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6F3A   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was a dxpedition to Perez Island NA-153, Yucatan, we have problems with 2 radios.
We were 4 operators and we had to wait for our turn in the other 2 radios.
7K1CPT   Contact Moderator
Power 50W
QTH Asaka-city Saitama-pref.
Portable operate. Built Dipole Antenna on the Riverbank and QRV..
7K1MAG/2   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
I have operated in JA2 area.
7K4AEA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
7L4FCN   Contact Moderator
I enjoied this contest. TNX !
IC-7000M, 50W, 12mH Mobile Whip
8J7M   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest on 20m.
9A1TT   Contact Moderator
5 ops operated remote from 5 countries. A great test of this single radio / single antenna station. 
We'll be back :-)
9A2KI   Contact Moderator
nice band condition on 40 and 20m bands ( for 80m cannot say
because my dipol antenna is too low for DXs only 20m up - very
QRM fom big guns EU stations....
9A9CW   Contact Moderator
73 TNX
AA7V   Contact Moderator
AC4G   Contact Moderator
I elected to go Low Power: 160m - 87w; 80m - 95w; 40m - 100w.
Friday night top band was is terrific shape and to my surprise,
I worked many EU's with my 87w.  Saturday night not so good on
top band, but 80m was great to make many QSOs.  Saturday morning
I was surprised to work JT on 40m.  Sunday morning was even more
surprising as I QSO'd many JA's on 80m and a VR2 with 95w and no callers.
Heard V85, but he could never hear me. I was receiving him S3-5 which
was amazing for several minutes. Overall, thanks to many who
had patience with my repeats just to make the logs.  To those who
were impatient, patience is a true virtue. Wish had more time,
but time is hard to come by these days. Thanks all QSOs and
best 73 from middle-TN. Until next year....
AD5A   Contact Moderator
My first venture into LP in a while. I picked a good time to do
it. Excellent low band conditions. 20m was also good with many
QRP stations worked, 15m was not great and 10m was non-existant
for me, but I missed an opening on Sunday afternoon to central
and south america. It was an enjoyable contest.
AF5SW   Contact Moderator
1st ARRL INT. DX Contest CW
AG5S   Contact Moderator
I am submitting this log as a CHECK LOG only, Not for competitive
AH2R   Contact Moderator
Our score is better than the last year's one.
But we disappointed the condx of 10m and 15m.
BD7LPD   Contact Moderator
Rig: FT-817
Ant: 10 meters wire
Key: UNI- 715 (A small paddle)
Battery: 98Wh(8800mAh @11.1V)
Logger: Writed on the paper, then generated Cabrillo log on 'b4h.net'.
BG6TVZ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
CR3EE   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3 - 100 Watt
TRIBander for 20-15-10 meter
Dipoles for 40-80-160 meter
CT1DRB   Contact Moderator
This year choosed 40m just to test my magnetic loop antenna, with 100w wor
ked 36 states, not so bad indeed, next year have to improve antennae. Best
73 all
CU8AS   Contact Moderator
DF5RF   Contact Moderator
Running the K3 at 100W this time with dipole, vertical and tri-bander.
80/40 was better than expected, 15 was disappointig. There was a lot
fo activity, thanks to everyone!
DJ1AA   Contact Moderator
IC-7800, ACOM2000A, 750W, Monoband Dipols Inv V for 80m & 160m
17 Ele. Yagi Optibeam OB17-4 10m,15m,20m,40m
DJ2IA   Contact Moderator
IC-7300 100Watts Quad or Vertical
DJ3GE   Contact Moderator
100 Watt from TS130v + TL120 >> tuner AT130 >> 2 Ele.Mini.Yagi
11m high.
DK0AE   Contact Moderator
IC-7800, ACOM2000A, 750W, Monoband Dipols Inv V for 80m & 160m
17 Ele. Yagi Optibeam OB17-4 10m,15m,20m,40m
DK3YD   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all US amateurs for an enjoyable ARRL DX contest; 73, Hans
DK4LX   Contact Moderator
Great contest, conds fair, mni 599 rprts, IC7600,100w, ZS6BKW,
3ele ya 20-10m
DK7HA   Contact Moderator
IC-703, K3/10; spiderbeam; lambda/4 verticals for 40 m and 80 m
Thanks to the organizers for the contest and all who dug my qrp
sigs out of the noise. This year 15 m was really absent here in
the north not to talk about 10 m. Unfortunately, the heavy storm
over Europe hit my antennas, which limited somewhat my effort.
Nevertheless, it was as usual impressive how fast the US/VE stns,
up to the west-coast, normally caught my call, thanks.
DL2LDE   Contact Moderator
150W and Sloper dipole Antene! Great Contest! Tnx! 73!
DL4XU   Contact Moderator
Kenwood TS-890, 100 Watt
Ant. MP1 on balcony abt. 30 m over gnd.
DL5CL   Contact Moderator
DL6HCC   Contact Moderator
Again it was a pleasure to take part, i had lots of fun !
DL7CX   Contact Moderator
good activity on topband... I miss the category single band assited
... so only count for all band.
DL9GRE   Contact Moderator
More U.S. HAMs should call cq ! Not only KWatt-stations !
DM3XI   Contact Moderator
Thank you for the contacts, OMs!
DM4L   Contact Moderator
We did great asuming the conditions. Also 40m was good. Almost nothing on 15m. But it was fun taking
part as a team.
DR4A   Contact Moderator
Saturday very poor conditions on 15m and sunday real desaster. 20m and low bands were fair.
DR4W   Contact Moderator
Put some fresh meet in the air on sunday night.
E73RB   Contact Moderator
EA1AER   Contact Moderator
FT817 and multiband dipole
EA2GM   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all stations!!!
Best 73!! Javier
EA4BAS   Contact Moderator
ICOM 7300
Dipole G5RV Long Version
EA4M   Contact Moderator
Testing my new call in a great contest like this was very funny.I wish to spend more time but I had
to work in saint Valentine's dinner as I'm chef..... Thanks for a great contest.... See you next

Bye 73 de Rick EA4M
EA5XA   Contact Moderator
One more year participating in my favorite CW contest.
Unfortunately, we are at the bottom of the solar cycle. The 10 meter band closed and the 15 meter
band with few conditions.
I hope to repeat next year. Thank you all for answering my call.
73 - EA5XA
EA6NP   Contact Moderator
ARRL member, looking for NE to complete WAS award, but no luck this time....
EA7X   Contact Moderator
We had lots of fun like always. Sorry for not being able to copy very well
on 160/80, but have no room for Beverage antennas at this site.
20/15 meters closed 2-3 hours earlier than in NW EU. Southwesternmost part
of Eu is not always the best place to be at this time of the year.
Nice dogfight with EI7M at the scores on line. Good score, mates, congratulations.
Thanks to everyone for calling and to Pepe, EA7PP, to bear with us.
73 de EA7X @EA7PP, Jos Ramn
ED8M   Contact Moderator
ED8W   Contact Moderator
True old style SO1R operation. Enjoyed the contest and huge pile ups. Thanks everyone for a QSO.
Big thanks to Mari EA8LF and Manolo EA8DO for allowing me to use the station and for their great
hospitality. ED8W station plays very well and all the improvements made by station owners paid off.
Looking forward to be QRV from ED8W soon. Miro OM5RW
EE5X   Contact Moderator
TS 130S , 100W , Inverted Vee multiband and 14 Mhz Moxon .
EI7M   Contact Moderator
Absolutely terrible weather from Storm Dennis, even for Ireland! Winds
gusting to 120kph meant all telescopic towers were down at storm-safe
height, impacting badly on 40m with the 3el very low. Antenna
directions were controlled by our automatic wind alarm for the whole
weekend - headings were not optimum (mostly set too far north) but
near enough to be ok; in fact we may have accidentally benefited from
Auroral conditions at times. We had lightning, hail, torrential static
rain and even a little snow, quite an adventure! Low band conditions
were excellent but we somehow missed mults on 160m. 15m was in good
shape, although signals were mostly weak there were some good peaks.
We even explored long path on Sunday and at some point in the weekend
a W7 (WA) did say we were working that way. Not one signal heard/seen
on 10m throughout the whole weekend. It was a very enjoyable weekend,
especially with our visitors Olof G0CKV, Tore SM5DZB and Tomas SM0CXU.
Thanks to all for the QSOs, running NA is a delight.
EU1AI   Contact Moderator
Tnx for ARRL Contest
EU4U   Contact Moderator
EU6DX   Contact Moderator
Used FT897d 25w + LW 42m
EU8A   Contact Moderator
EW1TO   Contact Moderator
FT-991A 100W ANT LW GP
F4CIB   Contact Moderator
First ARRL DX CW. 2nd CW contest. Had great time on low bands with
only 80m shorted dipole & R8. No QSO on top band (no antenna) and no
QSO on 15 & 10 (no signal from NA) 73 de Franck, F4CIB
F4GFT   Contact Moderator
Easy does it
F4VSE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
100w from an ICOM IC-7300 into a 7 element multi-band yagi.
Just for fun and to work some new US states. 
73 de F4VSE
F5GGL   Contact Moderator
trcvx  IC7700 pwr 100W   ant steppir 3elts
F5IQJ   Contact Moderator
F5JU   Contact Moderator
F5MUX   Contact Moderator
Thank you all for these 20 hours of pure happiness, even if the
weather conditions were not optimal with this storm Dennis and the 4
power outages.
F5SSI   Contact Moderator
This little log just to permit to US stations to confirm their logs. I
use only QRP power with home made kits and End Fed antenna.
F6BNH   Contact Moderator
great pleasure to operate in arrl ds contest  because of propagation
use only 20m but assisted and glad to work all states  see you next in
phone and if god will see you next year 73's
F6EPO   Contact Moderator
Pleasant propagation with many countries, at sunrise on the 80m only with only 90w and g5rv
F8OOI   Contact Moderator
Great contest but the propagation was a little rough.
next year!  73s to all!
FJ/W2RE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
G0AZH   Contact Moderator
fun contest
with some new ones
G3NKS   Contact Moderator
Very limited time and high local noise. But great fun.
IC-7600 100W, G5RV for 80/40m, trapped vertical for 20m.
G3PHO   Contact Moderator
Could only operate for short periods over the weekend so not a serious
entry! 20m was excellent on Sunday as was 80 on Saturday. Please to
work a few USA/Canada on 160m but my low doublet cannot compete with
the Big Guns on that band! Nothing heard on 10m.
G3RKF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Desperately seeking SD for WAS. No luck, but great fun anyway. Thank-you ARRL for organising us. 73
to All the Team, de Terry G3RKF
G3SNT   Contact Moderator
ICOM 7400 100w and Multiband verticals for all bands
G3SWC   Contact Moderator
Not a serious entry, just a dabble- good fun!
G3XSD   Contact Moderator
G3ZGC   Contact Moderator
Mostly seraching. Nice to work CO and CA which
are quite a disttance for me.
G4BJM   Contact Moderator
Amp problems so part time. Fixed on Sunday so had a good run to the end.
G4BSW   Contact Moderator
Only limited time spent but great fun
G4BUO   Contact Moderator
Very much a part-time entry and I was away both days so had no chance
to work 15m. But ARRL CW is one of my favourite contests, so
having helped Jamie M0SDV set up at M6T, I returned home and
wanted to spend a little time on the air. I moved to this QTH last
summer and there is plenty of work to be done, antennas are
low-profile at the moment but I was amazed how well my doublet
with its centre only 22ft high performed. This site slopes to the
west which certainly helps, and I was able to run on 80, 40 and 20.
Unfortunately no time to put up an antenna for 160. It was great
to work many old friends in W and VE.
G4DBN   Contact Moderator
I used my Elad FDM-DUO barefoot single band 160m QRP at 4.6 watts into a tee antenna laid over a
tree at 30ft with 130ft top, fed against a counterpoise consisting of a 30ft mast and 2m beam. Very
pleased to make nine QSOs, there are some very good receive systems out there. Sad that there isn't
a single-band QRP section to enter!

