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Soapbox for 2021
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AA4LR   Contact Moderator
KP2M received Precedence A from me. I corrected Precedence after our QSO.
Do not count it against him. One of my messages was incorrectly configured.
AA5OY   Contact Moderator
Dug my antenna out of the garden . 
It’s been there since Hurricane Ida.
Ran QRP FOR THE CONTEST! It Worked out ok
AB0CD   Contact Moderator
AB1JV   Contact Moderator
Lost my A4S in a nor'easter a couple of weeks ago so had to use my lowband vertical with a tuner for
the contest.  Surprisingly effective, but I missed a sweep that I think I could have nailed if the
beam was up. Heard NT but no way I could break the pileup. Oh well, there's always next year!!
AB5ZA   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K1...Icom QRP....wire antennas....DN35RW.
AC4G   Contact Moderator
Got a late start Sunday afternoom with little time to operate.
Believe this was my first SS entry (not sure if this passes for
rookie category - not sure there is such a category). Did not
have N1MM setup correctly to send, so I had to send everything by
my key.  Hoping to get this fixed next SS.  Worked the contest
with 20 W power as I operated with yagi pointed to the West
working west coasters in the limited time as I operated on 15m.
AD0QM   Contact Moderator
Bands were good but sadly only had 3hrs to work at night (two kids
under 5 don't make for a radio weekend). Maybe next year. QRP seemed
to work pretty well.
AE2W   Contact Moderator
remote opr.
AG4JT   Contact Moderator
K0HC   Contact Moderator
( 992 * 2 ) * 84 = 166656 IN 21:41
K0ITC   Contact Moderator
Conditions were not good and on top of that operated SS while having COVID.  Slowed down my
operating a bit, but a good form of therapy.
K1DW   Contact Moderator
lots of problems with operator, internet and software.  Sorry for
all the mistakes..
K1SEC   Contact Moderator
Great band conditions. Enjoyed the contest.
K1TH   Contact Moderator
Amazing conditions for first couple hours on 20M from EMA.  20 was open to all call areas, all
regions.  Worked HI and ME and everywhere in between.
K2JF   Contact Moderator
band filled with signals. glad to have my new 20/40 dipole
K2SE   Contact Moderator
ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW - 2021

Call: K2SE
Operator(s): K2SE
Station: K2SE

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs
   80:   71
   40:  437
   20:   78
   15:   10
Total:  596  Sections = 83  Total Score = 98,936

Club: Frankford Radio Club


All wires here. My 80 meter dipole was out Saturday night which probably hurt my
score a bit. Improved use of N1MM+'s features definitely helped this time
around. Missed  a clean sweep by one section. I never heard the VY1 even though
he was spotted several times. I put a total of 45 minutes into EY0ERC (which is
bad strategy but I REALLY wanted the sweep!) but he was obviously overwhelmed.
Thanks to that OP for trying!

Posted using 3830 Score Submittal Forms at: http://www.3830scores.com/
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. For the
2021 SS CW, I (N3UM) was the only CW op available; I did SOHP U.
My goal was to beat the 680 Qs and 112.9 K claim W3GB and I made
doing Multi-2 in 2020 SS CW. I did it, with 705 Qs and a claim
of 115.6 K. I ran for 74% of Qs in 16.5 hrs BIC, vs my 14.2 hrs
BIC in 2020. Great condx helped, ~same as last year. From 2104Z
start I ran at 55/hr for 145 Qs and 48 mults on 20 M by 2343Z. I
then ran at 52/hr for 157 Qs and 16 mults on 40 M by 0254Z. Got
86 Qs and 9 mults running on 80 M, 55/hr 0254Z to 0431Z QRT with
387 Qs. Had 73 mults; all W/VE in the W. but NV and UT. Sun. AM
was different. After 1310Z QRV I clicked spots for the first
time, to work always-CQ ops, and mults came slowly. By 14Z I got
32 Qs + PAC, WV, and NV on 40 M. From 14-1616Z I got 75 Qs + PE,
UT, and NL on 20 M, 22 in a run, then broke for lunch. Back on
20 M 1838-21Z, I got AK + 62 Qs, 46 in a run. Got 42 Qs on 40 M
21-22Z, and broke for supper with 600 Qs and 81 mults. Back at
0018Z I ran on 80 M at 47/hr for NNY + 68 Qs by 0146Z, then 30
more clicking spots for 705 Qs at 0230 QRT. Many loud class A
ops came on CQing in my last hour. Never heard VI or saw a spot.
VY0ERC in NT was S5-7 ~18-19Z, but very slow under a bad pileup.
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"It was great to hear 21 MHz. wide open and full of activity again!"
K4DPF   Contact Moderator
First Sweep of US sections!  Missed3 Canadian secs.
K4EES   Contact Moderator
I had fun with this complicted exchange.  Hope I got some right.
K4ESE   Contact Moderator
K5GN   Contact Moderator
Only could be on for a little while before zzzz.  It sounded like a
fabulous weekend!
K5KG   Contact Moderator
K5KJ   Contact Moderator

