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Soapbox for 2018
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7N2UQC   Contact Moderator
I could enjoy the good contest.
Tnx for a fine contest again.
IC-7600(100W), Dipole-ANT.
9G2HO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
AC4G   Contact Moderator
At the beginning of contest, main yagi had high SWR so switched
to another antenna as band was fading and listened to many FL
station, but could not make QSO.  On Saturday found antenna
switch box located at base of tower had faulty port, so switched
ports and main yagi worked again.  Also, same band situation on
Sunday morning when band was trying to open to NE USA could hear
stations, but not make QSOs.  Very difficult to listen to many
stations when band not completely open and not be able to make
QSO due to QRP 5W category.  Rode many peaks and followed skewed
paths to make QSOs.  Much QSB on Sunday.  Called everybody I
heard many times without any luck.  Propagation ping-ponged from
the NE to SE USA all day Sunday.  Thanks all QSOs and for digging
my weak signal out.
AE5GT   Contact Moderator
I checked the solar disk on thursday and noted that we had a sunpotthat was over half way across the
sun so I knew that conditions might start ok , but would probably deteriorate by Sunday. Given that
, I figured we had a contest that would be decided in the first 30 hrs or sooner so I treated every
opening as if it were the last .Only managed to west after lunch on Saturday missed all of western
Canada except AB
AE6JV   Contact Moderator
Came on late and worked QRP for local contacts
AF1T   Contact Moderator
I couldn't devote much time to this contest, but was glad to catch propagation to Mexico and South
America.  Sunday was slow-going.  Best Holiay sishes to everyone.  73, Dale Clement, AF1T
AG6JA   Contact Moderator
Only had a brief opportunity to operate in this one.  Hamstick on
the truck out front, with 100-ft cable to inside.  Assisted by
spotting network, yes, but couldn't hear anybody on the bandmap,
so no, not really.
AI6DO   Contact Moderator
First got on the radio at 1900z on Saturday and had a good two hours of
decent conditions.  After those two hours, the band closed and pretty
much stayed closed.  Temporary inverted-vee dipole with apex at 23 feet.
KX3 and KXPA100 at 90W.  PX3 used to check periodically for activity,
but little found after 2100z on Saturday other than the same handful of
Californians I'd already worked.  Could see a lot of faint CW traces on
the waterfall, but too weak to hear, much less copy, so I didn't feel
comfortable being an alligator by running. Thanks for the QSOs and a
few new states for 10M WAS.
AK0MR   Contact Moderator
RST sent was Mixed and 59/599
CE4CBK   Contact Moderator
chilean pacific dx group
CX3BZ   Contact Moderator
Just getting a first touch with this contest
DF5RF   Contact Moderator
During the 3h I have been at the station I spotted about 20 stations
across Europe,  mostly with audible scatter effects. The only stable
signal I could hear was OY1CT. Running the K3@5Watts on a MiniBeam.
DH1PAL   Contact Moderator
DJ3GE   Contact Moderator
QRP 5 Watt from FT817 via Z11 AutoTuner to 2 Element-Mini-Yagi
MFB23, 11m high
Bad condx for QRP. I heard and called several stations but without
success (EE5T, RL3A, UA2FZ etc.)
DU3SE   Contact Moderator
Band condition was not that good.. It comes for while then
suddenly drop.. but I survived...
EA8AQV   Contact Moderator
EB8AC   Contact Moderator
Antena V-2000 Diamond 6m. 2m. y 70cm.
Celwave de 6m a 40m. Vertical.
EU6DX   Contact Moderator
Used FT897d 5w + TM535 tuner + LW 40m
EW1TO   Contact Moderator
F5JU   Contact Moderator
VY 73
F5PHW   Contact Moderator
My best score ...
F5RD   Contact Moderator
Transceiver - ICOM IC-751AF 80W
Antenna - 2 el HB9CV 5m up
G1M   Contact Moderator
First try at ARRL 10m found very poor propagation
G4FKA   Contact Moderator
Very poor conditions.
GM2V   Contact Moderator
Very poor conditions - normally this is a great contest. 73  Chris
GW4BVJ   Contact Moderator
Band open to Europe from 08.33 to 09.48 Saturday and
worked one 'G' station on Sunday. Poor old 10M!
GW4W   Contact Moderator
Only one brief opening!
HA2MN   Contact Moderator
The propagation was not on the top this time. All possibilities given
were used up to complete a QSO. Many thanks for QSOs and hope to
see you next time. Rig TS-530SP 100W ant end-fed 21 mtrs long wire
above flat roof.
HA8CQ   Contact Moderator
ICOM-746, Wire dipol. Very bad propagation!
I2WIJ   Contact Moderator
No condition at all. HNY
I5KAP   Contact Moderator
Propagation really bad, during this contest I listened to only 5
stations, but I was lucky to have stuck 2 old friends of radio, so my 2
QSO, thanks Franco
IZ5IMD   Contact Moderator
hello everyone, shame ... little propagation and free time. 73,s de iz5imd fred
JA1BFN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1CHY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1CRJ   Contact Moderator
Thank you for contacts.
10m band was so quiet.
JA1NEZ   Contact Moderator
Put your comments here.
Use multiple lines if needed.
JA1YNE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed very much. Hope to see you all next year.
JA3JM   Contact Moderator
RIG:IC-720A 25W   ANT:Vertical
JA3QOS   Contact Moderator
Condition were not good.
JA3VOV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA6FCL   Contact Moderator
JA6PTH/6   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7BEW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9LJS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest
JA9LNZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1GWO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1ILP   Contact Moderator
Using IC7300S with 5W output and 8.5m folded long wire antenna.
JE6CMG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the 10m contest.
JF1OPO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1OVA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1GCO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG2REJ   Contact Moderator
JG6SRL   Contact Moderator
Tnx the contest.
JH0ILL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH0OXS   Contact Moderator
3.1. Single Operator (use of spotting networks is NOT PERMITTED): CW only CW only
JH0ROS/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1FNU   Contact Moderator
Tanks for the QSO in the Contest.
JH1TJH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH3DMQ   Contact Moderator
OATH :I swer using QRP5W out.
RIG: IC-7300M Power down. ANT 4el CQ (21/28MHz)
JH4PUS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH6QIL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH7VHZ   Contact Moderator
Very poor condition during contest.But I enjoyed the contest.
JH9CEN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed CQ ARRL  10m Contest !
Thank you for all .
Thank you for all .
JK1LSE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1TCV   Contact Moderator
I used power less than 5W.
JN3ONX   Contact Moderator
Very bad condition!
JO1WIZ   Contact Moderator
IC-7300M (50 Watts)
Loaded DP
JP3MFV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1AKD/1   Contact Moderator
Great weather but few DX stations were received in Japan.
JR1AQI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1MEG/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1QBA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1USU   Contact Moderator
Portable:Uratakao-cho, Hachioji city, Tokyo
JR2EKD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest by QRP.
JR3RIU   Contact Moderator
I did not hear US stations.
JS1BXH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS1NDM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
K0JJR   Contact Moderator
QSOs  Pts/QSO  Pts  Mults
CW     70        4  280     31  8 DX, 19 K, 1 VE, 3 XE
SSB    20        2   40     13  4 DX, 9 K, 0 VE, 0 XE