Huge fun, and to the folks that pulled me out of the noise, thanks for having great ears.
G4IUF   Contact Moderator
Sat morning great conditions. down a bit Sunday.
Enjoyed using SD
G4LZD   Contact Moderator
First ever ARRL contest
G4NBS   Contact Moderator
K3, 250W, 22m long Doublet or 20M Dipole @ 8M
G4NXG/M   Contact Moderator
Better conditions than expected and pleased to
work Wyoming to complete my WAS on CW all-time.
G4OZG   Contact Moderator
Elecraft KX3, 10 watts, 80/40 trap dipole at 25 feet and a homemade 20M vertical at 8 feet with
elevated radials.
Perhaps should have used 5 watts and entered QRP.  
I had a problem with the log so hope it all works out ok!
G7VTU   Contact Moderator
With GALE force winds used just a 40m vertical, hard going at
times. TNX for contacts.
GM9A   Contact Moderator
Winds up to 70mph, torrential rain, thunder and lighning made for
bad contest condx.  My beam was only 20 feet and just over the
shack causing rf and assorted computer problems, so not a serious
effort.  Ended up trying to work as many states as possible -
managed 53.
GW4OKT   Contact Moderator
Had to to take my vertical (40m) antenna down on Saturday night, due to high winds, so used 20m
dipole! Made 192 Qs in All Bands, 81 Qs on 40m.
HA2MN   Contact Moderator
It was a real fun to take part in the contest. The propagation was
acceptable, some new-to-general-log stations were also met. Many
thanks for QSOs and hope to meet you next time.  Rig TS-530SP 100 W
ant end-fed wire 21 mtrs long - above flat roof.
HA3DX   Contact Moderator
Rig: YAESU FT2000 PA:HENRY 3K Premier
Thank's to All for QSO's
Best regards from Hungary!
HA4XH   Contact Moderator
Rig: YAESU FT2000 PA:HENRY 3K Premier
Antenna: Delta loop vert.
polarized for 3,5MHz(NW-SE)
Preselector from HA5IW improved
significantly my RX quality and
it solved the usage of my TX
antennas with SDRPLAY RSP2.
RX: 200m BOG  for 300 degree made
the different and my best score ever on 80 mts.
Amazing condx
Saturday morning. Never heard USA on 80 mts so clear.
Thanks for nice QSO's!
Bigest thrill was VY0ERC from NU, W7ZI from Oregon,
WD0T from Soth Dakota and  K0IDX from North Dakota as new states.
HA4YF   Contact Moderator
IC-706 5x41m centre fed wire 100W RF in an industrial neighbor (ALCOA)
I have left out decades, multies were FLA, CAL ... HI
HA6NL   Contact Moderator
3el yagi * GP-s
ICOM756pro 100w
HA8CQ   Contact Moderator
ICOM-746, Wire dipols
HA9RP   Contact Moderator
E-MAIL: ha9rp2011@gmail.com
HA9TA   Contact Moderator
E-MAIL: szalkotibor@gmail.com
HB9AMO   Contact Moderator
Better score than the previous years. Only few QSOs on 15 meters,
10m band was dead. My station is TS990 + amplifier and only wire antennas.
No beam antenna available here. Great conditions on low bands, finally it was fun.
HB9ARF   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3  100 Watts
Antennas - Kelemen Dipole for 3.5 and 1.8 MHz
Force 12 C-4s ( 2 elements on 14/21/28 MHz shortened Dipole on 7 MHz )
HB9CBR/P   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I was activating a mountain in the Swiss prealps - while doing SOTA (summits on the air) on
"SCHAFEGG" HB/BE-165. As the bands were crowded with contest stations i thought why not give it a
try myself. Transceiver: KX2, Ant: INV-L 11.2 meters long, mounted on a 6 meter pole, power out was
5 watts/QRP. The 20 meter band was just fine to work some US and Canadian stations. I was only
active for about an hour and only worked 22 stations. Thanks for copying my weak signal!
Vy 73 s de Bruno HB9CBR/P on SOTA activation HB/BE-165
HB9CIC   Contact Moderator
This year too, again excellent contest. Perfect to improve personal skills in CW. Limited
propagations, no contacts on 15m and 10m.
HB9DDZ   Contact Moderator
Nice Contest.Only wkd with 100W, GP and LW.Never call CQ.Wkd mni of my new friends of CWOps. See you
next year again.
HB9LG   Contact Moderator
Last chance before dismantling the 80/160m antennas on Sunday morning at HB9CA's QTH; not enough
time/energy for an all bands participation,
I settled for SOA 80m. The 400m Beverage did an excellent job in RX, the Vertical in TX was OK, I
wished I had a more directive TX antenna.
As I recently took over my father's (SK) license HB9LG for our club, I decided to use it; it just
has a special sound to me so I was proud
to bring back on the air.
The cqcontest.net scores were extremely tight, that was really fun !
Marco HB9CAT
HB9TSW   Contact Moderator
1kW, 2el Yagi
HC5DX   Contact Moderator
Jim and I were hosted by David, HC5DX, at his fine location 8,300
feet (2400m) ASL. Great weather, great food, and great station!

(M/S) using one rig. It was Jim's first contest doing "RUN"
instead of S&P...and now he likes it! I was delighted with the
discipline exhibited by most NA stations when we'd call out a
partial call and callers would stand by...impressive! Thanks to
everybody who worked us...what a trip!!! 73, de N4CW/HC5CWT
HF2020PZK   Contact Moderator
ic730 50W, ant inw v, Hand key
HF5WIM   Contact Moderator
I had a great time working W/VE stations on 40M using new vintage callsign HF5WIM (previously
SP5DDJ). Working stations with 100W output were  easier because I have mounted 2 element wire Yagi
couple of days before pointed into States. 90% of stations called respond immediately even if the
sigs were little above noise level.
HI0LT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
A big thank you goes out to my friend Tino HI3CC for making it possible to have a good call sign and
not have to use HI3/KC1XX all weekend long.

This was a higher score than I imagined would be possible from this QTH.
I am staying at the Sosua Inn, in the town of Sosua, DR. It has a beautiful shot to the north right
over the ocean but it is a city and the man-made noise on the low bands is absolutely incredible. I
am on the fourth floor of the building with a beautiful view over the ocean to North America but the
building is also filled with LED lighting and solar heaters etc.
The Austrian owners of this place have been a tremendous support throughout. 
I have access to the roof and I was able to construct a 4 meter wooden tower with a steel mast to
support a tri-bander that I brought from home. I strung 2x40 meters of wire across another roof and
to a parking lot on the adjacent side. 
That was fed with open wire line. This antenna was used on 40, 80 and 160.

On the roof, there is lots of solar power, and air-conditioning units that run all the time. I also
have a power line on the street that looks like a very bad corroded mess.
I apologize to the people that were calling me on the low bands that I could not hear but it was
almost impossible to hear stations through the S-7 to S-9 noise
I still managed to work a lot of stations on 80/160. Thank you so much for your patience with me on
the low bands.

I must also admit that operating by myself is a very different environment and I am definitely not
used to it. Operating from home with large antennas in a multi contest is 180° out from this
experience. When I went to 20 on Sunday afternoon and I got spotted, the pileup was so overwhelming
that twice, I had to just get out of the chair and turn the volume down. At this point I was tired
and I could not copy a thing anymore. 
Anyway, I had a lot of fun and I appreciate all the callers and multipliers.

Again, a huge thanks for supporting our crazy hobby to my OE friends Gabi, Arnold and Kevin of the
Sosua Inn. Their hotel looks amazing with Antennas on the roof. 

Tino, muchísimas gracias por tu ayuda con HI0LT.

Bob, WA1Z thanks for spending lots of time on the phone trying to get my computer straightened out
and my networking set up.

