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4I1EBD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Propagation Condition is not good but i certainly enjoy the ARRL 10m Contest.
73 de 4I1EBD
7N2UQC   Contact Moderator
I could enjoy the good contest.
Tnx for a fine contest again.
IC-7600, Dipole-Ant.
AA4HG   Contact Moderator
AA6XA   Contact Moderator
Made a few contacts during my activation of
Vollmer Peak, W6/NC-298. Fun running a short
pileup, until the sun started going down and my
fingers got cold.
AE0DX   Contact Moderator
New 10M vertical for this - my first 10M contest.
AF1T   Contact Moderator
Glad to get on for a while, and contact old friends.
AI6SL   Contact Moderator
Band was pretty good at times.  Had fun.
AI8O   Contact Moderator
Propagation was poor.
Didn't hear many stations compared to last year..
ALL my contacts were within 700 miles of my QTH.
Most were in a donut like circle 400 to 700 miles away.
Didn't work any stations in my state, North Carolina.
AJ6T   Contact Moderator
Operated with my barefoot K3s and an all-band OCFD at 50 feet.  It was fun to watch the huge meteor
scatter pings that would bring signals from nil to S9+.  I did not hear any Europeans or Africans,
but the USA and South American stations were plentiful.  Seemed like many CW notes were buzzy even
though the K index was low.  Too many CW signals were clicky.  This is one of my favorite contests,
and even though propagation was not fantastic I had a lot of fun.  Even with low power and a wire
antenna I was able to sustain a few runs.
CA3FJK   Contact Moderator
First license: 09.January.2020
CA7TWY   Contact Moderator
CE CONTEST GROUP; Renes Group Radioamateurs
CE3GCA   Contact Moderator
DF7JC   Contact Moderator
much man made qrm/noise - need a better antenna higher up :-)
fun all the time .. see you next time
DF7XR   Contact Moderator
Can't remember such poor conds before ...
DH0KW   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately few stations to work. Poor conditions. Still had fun !
DH6DAO   Contact Moderator
extremly poor condx on windom antenna
DJ3GE   Contact Moderator
FT991A (95 Watt) >> 2 Ele-Mini-Yagi MFB23 (11m high)
DK1FY   Contact Moderator
Hi dr all,
it has been a big pleasure to me to participate at this great contest.
Unfortunately the propagation between cenral europe in North & South America was very poor. Looking
forward to the next ARRL 10m contest.
I wish everybody a merry christmas, good health&happyness and even a good start into 2022. vy 73s de
Holger nr the Volkswagen town of Wolsfburg
DK3YD   Contact Moderator
just a fgew QSOs
DK5LY   Contact Moderator
vy poor conds, with just a vertical ant no chance
DK7OG   Contact Moderator
Poor propagation for 5W and a Stealth Attic-Dipole
DL1HBT   Contact Moderator
Hi folks! I did my best to show my commitment to 10m, but have to
admit that it was really hard work this year to "be there when the
band opens for 15 minutes". Thanks to all who made it into my log and
let us keep the fingers crossed that solar cycle #25 will make next
years`contest more thrilling.... Rig: Yaesu FTDX-101D w/80 watts to 3
ele Yagi.
DL5KBO   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
The conditions were not good.The solar flux index-77
DL6JZ   Contact Moderator
no conds - no QSOs - no fun, sri.
DL6RAI   Contact Moderator
Very spotty propagation: 90 minutes of EU short-skip on Saturday morning and a 40 minute opening to
VA, MD, NJ, NY on Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning was good for some QSOs via meteor trails.
DL9MFY   Contact Moderator
11 DEC 1500z suddenly many U.S. signals.
One hour later in the dark band empty.
DV1IIW   Contact Moderator
Very poor propagation very challenging tnx for all station i worked 73
DW7EON   Contact Moderator
My first time to be joining the 10m contest and with a meager antenna
I still managed to log some stations. Improvement is on the horizon.
EA2ECA   Contact Moderator
ICOM IC-7300 Antena vertiucal marina
EA3HWC   Contact Moderator
EA3KT   Contact Moderator
Very bad propagation
EA6SX   Contact Moderator
Very bad conditions. Every QSO was really difficult in LP. Full
contest for only 99QSOs. Bigger antennas could have helped but
not too much really. Thanks 73,s Mike EA6SX
EA8AQV   Contact Moderator
Yaesu FT-857D Dipole Windom 70 w
EI8GP   Contact Moderator
Very poor conditions, a real struggle.
No openings to the USA
EW1FM   Contact Moderator
TNX & 73!
F4GFT   Contact Moderator
Disappointing conditions
F5GGL   Contact Moderator
F5LIW   Contact Moderator
Solar cycle 25 wake up!
F5OHM   Contact Moderator
Fantastic propagation ! :-(
F5PHW   Contact Moderator
Bad prop. See you next year. 73
F6KOP   Contact Moderator
RIG : FT5000DX ANT : 5Elements Beam Pwr :500W
F6UGW   Contact Moderator
Nice Contest with my ground plane antenna, but propagation make Up and Down. Thanks for QSO.
F6UGW, Herve.
F8KGM   Contact Moderator
Absolut worst propagation. Great to meet emphasis contest even sad cndx
sorry all dont'they lost on QSB
G1W   Contact Moderator
Very limited propagation here in UK.
Saturday band opened around 9:00 up to 12:00, Sunday was even worst.
I could only complete a bunch of contact around.
Only a couple of surprises, FR4KR Reunion heard both days, completed on Saturday, then on Sunday
V55Y and CT9ABO. Those completed in a tight opening time.
That was like a VHF opening.
Overall was fun, as usual.
Setup was:
Yaesu FT Dx-101D
Acom 2000A
2 elements Cubical Quad (Main receiver) + GAP Titan Dx (Sub receiver)

73, Maximo G1W aka M0HAO / EA1DDO
G4BRK   Contact Moderator
Conditions absolutely awful here. I thought Saturday was bad, then only heard 6 different stations
on Sunday. Hope for better next year.
GM4UBJ   Contact Moderator
10m dead..well not quite some very fleeting openings around midday into South America