90           320  x  44  =  14080
K1GQ   Contact Moderator
SkookumLogger K3S KPA1500 OB40-2 2XA-3B-12L wires
K1HC   Contact Moderator
Operating from Maine with a log periodic antenna fixed due north left a lot of
RF going in the wrong direction, but it was still fun to be on 10 meters!
K1MC   Contact Moderator
There was no need to run a dupe sheet this year with the poor propagation
conditions.  My best DX was working 3 stations in Florida in a Sunday afternoon
K1NZ   Contact Moderator
I gave up Friday night and watched curling instead. Way more
exciting. Saturday had some nice openings to the midwest and then
the southwest. Definitely better conditions than last year.
K1PDY   Contact Moderator
This file generated by home brew
logging program written by K1PDY

K1TW   Contact Moderator
Yankee Clipper Contest Club
K1VWQ   Contact Moderator
Too much to do this year with chores. But I did the best I could off peak hours. Always have fun
operating every year. Thanks for putting on the contest. Kenwood TS-590SG; w/ 80 watts of low
power... 73 de K1VWQ
K1ZK   Contact Moderator
Difficult conditions but a few flashes of DX in the log.
K2DFC   Contact Moderator
More activity then expected with low solar numbers.
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB did Multi-Op Single Tx in the 2018 ARRL 10m. test. We found
it fun and effective to do CW for ~1/2 hr. or so (usually N3UM)
and then SSB for ~1/2 hr. (usually W3GB). This gave each of us
and both modes a shot at brief and unpredictable E skip. At
start our 31 Qs 00-01Z, CW and then SSB, were all LOS; MD, DC,
VA, WV, or PA. Then, sporadic E. On CW 0107-0125Z we worked NS,
MN, ME, AL, QC, NB, and FL. Next, on SSB 0136-0200Z we got FL,
AL, ME,, LA, and TX. Back on CW, we got GTO, TX, MS, and NC
0204-0220Z. At 03Z QRT we had 70 Qs and 27 St/Pv mults. The
sudden strong brief “spotlight” E skip came again Sat. AM 16-20Z
with 121 more Qs and 30 more mults, including 5 XE states. After
that Es came only briefly, 14-16Z Sun., with 32 Qs and 5 mults.
We got our first F-layer Qs Sat. 1750-19Z; 6 LUs and a ZL(!) on
CW. Then 2004-2020Z we worked hard for TI and OA on SSB, and HK
and YV on CW. Of our 11 cty. mults 9 were in SA, and all but LU
had weak sigs. We were glad to get 254 Qs and 70 mults in 13.2
fun hrs. this year vs 177 Qs and 36 mults in 8.5 slow hrs in 2017.
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Florida to the rescue!"
K3WWT   Contact Moderator
Operated from FM29iv

Total Contacts: 43
Unique States / Provinces: 27

40 CW QSOs x 4 CW Multiplier = 160 CW QSO Points
3 PH QSOs x 2 PH Multiplier = 6 PH QSO Points
160 CW QSO Points + 6 PH QSO Points = 166 Total QSO Points

166 Total QSO Points x 27 Unique States / Provinces / DXCC = 4482 Total Points

Thank you for the ARRL 10 meter Contest.
K4CGY   Contact Moderator
A little better than last year byt not by much.  Worked only nine on Sunday.
K4EET   Contact Moderator
Brutal! I was told stations were calling me that I did not hear. There is only so much one can do
with a dipole and 100 watts without sunspots. It was a long 16.5 hours of BIC for only 63 Qs.
however, 73 es see you next year! Dave
K5LH   Contact Moderator
K5OMC   Contact Moderator
Even tho conditions were weak still a fun event
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Slow going, but much better than last year.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
There were times when the CW band was full of
signals and I could not find any activity on SSB!
K6CSL   Contact Moderator
K6DAJ   Contact Moderator
Had to leave town Saturday so decided to do casual QRP effort to
hand out a few Qs. Band opened just as I had to leave for airport.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
Fabulous opening on Saturday morning to the east coast, made most of
my contacts during a two hour run.  Fun to watch the opening shift west;
first had lots of far east coast QSOs, then some weak ones from
Ohio, then strong ones from Ohio, and further west. Worked DJ7MH
during the pileup, hope it was really him, haven't
heard EU on 10 for quite some time.  Had a short opening to the
Northwest Sunday as well.

I was running 500W to a 5 element yagi at 48'.