VY73, Matt HI0LT (KC1XX)
HL3AMO   Contact Moderator
Not a Good propagation for simple long-wire antenna.
I2BPP   Contact Moderator
I2BPP RTX ELAD FDM DUO 5W QRP Ant. calc. tap wire 39m long 12m high
I2RBR   Contact Moderator
Equipment: KWD TS430S at less than 70W with 7MHz inverted V and
Daiwa 518 tuner.
73 to all
I2WIJ   Contact Moderator
WAS worked in just one afternoon: amazing!
I3LGP   Contact Moderator
IC746+all bands antenna=2m antenna mast plus AH-4 automatic tuner
I5CDF   Contact Moderator
Very beautiful contest, incredible signals in low propagation
I5NSR   Contact Moderator
Excellent Contest, unfortunately the sun is in minimum activity, with a
few hours of activity I have worked in many states, with wire antennas in
80 and 40 meters and an old TA36 for the other bands.
See you next year ...
II2S   Contact Moderator
Thanks to the Patuzza contest Team!
IK1JJM   Contact Moderator
IK2AIT   Contact Moderator
I gave my call to 61 stations, not bad but almost. 73 Gio
IK3SWB   Contact Moderator
I ran this contest after a long time. Great participation. Unfortunately
the propagation did not allow using 10m and I did few QSO on 15m from my
QTH, not so clear to NA. Anyway, low bands was quite crowded. Thank you!
Set up: Ten Tec Orion, Titanex V160HD & DHDL (for low bands), LZA 9-5
IK4AUY   Contact Moderator
qth locator: JN54MI. Power out 500W, ant: inverted V dipole.
Great conditions on 80m. Really enjoied.
IK4MTF   Contact Moderator
I worked during the contest with a Microvert Antenna for 20m band, only
1,5m long on a balcony at 4th floor of a building. Few hours but a lot of fun!
IK4ZGO   Contact Moderator
Station IR4X
IR4E   Contact Moderator
FANTASTIC CONTEST...no good condition...after 18 utc prop go down... some om not ask qrl before call
in frequency...i was on "my"freq and some people begin cq contest without ask qrl or listen that the
freq was in used...hi black list for me ...incredible some italian station....fortunaly few call:
iz2flx and io2o call in my freq after 10 mintues about usa spot me in the freq. Also IT9RZU called
on my freq...but i go on... the best was SM0HRP...TO HIM I WROTE A BAD EMAIL... 30 MINUTES call on
my freq with 59 over signal and do not listen my qrl pse qsy... another big K1VUT after him called
me ...done qso he qsy from 14030.5 to 14030.6 wowooooo...thanks so much...
IR4Y   Contact Moderator
IT9DSA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Con molto ritardo, mi sono divertito, molta presenza di OM USA e Canada,
solo 100watt Antenna G5RV e TS-140S
IU1LCU   Contact Moderator
IW3ILM   Contact Moderator
I love this game.
IZ2FME   Contact Moderator
IZ3KMY   Contact Moderator
J35X   Contact Moderator
Low power ( 100 W ) sucks in contests. Was run off of my CQ frequency at least 25 times by folks
with a higher power than mine. Some knew I was using the frequency and just persisted and some did
not know. RQ6Q and OH3X I can remember. 10 over S-9 signals. They obviously were not hearing me.
LOL. I just moved on each time. LOL.  It's frustrating though.
Conditions were poor. Lots of weak sigs to try and pull out. Guess my signal was weak too because I
was DUPED at least 25 times by folks who were already in my log but thought they were not and did
not want to miss the MULTIPLIER. i just worked them again instead of giving them QSO B4.
It never ceases to amaze me that I call for one station and many answer. What am I supposed to do?
Drop the QSO I am trying to complete and QSO you? That would be highly unfair to everyone. The
faster I finish a qso is the faster that I get to you.
W9CIR and W9DX were not logged as QRM took out their signals and I guess they left.
N4DX and a few others did not wait around to give me a requested repeat of their section/state
report and were not logged as a result. This I find is happening too regular now.
Otherwise, this time around, I found this contest experience to be frustrating and not as enjoyable
as others in the past. Maybe it was my choice of category to blame. SOSB 80 LP .
Thanks to the many stations who had the time and patience to contact me for the contest. It's
Good luck and 73.
Derek - J35X
JA0AVS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA0BJY   Contact Moderator
CNDX was fairly good.
JA0BZY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA0IND/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1AVI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1CRJ   Contact Moderator
Thank you for QSO.
JA1PIG   Contact Moderator
JA1QIF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1TBA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1UHJ   Contact Moderator
Condx was not good but I have enjoyed the contest.
JA1UOA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2HYD   Contact Moderator
Tnx FB Contest !!
JA2KKA   Contact Moderator
ICOM IC7100 100W
JA3AVO   Contact Moderator
JA3GZE/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3LIL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3QOS   Contact Moderator
High-Band condition were not good.
JA3UWB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3VOV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA4ENY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA4TUJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA5CBU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA6FCL   Contact Moderator
JA7LLL   Contact Moderator
Fun to have many QSOs more than last year. Thank you.
JA7QVI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7SUR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA8CXY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA8DJY   Contact Moderator
Condex was not so good,but enjyoyed
JA9EJG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9FHB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9LNZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9LX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9MAT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
See you next year!
See you next year!
JE1GZB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1ILP   Contact Moderator
TX: IC7300S, ANT: HF40CL
JE1SPY   Contact Moderator
I entry on a single-op 160m lowpower.
I QRV on a single OP low power. This yerar the condition was
very poor as an last year.
I QSOed 4 stations in 2014.
I QSOed 12 stations in 2015.
I QSOed 9 stasions in 2016.
I QSOed 5 stasions in 2017.
I QSOed 38 stasions in 2018.
I QSOed 15 stasions in 2019.
I QSOed 29 stasions in 2020.
It is very difficult to QSO with U.S.A. stations using low
power RIG.
I strong desier to low power categoly in sigle band!!
When the sunrise time at the westcoast in the U.S.A. , I could
not heare the singal of U.S.A station in top band.
I used my MV (Micro Vertical antenna) 12mHigh on my blcony +
Elecraft K2  tranceiver.
My MV antenna was only 3.6m length and it was up only 12m
high from my balcony of my small condminium.
I was surprised that I could QSO many U.S.A. stations with
my MV antenna!
JE2DOD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE3ECD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE3EDJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE4IVN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE4JPQ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE6TUP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE6WGT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1GZZ/2   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1LMB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1OPO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1TEU   Contact Moderator
Due to poor propagation, I had QSO from the West Coast.
JF1VNR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF2AIA/4   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF2FIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you all stations!
JF3KCH   Contact Moderator
FTDX5000(200W) & VD(10mh)
I enjoyed the contest.
I enjoyed the contest.
JF3LOP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF3PGW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF3ROH   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the QSO.
JG1LFR   Contact Moderator
Thanks for patiently listening to my very weak signal.
JG1LHB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1XIO   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed this contest. Thanks.
JG2RFJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG3EHD   Contact Moderator
RCVR;HRO-50T1 XMTR;Homemade Final6146 40Woutput ANT;InvisibleWhip 35mH
JG6SRL   Contact Moderator
Tnx the contest.
JH0ILL   Contact Moderator
RIGIC-7610 / ACOM 1000
JH0OXS   Contact Moderator
3.1. Single Operator (use of spotting networks is NOT PERMITTED): CW only CW only
JH1EYM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1HMC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1KYA   Contact Moderator
I vy enjoyed the contest.
JH1LEM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1OGC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1TJH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1UES   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1VMM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH2GZY   Contact Moderator
Thanks nice QSO.
JH2KKW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH3TCC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH4CES   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH4FUF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
see you next year !!
JH6IAG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH6QIL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH7IQQ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed this contest using a wire with ATU.
JH7IXX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed this contest.
JH7UJU   Contact Moderator
FT817ND, 5watts. DP YAGI
JH7VTE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH7XGN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH8CXW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH8GEU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9CEN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9FCP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
But condition was not good.
But condition was not good.
JI0WVQ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI1ALP   Contact Moderator
JI1HSV   Contact Moderator
A struggle, worst contest conditions ever experienced.
JI1NZA   Contact Moderator
Condition of 40M at nights was good.
I had more QSO than last year.
JI1RSF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI3KHN/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI4WHS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ0SFV   Contact Moderator
using mobile whip ant.
Thank you for picking up my weak signal.
JJ0UJW/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ1IVX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ1QLT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ3JJL   Contact Moderator
FTDX-5000MP 050W
JJ3TBB   Contact Moderator
RIG is TS-850S and ANT is GP
Power output is 50 watts or less
JJ7ATA/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1HIY   Contact Moderator
JK1LSE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1LUY   Contact Moderator
200W    INV
JK1TCV   Contact Moderator
I used power less than 5W
JK7BEJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK7DWD   Contact Moderator
Many thanks to all who were patient with me pulling QRP calls.
Every QSO is appreciated. (^_^)
Operating QRP & homebrew antenna was great fun,
but sometimes (often?) frustrating...
CNDX was good. TNX QSO CUAGN 73
JK7UST   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK8VPQ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JL1EUP   Contact Moderator
All Asian DX Contest
JL1QDO   Contact Moderator
Rig: FT-2000(100W) Ant: 4Band Vertical & Micro Vert(80m)
JM1PIH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JM2LEI   Contact Moderator
I like DX QSO and contest.
JM7GTK   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JN2QYN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JO1WIZ   Contact Moderator
IC-7300M (50 Watts)
Loaded DP
JP1GUW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JP1JZR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1CIV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1EPD/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1TIV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR0BQD   Contact Moderator
JR0GXA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1AKD   Contact Moderator
Enjoy the contest
JR1AQI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1LEV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1MEG/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1UJX/2   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed this contest with a FT-817 + ZS6BKW.
JR2AWS   Contact Moderator
JR2BCF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2EKD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest by QRP.
JR2PAU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PMT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3GPP   Contact Moderator
Thank you for listening to my weak signal !!
JR3RIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you for QSO.
IC-7600 KPA500
JR4DAH   Contact Moderator
I used QRP(5W)RIG
JR6CSY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR6IKD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR7ANB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR7ASO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR8NOD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS1NDM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS2KHM   Contact Moderator
The contest was bad ondition.
Very egrettable.
Very egrettable.
K0AL   Contact Moderator
It was a great contest with tons of participants.  Operating from the big gun station of K0AL made
it even more fun for a couple of Hams normally restricted to using HOA-type antennas.  Thanks Al for
making your station available to us.
K0AU   Contact Moderator
Surprisingly good conditions on all bands for the bottom of the sunspot cycle. S5 to Europe and S9
to Japan on 20M and 40M from the West Coast and strong South Americans on 15M.
K0GEO   Contact Moderator
What a privilege to work such incredible CW
operators.  Talk about fun!   Thank you for the
QSO's and BCNU next time.  73.
K0JJR   Contact Moderator
QSOs  Points  Mults
160m     0       0      0
80m     27      81     20
40m     55     165     37
20m    255     765     74
15m     52     156     28
10m      0       0      0
389    1167 X  159 = 185553
K0WOI   Contact Moderator
First time I've operated this contest in a long time, was a lot of fun.  Will be even better when
the solar flux increases!
K0XP   Contact Moderator
I thought conditions were pretty poor, then remembered this was
160m I was working. Europeans who could be heard on the west
coast with simple wire antlers were few and far between. The lack
of Asian and Pacific participants was particularly disappointing;
we west coasters rely on them to provide multipliers we don't get
from loud Europeans.
K0XX   Contact Moderator
Great fun, as always. Tougher from three-story townhome in an HOA. Used a 67' long inverted L fed
with homebrew 49:1 transformer for 40m-10m, manually bypassed transformer for 80m. Ran TS-590S at
100w.Thanks to all for pulling me out of the mud. 73 John K0XX Missouri
K1GQ   Contact Moderator
SkookumLogger K3S KPA1500 OB40-2 2XA-3B-12L wires

Being fresh meat on Sunday generated some challenging pileups on 20 and 40.

I was unable to spend enough time overnight to leverage the very good condi
tions on 160 and 80.

Digital operators seemed to be occupying more than their usual segments of
the CW bands, I suppose to "prove" they can coexist with CW.