Low bands were generally quiet with little lightning static. Conditions improved as the solar storm
15m was fair to good, but closed early both days.
I was surprised with several short runs on both 40 and 80m - quite an accomplishment for 5 Watts! 
Overall, had few incomplete QSOs compared to other QRP operations during contests.
K5RX   Contact Moderator
With lots to do in connection with a move to a new QTH, I could
only spend 9 hours on the air.  No Beverages up anymore in
readiness for the move.  Lacking NT and NL at 0100Z with 15
meters almost closed, I thought a sweep was out of the question.
But then I saw a loud VY1CO on the bandscope - one of only about
five signals visible.  Could not find NL on 20, so went to 40.
Heard a fluttery signal - it was VY0ERC. Worked him through a
pile for good measure and kept moving up the band.  When I got to
7050, I was certain there would be no NL, but wanted to reach
500Qs after log deductions. So, I kept tuning.  Way up at 7064
was VO2AC with a decent signal.  My 2 half waves in phase at 180'
got him first call.
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Missed the clean sweep by one, Northwest Territory.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
First 8 hours was truly fun.  Last 8 hours was not. Ran out of stations to work.
K6CSL   Contact Moderator
Didn't make my goal of 100 Q's. Fun anyway!
K6FA   Contact Moderator
Mainly operated to give out points. Copied on scratch paper then transferred to paper log then to
computer program. Paper log so I could read it. I can not copy and type at the speed most were
sending. Can copy better on paper. Was fun though.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest, lots of great activity.  Good to have
15 meters, which must be my favorite band.  I opted for the
"unlimited" category this time with a goal of a clean sweep.  By
Saturday night I had all sections worked, except for NL and my
own, ORG.  I've never found ORG rare before.  I found WA6KHK
on 15 on Sunday, and a couple of others, and a few guys got on to
ensure I got it.  Also forgot Kurt, W6PH, who lives quite aways away
from Orange County, is also in ORG, and worked him.  So ORG was no
problem in the end.

NL was a differnet matter...  when I went looking at spots on Sunday
I saw there were a couple of stations on Saturday, but nothing that
afternoon.  I saw VO2AC spotted but he was on 40 meters which
wasn't quite open yet to California.  I parked on his frequency to try
later but he went away.  I had decided I was done with SS but saw a
spot for VO2AC late in the day and worked him for number 84.