Dana, K6NR
K7GA   Contact Moderator
missed most of the big opening Sat.  Sunday was dismal.  Fun though - signals on !0!
K7JOE   Contact Moderator
every Q was a challenge.  eventually the sunspots will return...
K7STO   Contact Moderator
Much better than last year for contacts
K7VIT   Contact Moderator
With apologies to Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times, it
was the worst of times ...."   Saturday morning local time
started well with some terrific E-skip to the southeastern US and
some South American contacts.  I experienced some very localized
skip conditions with very strong signals.  The conditions were
very similar to what we might expect with a 6 meter opening.
Unfortunately, it seemed overall activity levels were down, at
least in our area.  It seems my QSO count was the lowest in
years.  Too bad for those who missed out.  The E-skip was
thrilling and visiting with the locals who showed up was fun.
Please let there be increased solar flux!  Thanks to all who
answered my calls.  73,  Jerry
K8LF   Contact Moderator
Band conditions poor and snow storm on Sunday.  We need more SSN!
K9FO   Contact Moderator
got on for a while.  Enjoyed the openings.
KA4RUR   Contact Moderator
Condx not good this year. Rig Icom 703+/Wire antenna.....
KB7QFE   Contact Moderator
KC1BB   Contact Moderator
Openings to South America then east coast on Saturday helped, but
otherwise conditions were lousy.  Something to look forward to
for the next few years.
KC1EWL   Contact Moderator
Thanks had fun 73
KC3KOH   Contact Moderator
First Contest
KC5SB   Contact Moderator
E-MAIL: blmerideth@cox.net
KC7YE   Contact Moderator
Conditions stunk. Must have been all ground wave
KC8QDQ   Contact Moderator
had a good time but had to work so took alot of operating time out
KD2OHG   Contact Moderator
I had a great time in the 10 meter contest... My wife enjoyed my absence for 36
KD6WKY   Contact Moderator
Not much action this year.
KD8TNF   Contact Moderator
KE0JMK   Contact Moderator
Operated from EM79wu at 6619 Bellefontaine Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424
KE0JWQ   Contact Moderator
Colocated with a SOTA activation, W0CRFR193, Genesee Mountain, Colorado.
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3/10 at 5 watts to wire antennas.  Mainly ground wave contacts this year.  C U next time, 
73,  Dan  ke0tt
KE2SX   Contact Moderator
Conditions not great, but far better than last year's 6 QSOs/1 Mult/24 points. All the NC stations I
worked were my immediate neighbors and they would go from loud and clear to watery and weak. Nothing
from 2, 3, or 8 land and only 1 from 1. But it was interesting to see propogation march westward.
Activity really picked up around 1700Z on Saturday. I heard KH7M 599 as they worked stations around
me but they never heard me. Around 22-2300 I heard ZL6YOTA and we almost completed, but it just
didn't work. Still a fun contest.
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KF3G   Contact Moderator
Operated from FM29jw

CW Contacts: 14
Unique States / Providences: 7

14 CW QSOs x 4 CW Multiplier = 56 CW QSO Points
56 CW QSO Points x 7 Unique States / Providences = 392 Total Points

Thank you for the ARRL 10 meter Contest.
KI4UX   Contact Moderator
KM6HDY   Contact Moderator
yaesu ft-817nd, 6m moxon, 10m moxon
KN1H   Contact Moderator
5 watts to end-fed wire
KN4BIT   Contact Moderator
First time doing the 10 Meter contest. I was calling CQ and S&P. Band conditions where tough and