Six bands with PJ2T, VP2MSS, VP9I.
K1MC   Contact Moderator
I had fun on 80 m working some new entities for the DX Challenge
award.  The noise levels were so low at  the start of the contest that
I used another receiver to verify that my modified SB-301 was working
correctly.  I'm still looking for KL7 on 80 m to complete WAS on that
band.  The polar great circle paths from New England to Alaska and
Japan don't appear to open very often.
K1QO   Contact Moderator
K3 at 95 watts into my wire antennas, one OCF oriented E to W,
one OCF oriented N to S and a Delta Loop all put up in the winter
here in Northern NH ....just a grandmother trying to have some
fun on the radio and all that DX in one weekend what's not to
love.  Thanks everyone for putting up with me.... I tried calling
CQ for tiny periods of time but geesh...CW is NOT a primary
language for me and when someone continually comes back to me at
38-40 WPM and it's some wierd call sign what do you expect!!!
73/88 de Ann K1QO
K2MFY   Contact Moderator
Only stayed on 20 meters.
Finally got some great openings to Europe in the morning and JA in the late afternoon.
Who needs sunspots!
K2MRK   Contact Moderator
100 watts to a 66’ end fed wire up 15’. 6 hours of operation. Not too bad considering.
K2RR   Contact Moderator
K3ABE   Contact Moderator
ftdx-1200, al811, atr30 and g5rv at 30 feet
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB operated Multi-2 in the 2020 ARRL DX CW. At start, 40m. was
good to EU; N3UM got 253 Qs 00-04Z, 201 of them running. On 80m.
it was slow but steady; W3GB hit all workable spots on the band
map, mults first, and got 148 Qs by 0544Z QRT, with 142 mults on
both bands. At 1421Z Sat. 20m. was good; N3UM got 54 Qs and 47
mults in 1 hr, mostly EUs. He then had a non-radio obligation
till 0040Z. W3GB got on 20m. 1640-2300Z for 163 Qs and 44 mults.
At 23Z we had 91 ctys on 20m, 86% of our final 106. After 0040Z
we were both on. N3UM got 86 Qs on 40m. by 02Z, 25 running. Then
from 02-04Z he found 160m. good; he got 100 Qs and 53 ctys. W3GB
made 87 Qs on 80m. and 13 on 40m. by 05Z QRT. N3UM got on 20m.
Sun. AM 1350-1630Z. He had meant to run EUs, but never did since
clicking spots was so fast; 186 Qs at 70/hr! There were no good
run freqs anyway. Many of the CQing EUs were 100W, some even 5W.
From 18Z to the end, each of us jumped among 3 bands, 40, 20,
and 15m, and for no reason we each made exactly 117 Qs. W3GB was
on 18-00Z and got the most Qs and some rare mults on 20m. N3UM
was on 1915-2230Z and got the most Qs on 40m. We each got ~half
of the 15m. Qs and mults. Our claimed score in 26.5 hrs. was
above ours of 2019 in 30 hrs, but a bit below 2018 in 29.5 hrs.
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Band conditions were excellent for QRP (5 watts output)."
K4EES   Contact Moderator
I had a ball!
K4PV   Contact Moderator
All, I had a good time, however, with flu / cold symptoms........

Still trying to get a better understanding of operating SO2R with the Flex 6600M and the Power
Genius Amplifier...


K4WI   Contact Moderator
Strange contest indeed! Nothing at Friday evening startup. Saturday morning a lot of noise coming
from the north but no signals. Called CQ Test for hours.... nada! Jumped down to 15 mtrs and it was
wall-to-wall S-9 signals.... so why is 10 so dead? Finally at 2130 I heard and barely worked PJ2T
and PY2UDB for a grand total of two worked for the day! Sunday morning still npisy to the north but
at 1530 ZF1A blows in at 20/9... a good sign. Caribbean stations starting showing up along with a
few South Americans. But at 2030 10 was completely dead again... Stuck around hoping for ZL/VK but
nothing. The Solar numbers were quite bit better than CQWW CW end of November but worked way more
then than this week end. Go Figure! Anyway thanks for the Q's 73's Cort K4WI
K5DD   Contact Moderator
Rig: Flex 6600M
Antenna: Hy-Gain AV680
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Ran 100 watts and a wire for all contacts.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Great first day, but then we ran out of new people
to work. This contest is hard when you don't have
10 and 15 meters to work with - no matter how
good the low bands!
K6FA   Contact Moderator
It was fun to be back, been off for a few years.
K6ICS   Contact Moderator
Confused by number cuts.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
Very much enjoyed the good 80 meter conditions, especially
on Friday night.  Thanks for the QSOs everyone.

Dana, K6NR
K6WSC   Contact Moderator
That was fun. Here in AZ, Saturday brought a nice early morning opening to Europe. The 20m opening
to Europe on Sunday morning was fantastic. 

In the gray line, it’s fun to have enhanced low band propagation to Asia all the while stations in
the eastern US fall away.

It’s a great time to reflect on how the love of radio unites us across the globe in this wonderful

73, Bill K6WSC
K7ABV   Contact Moderator
had fun as usual, however , my 40 meter 2 el beam went belly up, would not load, so something wrong,
now need boom truck sometime to see what is going on..so I used my trusty vertical for 40 meters,
worked ok for the most part..kinda miss the beam, but, in time should get it fixed or replaced...tnx
for all the q's again...contesting since 1957 and still enjoy it...
K7ACZ   Contact Moderator
Rig: IC-7610, Ant: F12 C33 yagi at 80 ft
10 & 15 mtrs dead. Made a few QSO on 40 but not enough to use.
K8GL   Contact Moderator
Super contest! Thanks for the QSO's.  Thanks to the QRP stations for calling in.
K8RCT   Contact Moderator
Wow, the bands really opened up this weekend. Both 40 and 15 meters were surprisingly active. It
gives me hope for improved conditions going forward in 2020.
K8TS   Contact Moderator
Conditions up and down, but mostly up, good participation, couple ATNO.
K9GY   Contact Moderator
Had fun!
K9LA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I wanted to see how many DXCC entities I could work on 40m and 20m with my vintage Viking Ranger II
(50W out) and Drake 2-B. The 40m antenna was an inv-vee at 45ft and the 20m antenna was a small
tri-bander at 40ft. Ended up with 79 (claimed) entities.

I sure wasn't first in any of the pile-ups. There were a number of weak signals that were running a
kilowatt, and I couldn't work them (JT, DU, P3, 4X, etc). I also couldn't work some "common"
entities (FJ, PJ7, YV, GI, OX, etc) - they couldn't hear me. 10 more dB from an amp would have
certainly helped!
K9VER   Contact Moderator
Had a blast and a new high score for me..
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
fun contest just didn't have much time this weekend. Thanks for having it. 73 Matt ka0pqw
KA3PCX   Contact Moderator
1st cw contest, fun!
KA3TTT   Contact Moderator
I worked my first DX!
KB2MMI   Contact Moderator
just trying out first CW contest!
KB4IRR   Contact Moderator
I was at Bunch Hollow Conservarion Area in Carroll County Missouri. It
was fun!
KC4LZN   Contact Moderator
Wow, 10 was open... that was fun!
KC6ZBE   Contact Moderator
Here's hopping for some propagation. Always loved CW. Hope
everyone had fun! 73!
KD2KW   Contact Moderator
Represents more time in the operating chair than anything else.
KD8W   Contact Moderator
Got some DX!, had fun, tnx for sponsoring.
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
K3/10 driving a Ten Tec to 50 watts out.  Wire antennas.  Wow, I don't recall 80M going long and
strong like it did Sat night....  worked stations in South Africa, Guam, Japan, and many places in
between.  Was a fun surprise.  Thanks for the Q's, and C U next time.  73,  Dan ke0tt
KE1VT   Contact Moderator
KE1VT Log 100w
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KF2O   Contact Moderator
low bands terrific. remarkable improvement from conditions one week earlier
KF5ALL   Contact Moderator
KF7E   Contact Moderator
first time with N3FJP logger. 20m Sunday was super.
KH6AQ   Contact Moderator
100W to an inverted-vee up 45'
KH6FHI   Contact Moderator
change Hawaii to State rather than dx entity
KM7DX   Contact Moderator
Fun contest with some amazingly good operators.  Some of the faster
operators challenged my copying abilities.  Seems the faster
could have slowed down a bit from time to time and that would enhance
both stations to increase scores.
Thanks for a great contest!!
KN3O   Contact Moderator
KX3 with AX1, 15 watts out from apartment balcony. At least I submit
contest log again after moving to CA.
KP2BH   Contact Moderator
Third contest as qrp station on 160. Very good propagation to
North america and very very low noise.upgrade to my inverted l
antenna radials work.73's
KQ2M   Contact Moderator
Wonderful propagation for bottom of the cycle and a great JA
run on Saturday evening!  Thanks to all the DXpeditions for their
mults and qso's  Great to see old friends again and make new ones.
Tnx for the qso's!  73  Bob KQ2M
KQ7TJ   Contact Moderator
Made some nice DX with only 90 Watts into 20 M Dipole and multiband Dipole for 40 M.  Most exciting
contact was getting through the pileup to ZM1A.
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Sunday was way better than Sat. here sigs really picked up
on 20 and was wkg 5 watt JAs like in the old days
but no lp EU on 40 and only big gun JAs - that doesn't
jive with the theory about no sun spots but 15 being
almost dead and 10 being totally dead here does, hi!
KV8Q   Contact Moderator
What a good event without any sunspots.  I couldn't believe the
JA's on 20 meters around local sunset times.  It's hard to
believe that I am actually heard with this antenna setup here in
my condo.  It's not like the days when I had gain antennas but
it's still lots of fun.  Thanks - 73  tom    Rig = TenTec Eagle @
100 Watts    Antenna = Mag Loop (40 thru 15) and an Isotron-80 in
attic 12' above garage floor and an indoor 10 meter dipole.
KW8N   Contact Moderator
Got in some good practice with European runs.
LA3RK   Contact Moderator
Short entry. 80 meter antenna blew down late saturday evening.
LA8OM   Contact Moderator
LQ3D   Contact Moderator
From South America, the condx were very dicile, I could not make the contest all the hours allowed
for my category, I only operated the hours where I calculated the propagation window to be able to
communicate with the W and VE zones. My antenna is a 3 ele yagi for three bands raised to 71 feet,
power used 300 watts, icom 746 pro, N1MM and bencher key. This contest is one of the most beautiful
together with the CQWWCW and the WAE CW!

Thank you very much to all the colleagues who work in the ARRL and thanks to these HAMs we can hold
these contests!

                       73   ed   LQ3D-LW3DG
LU1DZ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
El primer Multi-single Argentino, se hizo desde Adrogue.

Este concurso de radioaficionado era organizado por la ARRL.
Consistia en comunicar con la mayor cantidad de estaciones 
de posibles de Estados Unidos.