First clean sweep I've managed in some time.  Thanks for the QSOs
everyone.   Dana
K6OO   Contact Moderator
Mostly seek and squeak using 5 watts to
multi-band dipoles up 30 feet.
Still using paper logging.
It would be nice if the precedence
for assisted stations reflected
their category of A, B, M, Q and S.
K7MSO   Contact Moderator
What a great time!!! Thanks everyone for coming back to me!  Multiple times Montana to Florida and
everywhere in between, with almost no repeats!!!
- Mike K7MSO
K8LF   Contact Moderator
Operated my home station remotely using the RS-BA1 software and
N1MM in disconnected mode with manual logging.   I used the keyer
memories in RS-BA1 software with no support for SN generation.
While this configuration was cumberson, I still had a good time
with the contest.  Some internet delay caused some stations to
start transmission before I could get my call sent.  Some
stations did not leave enough time in between CQs.    I only was
able to do S&P with all my problems with the setup.  This was
kind of a test for remote operation.   I will think about running
a remotehams server next year.
K8TS   Contact Moderator
First try at trying to "run" in a major contest. I quickly realized that ""DX Spotting" must be
turned off before doing so! I was amazed at how many stations spotted me with only one call..but no
replies. Real learning experience, even though it happened two more times by accident. Hoping I
don't get DQ for self spotting!
K9KE   Contact Moderator
Society of Midwest Contesters
K9UIY   Contact Moderator
This is one of my favorite contests for many years!  Thanks for all
the QSO's and I already am looking forward to next year with better
results.  Vic  K9UIY
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
hard contest thanks 73 Matt ka0pqw
KA3TTT   Contact Moderator
I forgot how much I enjoyed the ARRL Sweepstakes! I worked QRP from
Philadelphia in terrible conditions but still made 21 QSOs. Highlights
included working CO on 15 meters, and IA on 40 meters.
KB4GYT   Contact Moderator
Thank you to all of the great cw operators who made the QRP Sweep (84 QSOs) possible with a small
73 Paul KB4GYT
KB8LKH   Contact Moderator
Would be nice if the league offered a map of the ARRL and RAC sections that can be colored in when
each new multiplier is worked.  I have a map that was found using map overlayer but is is missing
some sections.  I color in by color according to band.
KC9EE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
First time in the High Power category.  Personal best but I should have been a lot better prepared. 
The new KPA 1500 bailed me out this year.
Somehow I missed Prince Edward Island for the sweep.  All other sections called me during runs.
If things continue on the solar cycle upswing, I'm definitely going to have to rectify my 15 meter
antenna situation.

BTW, antenna farm is here is all wires on a city lot and pretty stealthy.  I am blessed with a lot
of trees behind the house for antenna supports. 

Gary KC9EE
KD7HU   Contact Moderator
Only my second CW SS in my 51 years as a ham. I only became involved in contesting in retirement. It
is great fun and you learn a lot about  your station. Propagation from Montana was fair on 20 and
good on 40.  Usually Canadian provinces not a problem from Montana but very little heard from the
north including Alaska.  20m great for volume and 40m was great for filling in sections.  Surprised
to work both VI and PR.  Apologies to those who saw me have problems running a frequency on 40....my
computer ran into problems mid run and I had to disappear to fix it.
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
K3/10 driving a Ten Tec 405 amp to 50 watts out. Didn't have a lot of time this weekend, but enjoyed
a fun run of CQ'ing Sunday! C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt
KE4S   Contact Moderator
Band noise on Saturday evening was not fun, resulting in very
slow rate, so I put the contest aside until Sunday afternoon.
Much better conditions, and a corresponding increase in fun.  Got
my sweep with the arrival of VO2AC in the last hour. Thanks for
the contacts.
KF0QS   Contact Moderator
I really appreciated the operators who would slow down their speed in order to allow a slower
operator to keep up.  It makes more sense and is faster than to have the slower operator have to ask
for repeats.

Otherwise, I appreciated everyone's patience.
KF3G   Contact Moderator
Operated from FM29jw

Contacts: 9
Per QSO Multiplier: 2
ARRL / RAC Section Multiplier: 8

9 QSOs x 2 CW Multiplier = 18 QSO Points
18 QSO Points x 8 Section Multipliers = 144 Total Points.

Thank you for the 2021 ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW
KI4BXU   Contact Moderator
grid square FM18ne
KJ9C   Contact Moderator
Limited time, 40 was the money band. Twenty is always poor for me
KK0U   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I ran Sweepstakes this year Field Day style from a tent.  Used my Extended Lazy-H cut for 15m, which
plays well 80-10m for domestic contests.  Personal best for me in the CW section, and already
planning for next year.  Couldn't work any of the NT stations, even though they were easy enough to
hear here.