Rig: Icom 7600
Amp: Icom PW1 (1000w)
Ant: NA4AA Hex Beam @ 35 feet
S/W WriteLog V12
KN5S   Contact Moderator
I clearly missed that big band opening everyone was raving
KP3W   Contact Moderator
No band conditions. See you on the next Solar Cycle...
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Only had a 3 hr opening of the whole contest period
and mostly with a pipeline to Fla and South America
then a stray signal here and there til they all disappeared.
KT4Q   Contact Moderator
Spent just a few hours on Sunday afternoon to exchange a few Qs.  Only a few runs but mostly calling
CQ with no one there.
KX1G   Contact Moderator
Propagation not much better tha last year. No propagation to Europe, the west coast, or Asia
Pacific. Worked only 21 states, and had to dig many stations out of the mud.
LT7D   Contact Moderator
Good opening on Sat afternoon lasting a good 2-3 hours of E
propagacion with USA, before and after that just short hop
regional stations. Very few EU/AF stations heard and worked, no
AS stations heard nor worked. Very low part of the sunspot cycle,
hope next year We'll start to see improvements.
LU4VZ   Contact Moderator
El qso termina con la confirmacion del contacto, hoy despues de 40
a?os sigo esperando las respuestas con alegria . Le pido a los colegas
hagan un esfuerzo en subir un archivo adif para alegrarnos.
40 years I am still waiting for the answers with joy. I ask colleagues
to make an effort to upload an adif file to make us happy.
LU8EHR   Contact Moderator
No time for fun this time.
LU8VLE   Contact Moderator
Modo SSB
LW9EKA   Contact Moderator
M0XLT   Contact Moderator
Very little heard/worked on my 66ft long End-Fed wire
M3M   Contact Moderator
Band lousy
N0JK   Contact Moderator
Much better conditions in the ARRL 10-meter contest this year than last.
“On Saturday afternoon, had E-skip on 10 to W4 and W5, which allowed links on
to F2/TEP propagation to South America. Running just 5 watts, I logged CE, CX,
LU and PY stations via Es link. Double hop Es to HK, P4 and PJ2. Single hop Es
to W4 and W5.
“On Sunday the band conditions not nearly as good, but see the northeast
states had strong Es to Florida. This in turn allowed them to link on to South
America. See DX maps, which clearly show this classic setup. Also, strong single
hop Es along the West Coast.
“I experienced some weak Es in Kansas, and heard CO8RH, but he faded out while
I was fiddling with my hand key. I was able to work 9Z4Y on 10-meter CW."
N0SMX   Contact Moderator
100w Endfed Wire @15ft
N1AW   Contact Moderator
I began as QRP, but decided to go to LOW power when South American DX started to come through
N1FTP   Contact Moderator
Not bad for a few hours. Conditions were not good...
N1JIE   Contact Moderator
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N3RN   Contact Moderator
Amazing how activity will open a band!
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2018 10M Contest
N4DLA   Contact Moderator
N4KS   Contact Moderator
Pleasantly surprised with the amount of band openings. Fun constest. K3, 750W Triband Yagi @ 35'
N4PN   Contact Moderator
N4RS   Contact Moderator
Props made slim pickings
N4RT   Contact Moderator
Condx not good at my QTH.  Only operated 9 hrs, so maybe I missed the good openings?
N4UM   Contact Moderator
500W 6-BTV hidden inside fiberglass flagpole
N6DW   Contact Moderator
Bad cold + bad conditions + bad weather = bad attitude and bad
score..........Bah Humbug!  [Ok, I had a little fun]
N6TV   Contact Moderator
Not much to work Sunday only, bad line noise due East.
N6VOH   Contact Moderator
Band conditions pretty band both days, but had fun anyway
N6ZE   Contact Moderator
Usual excuses:
1. Poor Propagation when able to get on air.
2. Not able to get on air for very long.
Nice to have several local club members call me during contest
Better conditions & availability to operate next year, I hope!
N7MZW   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-706MKIIG with 80 watts output,Vectronics HFT-1500 Manual Tuner, Heil Pro Micro Headset,and
ZS6BKW dipole up 50 feet running N-S at 6,053 feet elevation in Laramie County,Wyoming,Grid DN-71.A
real slog of a contest.LOTS of spots seen,but only a precious few heard my 80 watts signal from my
wire antenna.Two each Argentina,one Costa Rica,and one Dominican Republic was my only DX. Another 12