Reunion Is. and St. Helena on a dead band !
GU4CHY   Contact Moderator
Awful conditions
HA7VK   Contact Moderator
The propagation was very poor all the time, but on sunday extremly poor, almost closed. Hope next
year would be better. 73 es DX! Sanyi
IK0NOJ   Contact Moderator
IK1YRA   Contact Moderator
IK7ZLW   Contact Moderator
arrl 10m 2021
IT9ESW   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
IZ1PLH   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
IZ8EWD   Contact Moderator
No propagation!
JA1CHY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1CRJ   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately I couldn't hear the signal from the North American station.
Thank you for QSO.
See you next contest 73!
JA1KPF   Contact Moderator
Radio: YAESU FT-817ND
Antenna: 1/4 wave vertical
JA3AVO   Contact Moderator
JA3JM   Contact Moderator
RIG:IC-706 50W   ANT:Vertical
JA3RAZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3VOV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA4LCI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA4TUJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA6CVR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7BEW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA8RUZ   Contact Moderator
Need more station for Contest.
and good propagtion
JA8RWU   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed 10m with zero SSN & a Inv.V on the roof.
Wkd JA:4-JA8s
No AS like 9M,9V,BV,BY,HS,VR2,UA9-0,etc & No YB.
No sporadic E. Hrd one JA1 but no luck.
Not good condx, maybe next year!
73's Akira, JA8RWU
JA9MAT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
See you next year!
See you next year!
JA9OJM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1CKA   Contact Moderator
The band condition in JA was terrible. NO AF/EU/NA were comming at all worse than 2020. About 80% of
QSOs were made with JAs. Monday morning 21 to 24z were too tired, I could work only one JA in
3hours.... sigh
JE1ILP   Contact Moderator
TX: IC7300S, Output: 5W, ANT:LW
JE3ECD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE3RMQ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE4URN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE6KFN   Contact Moderator
JF2FIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you all stations!
JG1GCO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1UKW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1VMK   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1XIO   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed this contest.
JG2AIG   Contact Moderator
FT-991A 100W & Mobile Whip up6m
JG2KGS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG2REJ   Contact Moderator
JG8TDZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1BHW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1MTR/4   Contact Moderator
Very poor Condx !
JH1VIX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.,Thank You
JH1WOY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH2DFJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
My RIG FT-817ND(5W)
JH3DMQ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
OATH: I swer using QRP5W Out.
RIG :KENWOOD TS-890S(50W Remodeling)  ANT : 19.8mh V-DP
JH3GMI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH4PUS   Contact Moderator
I participated in the contest for the first time. The contest is self-impr
JH4RUM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH6QIL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH7UJU   Contact Moderator
FT-817ND  Yagi
JH9FCP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI1DGW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI1NZA/1   Contact Moderator
Condition was so bad, specailly on 2nd day. But I enjoyed the contest.
JI3KHN/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ0SFV   Contact Moderator
using mobile whip ant
JJ1IVX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ1WRU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1BVN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1HIY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1LSE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed it enough. However, the condition was not good.
JK1TCV   Contact Moderator
JL3AYP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JM2LEI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
But bad condx. No NA stn even KL7.
JM6URL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JO1WIZ   Contact Moderator
IC-7300M (50 Watts)
Loaded DP
JQ1CIV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1AKD   Contact Moderator
Enjoy the contest
JR1CAD   Contact Moderator
I had long cease to CW, always Digital recently.
JR1QBA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1USU/2   Contact Moderator
Portable: Numazu City, Shizuoka Pref.
JR1XKU   Contact Moderator
Participated on the second day. We needed more sun spots!
JR2AWS   Contact Moderator
JR2EKD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest by QRP.
JR3GPP   Contact Moderator
Thank you for listening to my weak signal !!
JR3RIU   Contact Moderator
Worse condition compare with last year.
IC-7600 KPA500
JR6CSY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR7ASO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS1BXH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS2ITI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS2PHO   Contact Moderator
see you next contest 73
JS6UEY   Contact Moderator
K0EMT   Contact Moderator
Fun time, I haven't heard so many stations QRV at once in quite some time.
K0RJK   Contact Moderator
Second 10 Meter contest - band was up and down, but it was fun.
K1EEE   Contact Moderator
Fun but propagation not so hot
K1MC   Contact Moderator
I came across a strong signal from FR4KR at 1545 UTC on Saturday
morning which faded out before I could work them.  It was the best
multiplier on the band and everyone who could hear them was calling.
On Sunday morning at 1720 UTC I found them again, and since they
weren't too busy I managed to work them for a new DXCC country.  Still
can't believe having a dead band open to the Indian Ocean.
K1PDY   Contact Moderator
This file generated by home brew
logging program written by K1PDY

K1VWQ   Contact Moderator
Had fun, bands not great but tried some Saturday, I had to work Sunday, So I lost some openings
there perhaps... See you next year! Thanks 73
K2EKM   Contact Moderator
variable conditions from nothing heard to paths to specific locations - pipelines to FL, CA, and
Argentina! Fun but a challenge with 5w and a wire sloper.
K2PS   Contact Moderator
Put up my annual temporary 4-element yagi on a 30-foot push up mast here in the HOA.  Coming down
today :(.  But the effort was sure worthwhile!  Had a
135 Q hour on CW from 3-4P Saturday, followed by 119 and 106.  And the band kept giving until I
finally quit near midnight.  And of course, as this band often demonstrates, Sunday was just a

Worked 19 DX on CW, 10 on SSB.  Next year should be even better!

73, Pete, K2PS
K3AJ   Contact Moderator
K3AJ operated in the shack. WT3K, ND3D and K3WA operated remotely.
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. Ben N3UM
and Mike W5MPB did Multi-Op in the 2021 ARRL 10 M test. N3UM got
all the CW Qs. W5MPB got all but 1 of the SSB Qs (a DE mult spot
with only N3UM on). Our goal was to try to come near the best
Multi-Op ARRL 10 M claim in 4 years for K3CCR, 509 Qs and 183K
in 2020 with SFI=82. We didn't do that, but beat the 2nd-best, a
claim of 178 Qs and 60.5K in 2018. Sat. 00-0212Z there were only
LOS signals, NO sky waves. We scraped up 40 CW and 8 SSB Qs & 15
state mults, but no DX. All were in MD and its contiguous states
+ NC, NJ, and NY. Sky waves were there 1333-1744Z; we got 28 SSB
Qs, mostly SAs, and 9 DX mults; 7 in SA + V5 in AF. On CW we got
just 11 Qs 1534-1609Z but NH, ME, and 6 DX mults; DL, I, HB9, &
2 SAs. Back on at 1838Z we got lots of U.S. E-skip Qs & mults to
the W and S; on SSB CA, AZ, & PA, then on CW 72 Qs in CA, AZ,
TN, GA, FL, AL, MS, AR, and TX 1909-2142Z. On SSB 2150-0003Z we
got 29 Qs and DC, IN, SC, GA, FL, AL, KY, AR, LA, KS, OK, & TX.
Loud sigs, no QSB. On CW after 0026Z we ran at 70/hr for 30 of
49 Qs till QRT at 0229Z with 251 Qs, 52 St/Pv mults, and 16 DX
mults. Back on CW 1411-1613Z we got 19 Qs and 6 DX mults; 1 each
in NA, EU, & AF and 3 in SA. On SSB 1623-1847Z we got 29 Qs &
ME, OR, and WA. we got a last 43 CW Qs 1903-2111Z plus OR, WA, &
2 XE states. We ended with OA4 & 18 SSB Qs till the band died at
2240Z. We got only 31 States + DC, and only QC in VE. Spotty Es
got us 54 FL Qs vs 42 MD, 22 VA, & 13 each GA & CA. F layer sigs
were loud from SA; on both modes 32 LU and 30 PY Qs, and 20 of
our 30 DX mults. Elsewhere, sigs weak; 4 EU mults, 3 AF, & 1 NA.
K3GWK   Contact Moderator
Nice opening into SA on saturday and also the NE US on Sunday.
K3IB   Contact Moderator
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"After so many years it was great to have 10m open again to many parts of the world."
K4CGY   Contact Moderator
Was hoping for better conditions--OK but not great
K4FU   Contact Moderator
S7 Noise Level and antenna 6 feet above ground hidden in a fence
made it the usual tough going!  lol!
K4QR   Contact Moderator
Operating time: 0 hours 51 minutes
Band Condx: LOUSY
Band Condx: Only 1 band opening on 12/11/2021 21:37 to 22:26 UTC
Claimed Score: 270 total points = 30 QSO Points x 9 multipliers
QSO Points: 30 QSO Points = 15 QSOs (SSB) x 2 pts/qso
K5TR   Contact Moderator
Station K5TR:
Elecraft K3 + Elecraft P3
Ameritron AL-1500
- 7 element yagi 48 ft boom at 60'
- 6 element yagi 24 ft boom at 145'
- 6 element yagi 24 ft boom at 45' fixed SE
- 6 element yagi 24 ft boom at 30' fixed NE
trlinux 0.49 on a Mac Mini
- http://kkn.net/trlinux