Hanging in a hammock and having the coyote howls wake me repeatedly in the 38F temperatures isn't an
experience I'm ready to repeat, but it was worth it.

Sunday especially was a lot of fun, as  the mult hunt wound down.  In the end, only missed a clean
sweep by NT.  

Apologies to K5LY, as my computer went nuts and kept sending the exchange repeatedly.  Had to pull
the plug and regroup.

The worst part of CW Sweepstakes is it only happens once a year.

73, Jim KK0U
KK4R   Contact Moderator
I set 500 as a goal, and it didn't take long to figure out that my rate was
too low.  It was search and pounce until I finally got a little run going on 80m.
That turned out to be the only band that I could get a real run going on.
However, all that S&P was paying off with multipliers.  I've never gotten
this close to a clean sweep.  I only needed three Canadians, AB, NT, and QC.  I
never heard QC or AB, which was a big surprise, but I spent about 30 minutes in
a pile up for NT with no success.  He was really struggling under that pile up.
It wasn't pretty.  Anyway, I got to spend a weekend contesting, and only the cat
got pissed off at me!  Now that is good weekend!
KN1CBR   Contact Moderator
Three requests of participants in future contests:  (1) Please don't use N for 9 in a serial number.
 It's fine for RST but not for S/N.  (2) More important, when a running station with a bunch of
callers sends a partial call sign, that means they want to hear ONLY the station with that partial
call. All others should wait.  (3) Let's do what we can to increase the ham population in the NL
section.  Please!
KR0U   Contact Moderator
Several stations reported dupes, making me realize I had turned the VFO knob too soon without typing
[enter]. These log entries were lost. I apologize for those who suffer an NIL for my errors!
KR2Q   Contact Moderator
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Doing a cw contest with a long exchange is hard work when a 60 yr. old
Vibroplex lever that has worn settings screws is used.  Thanks to all
For a while but on a closer look I saw it was marked JJ38 not J38 and
Believe me folks its not the same!
KV8Q   Contact Moderator
I'm always amazed at what this little setup can accomplish.  I
heard a VE6 but couldn't break the pile-up.  Haven't heard AK or
NT in quite a few years.  Get every other section numerous times.
Always a pleasure bumping into old friends. Hope to see you all
next year - plus a few new ones. Thanks - 73  tom    Rig = TenTec
Eagle @ 100 Watts.  Antenna = Mag Loop (40 thru 15) and an
Isotron-80 in the attic 12' above garage floor and an indoor 10
meter dipole.
KX7L   Contact Moderator
Had some power line noise on Saturday, as well as some family
activities that limited my hours, but Sat night on 80m was pretty
fruitful, and 20m was the money band on Sunday.  I had thoughts
about 15 and 10 given the recent uptick in solar activity, but
since this contest is one QSO per station, it makes sense to
stick to where you are heard by the most during the day: 20m. Had
good fun, and thanks for all the Q's!!
N1CEO   Contact Moderator
N1DID   Contact Moderator
My first QRP attempt.  I was happy with the result even though I was sick
N2DEE   Contact Moderator
Used an "A" PREC instead of "U" prec accidentally... maintained same value throughout, though.  Had
a fun time.
N3HCN   Contact Moderator
This one is for Lisa!
N3KA   Contact Moderator
Not much time to op, adjusting to CW on the flex was
interesting.. there are likely some flubs in the log sadly.
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2021 Sweepstakes CW
N4GG   Contact Moderator
Well, I always vacillate about getting in FT and decide to do it, then someting happens.
Family breakfast out killed the important Sunday morning run, and a planned dinner took me
out of the chair Saturday night.  So, a little over 14 hours of chair time.  The clock reads longer
becasue I started taking off time less than 30 minutes at a time.
When you already have over 9 hours of off time, bearks can
be as short as you lime!
Thanks for all the Qs.  Great to hear old friends and a lot of checks of 00 and newer.  Welcome!
The station played perfectly as it always does.  80 sounded strange at times - there were solar
goings on.  40 seems to be a bottomless pit.
FTdx5000, FT1000MP, DXD, WRITELOG, 2 X ACOM 2000A, Wires in the woods.
When it comes to HF radios, newer is not better.
Hal N4GG
N4JRG   Contact Moderator
79 sections worked, could not find LA for all 50 states.
