZBD, all we are the best, THANKS to all station can made valid
QSO with us, rec : KENWOO 430, ant ; long wire 80m and 40m band=
12m hight ;  20m band - tubing dipoled - 15m high, 73 de YB3ZBD
YC0PJF   Contact Moderator
YO2MJZ   Contact Moderator
YO4RST   Contact Moderator
YV5NWG   Contact Moderator
Tnx for the fun, can work only saturday night and early Sunday. Good Luck for everyone. 73´s de
Henry YV5NWG.
YV5TNT   Contact Moderator
YW6CQ   Contact Moderator
The worst conditionsI have ever seen in a contest all qso where in running
mode and hear some signals like a wishper from underground and need
extrasensorial perception to complete a qso. 73 until next contest
YY5AEP   Contact Moderator
I obtained the "Class A" radio operator license on April 24, 2018
ZL2RX   Contact Moderator
Never heard even 1 VE
ZS2NF   Contact Moderator
Had just a short time to operate this time due to having visitors
staying over. Used an inverted L on 80m, a pair of phased MOXON's
on 40m, a 4 el yagi on 20m, 3 el yagi on 15m and 5 el yagi on 10m.
No sunspots! No comms at all on 15m and 10m, quite a good run on 20m
and 40m was not at its best but managed a few 80m SSB contacts
which was quite a thrill! Rig was an ICOM 736 barefoot with 100 watts.
Hope to make to next year's contest and hope to have a bit more time
for this. Thanks to all who make it possible!