contacts from the US made up the rest of this limited effort.Many stations heard sounded watery or
distorted,and the QSB was as rapid and deep as I have ever heard.This test begged for stacked Yagis
and a QRO Amp. Maybe next year, we can make a turn in the current sun spot cycle before the 2019
running of this event,but I'm not gonna hold my breath.Thanks for the contacts.November Seven Many
Zebras Walking
N7WY   Contact Moderator
K3s failed at 1 PM Saturday, K3 used Sunday.  Amp is noisy KPA1500
N8BI   Contact Moderator
Missed Friday night. Appears a couple of control cables got weed wacked when the
N9TF   Contact Moderator
Wasn't sure how much time I would have to play in this one.
Missed Friday night except for a few Qs before and after
my XYLs work holiday dinner dance. Had some time Saturday
morning and afternoon to play. Nice opening to east coast
and then SA and Mexico. Was hoping for same conditions
Sunday, but not meant to be. Felt more like a VHF contest!
N1MM says I was on for 8 hours, but I'm sure it was at
least 9 or a bit more, calling CQ into the abyss forever
without a call back. Was happy to work as many DX and mults
as I did considering the bottom of the solar cycle is upon
us. Always enjoy playing in this contest, even at the bottom
of the cycle. Bettered my score from last year, so that's
a good thing! 73 Gene, N9TF
Rig, K3S 100 watts to a 2 element trband at 37 feet.
NC6V   Contact Moderator
20 minutes into the contest and my radio stopped working.
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Could only get on for a few minutes Friday evening and caught some Es.
NN4X   Contact Moderator
Part time effort.  Lots of fun working the different prop modes.
KH7M answered my CQ on Sunday afternoon, and was an actual 599!
OK1DKR   Contact Moderator
It was my unhappy attempt during most of the time dead band
with the only vertical antenna...anyway I tried it!
OK1OFM   Contact Moderator
Vy bad condxs for 100 W + vert. ant
PA0M   Contact Moderator
minimal condition in northern Europe, next time better.
PA2REH   Contact Moderator
Almost no condx on 10m at all, transceiver was scanning contionously and sometimes a nice catch
IC-746 with dipole and vertical, was fun, tu all fr fb qso, 73
PP5AX   Contact Moderator
Operation period of 6 hours approx.
PQ2HX   Contact Moderator
PR2E   Contact Moderator
PT7ZT   Contact Moderator
FT890AT Yaesu
PT9GD   Contact Moderator
PU2PEG   Contact Moderator
PU2UAH   Contact Moderator
PY2ANY   Contact Moderator
R3LB   Contact Moderator
only 100 w., balcony dipole! TNX 73
RA0LQ/MM   Contact Moderator
Mediterranean Sea
RM4F   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
RV3DBK   Contact Moderator
TX 5Watts, ant - Magloop indoor
RW3AI   Contact Moderator
Icom 706 power 5 watts, ant :  Multiband vertical ECO
TM6M   Contact Moderator
Poorest 10m i ever seen , 1hour qrv before lunch , than some hours in
afternoon!  No es link , some TEP? with SA produced 6 qsos !  This one
is not to remembered!  Congrats to DL2ARD/DH8BQA to be awake by thoses
conditions!  See you next maybe on 160 ...  73s
TZ4AM   Contact Moderator
ARRL 10 meter Contest 2018: only one contact
VA3PC   Contact Moderator
Conditions not good, band never opened up except in spots.
Only thing heard Sunday was syllables.
VA3RKM   Contact Moderator
K3,80w, vertical.
VE2EZD   Contact Moderator
FT-950, AL-811H, AT2K, microHAM DIGI KEYER II
40m full wave horizontal delta-loop
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
weird condx some big signals around but mostly hard time with fast QSB
VE4VJR   Contact Moderator
VE5GC   Contact Moderator
Tough band condx.
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun trying to work a few south amedician stations
I managed one. I used my vintage FT-757GX for the contest. I
garked CQ.s on SSB but did not work any station. 73 Gerry
VK2BJ   Contact Moderator
Conditions as expected at this time of sunspot cycle
except for very early morning opening VK time to USA
coast to coast.
VK2GR   Contact Moderator
Antenna: 3el Yagi at 15m
VK2IG   Contact Moderator
Interesting contest this year, and very slow going at times. SWS
predicted at least 10% depression in MUFs due to geomagnetic
activity and low solar flux, but luckily we had sporadic E! Heard
but couldn't work DL, F & HL around 1000UT on Saturday, and 9V at
0930UT on Sunday. Station comprised TS-480HX at 120W output,