N4LJS   Contact Moderator
I am not a contester but really enjoy CW Sweepstakes. It is more than a 599 VA contest, it takes
some effort. The people in it know their stuff and make the contest worthwhile.
N4XL   Contact Moderator
N6AN   Contact Moderator
Portable from the Tree People park off Coldwater Canyon Road in
Studio City. KX3 @ 5 watts, 59' EFRW for high bands, 66' doublet
fed with CAT5 twisted pair for 40. Paper logged and hand sent. I
went up Sunday morning for a few hours, then returned in the
afternoon until my battery died.
That was fun, thanks in large part to the recent awakening
of our Star. I worked AK to KP4, KH6 to ME.
QSO #105 is not a valid contact. It is only in the log for clarification since
I did send the number to VE6EX, but he never confirmed that he received my
N6DW   Contact Moderator
For the second time in as many weeks, the amp stopped talking to
the K3.  After losing almost 2 hours at the beginning of the
contest.  I found that the K3/P3 cable was loose, though it
appeared properluy seated. I was not in the best frame of mind
for Saturday morning.  but after slogging through the afternoon,
things started picking up..Since I was all S&P (not proficient
enough to work speedy and long exchange), I started running out
of people to work.  Thankfully that changed in the late afternoon
which made things much more enjoyable.  I spent from 0045 until
0235 chasing the VY0ERC pileup but I finally worked him for my
sweep with a little time to spare.  I am amazed at all the magic
ops in that pileup.  Apparently, they could copy him while
calling over him nearly nonstop.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
QRP, just ONE HALF WATT to a 20 Foot End Fed Wire.
Band conditions were ... let's say ... "variable" ...
I was in and out of the shack, spending time when I could.
My goal was to better my last years results ... Nope!
I didn't even come close, but I had fun and I learned a lot!
My hearty congrats and THANKS to all for your patience.
Most copied the exchange perfectly, with only occasional
repeats required, a testament to your stations and your skills!
There's NO Contest like a CW Contest! Pure radio fun!
Getting excited about the CQWWDXCW ... coming up soon!
N6IET   Contact Moderator
I now realize why everybody tended to congregate (like a herd of
sheep) on one band at a time (whichever was most open): Because you
can't earn extra points working the same stations on multiple bands.
So I found nobody on 160 meters, even late at night, and very few on
15 meters, even though it was sorta open each afternoon. I wish ARRL
would mention the "Once per call sign no matter what band" rule in
rule summaries, which is contrary to its general contest rules which
do allow such contacts. I had made 25 duplicate contacts before
learning that fact. My apologies to those who didn't catch my
duplicates and completed the duplicate exchange.
N6NO   Contact Moderator
Not in SS but finding NT on the air, I could not resist making a QSO with the rarest
of all!
N6TV   Contact Moderator
Another year, and another decision not to travel to operate at W7RN
due to the pandemic. Conclusion: it's a lot more fun to be in NV than
in SCV for this contest.
N7EPD   Contact Moderator
Missed 2 sections, not good.  Even after finding VY1AAA on 40
meters.  Amazing how many people send CW manually with a keyer
(noted from mistakes) bugs and even straight keys for something
complex like SS!  They don't get worn out
N8KH   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3, KPA1500, 5BTV + 80m dipole at 40'
N8MR   Contact Moderator
Hunting RFI issues.
N8VW   Contact Moderator
Not a lot of time in this one.  Didn't feel like my signal was very good.  Wx was nice so canned it
and did yard work on Sunday.
N9BT   Contact Moderator
I need to do more code practice during the year.
N9OK   Contact Moderator
It was fun getting a clean sweep. NT was the last one I needed.
He was extremely
difficult for some reason.
NB7O   Contact Moderator
This was my first SS for CW.  Thanks to CWOPS CWAcademy I was very prepared to participate.  Thanks
to all who help make this event happen.
NM2O   Contact Moderator
Operated remote to give out NNY. Even with six NNY, it can still be an elusive section. I got a
"thanks for NNY" near the end on Sunday.
NN5SD   Contact Moderator
Once again I couldn't find my own state to work.  Sux!
NN7SS   Contact Moderator
Just an hour at the start, and an hour at the end.