George was kind enough to let me operate at his station again this
year.  Without much of a home station, this was my first time
operating in a radio contest in two years.  I am so glad for the

This is my 19th time operating the ARRL 10 Meter Contest.  I am
reasonably sure that this year's Friday night QSO total (35) is an
all-time low.  Thankfully, conditions were much better on Saturday
and Sunday!  The new very Yagi that George put up at 145' (~45m)
was especially useful to South America.  I never heard Europe or Asia
or even Oceania in the contest this year, and I only worked a single
station in southern Africa.

Thanks to the Eskip, however, I was able to work all the US states
except AK, HI, RI, and VT.  I only worked four of the Canadian
provinces this year, and only two Mexican states.  I kept hoping
for a VE2 or a VE5 but it never happened.  There were times it felt
like I was operating in the Minnesota QSO Party.  Minnesota
accounted for 35% more QSOs than the next closest multiplier, and
more than 10% of all my contacts this weekend.  While conditions were
great to the central US, they were weakest to the west coast.  I
worked the same number of stations from Nebraska as I did from

After two years of not contesting, it was good to get back at the
controls of a serious station once again.

--  ------ ---------  -----
0   16/2     16/2    0.00M
1    7/2     23/4    0.00M
2    2/0     25/4    0.00M
3    4/2     29/6    0.00M
4    5/0     34/6    0.00M
5    1/0     35/6    0.00M
6    ---     35/6    0.00M
7    ---     35/6    0.00M
8    ---     35/6    0.00M
9    ---     35/6    0.00M
10    ---     35/6    0.00M
11    ---     35/6    0.00M
12    ---     35/6    0.00M
13    2/1     37/7    0.00M
14    8/4     45/11   0.00M
15   21/8     66/19   0.00M
16   30/3     96/22   0.00M
17   27/0    123/22   0.01M
18    3/0    126/22   0.01M
19   15/3    141/25   0.01M
20   33/5    174/30   0.01M
21   29/1    203/31   0.01M
22   47/4    250/35   0.02M
23   65/8    315/43   0.03M
0  128/5    443/48   0.04M
1   63/4    506/52   0.05M
2   43/3    549/55   0.06M
3   38/1    587/56   0.07M
4   57/3    644/59   0.08M
5   45/2    689/61   0.08M
6    ---    689/61   0.08M
7    ---    689/61   0.08M
8    ---    689/61   0.08M
9    ---    689/61   0.08M
10    ---    689/61   0.08M
11    ---    689/61   0.08M
12    ---    689/61   0.08M
13    ---    689/61   0.08M
14   12/0    701/61   0.09M
15   26/2    727/63   0.09M
16   33/0    760/63   0.10M
17   30/1    790/64   0.10M
18   15/2    805/66   0.11M
19   22/0    827/66   0.11M
20   17/0    844/66   0.11M
21   12/0    856/66   0.11M
22    2/0    858/66   0.11M
23    4/0    862/66   0.11M
Day 1        315/43
Day 2        547/23
Total        862/66

Gross QSOs=878        Dupes=16        Net QSOs=862

Unique callsigns worked = 862

The best 60 minute rate was 137/hour from 2355 to 0054
The best 30 minute rate was 150/hour from 2355 to 0024
The best 10 minute rate was 162/hour from 2355 to 0004

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSOs/minute    2 times.
4 QSOs/minute   14 times.
3 QSOs/minute   34 times.
2 QSOs/minute  133 times.
1 QSOs/minute  428 times.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters  # worked
4       265
5       333
6       263
9         1

Continental Summary

Total    Pct
North America      751   87.1
South America      110   12.8
Europe               0    0.0
Asia                 0    0.0
Africa               1    0.1
Oceania              0    0.0
Total              862  100.0

Country Summary

Country  Total    Pct
CE          12    1.4
CM           1    0.1
CX           3    0.3
HI           1    0.1
HK           1    0.1
HP           1    0.1
K          721   83.6
LU          24    2.8
PJ2          1    0.1
PY          67    7.8
TI           2    0.2
V5           1    0.1
VE          22    2.6
XE           2    0.2
YV           2    0.2
ZF           1    0.1
Total      862  100.0

W/VE/XE Multiplier Summary

Mult  Total    Pct
Mn       87   10.1
Fl       56    6.5
Wi       49    5.7
Tx       48    5.6
Oh       48    5.6
Il       44    5.1
Mi       30    3.5
Co       24    2.8
Ga       22    2.6
Nc       20    2.3
In       18    2.1
Tn       16    1.9
Ne       16    1.9
Ca       16    1.9
Sc       15    1.7
Ia       15    1.7
Mo       14    1.6
Sd       14    1.6
Az       13    1.5
Al       13    1.5
Wa       13    1.5
Ma       12    1.4
Pa       12    1.4
Ky       11    1.3
Bc       10    1.2
Va       10    1.2
Ny        9    1.0
Nh        8    0.9
On        8    0.9
Ut        7    0.8
Nv        7    0.8
Wv        6    0.7
Ct        5    0.6
Ks        5    0.6
Or        5    0.6
Wy        4    0.5
Md        4    0.5
Me        4    0.5
Nj        3    0.3
Id        3    0.3
Mb        3    0.3
Ms        2    0.2
La        2    0.2
Nm        2    0.2
Ar        2    0.2
Nd        2    0.2
Mt        2    0.2
EMx       1    0.1
Qui       1    0.1
De        1    0.1
Dc        1    0.1
Ok        1    0.1
Ab        1    0.1
Total   745  100.0

U.S. Call Areas Worked

Area    QSOs     Pct
0     170    19.7
1      45     5.2
2      21     2.4
3      30     3.5
4     127    14.7
5      49     5.7
6      28     3.2
7      47     5.5
8      89    10.3
9     112    13.0
Total    718    83.3
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Good opening after the storm system moved through on Saturday. Otherwise, very slow.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Why was there not more activity on SSB
K6CSL   Contact Moderator
Looks like the sun went back into hiding!
K6FA   Contact Moderator
Crappy conditions here. Heard very few stations.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
spent a limited amount of time in the contest, but got on during great
openings to the east coast on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I had a
pile up of stations calling, working a couple of 150 QSO hours.  The opening
Saturday was limited to the northeast; PA/MI was about as short as it got
and nothing to the south east.  Sunday's opening was broader, still great
to the northeast, but good to the midwest(IL, OH, WI, etc) and the southeast
as well (FL, SC, NC, AL, GA).  There were weaker openings to CO, OR, WA
and other places, but it never got very good there in the middle of the states.
Only worked 1 or 2 TX stations, for example.