Categoria multisingle, significa, varios operadores y una estación.
Viernes de febrero del año 1965, pasada la media tarde en
la casa de mi padre Don Urano Silva - LU1DAY en Adrogue, 
cuando arribo Jorge Bozzo LU8DQ, acompañado de su amigo
el Ingeniero Raul Jorge Naveiro LU8DLK quien seria el cuarto
compañero en el debut de las aventuras concurseras.


Para nuestra sorpresa lo unico que trajeron armado era la fuente
de alta tension para el lineal y un OFV "diferencial" variable en
9 MHz y mezcla de Xtales para cada banda y un transmisor
Globe Chief con 2 x 807.

El resto..., todo listo para empezar a cortar el chassis, hacer los
agujeros, construir las bobinas, etc.

Mamita querida...!!!.

No obstante ello empezamos en horario con 100 W y pasada la medianoche entraron en servicio las 2 x
813 en reja masa en 40 m, con mas

de 2,5 KV para una potencia que suponiamos cercana a los 600 Watts de salida. Para ese entonces la
potencia maxima permitida era
de 1.000 Watts de entrada medidos en la etapa de salida E . I = Watts.

Globe Chief
La conmutacion TX/RX la realizabamos a mano con una tecla de luz convencional y un relevador

Fue esta la primera ocasion en la que escuche una estacion W en 160 m y para mi sorpresa, no fue la
unica que logramos comunicar.

Despacito, despacito arrimamos el bochin a 3.000 QSOs entre los dos fines de semana.

En ese entonces anotabamos en unas planillas los multiplicadores por bandas y con un receptor
separado con una antena secundaria,
le tomabamos el pulso a las demas bandas para acertar el momento justo al cambio de banda.

Lamentablemente las planillas despachadas por el correo de Bernal el ulltimo dia permitido, nunca
llegaron a destino y luego pudimos
observar con gran desencanto que hubiaramos logrado el primer puesto mundial en la categoria Multi

Ya para el a¤o 1.966 estuvimos mejor preparados. Las bobinas estaban mejor hechas y montadas y el
alambre largo terminado se convirtio
en una V horizontal con el agregado de un segundo brazo en la posicion adecuada, y en esta ocasion
los operadores de LU1DAY recibimos
el titulo de "Operador del Mes" una distincion propuesta por el Departamento de Comunicaciones de la
ARRL a la vez que alcanzabamos
el tercer lugar en el mundo y primero en America del Sur.

En esta oportunidad iniciamos nuestras experiencias con una antena vertical de 5/8 de longitud de
onda para 160 mts, es decir unos
105 m de altura, levantada con un globo que algun amigo habia hurtado en el Servicio Meteorologico y
que muy secretamente trajo envuelto
en papel madera como una maravillosa contribucion a este esfuerzo alocado. Recuerdo que los Ws
llegaban S9 + en el instrumento,
casi increible en esa banda.

Para elevar el globo, cuando podiamos utilizabamos gas helio y sino hidrogeno que era peligroso pero
mas barato.
Tomabamos todas las precauciones al manipularlo y habiamos dejado algunos metros de soga de nylon
entre la punta de la antena y el globo
propiamente dicho.

La tierra estaba construida con una serie de jabalinas distribuidas en el terreno y un alambre de
1/4 de onda que durante la noche
desenrrollabamos saliendo de la casa por la puerta principal y que llegaba hasta el cordon de la

Siempre uno montaba guardia en la entrada, no fuera cosa que algun trasnochado o madrugador
terminara enganchado y por eso pudieramos
perder algun QSO...!!!. Que lindo se veia el compas del Morse en el tubo fluorescente que le
habiamos adosado...!!!.

Recuerdo que una noche mi abuela llego gritando que habia "una luz mala en el cielo", pobre vieja
que susto se pego.

Los a¤os, mas de diez, se fueron sucediendo y nos aventuramos a otros concursos como el CQ WW,
WAEDXC, All Asian, etc., siempre
con el espiritu de competir para divertirnos y si fuera posible, haciamos todo lo necesario para
lograr buenas ubicaciones finales.

Apegados a las reglas, respetando las divisiones de modos y bandas y sin exceder la máxima potencia
autorizada, lograbamos buenas
ubicaciones, plaquetas, diplomas y medallas que aun hoy enorgullecerian a cualquier concursero de

Por Alberto Urano Silva ex LU2DKG y LU1DZ (sk).-  De los mensajes de Uranito

Hace unos años llevo con orgullo la distintiva que fue de mi amigo y maestro de radio, gane varias
veces el concurso y siempre lo dedico a la memoria de mi amigo Alberto Urano Silva.

Gabriel Cornejo - LU1DZ
LU6UO   Contact Moderator
QRN STORM. Generally condx fine between 13.00 z to 23.30 z here.
M0BPQ   Contact Moderator
A part time entry for me fitting around visitors and my six year old son coming into the shack to
paint my face whilst I was on the air. I realise that my cw is getting rusty so apologies to those I
had to get repeats from. Lots of fun and looking forward a more serious effort in the SSB leg with
the Scouts at GB2GP
M0HOM   Contact Moderator
Unexpected outcome with a single Inverted L! TU all. 73
M1DDD   Contact Moderator
60 ft EFLW fed at top via 9:1 UNUN at 6m AGL.
Sporadic storm conditions (Storm Brendan in UK).
Great activity and signals. Part time effort SnP only
MM0T   Contact Moderator
10 did nothing, 15 did little, 20 was ok but conditions on 40 and 80 seemed better than usual.
Sadly, Storm Dennis bust my doublet at about 21:00 on Sunday. Working with simple antennas this
year, hoping to do better in future.
MW0IDX   Contact Moderator
Easy to participate with SD logging
S&P only. Furthest West I worked was Indiana & Texas
MW6M   Contact Moderator
What an amazing contest. Fantastic propogation right
across North America to the West Coast both days, and
great pile-ups with Hexbeam, dipoles and 100W. Really
enjoyed it 73 Rich GW4BVJ/MW6M
N0AX   Contact Moderator
I'd like to thank the ionosphere for staying relatively quiet this weekend, since
that let us take advantage of what little flux there was.  I'd also like to thank
10 meters for a cameo appearance on Sunday.  We had a terrific weekend, worked a
lot of folks, ate well (especially on Saturday due to K7JOE's rib eye roast) and
didn't manage to break anything.  A very good contest at the solar minimum!
N0CC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was a first shot in the ARRL DX CW.  Intent was to have fun and fill in some blanks for the
DXCC-CW.  I fulfilled that goal, especially the fun part. Conditions were pretty good and the new
linear performed flawlessly.  I'll be back next year.
N0HF   Contact Moderator
Marv W0PSY setup his station here to try out his new KPA500 and
use my antennas, we were originally going to do M2 but couldn't
get things ready in time, so after quite a few years away from
contesting he returned with a good showing.
single op I worked on some improvements, he's my close neighbor
we'll be doing this more often!
N0JK   Contact Moderator
Saturday was very slow on 10 M in the ARRL CW contest with almost no
spots and few contacts reported by contestants. Not surprising with a
sunspot number of zero and
the solar flux of 71.

But Sunday  10 Meters popped open !

I was surprised to find 10 Meters open to the Caribbean Sunday
morning.  ZF1A was coming in with a 559 signal​ at 1725z. I called a
bunch but... and also heard 8P5A later in and out of the noise;  but
no luck with either for a contact.  My 5 watts with the 1/4 wave whip were
not enough this time. It was nice to hear some DX signals on 10 in the
contest.  The opening appeared to me to be sporadic-E. Usually direct
F2 on 10 is very loud. These signals were not with considerable QSB.
ZF is also pretty close in to Kansas for direct F2 on 10, but a good
double hop Es range.  Stations within one hop Es range of the DX
stations in the southeast USA did much better.  DX Maps is consistent
with Sporadic-E.