NN7SS Burt WA (op K6UFO)

15m, 20m: GXP 3 element yagi at 72 feet
40m: GXP 2 element yagi at 72 feet
Flex-6600 at 5 watts
NO2D   Contact Moderator
Definitely not my favorite contest and my results show it.
NS2N   Contact Moderator
Always work dupes. It’s faster and ensures a contact. 
To the K0 who refused my request … our contact disappeared from the log due to computer error, so
I will be a NIL in your log,
NY9X   Contact Moderator
Great fun...but not enough time in the chair!!
NZ6Q   Contact Moderator
note to self... Do NOT celebrate your birthday the night b4 ARRL SS CW
VA3SB   Contact Moderator
Without a doubt my favourite contest of the year. Conditions
could have been better but had lots of fun and managed to get a
clean sweep. My last four sections were South Dakota, EWA, NT and
NL. SD and EWA responded to my CQ. How great was that. Also no
issues contacting NT and NL only took a couple of tries. Great
ears folks.
Qs. 73 Serge VA3SB
VA6RCN   Contact Moderator
Couldnt find AB of all things.
VA7KH   Contact Moderator
80s retro station: Heathkit HW-9, 5W, manual keying, paper
logging, no spots. Really hard work but great fun and lots of
nostalgia. Thanks to everyone for taking the time and having the
patience to pull out my weak QRP signal from the Pacific NW. 73.
VE2EZD   Contact Moderator
VE3GFN   Contact Moderator
Yayyyyyyy - my first Clean Sweep ever, since 1956! Took longer than my DXCC Honor Roll, using 100W
and paper QSL cards!
VE3RIA   Contact Moderator
Had fun with this contest. 73  Andre VE3RIA
VE3VHB   Contact Moderator
Only a check log, intended to complete states needed on CW for LoTW Triple Play,
i.e. NE and WY.  Got 'em!  And both use LoTW!
VE3ZY   Contact Moderator
Only a few hours of operating, only answering CQ calls
VE4EA   Contact Moderator
Nowhere is it more clear than ARRLCW Sweepstakes how critical it is and how dependent we are in the
part-time (under 100 QSOs) CW operator to get on and give us a QSO.  Without them, this event can't
take place.  
The traffic handlers of the past (myself included) will someday soon no longer exist. 
The vast number number of CK 1950-1959 gives evidence that the time to do something about this is
now, before it's too late.  
One wonders what the contest organizers and Committee have to say about this.
73,  Cary  VE4EA
VE5GC   Contact Moderator
Fun contest, lots of activity.
VE6BIR   Contact Moderator
Just moved to new QTH and getting settled.  Antenna random length
wire strung up around basement. Pleasantly surprised that 46
people able to hear my signal
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operatinSS this year again. I got myself a new
Rig this fall a FTDX-10 it is a great CW radio.73 Gerry
VE7FO   Contact Moderator
Please treat this as a check log.  I wasn't able to find a way to do it anywhere
VY0ERC   Contact Moderator
This year's Sweepstakes was quite a challenge.  First a word of
appreciation for those ops who were able to make their signals
distinguisable.  Second, apologies to those ops who were
attempting to complete exchanges with us while we were
experiencing various technical and environmental challenges.  The
first 16 hours were pretty much a wash-out with a K of 4.  Sunday
was much better and the pile-up was extreme.  We coped as best we
could.  Thanks for your patience with our requests for repeats.
Sounds like we were louder than the signals we could hear. Hope
to hear you in the SSB version! 73 de Pierre VE3KTB and Alex
VY1KX   Contact Moderator
SD logging program worked well for me in the contest.
W1AW   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
We intended to do a multi-op with several HQ Staffers participating, but life got in the way while
we were making other plans, and it ended up being a one operator multi-op, and part time.  It's been
a while since I have done SS, and was quite rusty at the start, and not knowing the station very
well also hurt during the first hour (just 74 qsos).  In contrast, 78 qsos went in the log Sunday
morning during the 7AM hour all on 80m.  A few on 40m followed, then another 220 went into the log
on 20m over the next 4 hours straight which was a nice run.
W1NN   Contact Moderator
Remote from Japan.
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contacts and to the ARRL for sponsoring the
contest. 73 - Dan, W1QK
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
This was an experiment. Operated 40 meters only, S&P, 100 watts and a
wire. The object was to see how many sections could be worked with my
modest station on a single band. Missed 8. I believe that high power
and/or a gain antenna might well have provided a clean sweep.
W3SA   Contact Moderator
145w 80m horiz loop
W3SI   Contact Moderator
First time since 1999 that I have operated during November SS CW Contest.  I only got to operate a
few hours and the band was very crowded but I was able to squeak my call into a few dead areas and
pick up some contacts.