10 meters is always interesting - thanks for the QSOs.   Dana

Station: K4/KPA1500 1200watts to 5 elements at 48 feet from the California
high desert.
K6OO   Contact Moderator
10 meters during the low sunspot cycle is Like a Box of Chocolates.
You Never Know Who You're Gonna Work. Using low power to dipole up
about 30 feet. Ran one hour between 17:43z to 18:42z on Sunday. No
S & P, just CQing. Pipeline to W9 land, not much else. No DX, but
it was fun.
K6TOP   Contact Moderator
On Saurday, I had a truly amazing late-evening opening. From 7pm
to 9:45pm local , many stations  the Midwest, East coast and
Southeast  (GA, KY, NY, PA, FL,MS. AL, SC, NC, TX) were worked!
K7GA   Contact Moderator
last 3 hrs of the contest.  All I heard was a few SA, Carib and four states.
K7SYS   Contact Moderator
Very, very meager pickings here in Idaho.  Still my favorite contest even if there was virtually no
K7VIT   Contact Moderator
Had limited time and a conflict on Sunday.  At least for my time
on the air, these were the worst band conditions I've seen in a
long time.  Just a month ago, things seemed to be hopping.  I've
guess the ionizing conditions didn't survive one rotation around
the sun.
Thanks to all who answered my calls.
Merry Christmas es 73,   Jerry
K8LF   Contact Moderator
Really wish for this contest to be moved into September when you
can have band openings.  They don't put the 160 contest in the
summber for a reason.   I felt like I was working meteor scatter
with the fast QSB and faint signals.  With my wires and a less
than full time operation I worked all CW except for two locals on
SSB.   Ran out of stations to work by late Sunday with only 100
stations in the log.   I hope for better condx next year.   DX
was mostly deep South America, not even many Caribbean stations.
K9TR   Contact Moderator
I could not expect much with 5 watts feeding an indoor 20m wire dipole zig zagged around the
upstairs bedroom walls. While my results are meager, I now realize how much fun it was in a CW
contest (I didn't even attempt SSB!)  I'll be back for more.  73 from K9TR
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
Fun contest. Thanks 73 Matt ka0pqw
KA3MTT   Contact Moderator
Great time - can't wait for the conditions to get even better!
KA6BIM   Contact Moderator
The 1978 10 meter contest was my 1st contest and the 10 meter contest has always been my favorite. 
That said,  there have been great years with DXCC worked in a weekend, and then years like this

Friday night was absolutely dismal with only 1 very weak contact for 5 hours of trying.  Saturday
was a little bit better.  At 9 am it opened for an hour or so and then just sporadic contacts the
rest of the day.  It looked like I was on track for my second worst score in this contest in over 40
years.  Conditions were so bad that I decided to do cw only and not waste my voice.   I knocked off
Saturday at 6pm after 0 contacts in the last 3+ hours of calling cq.  Band was just flat dead.  Went
up and had dinner with YL and watched a Christmas movie.  Then I went down to the shack to shut
things down for the night and … Wait… There, at almost 10pm,  I actually heard signals coming
thru!  I picked up TX, AZ, CA & BC multipliers that I had not heard in the daytime opening.   And
they were not meteor scatter.  I wondered when the band had opened up, but I made the most of it,
staying on until a bit after midnight making 24 more QSO's.  I was hoping for a midnight OH over the
pole which has happened in years past but no luck.   Sunday, I came down to the shack at 730 am and
found 10 mtrs open to AZ.   I picked a spot and started running and stayed there most of the day. 
By 9 am it was wide open to the  Illinois, Ohio, and New York area.   I worked a lot of 1’s, but
they were all in Florida….  By noon the band was in steep decline, and was flat dead again by
230pm.    I worked 41 states, 3 provinces, 1 XE state, and 8 dxcc.  Best hour was 110 qso’s. 
Missed all of New England except NH.   Score was just under last years mixed mode entry.  It turned
out to only my 15th worst score….  Thanks for the QSO's  Dave ka6bim
KA7CVJ   Contact Moderator
Well, this was the a tough one.  Not necessarily because of band
conditions, although they were unusual...  Mostly because my longtime
cheer leader has been gone now for 7 + years... WB7ETR used to ask
me weekly, any contests coming up  Since I wasn't really "busy" I
thought why not  I have this really fancy radio, that has more bells
and whistles than I'll ever be able to figure out, I should see what
it can do and see what happens...  Did not spend too much time in the
shack, 5 kids and 16 grandkids saw to that.  Realized early on that
the shack is NOT setup for contesting.  Wrong chair, radio in the
wrong place, monitors in the wrong place, etc, etc..  But I actually
had some fun.  Set a goal about half way through, going to try and
make 10000 points.  Missed it by 16....
There is always next time, but some shack remodeling first....
KC3HMY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I started with a 1/4w wire vertical in a cherry tree - until the
wind brought my entire tree down. Finished with a wire dipole at
5 feet AGL.
KC4LZN   Contact Moderator
While the sunspots are getting better, still very unpredictable.
Station would be there one minute, gone the next. Really
surprised at how strong some of the GA stations were. Then there
was Reunion Island. It was fun, looking forward to increased
activity as the months progress.
KD5ILA   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contest. Had some good band openings.
KD5WBW   Contact Moderator
Band was dead for me. Usually only one station appeared on my
waterfall. Even then, it was often too weak to copy. Except one, the
few stations I contacted came in strong.
KD7WPJ   Contact Moderator
Operated from Niguel Hill (SOTA W6/SC-371)
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
50 watts to selectable dipoles up 40 to 45'.  Thanks for the Q's.  C U next time, 73, Dan  ke0tt
KE0WPA   Contact Moderator
I didn't have much time due to school and church activities this week.
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KE6JAC   Contact Moderator
Not too many ops in the air in the 6 area.
KE8SUP   Contact Moderator
First contest, Looking forward to next year.
KF3G   Contact Moderator
Operated from FM29jw

Total Contacts: 14
Unique Multipliers: 3
(14 Contacts x 4 Points/Contact) x 3 = 168 Total Points