5-band spiderbeam (4 elements on 10m) at 10m height. Thanks to
all the stations who answered my calls, and thank-you organisers
and managers for running the contest again this year!
VK4TT   Contact Moderator
Used  "SD"  by EI5DI worked very FB
VK6NC   Contact Moderator
Steve VK6SJ
Chris VK6LOL
W0BH   Contact Moderator
96 CW * 26 mults = 2880 in 2:10
W0MN   Contact Moderator
10Mtr Section of old Cushcraft R7. 20 Mtr trap gone. Hopefully
the 10-12 Mtr is OK. Hopefully band will open up.
W0YJT   Contact Moderator
Well sorry if you can't hear them you can't work them 73 John
W1AST   Contact Moderator
I made more contacts than last year, but conditions still were lousy. But, it was a lot of fun!
W1NN   Contact Moderator
Remote from Japan where most of the activity is in the middle of the night.
W1PR   Contact Moderator
Amazing how a few contest operators can bring a supposedly dead
band to life!
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
W2DPT   Contact Moderator
Had a fun time-wish I could Dabble more-but Holiday honeydew list prevails.
W2EG   Contact Moderator
Again, 500 W and dipole @ ~13M. Much better showing than last
year: more than twice the score. Very little E-W propagation from
here -- all of it the first day, with one QSO each to AZ, TX and
ID. Everything else was N-S or a bit to SSW (one QSO to AR).
Pretty noisy, but still enjoyable. Thanks for the QSO's, and
particular thanks to those who dug me out of the mud.
W3RFC   Contact Moderator
W5GCX   Contact Moderator
FT450D + 4BTV Vertical at pond
W6UE   Contact Moderator
There was a sweet opening on Saturday morning which lasted for a
few hours. Sunday was pretty poor. We had to quit around 21Z.
W8RU   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all for the QSOs!
W9MXQ   Contact Moderator
Band was, to say the least, challenging!!
W9RE   Contact Moderator
Nice openings not reflected by beacons.
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
orian 2, 238c, 34c, inv l.
WA5RR   Contact Moderator
This contest let me try out my new Yaesu FTDX-3000 for the first
extended time. Wow! The receiver is excellent on this rig and I
could hear stations with no S-meter reading easily.  I started
the contest late around 2030 CST and found a phone station in IL
and a CW station in IA. It just goes to show that 10-meters is
open and we just need to call CQ.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote in Tokyo, Japan
WA8UEG   Contact Moderator
Conditions were as expected making multipliers hard to come by.
WA8US   Contact Moderator
This is my first contest. Finding it extremely difficult to get the log to be
accepted. Been at this about an hour for only two log entries.
WB0RUR   Contact Moderator
Good contest. Need more time and better cndx.
WB2AMU   Contact Moderator
In typing the log, I left out one QSO - this is my second submittal.
WB2KHE   Contact Moderator
Although band conditions were still poor, my use of a modern transceiver (tnx to
my radio club, OCARC-NY) gave me a better chance of success and confidence for
the first time in several years!
WB8WUA   Contact Moderator
Had Fun ; the 10 M band wave conditions were rather poor, especially on Sunday.
The signals did become very active and strong around noon {1700) on Saturday,
which saved the contest for me. Latin America got through here during short
intervals on both days. Thanks.
WB9TFH   Contact Moderator
Conditions Friday and Saturday marginal, Sunday non-existance.
Can't wait for sunspots.
WD5ABC   Contact Moderator
I operated from our family farm in Cumby, TX using my Flex 1500 and inverted vee at 30 feet.
WD6DX   Contact Moderator
propagation was not as good as last year, had to run 50 watts
not 5 watts from previous years. Using my 1990 vintage Kenwood
TS940S. Only running 50W as the final transisters are almost 30
years old and did not want to stress them...  I love my old radio
tunning into a g5rv jr at 15 feet.  No Waterfalll. No Decoder.
Just VBT and Notich to kill the ajacent channel interferance.
still runnung CT contest software.  Guess Im Old school. But would
love to have a new radio
WN7S   Contact Moderator
Sunday conditions were less than desireable...
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This was another WQ6X portable operation from W7AYT in Concord, Ca.
The last two years of the 10-Meter contest from W7AYT's location have
been HORRIBLE condx-wise.