i am glad I did and realized how much I need a CW filter put in my radio to be able to tune in
stations better.  Most stations would slow to 20WPM for me but a few continued at over 25 and I had
to ask for repeats. All in all it was a good event for me and I will do it again.
W3TB   Contact Moderator
W3TB Franklin TN
W4KAZ   Contact Moderator
Conditions were nice and quiet here.  Hoping for 10m and 15m, but not much on 15 and zip on 10m. 
Did a lot of A/B/C comparisons on 20m between a pair of crossed dipoles and an EFHW.   
Posted score to "Confederate Contest Club" as a hat tip to AA4NC/W4MR.  Blue Moons to Will, and keep
the silly orange slice away..
W5YZ   Contact Moderator
Not bad for an old guy with a old rig and a flagpole antenna.
W8BI   Contact Moderator
Had plans of 3 operators, but just one showed up!
W8LVN   Contact Moderator
Not as many QSOs as my target, but the multipliers were a lot of fun.
10 was not functional, and I heard nothing on 160.
I haven't had a sweep for I can't remember how long. So I did not have
high hopes this year. However, 15 was very workable this year, and most
of my rare multipliers came on 15. SC didn't show up for a while, and despite
everyone's concern, NNY was not rare. worked 6 PAC stations, Ewa was harder.
13 mulitpliers were worked on 15, out of 46 QSOs. Lax and EWa came late
But the real fun came with VY0ERC on 40, which is a club station in what appears
to be Ice Station Zero. The pileup behavior was quite bad. It would have probably
helped with a simple UP1. Finally, they came back to a station about half a khz off.
I called on that frequency and got the QSO.
So that makes 83. The one I didn't get was VE6, to my amazement. Unclear how
that happened.
W8RU   Contact Moderator
My first time participating since 2006. Glad I jumped
back in again this year. It was nice to hear so many
signals on 15m.
Thanks for the QSOs and 73, Ron (W8RU)
W9KB   Contact Moderator
Operated basically Unlimited, however, inadvertently had my logger sending B instead. Will fix it
next year.

Enjoy this fall contest, but surprised not to find NE, NLI, and EWA stateside. Heard NT but the
pileup was too painful... also missed AB and QC?

W9RE   Contact Moderator
Good conditons on 40 made the first 10 hours fun.  Took 23 hours to get YT.
WA0LIF   Contact Moderator
What is the point of the very long exchange? Tough to copy 30 wpm speeds with QRM and QRN.  Not
everyone is using decoders.  Some of us still do it by ear.
WA3RSR   Contact Moderator
This contest really tests one's focus and ability to stay cool amid
confusion. I was surprised that even though I know cw fairly well how
easy it was to completely botch my hand copying. Then, feeling like a
deer in the headlights, I simply sent my information and continued
listening to the station I just copied to fill in information, rather
than asking for repeats. (Is that cheating?)

Operating qrp from West Texas with my kx 2 and efhw antenna I was
happy how well  I got out. I learned how to pounce at the right time.
While I didn't get that many unique sections, I did get all but one in
the 6 region, including PAC.