After striking out on 10, I dropped down to 15 Meters. Many very loud
Central America and Caribbean stations. I worked a very loud​ V47T
at 1829z on 21.026 MHz. This was with the 1/4 wave 10 M whip and no
tuner, so power was probably a watt or so.
N1AIA   Contact Moderator
Someday I'll have good antennas.
N1AM   Contact Moderator
Great contest this year
N1EN   Contact Moderator
Sadly, sometimes work must take precedence over play....
N1ILZ   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun in my first CW contest
N1MM   Contact Moderator
We had a few hardware issues.  Nothing major but isn?t there
always something?
That said our antennas worked GREAT!  The 4
element SteppIR at 70 ft was fantastic!  We were beating big
stations in pileups.  The 3 element 40 KLM was better than I ever
expected.  The best performance it has ever given us.  The 80
vertical was as good as I could have hoped for a single element
full size vertical.  If we could hear them, we worked them.  The
160 vertical worked quite well, many contacts and mults for a
limited time on the band.
On the down side, we were without
the beverages.  Thankfully listening conditions were mostly
quiet.  Both of the 2 wire beverages were taken down by the heavy
winds, ice and MANY trees that fell on them.  Anyone need
firewood??  In the visible portion of the property here with a
bit over 9 acres, we lost over a dozen trees.  Lots of clearing
to be done?
I hope everyone had a chance to get on and play a
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N2EY   Contact Moderator
Could only do a few hours but great fun.
N2FF   Contact Moderator
Lost 80 dipole in a wind storm so used the tunner in thenK3 to
get some RF into the 40 meter dipole and made 5 QSOs on
Friday night.  Lost about three hours of prome time
Saturday moring trying solve the frozen mouse
problem on the new 2 week oldwireless mouse. Finally
checked the battery whiich was only 0.8v.  Wow!
Had to run off to Staples for new AAAs.
Conditions were much better than expected after that
as I packet pounced for a total of 15.2 hours.  The
madenening thing was to hear so many JA stations
on 40 Saturday night and not be able to work any of them.
Seems I have no lobes going NW on that band.
I havve never worked JA EVER on 40.
Thanks to all the folks with good receeivers who
heard my 100 watts.
N2JNZ   Contact Moderator
running 1 watt to a ZeroFive 40 meter vertical
N2OO   Contact Moderator
Tons of Fun as usual!
N2TO   Contact Moderator
Yaesu FT-857D, Envirotronic Iambic Paddle, 20M vertical half wave
end fed wire antenna with qtr wave counterpoise, MFJ-901B tuner.
Thanks to all the ops who worked me on 20 Meters.
N2WK   Contact Moderator
Worked 94 DXCC's in 21 hours. Lots of fun, great conditions. Thanks for all the Q's.
N3FB   Contact Moderator
My first attempt at a CW contest. I was intimidated at first, but overcame the fear and had a blast!
N3RN   Contact Moderator
Could have doubled my score, but I will never be quick enough for this contest.
N4ARY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Wow, my first ARRL DX CW! What a blast to work so much DX in one day with my simple 100W station and
some wire in the trees. I lasted as long as I could. Can't wait for the next great contest!
N4BAA   Contact Moderator
Super Inter-galactically STELLAR feeling to be somewhat back on
the air.
and a tuner, but oh so nice to see so many familiar calls on the
air! See you soon with all the antennas hooked up....
racing OLD MAN WINTER and lost the race.....Plan to have them ALL
hooked up very soon.. (Weather permitting)!!! GO SMC!!!
N4BP   Contact Moderator
N4EFS   Contact Moderator
Check Log only
N4UM   Contact Moderator
500W to a severely bent 135 ft. end fed stealth wire at 20 feet in an HOA.  Too old to pull an
all-nighter.  Total operating time was 10.5 hours with about 6 spent the first night on 160/80/40
and the remainder on 20 and 15 the next day.  Heard nothing on 10.  15 was flakey.  20 was in good
N5JJ   Contact Moderator
Fun weekend but Sunday afternoon was brutal.  Thank God for the
N5PV   Contact Moderator
I worked this contest for a few hours with a marginal setup and had better results than expected.  I
used a 40 meter dipole that was supported in the center by my kid's play house and on the ends by a
wooden privacy fence.  Some points of the wire were only 4 feet above the ground, but I managed to
work 22 countries on 40 meters!
N6AN   Contact Moderator
QRP portable operation on the Caltech campus grounds Saturday and
along the LA river channel in Studio City Sunday. Log was created
from a paper log. I entered each frequency manually, but N1MM did
register them.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
Ran QRP (1/2W Saturday, 5W Sunday) to 20 Foot End-Fed Random Wire.
Popped in and out of my station, likely missed some good times,
but I was lucky enough to make some 15 meter contacts, and
I made WAC on Sunday. (EU and AF can be challenging from
Arizona with my station). For a part-time effort, I was pleased with
the results considering the solar conditions. Thanks to all for your
patience and the QSOs. Some amazing operators heard this year,
as always in this great contest. GO ARIZONA OUTLAWS!  73, John H6HI
N6IC   Contact Moderator
I can feel the new cycle coming... time was actually 8 hrs...
N6RO   Contact Moderator
Allow SINGLE BAND UNLIMITED category, as most other major
contests do.
N8BJQ   Contact Moderator
N8II   Contact Moderator
Conditions were the best I can ever remember on 80M into EU! 160, 40, 20 were also better than
expected. It was great to top 1000 Q's on 20 with LP. 15 was marginal to EU both days with a 15-20
minute run on Sunday.
N8JLM   Contact Moderator
This was a fun contest, as I tried to get a couple more countries in CW.
N9RV   Contact Moderator
Great low bands!
NA4CW   Contact Moderator
Just DXing on 160 a bit. Logged it by hand since I didn't plan to make
many Qs.
NA6MG   Contact Moderator
NA6O   Contact Moderator
Best part was having new CWop K6KM jack in with me for an intense
training session at the start of the contest. Great way to teach
and great way to learn!
ND9M/KH2   Contact Moderator
Operated portable from Clipper Landing at the Guam Naval Base.
NN5T   Contact Moderator
I have a mixed feelings, can't wait for the next solar cycle but 160/80 is so wonderful with zero
NP2X   Contact Moderator
9A1A nominated for the worst key clicks of the contest...
NR0R   Contact Moderator
100 milliwatts 

Every contact I made was using 100 milliwatts output power.
Milliwatting makes each QSO more challenging, but each QSO also becomes MEGAFuN!
OA4SS   Contact Moderator
Ten meters never opened from Peru.
OE1VMC   Contact Moderator
ANT 80m Inverted-V 2x17m at 8m AGL
ANT 20m Quarterwave Vertical at 6m AGL
80m Mults = MA NH PA VA NC MD PE, No. of QSOs = 11 (15x33 Pts)
40m Mults = DE MI PE ON,          No. of QSOs =  4 (15x 4 Pts)
20m Mults = ON DE NY MI VA NC,    No. of QSOs =  6 (15x18 Pts
Raw Score: 63 Qpts x 15 Mults = 945
one or more QTHs in the copied exchange not recognized
Log received at: 2020-02-16 23:33:12 UTC
OE2BZL   Contact Moderator
Hello the following message is wrong: 
"Operator:	SINGLE-OP	Created from Number of operators question (Answer: Only one)
Assisted:	NON-ASSISTED	Created from Spotting assistance question (Answer: No)
Power:	HIGH	Created from Highest power question (Answer: More than 150W)"

But in my log file I corrected and resubmitted:
CATEGORY-POWER:  More than 150W

To me it looks like that during repeated submissions the corrected file was not uploaded again.
OE2S   Contact Moderator
only part time operation due to other obligations and some station
repair work. Nice condx on the low bands.
OH/M0CFW   Contact Moderator
Thanks to station owner Seppo OH1VR. This time I was given an access
to his station whole 48 hours during the contest.

My target was making more than 1k qso and beat OH6NV score in 2009.
At the end both are achieved.

I have to admit I missed sunrise on Saturday as I was so tired and had
some nap….. It was too late for 160/80 but 40 was better than during
night. Great rate on 20 (but not like 200 of course) till 20z, then
bits and pieces on 80 and 40 makes approx 700 Qs at 24 hours. At that
times it is likely to reach 1k Qs.

Sunday started more or less same, difficult night time, again some nap
but awake at sunrise. I did not feel better propagation during sunrise,
level was almost same as night time and not much increase of
multiplier. 20 started ok in the afternoon but quickly deteriorated and
I felt 1k Qs is unlikely. I decided to go out for walk as it was nice
weather after heavy storm in the morning. An hour later start again on
20 and rate went back up very slowly. I was staying on 20 a bit longer
till 21z and reached 1k. Then got nice rate on 40 and 80 afterwards.

I missed 15m openings if any. I checked every half an hour during day
time in OH time but heard only EU/AF station.

73 Kazu
OH1XX   Contact Moderator
In Sunday at 0407Z went an 1-hour QRT due high wind wet static QRN. Still some EU-stns have a
terrible clix. Also someones came 500Hz below start a contest call with clix. In last hours got a
EU-jammer from S.West direction, but not missing anything, only three Q's. My TX-ant. a single
3-bands top roof vertical, and RX-ant. a HI-Z8 160M 8-square. 73's Hannu OH1XX
OH2KI   Contact Moderator
First night ok, then few QSOs.
OH2PQ   Contact Moderator
Thank you to OH2BAH for letting me use his station again
OH5MQ   Contact Moderator
RIG: Kenwood TS-520S
PWR: 80 W
ANT: 80 m horizontal loop
OH5UQ   Contact Moderator
TS590 + PA 500 W  40 GP
OH7KBF   Contact Moderator
ARRL DX CW Contest 2020
OK1DKR   Contact Moderator
OK1FKD   Contact Moderator
ELECRAFT K2-5W, ant. LW 42m
OK1WSL   Contact Moderator
PWR 100W Ant Trap. Dip.
OK2LF   Contact Moderator
ARRL CW 2020
OK2MBP   Contact Moderator
Rig[s] IC-756PROIII-100W, Antena[s] 3.el.YAGI,Dipol 2x40m
OK2PBG   Contact Moderator
ARRL International DX Contest CW  2020-02-15  00:00 UTC - 2020-02-16 23:59 UTC
OK5ET   Contact Moderator
FTDX3000 + PA 400W, 21m Vert +4 small RX ANTs
OK7KW   Contact Moderator
IC756 + tribander
OL6D   Contact Moderator
REmote Flex3000 + RF-KIT 1,3kW + 4SQ
OM2DT   Contact Moderator
TS590sg, LW
OM3CDN   Contact Moderator
Rig: FT-277ZD, max output 100 watts, Dipole inverted V.
OM5WW   Contact Moderator
PWR : 100 W, ANT..: multiband deltaloop
ON5WL   Contact Moderator
The propagation was good on 80 m and there was much
activity so I could make many QSO.I worked Arizona.
I enjoyed the contest.
Till next year.
73 Leon  ON5WL
OZ1DTF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I have moved to a small QTH surrounded by noise sources so limited possibilities. Despite using just
13m L-shaped end-fed wire and low power I had fun thanks to good conditions on 40. As I am now an
"old-timer" it is nice to sharpen the brain with some CW. 73 de OZ1DTF (ex. SM5CDY).
OZ3SM   Contact Moderator
Rig: Elecraft K3/P3, SSPA: 600 W
Ant: 160-30 M
Vertical Loop; 20-10 M Hexbeam
P40SW   Contact Moderator
Great event! Bands were pretty good!

Kilo Three Scotch Whisky....
PA0JLS   Contact Moderator
Another contest during a heavy storm. Inverted L (GM0ONX) and
vertical OK.
Expirenced a lot of problems to get throug the
high pwr European stations.
Worked my way thru and had fun on
the keyboard. Conditions OK on all bands except 10 and 15 mtrs no
signal at all. Tnx for the Q's su all nxt time. 73 Hans /pa0jls
PA0O   Contact Moderator
ARRL CW the mother of all contest
40 year ago we were using PA0GN
handwritten log and dub sheet ...