Thank you for the 2021 ARRL 10m Contest.
KF8N   Contact Moderator
Conditions not nearly as good here as for the CQWW test. First day in VA nearly 100% CA until near
sunset and after when the skip shortened up, working into the southeast and FL. Look forward to
better conditions on 10 that will be coming.
KG9Z   Contact Moderator
Fun being portable in NV
KI6CQ   Contact Moderator
Enough activity to be fun.  WA state was surprising loud on Sunday
around noon.  But no ID, MT, WY, ND/SD ... classic sporadic-E.
KJ9C   Contact Moderator
not much action up here
KK4BZ   Contact Moderator
Radio Icom IC-746, Antennas Par 10m Stressed Moxon at 12 meters
and a mag mount whip on the side of a barbeque grill.
KK4DZP   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contest - Had Fun!
KM4OZ   Contact Moderator
Learned the true meaning of "sporadic" in Sporadic E!
KN4NVU   Contact Moderator
I went up to my home in Nashville and used a mag-loop indoors fun
with 10W
KN6MQT   Contact Moderator
First HF contest and first out-of-state contacts.
KN7Y   Contact Moderator
One of my favorite contests.  Enjoyed a couple of short openings (from AZ) to the east coast and SA.
KR7RK   Contact Moderator
Operated from SOTA summit W7A/PE-063, beautiful day on the mountain!
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Saturday was barely open here but a few signals trickled in.
Much different story Sunday with gud strong sigs from East Coast
Lasted gud for 2 hrs. then stns trickled in from there and then the
South Americans came in gud. Did all CW didnt hr anyone on SSB.
KV4ZY   Contact Moderator
Casual operating just for fun.
KW4BY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
2012 my last 10m test, we built a 5el owa designed by g0ksc which played well.
A slow start friday evening 00z all groundwave cw qso's.   5z Saturday  the band opens well to w5
for 1 hour  logging 2 on cw and k5tr, k5tr in for an hour. i decided to get some sleep, getting up
11z , band opens to SA from weak sun filament >>  solid f2,  f2f2 for 5 hours. Good hearing fy5ke on
cw!, 1st in log and then pz2ty , many py,lu, ce, yv, cx ,huge f2 signal from hk3c for hours.noontime
open to w1,w2,w3,w4,,w5 w8 w9,  band fades out just before sunset(certainly sun transit prop F2). we
  operated about 12hours total, fun contest be back 2022. 73 -kw4by
KX1G   Contact Moderator
Impossibly poor conditions.  Never heard Europe, Afrida, or Asia. Never heard most of the USA.  Lots
of flutter. SFI 76, 0 sunspots throughout the contest.
KX4PR   Contact Moderator
Tough conditions for the first 24 hours
KX6A   Contact Moderator
Handed out a few points here and there.
KX7L   Contact Moderator
Lots of holiday related activities kept me away from the shack,
but still managed to put in  a few hours.  Mostly locals worked,
but we did have a couple "flashlight" openings into TX and CO.
Also PY and LU.  Thanks for the fun!
LA3RK   Contact Moderator
Limited success with moderate antenna and 59 deg N
LT6M   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
LU6DO/V   Contact Moderator
I finished doing my delta loop of three elements half an hour before the start of the contest !! Not
very organized, certainly.
The tremendous wind blew my antenna down, so when it calmed down a bit I put a dipole, but there was
a false contact ... so I gave up continuing with the contest. Despite the bad propagation conditions
as always the Ten Meter Contest was a radio party. I toast for many more years to Ten Meter.
Best 73´s Dx by LU6DO/V Mark.
LW7DX   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Running Icom IC 7610 , Heathkit SB220 (800 watts), 6 el tribander (36 mh),
10-4CD fixed to NA (20 mh) . Nothing has been broken ! 

Congratulations to the stations listened, especially to LU8DPM (op.LU5WW), PX2A, LS2D, AD4ES, among

Merry Xmas and HNY .
LZ2RS   Contact Moderator
M0BPQ   Contact Moderator
Part time entry and really tough going. Single hope european E on
Saturday morning, with a decent south america openeing in the
afternoon. SOme very weak signals at times and I expect plenty of
bust serial numbers. My skimmer indictaed that there were a few
US calls that appeared fleetingly, but I never heard any NA in
real life.
M0IPU   Contact Moderator
M0IPU DX cluster nodes, DXspider: dxs.ddns.net:7300; AR Cluster 6: arc6.ddns.net:7373
M1DDD/P   Contact Moderator
N0JK   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
On again in 2021 with the venerable Radio Shack CB mag. mount mobile whip on
our patio Weber BBQ Grill. Conditions (particularly Es) not nearly as good as in 2020. Some Es
Saturday afternoon to Florida with NN7CW in with a big signal (heard LU8DPM on Es - TEP but no Q) &
that evening to W3 and W4, later south to Texas and short Es to Illinois (tnx WB9Z) and finally out
west to Arizona (thanks KY7M and N7GP). Found W0UA in Colorado early Sunday morning before having to
QRT to take our grand-daughter to a Birthday Party. Appreciate people taking the time to hear me.

Rig -- TS-850 @ 5 watts, all contacts "hand-made" with hand key and paper log.
N0KM   Contact Moderator
zero signals Friday evening.  A few weak SA signals Saturday morning.
Finally, TX then CA started coming in, saving the contest!  Antenna
R6000 vertical, Yaesu FTDX-3000D 100w.
N0TXW   Contact Moderator
second year in the contest. Band was up and down, but managed a few
states and one dx call.  Can't wait for the Solar Max!
N1FTP   Contact Moderator
Band was terrible.
N1NK   Contact Moderator
first outing with new K4D.  very nice radio.  operator was much
out of practice.
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N2BZD   Contact Moderator
Heard one YV4 Station, only DX Heard
N2EM   Contact Moderator
Fascinating propagation. As the contest started, I heard only groundwave stations, but then
sporadic-E from Maine. Saturday morning there was E-layer skip, but only west-coast stations were
coming in. As the day went by, the west coast faded out, and southern states were audible. By the
evening, the skip had lengthened into transequitorial, I was working all of South America, and the
only contiguous-48 states I heard were ground wave.
N2KW   Contact Moderator
Thanks to Dave, K1TTT, for the use of his fine station!
part-time operation was via Internet remote.
N2LDV   Contact Moderator
Conditions noit great, but fun anyway!
N3AML   Contact Moderator
No sunspots bad
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2021 ARRL 10M Contest
N4KS   Contact Moderator
Rig: TS890, ACOM 2100 @ 1KW, SteppIR 2 el YAGI @ 35' X Overall, a fun CW contest
N4UM   Contact Moderator
"Fresh meat1"  Operated one hour near end of contest.  Great Sporadic E.
N5BF   Contact Moderator
locals only - 40 meter antenna best choice (of 160/80/40)
N5CET   Contact Moderator
Terrible band conditions - took no breaks - minimal contacts
N5EE   Contact Moderator
Another 10M test mostly spent watching the panadapter for signal traces.  Like Forrest Gump would
say, "You Never Know What You're Gonna Get".  Tnx for the Q's and I look forward to next year's ARRL
10 test with hope that it will coincide with better conditions. 73 Kenny, N5EE
N5VR   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun and enjoyed working all the fine CW operators that participated. Conditions from
here were not great but at times there were many stations to work. Best 73.