I ran the usual Yaesu FT-1000mp & RigExpert Plus to control the radio.
A pair of Autek QF-1A filters and a JPS NIR-12 (for the sub RX) processed
the audio into a pair of Sharper Image wireless headphones (as seen on TV
or available at OwnZone.Com).  For SSB, the Electro Voice 664 did a beautiful
job; so say the 3 stations who worked me on 28.399 Ssb.

The Hygain 3-element 10-meter Long John yagi 13mh worked fabulously.
Unfortunately,a low SFI (71 max) and A/K Indexes of 10/3 (respectively)
made this weekend a TOUGH SLOUGH.

Sunday morning while waiting for the band to open I added new 6-watt
termination resistors to the WQ6X Lazy 8JK Sloper giving it a lower angle
of radiation and more easily matching with the MFJ-949E Versa Tuner II.
While I didn't intend it for 10 meters it worked as an alternate for CQ calls.

We had a BRIEF opening to S.A. putting the only 3 DX contacts in the log.
While I saw spots for VE's, XE's and KH6, none made it to the log.  A "ZL"
station was ALMOST heard, but no copy.  Because they send us a number (#),
it is imperative that I can at least get a 6+db S/N ratio on DX stations.

LooK for a writeup about this GiG soon at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com
WR2G   Contact Moderator
WR4I   Contact Moderator
Terrible condx but manged to work everyone I heard.
XE1AY   Contact Moderator
XE2N   Contact Moderator
Family fun time making 10 meters radio!
YB0ANN   Contact Moderator
FT-817ND 5W,  Dipole @100mh
YO2IS   Contact Moderator
IC-7300, 80w, 41M SLOPING WIRE.73 Szigy.
YV5COR   Contact Moderator
Radio Club Venezolano
YY5AEP   Contact Moderator
Primer permiso 24 de abril 2018
ZS2NF   Contact Moderator
Only had a couple of hours of operating time caused by our local
electricity supply company operating a 2 and one half hour mains
supply interuption (we call it "load shedding") for two of the
days during the key band open times. I also had a previous social
engagement that took out Sunday lunchtime! All in all only 7 QSO's
were made but considering the lack of sunspots that was quite an
achievement! Used an ICOM 736 barefoot with a 5 el yagi at 21m AGL.
Thnks to all the organisers!