Nasty Dennis again storm and rain
PA0RBA   Contact Moderator
PA0RHA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
As always nice/good contest
PA0VAM   Contact Moderator
Lots of activity at the lower (40m & 80m) bands. Realy enjoyed it.
PA0ZAV   Contact Moderator
Fun to work qrp on 20m with the g5rv antenna
PA2CHM   Contact Moderator
used SD for post contest logging
PA2REH   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Almost no condx on 15m. but managed to wordk some stations with only 100W and dipole. SRi for some
dupes, signals were vy weak.
Thanks to all for qso, gd dx, 73
PA2RU   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I had lots of fun during this contest.
10 was dead ;( on 15 only some signals from inside the EU and South America , but nothing from North
No antenna for 160m
PA3DRL   Contact Moderator
PA3GCV   Contact Moderator
FT-1000-D, ant. Endfed 20,40,80m.at 10m.
See you all next year.
PA3GYK   Contact Moderator
arrl cw qrp
PA4J   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contacts.Equipment usd : FTDX3000 & wiredipole under the attic.
PA4WM   Contact Moderator
Stormy weather this weekend prevented the crank-up tower to be
raised, but I had lots of fun participating some hours on 80m to
15m. Worked most of the states, but never heard WY Nevada
for instance. Nice contest and lots of activity.
73 Martin PA4WM
PA5GU   Contact Moderator
Big spread-out on 20 meters going as far as 14,200
PD0HF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
PD1B   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
CLUB: 26
CATEGORY-POWER: 150W or less
NAME: Bert
ADDRESS: Gagelstraat 17
ADDRESS-CITY: Hollandscheveld
EMAIL: pd1b@live.nl
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.8152.0
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0828 PD1B          599 25     AA7A          599 AZ       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0834 PD1B          599 25     K1IR          599 MA       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0837 PD1B          599 25     N2NT          599 NJ       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0840 PD1B          599 25     W3LPL         599 MD       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0844 PD1B          599 25     K3LR          599 PA       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0852 PD1B          599 25     K4TCG         599 TN       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0858 PD1B          599 25     N4WW          599 FL       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0912 PD1B          599 25     K1ZZ          599 CT       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0917 PD1B          599 25     NR4M          599 VA       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0920 PD1B          599 25     K1IRE         599 MA       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0926 PD1B          599 25     AA4LS         599 ME       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 0957 PD1B          599 25     K3ZO          599 MD       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 1001 PD1B          599 25     K1JB          599 ME       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 1013 PD1B          599 25     W2YCE         599 NJ       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 1022 PD1B          599 25     N5DX          599 NY       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 1026 PD1B          599 25     KI1G          599 RI       
QSO:  7000 CW 2020-02-16 1029 PD1B          599 25     K1TTT         599 MA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1150 PD1B          599 25     KQ2M          599 CT       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1153 PD1B          599 25     KC1XX         599 NH       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1155 PD1B          599 25     N2RC          599 NY       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1200 PD1B          599 25     NY6DX         599 NY       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1207 PD1B          599 25     W3LPL         599 MD       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1210 PD1B          599 25     AA4LS         599 ME       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1211 PD1B          599 25     W2FU          599 NY       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1215 PD1B          599 25     W4CB          599 VA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1216 PD1B          599 25     K1IR          599 MA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1219 PD1B          599 25     KU2M          599 NJ       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1220 PD1B          599 25     W8FJ          599 PA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1222 PD1B          599 25     K1KI          599 CT       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1225 PD1B          599 25     KR2AA         599 NY       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1226 PD1B          599 25     KI1G          599 RI       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1243 PD1B          599 25     K1ZZ          599 CT       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1248 PD1B          599 25     N3RS          599 PA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1250 PD1B          599 25     N9NC          599 NH       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1257 PD1B          599 25     W2JU          599 CT       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1302 PD1B          599 25     K9RS          599 DE       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1306 PD1B          599 25     K3WW          599 PA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1638 PD1B          599 25     N7DR          599 CO       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1645 PD1B          599 25     K9MA          599 WI       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1647 PD1B          599 25     W0WP          599 IA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1651 PD1B          599 25     K7ZS          599 OR       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1653 PD1B          599 25     N4YDU         599 NC       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1657 PD1B          599 25     AI9T          599 IL       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1658 PD1B          599 25     K3PH          599 PA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1700 PD1B          599 25     K3WU          599 PA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1701 PD1B          599 25     K1RO          599 NH       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1708 PD1B          599 25     W9VW          599 IN       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1731 PD1B          599 25     N0IJ          599 WI       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1735 PD1B          599 25     K1LT          599 OH       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1736 PD1B          599 25     K9CT          599 IL       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1743 PD1B          599 25     AA1K          599 DE       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1745 PD1B          599 25     AB3CX         599 NY       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1746 PD1B          599 25     VE3JM         599 ON       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1751 PD1B          599 25     K3UL          599 PA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1753 PD1B          599 25     N9RV          599 MT       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1755 PD1B          599 25     VE3VN         599 ON       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1800 PD1B          599 25     W7RM          599 OR       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1805 PD1B          599 25     W6AYC         599 CA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1806 PD1B          599 25     K2AX          599 NJ       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1808 PD1B          599 25     WA2FZB        599 NJ       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1810 PD1B          599 25     K8AZ          599 OH       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1813 PD1B          599 25     NO6T          599 CA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1817 PD1B          599 25     N6NWE         599 NC       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1821 PD1B          599 25     K7QA          599 UT       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1824 PD1B          599 25     N4UU          599 FL       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1826 PD1B          599 25     N1PGA         599 MA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1828 PD1B          599 25     NE3H          599 PA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1830 PD1B          599 25     NR4M          599 VA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1832 PD1B          599 25     W8MJ          599 MI       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1835 PD1B          599 25     N2MM          599 NJ       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1840 PD1B          599 25     AA3B          599 PA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1843 PD1B          599 25     WX0B          599 TX       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1857 PD1B          599 25     VE3EJ         599 ON       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1904 PD1B          599 25     N0NI          599 IA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1908 PD1B          599 25     K5GN          599 TX       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1910 PD1B          599 25     W9RE          599 IN       
QSO: 14000 CW 2020-02-16 1914 PD1B          599 25     K0EA          599 MN       
PE1F   Contact Moderator
Just a few QSO's with a very poor end-fed antenna, but as always with the ARRL DX contest, I had
great fun ! 73's from the Netherlands, Francesco - PE1F (ex I0VFB, HB9TWZ)
PE1FJN   Contact Moderator
50W into HyEndFed
PE2K   Contact Moderator
All QSO's made with 5 watt and a dipole antenna. QSL is via bureau. 73, PE2K
PF5X   Contact Moderator
High-band antenna down due to high winds. So very few QSos made
on 40m late Saterday morning.
PJ7/G4JEC   Contact Moderator
Initial antenna problem significantly impacted operating time.  Still good
fun regardless of the very limited time active.
PS2T   Contact Moderator
Always a pleasure to work disciplined North American pileups
PT8CW   Contact Moderator
Very Good Contest!
PU4YJS   Contact Moderator
PY2UDB   Contact Moderator
Reasonable condx on 10m on Sunday. Enjoyed my participation. 73
R3LC   Contact Moderator
e-mail: r3lc@mail.ru
R3PIQ   Contact Moderator
GL! 73!
R3VL   Contact Moderator
SO1R; TX FT-450D 100 w; ANT: YAGI-2el, W3DZZ
R4WT   Contact Moderator
FT-2000  IV
R6CW   Contact Moderator
TS-590S - 100watts
ant - loop
R7AC   Contact Moderator
R8OM   Contact Moderator
RA3XCZ   Contact Moderator
IC756PROIII, Delta Loop 160
RA7M   Contact Moderator
RC7B   Contact Moderator
FT-950 + PA + Vertical GP
RJ3A   Contact Moderator
RK0UN   Contact Moderator
RL4F   Contact Moderator
RM3F   Contact Moderator
just for fun
RN0D   Contact Moderator
it is necessary to implement TCI in N1MM+
RN2FQ   Contact Moderator
RT4O   Contact Moderator
RU0LAX   Contact Moderator
p.o.Box 130
RV7C   Contact Moderator
RW0UM   Contact Moderator
RW3AI   Contact Moderator
Rig XIEGU G90, pwr 5 watts. Ant ECO vertical
RW3DIA   Contact Moderator
TNX 731
RW3YB   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
RW4CLF   Contact Moderator
My power is 1000 watts. I'm  send were exchange  is "K"
RX6AOB   Contact Moderator
RY4A   Contact Moderator
RZ4AA   Contact Moderator
S59MA   Contact Moderator
FT-920 + G5RV, 33ft  AGL.
check, if antenna works OK.
SG3O   Contact Moderator
Nice to try 40M entry this time, surprised to hear W- station at noon local time.
SM0HRP   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Nice contest. A storm weather came along again ( 25 m/s) and all antennas had to be nested down on
the 90 feet crank ip towers ( 3 towers). Puh...:( We have had storms every third week but no snow.
This is very tiring. 
Conds were bad first night but improved a little 2nd bight. 20m was the money band. 
I am running a remote contest station for SO3R see more at 
http://remotedxandcontestblog.sm0hrp.se/.  Lot of testing to make it 100 % reliable with 4G internet
access on a remote island can be some challanging.
SM5CSS   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3 100W to KT34XA (20m), Inv Vee (40m), Inv Vee (80m).
SO3AK   Contact Moderator
I'm very happy. I did ,on 80 meter band, 104 qso and 27 states on 5 hours with very simple equipment
.I used FTDX-3000 only 100W and delta loop antenna mounted only 12 to  8 meter above ground.
SP1AEN   Contact Moderator
RIG: FTDX3000D abt 100wtts; ANT.: LW for all bands
SP2WDW   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun with 100 W and a compromise antenna. Hats off to all those friendly people who managed
to copy my signals across North America.
SP3GTS   Contact Moderator
TS-590, GP-160/80, 2xBev
SP4AAZ   Contact Moderator
FTDX 3000
SP5CJY   Contact Moderator
IC7300 100W
TX ANT T-vert.19m
SP6BEN   Contact Moderator
IC 735 100 W
SP9R   Contact Moderator
SQ2ICX   Contact Moderator
SQ3PMX   Contact Moderator
E-MAIL: sq3pmx@wp.pl
SQ9FMU   Contact Moderator
rig-IC746 ; ant-GP ; pwr-100Wtts
TA2BS   Contact Moderator
TA3AER   Contact Moderator
IC-7600, 7 EL 3 BAND (20,15,10) HOME MADE YAGI
TA4PR   Contact Moderator
Thanks for contest
TA4RC   Contact Moderator
TM10GFT   Contact Moderator
suprisingly good propagation
TM5EE   Contact Moderator
Too much dupes ... One hour lost !
TM6M   Contact Moderator
Lots of work in progress ! So we're not able at moment to work all
bands! 80m was the band who worked! Conditions were good first night!
Fair second night! Tks for qsos cu next contest Oli  RIG : FT1000MKV ,
Slopper , 1 beverage
UA0KBG   Contact Moderator
UA0SBQ   Contact Moderator
UA0SE   Contact Moderator
UA0ZAM   Contact Moderator
UA1CUR   Contact Moderator
ICOM-718,ANT-LW 160 METRS,INV VEE FOR 160,80,40
UA3QGT   Contact Moderator
UA6CC   Contact Moderator
TNX 73
UA9XX   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
UN4PD   Contact Moderator
UR4CW   Contact Moderator
single band
UR5AO   Contact Moderator
Sumy 40035 UKRAINE
UR5EDX   Contact Moderator
UR5FA   Contact Moderator
KX2+Delta Loop 40m
UR5TGK   Contact Moderator
UR7EC   Contact Moderator
UR7HN   Contact Moderator
TNX GD Contest! 73!
US7IGN/P   Contact Moderator
icom 706mk2g, wires
UT4LW   Contact Moderator
SDR trcvr SunSDR2-PRO, KXPA100
160,80,40 - dipole Up18m, fider 70m.
20,15,10 - Spider Up 10m, fider 30m.
UT7NY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Thanks for nice job!
UT8AS   Contact Moderator
TRX - MiniYES + PA 150W Out, Ant - 1-el Delta Loop 85m
UV1IX   Contact Moderator
UX1CL   Contact Moderator
TNX! 73!
UY2IG   Contact Moderator
UY5VA   Contact Moderator
UY7LM   Contact Moderator
UZ1WW   Contact Moderator
V31HE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Due to missed PC link I made all QSO's with PALM double paddle. A complete new experience. Anyway, I
had much fun all time.