Bill N5VR
N6AN   Contact Moderator
On Saturday afternoon I operated from Flink Peak for about an
hour, all local QSOs. Sunday morning I set up at the Tree People
park in Studio City for a couple hours. 5 watts and a 1/2 square
fed with a single CAT5 twisted pair. I heard KL7SB, several PYs,
an LU, OR, WA without QSOs, but IL to PA and NC to FL were logged.
With the flux back in the 70 I didn't expect much so I was pleasantly
surprised to work stations out of state.
N6HCN   Contact Moderator
Great to work stations on 10m running my first rig, a TS520S.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
QRP, 5 Watts to a 20 Foot End-Fed Wire.
No F-Skip, but this contest was full of surprises!
Very surprised to be on 10 meters until midnight.
Not much DX compared to some previous years, but
Sporadic E skip saved the day for this contest.
Even without sunspots, there's STILL no meters
like 10 meters! Thanks to all for the QSOs.
N6IET   Contact Moderator
Band opened each morning for a couple hours between West Coast and
East Coast (and a few point in between). Don't know how to explain F2
distances when the MUF was only about 21 MHz.
N6VOH   Contact Moderator
no real operating time, had fun anyway
N7DB   Contact Moderator
Saturday conditions were OK, Sunday was great out here in PNW. Limited time as shack was in
mid-40's F.
N7EPD   Contact Moderator
Not as good as last year but not too bad for a sporadic E fest.
N8DE   Contact Moderator
Horrible conditions, despite working FR4KR on both
CW and SSB.  NO EUROPEANS heard nor worked.
NO ASIANS heard nor worked.
Pray that the sunspots return for next year!
N9OK   Contact Moderator
Strange band conditions. Poor or no propogation for significant
periods of time. No domestic propogation, but SA open, for long
periods. Propogation to FL only, or CA only, for significant
periods. At 2pm Sunday, someone flipped the switch off and the
party ended. Not my favorite contest ever.
N9TF   Contact Moderator
Wasn't sure what to expect prop wise from this new QTH 500 miles
farther south from my old QTH, and also operating on a very low
160m dipole at 100 watts. With storms approaching Friday night, 10
was noisy and signals that I could hear had fast qsb on them. I heard
loud 4s in FL that never heard me, pretty much like most all signals
on the band. I worked one local TN station and a ZF before pulling the
plug in frustration. Got back on Saturday morning briefly, with similar
results as Friday night, and decided to help my XYL get the house
in order for a small dinner party we were throwing that night.
Sunday was more productive than my attempts the previous days, so I
stayed engaged throughout Sunday off and on. There were times I was
able make a Q first call, other times, not so. Prop certainly was different
down here based on the spots I was seeing up north! Only time I saw
RBN spots for my call CQing was a brief time Sunday early afternoon. The
rest of the time on the air CQing, I was not picked up by any RBNs. I'm
sure the antenna was the big reason. By 20:00UTC Sunday, 10m had closed up.
Hope to have more antennas up in the air at this new home by spring!
73 Gene, N9TF.
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Challenging conditions but a few openings.
NO2D   Contact Moderator
10 meters behaved oddly over the weekend.  Closed when I thought
it would be open. Open when I thought it should be closed.
NO2D, Pete.
NQ2W   Contact Moderator
Thank you for all of the QSOs. I am vey happy that you were able to hear my
QRP signal and add NQ2W to your log. Thank you to the ARRL for organizing
a great contest on a very interesting band. Looking forward to the next one,
hopefully, with an SSN greater than 0. 73, Will, NQ2W
NZ5G   Contact Moderator
First 10 meter contest in a long time! The band wasn't stellar but I still made lots of contacts - I
even met a couple of neighbors on the air! Can't wait till the next one :)
OE5TXF   Contact Moderator
Appalling conditions! Who said that the Sun-Spots numbers are on the rise again? Well, they weren't
this weekend. It was a struggle to work anything. Virtually no DX workable, apart from FR and V5 on
the Saturday and FY5KE and VR2EH on the Sunday. No idea how VR2EH's signal was getting here, as I
wasn't hearing anything else in Asia. Not even a single UA9. Most of the EU QSOs were pingy, "now
you hear me, now you don't" type QSOs. Antenna here was a simple vertical wire-dipole. OK, that's
not a "big" antenna on 10m - hi!, but at least under reasonable conditions I'd expect to work loads
on 10m. But not this weekend! 73 - Nigel OE5TXF
OG6B   Contact Moderator
Solar X-ray output was on HALT on Wednesday and Thursday,
mostly below A1-level, i.e. worse than most of the bottom
of the last Solar Minimum. During Saturday the flux crept
up to near B-levels at 2000Z, so if this trend continues,
the second day will be much better.

My lucky DX on Saturday was FR4RK on CW. If conditions get
better, I will activate another station (OF-prefix/HP) for 
the tail of the contest.

Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA #1856 CWops
OK1DOL   Contact Moderator
FT1000MP MarkV, PA ACOM1010 - 500W, 6el. Yagi
OK2MBP   Contact Moderator
Rig[s] IC-756PROIII-100W,Antena[s]3el.YAGI
OM2DT   Contact Moderator
ts590 sg.lw
OM7AT   Contact Moderator
TNX, 73!
ON5WL   Contact Moderator
The propagation was not good so I could make only a few
qso. I hope for better condx next year.
Till next year.
73  Leon ON5WL
OS0S   Contact Moderator
Yaesu FTDX5000MP - ACOM 2100 - Mosley TA53M
Verry bad propagation. A little better on Saturday,
but completely closed on Sunday.
P4/PE0V   Contact Moderator
Just a few contacts inbetween, but still contacts. This was on vacation in Aruba whitout a 10m
resonant antenna.
PA0MIR   Contact Moderator
Conditions quite sad, saturday a few South American sunday only FY5 and local activity. Hope in the
coming years will be more fun to operate
PA3DTR   Contact Moderator
Bad conditions, but hey, Max did win the F1 Championship...
PA4WM   Contact Moderator
Well, The sun was definitely not in our favor this weekend. I could hear and work mainly central EU
with some very isolated short openings to SA. Some EU stations sounded very "watery", aurora like.
Weird, but that the beauty of 10m band propagation as well. 73, Martin PA4WM
PA5GU   Contact Moderator
PA9HR   Contact Moderator
PC4Y   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately there was a low MUF and a low SFI. So I couldn't work real DX. Thanks anyway.
PD5ISW   Contact Moderator
PWR: 100 W
PE2K   Contact Moderator
All QSO's made with 5 watt QRP, and dipole antenna at 20M up
QSL is via bureau. 73, tu PE2K
PT2APO   Contact Moderator
PT7ZT   Contact Moderator
Rotor broken via N.
PU2LMN   Contact Moderator
PU2MBO   Contact Moderator
PU2YVA   Contact Moderator
PU5LMJ   Contact Moderator
PU5NAO   Contact Moderator
PY2AXH   Contact Moderator
Tkanks Big 73 TU
PY2HT   Contact Moderator
Yaesu FT 1000 MK V 3 elements Yagi
PY2MIG   Contact Moderator
PY2VOA   Contact Moderator
PY4RP   Contact Moderator
PY5HR   Contact Moderator
OperatiNg with homemade delta loop and 100W.
PY7OJ   Contact Moderator
TKS FB test. I see You next test.
R3PIQ   Contact Moderator
GL! 73!
R6CW   Contact Moderator
TS-590S - 100 watts
20, 15m - 2 ele
10m  - 1 ele
R7KX   Contact Moderator
ts-870sat, ANT-DL
RA0AY   Contact Moderator
RIG(s): TS590; ANTENNA(s): 2 EL YAGI
RA4PQ   Contact Moderator
TNX es 73!
RM0W   Contact Moderator
Good 10 meter band in this year....
RT0O   Contact Moderator
RW3AI   Contact Moderator
Rig Xiegu G90 power 5 watts, ant :  Multiband vertical ECO
RW4WD   Contact Moderator
sunSDR2  ANT=inv L
SP6BEN   Contact Moderator
IC 735 100 W
TA3DJ   Contact Moderator
TNX 73
TA4RC   Contact Moderator
73's de TA4RC
TI2YO   Contact Moderator
The propagation conditions were very bad, I could not work stations in the USA and Canada. Still, it
was interesting to see what I did with 5 watts.
Thanks for the contest.
TI2YO ars
US7IGN   Contact Moderator
UT0NB   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
V55Y   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Poor conditions in southern Africa. Saturday was really hard work. The
opening to Europe on Sunday saved the contest for me. For turning the
antenna I had to drive with my Land Rover to the mast and had to
"switch on" the armstrong rotator.
VA3AMX   Contact Moderator
Rig: FTDX-10 @5W Antenna Hy-gain DX-88 Vertical Ground Mounted.
VA3RKM   Contact Moderator
K3, 80m inverted-L
VA3ROC   Contact Moderator
VE3VY   Contact Moderator
Single-element wire antennas only ......
VE3ZY   Contact Moderator
Messed up setting the clock and had to change
log entries by 5 hours. Just as well not too
many contacts.
Lost some prime time operating to chopping ice.
I expect many lost time to weather.
Family precluded Sunday operations too.
Surprised to find activity in evening.
Happy with the result.
VE5GC   Contact Moderator
Rough band condx.
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun again on the Ten Meter Contest Rigs used my
new FTdx-10 and a Vintage IC-751A
VE7JKZ   Contact Moderator
Very disapointing condx. Let's hope cycle 25 does not turn out to
be a downer.
VJ4O   Contact Moderator
VK2IG   Contact Moderator
Station consisted of a TS-480HX operating at 100W output, and two
"hourglass" antennas (one beaming NE/SW and the other NW/SE) with
the tops at about 15m height.  Depressed ionospheric conditions made
for a quiet but still enjoyable contest - got some other things done
whenever the propagation tanked - and I was happy to work what DX I
did.  Didn't hear anything from the Americas or Africa.  Heard
France and Israel on Saturday around 0900Z (but EU QRM at their QTHs
would've made it impossible to hear me), and UA0 on Sunday but no
QSO.  Looking forward to next year's contest!
VK4JJ   Contact Moderator
Interesting experience. Propagation not great so it was mostly JA and SEA stations worked.
VL2G   Contact Moderator
Overall conditions poor from south eastern Australia.
VL6K   Contact Moderator
Only spent a few minutes on the contest.
QRP is hard but fun!
Good luck to all for the contest.
FT920, 80m OCF @ 5m.
W0BF   Contact Moderator
Being this is was 10 meters , I thought I would try QRP.  Was
pleasantly surprised at the contacts I made. I worked most of the
stations I heard , even some DX!  Made more contacts than last year
running 100 watts! Used G5RV , jr only up 15 feet !
W0WLA   Contact Moderator
100W FT891 mobile with a Tarheel 75A antenna.  I had busy weekend with other activities, but was
able to get on for a little.  I had fun as always.
W0YJT   Contact Moderator
Well the band was closed here a lot for this contest interesting but didi the best I could
W0ZW   Contact Moderator
Was pleasantly surprised there was any activity at all on 10 m given that the sunspot number was
zero and the solar flux took a dive just before the weekend.  Not as much DX as I was hoping but I
did manage to work a couple of new ones on the band (FR and ZD7).  Not too bad from the middle of
New Mexico!
W1AST   Contact Moderator
W1FP   Contact Moderator
Pretty poor conditions throughout the weekend.
But it was a great time for me as I was able to work the last two ten meter states I needed for 5
band WAS, Connecticut and New Jersey. Surprising how long it took to snag these states that are
about 250 miles away.  All in All, a productive contest.

73, Bob W1FP
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contacts and fun on the radio. 73 - Dan, W1QK
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
Conditions generally poor this year, but there were some openings
West, South, and Southwest, with a surprise opening to Africa, plus a
Trans-Equatorial opening to South America. No meteor scatter this
year, so all told, my score is lower by 25K points from 2020. Hoping
for Cycle 25 to kick in by 2022 with better propagation.  Go
W2HUV   Contact Moderator
Remotely operated the Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club
(GCARC) HF Station, W2MMD, at legal limit with Elecraft KPA1500.
Worked a few European, South American and Carribean stations.
Missed out on Africa and many states and providences east of the
Mississippi.  Most distannt station worked was ZL3IO.
W2ZQ   Contact Moderator
I was very exciting to work the contest from our old historic club W2ZQ.  We noted early in the
morning a lot of meteor scatter over a 300 mile radius.  Very cool.  Lots of CW activity which was
great.  Then the band opened for many, many hours across the US and to the south into South America.
 Very nice openings.  Thank you all for your QSO's !!!
W3MAM   Contact Moderator
First licensed July 2019
W3TB   Contact Moderator
W3TB in Franklin, Tennessee
W4AWH   Contact Moderator
My first 10 meter contest, didn't have much time but decided to try
to jump in there and make a few manual slow morse contacts. Thanks to
the operators rated me slowing them down!
W4JJF   Contact Moderator
My first contest in 15 years. I had a great time that is, until my voice gave out on Sunday. Thanks
for fun everyone.
W5DV   Contact Moderator
Many periods in which there were no signals at all on CW band.  Biggest surprise was working FR4 on
Saturday morning.
W6BS   Contact Moderator
Carmichael, CA.
The first day, Friday night, all contacts were local.  It didn't look good.  During the mid day
Saturday the first out of state contacts happened.  There were no DX and very few states.  In the
evening it started jumping. I got on about 8:30 PM PST and worked to about 10 PM PST.  