Andy V31HE
V4/K3VX   Contact Moderator
What a Hoot!
VA3AMX   Contact Moderator
Thanks for all who had patience to work me. The setup on my city
lot is a K2 @5W receives very well. I was able to hear
regions of the world that I was not able with my previous mediocre. But I
evening! (I was happy). It was VA3AMX - Eric
VA3RKM   Contact Moderator
K3, wire and verticals.
VA3SB   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Operated remotely from Europe (Geneva) using RemoteHam software. Worked very well. My apologies for
the number of repeat requests as the hotel was having some internet connectivity issues throughout
the weekend. 
Fun contest nevertheless. Thanks to all for the Q's. See you in the next one. 


VA7GI   Contact Moderator
Solar power remote. Limited sun reduced operating time and power to 100W. 73 VA7GI
VA7RN   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately after the first hour I suffered an equipment failure.
VA7UNX   Contact Moderator
Thanks for a great contest!
VE2ESU   Contact Moderator
150 Watts
VE2FK   Contact Moderator
Bravo to all those 5 wts that did not send /QRP
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
Bit cold to fix 160 ant(-22?C)so did 80M
VE3VHB   Contact Moderator
CHECK LOG ONLY. I didn't record power, so guessing k or kw for all!
VE3ZY   Contact Moderator
Once again it took me a while to remember that
I should be working DX, not North American stns.
Apologies to those North Americans I worked.
VE4DL   Contact Moderator
This is my first time in the DX CW contest, and first CW contest without a better pair of ears in
the room. I'm quite happy with the results.
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operating this contest. I had the opportunity
to compare the Vintage IC-751A with my recently obtained IC-756
Pro. Both are great Rados. 73 Gerry
VE9VIC   Contact Moderator
Thank to DX for their patience, my low OCFD at 30 feet(15 m) did very good, 73 ve9vic.
VK2GR   Contact Moderator
Great 20m and 40m conditions on long and short paths. Very poor
15m conditions.
monoband Yagis for 20m and 15m.
VK4TT   Contact Moderator
Used "SD" by EI5DI worked very FB
VK6IT   Contact Moderator
Good openings to NA on 40M but first night lost 3 hours of prime opening time due to power outage.
Always good fun though and a credit to the many whose patience enabled copying my 150watts and
Invee. Long live CW.
John VK6IT
VK7GN   Contact Moderator
I do like long path on monay morning my time!
VU2PTT   Contact Moderator
Great conditons on 20m - unfortunately could not spend much time.
VY0ERC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
VY1KX   Contact Moderator
Band conditions seemed pretty good and it was nice to
make a few contacts on 15 m, the first in a long time.
I used SD for logging and it worked well for me.
W0AAE   Contact Moderator
I am a 15 year old amateur radio operator
W0BF   Contact Moderator
As a 55 year ARRL member , I fail to see why there is NO power
difference if I want to submit a single band entry. To have to
with HIGH POWER contest conglomerates is ludicrous !!
This will probably be the last entry for me in ARRL DX contests !
I will concentrate on CQ Dx contests where I have a chance !!
W0BH   Contact Moderator
100 * 75 IN 2:04
W1AST   Contact Moderator
Great fun, wish I could have spent more time working it!
W1AZ   Contact Moderator
I recently moved to a retirement village and haven't had time to get any outdoor antenna.  Our
duplex has a loft with just enough room to tape a 20m dipole to the ceiling.  I was surprised that
it worked as well as it did.  The rig was an Elecraft KX3/KPA100 combination with the antenna
connected through an Elecraft balun.
W1IG   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the patience on the DX side. Conditions were fairly good. Running FT817 at 4 Watts into
an Alpha Delta DX-LB Plus with N1MM Logging it.
W1NU   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed getting in op-time when life around the house and family allowed; using just my ears and
fist slowed things substantially as some of the 'number heavy' calls are rather difficult to
accurately transcribe at speed and I found myself hung up for several minutes on occasion. Lots of
fun seeing the bands so alive despite the difficult conditions.
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
W2EG   Contact Moderator
SOSB 40; 480W to end-fed wire up ~15M. Condx best by far on
Saturday. Nice to work BA, JT, and JA (a tough path from my QTH)
as well as other AS and OC, all near my sunrise. Nice run Saturday
eve an hour or so before my sunset. Didn't quite make 100K
points, but pleased nonetheless. My end-fed wire is snagged in
tree bark (where I can't reach it), so good it was dry wx,
otherwise lossy to tree. I enjoyed the test and thank all for the
Qs.     73, Rich, W2EG
W2MKM   Contact Moderator
Amazing conditions especially on Friday night and Saturday 15M to SA was great and only using a
multi-band Doublet at 45' with a KW.  Signal to noise ratios at my place were amazing and easy to
work guys with S3 signals.  Special thanks to K1BDO author of Slice-Master 6000 who helped me get my
Flex 6400M configured with N1MM+, CWSkimmer and SmartSDR 3.x so that I could get my local spots
showing properly (what I needed and not) and that made all the difference.  Great fun!  Ed W2MKM
W3SM   Contact Moderator
Operation from station in WMA (01040).
W3TB   Contact Moderator
Too much personal stuff going this weekend to get in a lot of
time, but at least I got here and submitted a score!
W4/LZ5KF   Contact Moderator
First entry using N4BP's remote station. Lot of fun despite restricted time to enter the contest.
Initially planned SB160 but spotting assistance put me into the all bands category. No worry, fun
was there and I will come again next yaer, for sure! Thanks for the party!
W4DD   Contact Moderator
Saturday on 10M was dead, dead, dead, but things were a little
better on Sunday.
W4GHV   Contact Moderator
IC-7610 & EFHW
W4HVH   Contact Moderator
W4ZYT   Contact Moderator
Excellent low band and surprisingly good conditions on 20.
W5GCX   Contact Moderator
FT450D + 6-BTV Vertical
W5THT   Contact Moderator
Happy Mardi-Gras (local celebration date conflict)
W7XI   Contact Moderator
W8DXU   Contact Moderator
Poor propagation made this contest much more difficult than usual for QRP stations.  I sincerely
appreciate the patience and persistence of the many DX operators who took the time to ask for
repeats.  Even though I slowed you down, you made an extra effort to give me a contact.  Your
courtesy and respect make me proud to be associated with such a great international fraternity!
W8KNO   Contact Moderator
Rotor inop and pointed East.  Got to play!
W8LVN   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun, despite only having 80 meter dipole and 40 meter dipole. The 80
was used on 20, the 40 on 15. It is fun working JA on 40 and 80 with wire
dipoles only. It was fun being called at the end by UW1, DM2, OK7, Rl3, SQ8.
Mostly S&P given low power.
I should have called CQ more on 40, maybe 80 even though I have only 100 watts.
Worked about 24 hours, which is more than originally planned.
Time was limited due to Valentine's day celebration and a errands.
More antennas next time.
W8MJ   Contact Moderator
I submitted my log an immediately you've taken away 8 Mults from my claim score of 2,543,310 and
reduce it down to 2,497 + even before log checking.  Why are you doing this?????? Please explain. I
am waiting a reply to my email.  Thank you.
W8WA   Contact Moderator
Great contest... good Asian openings Saturday and Sunday.  Parkinson's Disease issues prevent me
from putting in a full effort so search for counties with limited runs.
W8YV   Contact Moderator
Fun contest as always.
W9RE   Contact Moderator
Conditions were great from 160 to 20 with a lot of activity.  Thanks to all arou
W9YK   Contact Moderator
always great to hear those CW tones from around the world - life is good!
WA1FCN   Contact Moderator
This was an enjoyable contest. Think I may do
this again next year!  This might me the most
Qso's in any contest ever.
WA4EMU   Contact Moderator
WA4JQS   Contact Moderator
had to work the weekend so only got to play a few hours but was fun 28 mts open for a short time
sunday morning to SA.only heard one VK and ZL.. 
73 Tony WA4JQS
WA4PSC   Contact Moderator
I fit a few hours in over the weekend between work and family visits.  I really
like this contest for the obvious reason: it is nice to have DX looking for NA
Qs for once!

Weather over the last few months doomed my Beverages through the woods which
came down three times, the last time I had not repaired yet.  This really
reduced my fun on 160-40, but the condx were excellent from here.

Towards the end N1MM locked up and just started spewing my call...I apologize to
whomever I QRMed before I shut it down.

Cheers & 73,
Howie / WA4PSC

Elecraft K-line
160M Carolina Windom w/ lots of CM choking...
WA5RR   Contact Moderator
QRP this year so the going was a little challenging. My goal was
to beat my 2013 score and I have done it. Here's hoping I place
better this time!
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
10 mtrs dead as usual.  Some openings to Europe.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WB0TEV   Contact Moderator
Just chasing a few band slots on low bands.
WB7QMR   Contact Moderator
Flex6300, Outbacker, cwSkimmer
WB8JAY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Didn't have much chance to operate, but did have a lot of enjoyment using my Heathkit HW16/HG10B
setup to make some dx contacts. It was old school operating. Tune in station, zero beat VFO and
transmit. Also, used the old vibroplex bug to make with the dit-dahs. Like I said, old school! I
remember the days!
                             Dan - WB8JAY
WB9TFF   Contact Moderator
I could have keyboarded all night! Super easy to s&p.  I got Paraguay ATNO and many new band
countries on 15m. Japan was not too easy at 23:57 utc Sunday in the pileup.  Antarctica was a cool
surprise, too. I had fun.
WD6DX   Contact Moderator
Rig:  FT-817 QRP.  Antenna:  G5RV Jr @ 15 feet.
Thanks to all the stations that took the time
to dig by 3 watt signal out of the noise.
WN7S   Contact Moderator
In HOA - hard digging out the 100 watt stations. Still had great time... Hard getting a spot on
40... 73 dick wn7s
YL3FW   Contact Moderator
Tnx & 73!
YO2MJZ   Contact Moderator
YO4BEX   Contact Moderator
YO4SI   Contact Moderator
RIG: KENWOOD TS-450SAT 100 W; ANT: FD4 & LW 41 m
YO5AXF   Contact Moderator
YV6BXN   Contact Moderator
Conditions I thought were excellent from 15mts down to 40 mts
Score is down by about a 1/2 from last year but was a real
experience, since I used a R7 Vertical and dipole an only 100 Watts.
in fact I'm quite surprised with the good propagation and no sunpots 73 dx
ZF2AN   Contact Moderator
Second day the contest log crashed. Fatal error, couldn't restore, no secure copy. So I had to start
again. Very sorry
ZL3X   Contact Moderator
Great fun as usual, nice to have Tim G4YBU join us as guest op.