The next day was a better day.  Contacts started about 9AM PST and continued to about 1PM.  That was
the contest.  Total worked time 4.9 hours.
W7BJN   Contact Moderator
Over 30 years of operating this Contes and still enjoying it!
W7IBI   Contact Moderator
I find sparce to zero propagation a true contest. It was us against the sun and we prevailed. Thanks
to those who dug me out of the mud. Chris W7IBI
W7JLC   Contact Moderator
Had a blast, great CW ops
W7PEB   Contact Moderator
Really bad band conditions
W8JWN   Contact Moderator
Horrible conditions here in the U.P. of Michigan. Signals barely reached S6. Nothing heard out of
the US.
W8LVN   Contact Moderator
A few Qs for the team. Used 80 meter dipole, but the low
160 dipole seemed to do best to SA.
W8RU   Contact Moderator
I had fun digging signals out of the noise. Some nice spotlight openings
to Florida and Colorado. Lots of Californians on Sunday as well as more
widespread openings to the west. Thanks for the QSOs and 73! -Ron (W8RU)
W8XC   Contact Moderator
Had fun even though the band appeared dead most of the time. Using a ground mounted vertical, living
in a HOA didn't help. Maybe next year the prop gods will smile upon us.
W9LSE   Contact Moderator
Whew! Tough sleddin! My radio honed in only on Brazil and Texas. One Ham in Georgia. Maybe next
W9NY   Contact Moderator
Marginal conditions but lots of fun
W9TCV   Contact Moderator
Band was up and down but some folks did really good.  I was happy
to make the
decent first-time score.
picks up!  Thanks to all who
WA1FCN   Contact Moderator
So we must wait another year for decent propagation
on 10 meters.. We had the two Great Grand-daughters
come visit us from Connecticut, so I could not do full
time.  What a great surprise when I turned on rig
Saturday night 6:30 pm local time and gave out a CQ.
Bam  60 Qso's in one hour!
WA2CNV   Contact Moderator
Conditions not great but still fun!
WA2VIU   Contact Moderator
Sadly, didn't realize that the Transatlantic Commemoration was taking place at same time and missed
that on 160M.
WA3SXX   Contact Moderator
Zero sunspots, great activity!
WA3ZCR   Contact Moderator
This was my first contest!  Had fun.  I hope I did this correctly.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WB2AMU   Contact Moderator
I did not realize it, but the 2021 ARRL Ten Meter contest is the 50th
anniversary of the first event that was held in December of 1972.   I
have been fortunate to have participated in every Ten Meter contests
over the 50 years and it continues to be a major source of enjoyment
and sometimes frustrations.  50 years represents the equivalent of
four complete solar cycles and contest activity has generally been
consistent with the solar flux values of the solar cycle. For the past
several years, I have been running in the QRP mixed category.
I had hoped that there would have been more F-layer activity during
the 2021 event, based on activity that I had observed during the CW WW
events in October and November on Ten Meters.  Unfortunately, F-layer
activity was at a minimum during the Ten Meter Contest of 2021.  ON
Saturday morning, I did hear Europe breaking in from Italy and
Germany, but my QRP setup was not able to crack the small pileups on
Fortunately, a decent Sporadic-E opening arrived late Saturday
afternoon and I was finally able to work a good amount of stations,
mostly into Florida, Alabama, Georgia and other southern states.
On Sunday morning, there were few signals coming in by way of skip.
However, there was a very interesting situation where around 28.054, I
heard FR4KZ from Reunion Island running a pileup but at very low
signal levels, so I knew that signal strength needed to come up a few
S units in order for him to hear my QRP CW signal.  When I first heard
him, he was around number 850 in his exchange.   After about 45
minutes of keeping an ear on him (while monitoring the rest of the
band), I finally worked him when the signal strength picked up a bit
at number 933.   In a normally busy contest, I would not have been
able to keep a constant monitor on him, but conditions were so poor on
Sunday morning that I could do this.   A little while later, I was
able to work my second DX station during the contest with PY5ZHP.
Maybe things will be better for the contest in December 2022 as Cycle
25 progress.
WB2KHE   Contact Moderator
Was hoping for more than 12 QSOs, but 12 better than I COULD have made! Band is still far from it
was during my best year awhile-back.
WB4OQL   Contact Moderator
Conditions from Western North Carolina were not good.  I managed 27 contacts and worked everyone
that I heard.  Still calling on 10m daily and can't wait till next year's contest.
WB7EUJ   Contact Moderator
Tough contest on 10 but fun
WB8WUA   Contact Moderator
I had fun. I was happy that the ten-meter band did have some openings
during the weekend. Thanks for the 10 M Contest QSO opportunity.
WB9TFH   Contact Moderator
Got on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This score is much better
than previous ones because I did cw and had the amp. No VE, EU,
XE or Pacific and not all 50 states. Some  SA and
Carribbean.Conditions were OK Saturday but Sunday afternoon
things dried up, no E-clouds over here, the east and west coast
were strong. Sunday was rough, Running on phone and S&P cw. Was
watching the online contest scores, that kept me going but if
cqing and nothing is there then there is nothing. It was fun and
had a good time.
73 all
WD4FMG   Contact Moderator
I was only able to participate here and there as we had family in town for the weekend.  Still
captured a few states I needed on 10 meters.  Thanks to all who worked me and my rusty code skills. 
Enjoyed the contest and look forward to next year.
WG8Y   Contact Moderator
Hi all, Didn't make many Q's but had fun tuning up and down looking for CW Q's.
 Ran 100 watts into ground mounter Hustler 6Bvt.
Best 73 from N.C. Mark WG8Y
WN7S   Contact Moderator
Poor conditions at my QTH... Signals not there or very weak...
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This is another WQ6X 10-Meter contest from W7AYT's QTH in EB Section.
With other obligations that weekend I only had time for 8.5+ hours
in the operator chair.  The SFI was a dismal 77 however there were
a couple of INCREDIBLE openings; one Saturday evening (of all times)
and one rounding out Sunday morning.  Then...... DEAD.  GO Figure.
Read more about this at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
WU4G   Contact Moderator
Where's the spots
WX4DAT   Contact Moderator
XE1AY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Very bad bad cndx
XE1HG   Contact Moderator
A hard contest this time, propagation didn't help, was a 99% S&P contest. A hexbeam and 300W as a
working conditions.
XE2MWY   Contact Moderator
Viva la radioaficion
YC4SIZ   Contact Moderator
Good afternoon and greetings always.. Good luck for the ARRL 10m DX Contest. Happy to be a part of
this contest, even though the results are not optimal. GL...73 de YC4SIZ
YC9LCM   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
YBDXPI is My Club
arrl 10m 👍👍
YO2IS   Contact Moderator
ICOM IC-7300, 90W, Diamond  CP6. 73 Szigy.
YO4SI   Contact Moderator
YR2X   Contact Moderator
Very poor propagation...
YV5RAB   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I made 200 QSOs in ARRL 10m Contest 2021: 
1st day 164 QSOs 4 hours of work
2nd day 36 QSOs, 3 hours, very hard conditions. 
Longest QSO 7.600km with M6T, a big contest station
The bests QSOs 
1-. a litlle boy, Logan KE8SUP 
2-.a woman, Linda KA1ZD
3-.a QRP station with clear audio, Louis KN4PZE

Thanks at all stations
ZD7BG   Contact Moderator
Very challenging contest due poor propagation.
Difficult to copy call signs and reports at times. Log
programme crashed on first day, made additional log for
second day.
ZL2AGY   Contact Moderator
Conditions weren't exactly startling, but it was fun anyway.
Thanks to everyone who dug my signal out - see you all next time!
ZS9Z   Contact Moderator
Thanks to ogranizers and participants for the Contest. Unfortunately,
propagation in my region was very poor, more over next day. nothing
on the band at all! Best of Luck!