Hams who do well in this contest would probably make great air traffic
controllers. Hi Hi. While I prefer slower paced rag chewing, I
appreciate how a contest like this really shows the cracks in one's
skills--things to work on.
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
One of my last 5 multipliers to work was my own location of ORG!  Never heard Newfoundland/Labrador
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA7NPX   Contact Moderator
Missed the deadline for submission by 10 mins. Dumb to have such short time frame to submit. Not
that I really did that great but hey. Come on, real life and such.
My log was messed up is why the miss. Had to correct it first causing the missed time. Anyway, what
is the rush? You don't publish for quite some time anyway.
Off the soapbox now. I'll grumble to others and may not play again.
WA8Y   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Unassisted for 1st 374 Qs. Changed loggers got spotting assistance.
WB0GAZ   Contact Moderator
Started hand built, fully homebrew USDX QRP xcvr project (thanks to PE1NNZ et al)
only 3 weeks ago. Homebrew radio for SS adds new learning to contest fun.
WB3AVD   Contact Moderator
A great field test for a straight key I just built! Used horizontal
springs as in the old 1800s sounders, and a glow-in-the-dark
powdercoat! I won't lose this one on a messy operating table!
WB7QMR   Contact Moderator
Flex6300, Hamsticks, CW-Skimmer
WB8LZG   Contact Moderator
Bands were in good shape. 15 meters was open and grabbed some needed sections  there. Only had time
to play for a few hours , but had a blast with 5 watts and a dipole.
WD6T   Contact Moderator
First time being unassisted since I was a kid.
Was remote.
Missed sweep; called by one PE, but he disappeared mid-QSO.
Had an internet outage for 10 min. on Saturday.
Also radio problems on Sunday for about 1/2 hour.
Difficult getting to sleep and didn't quite use all 24 hr.
Some feel it's sacreligious to suggest, but this contest would be
improved by shorter length or more time off or per-band Qs.
WE0DX   Contact Moderator
Great Contest!  15 short for the full sweep, but great none the less.
WE2KEY   Contact Moderator
Mni tks to the ops tt cpyed
my vy weak QRP sig! Hpe CU agn
sn. GL & God bless! 72, J
WJ9B   Contact Moderator
SSCW, the best 24 hours in cw contesting!
WM3O   Contact Moderator
wow, i did a cw contest.  i guess i'm back.
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
TThis was another Dual-OP operation from WQ7AYT's QTH in Concord.
While putting in about 6-hours remotely @NX6T, I managed to find
plenty of time to operate WQ6X from the East Bay (EB) section.
Despite some HORRIBLE Space-WX throughout the weekend, 80 - 15
meters presented some good conditions.  Starting up early on 40
meters Sunday, I was amazed to hear OX7M calling CQ at 00:30z.
I actually had an LU5 and  several Europoeans call on 20-meters
which was otherwise a disappointing band.  Where were the 80-meter
operators  And, what happened to 10 & 160  CQ SS calls there
produced no callers - Bummer Dewd.
The FT-1000mp into a an 8JK phased Cobra array about 12mh did a capable job.
Using the recently furbished Stereo-CW setup (via a pair of QF-1A analog
filters back-ended with an MFJ-784 (Left ear) and NIR-10+NIR-12 (Right ear)), I
positioned calling stations in a 180-degree ARC within my listening experience,
making pile-up running considerably easier.
LooK for more about this event at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com.
WR5E   Contact Moderator
Wow!  What an experience for a contest neophyte - an experience that did no
t disappoint!  This was the first time ever immersed in a contest in over 4
1 years as a ham.  A lot was learned preparing for the CW Sweepstakes.  The
n, in the midst of the event, I learned even more along with dynamically co
rrecting and updating a few assumptions and mistakes (mainly with the new l
ogger).  Being "in there" after all of these years in the 2021 ARRL Novembe
r Sweepstakes - CW event was a huge personal success!  Thanks!
WV1M   Contact Moderator
Dust off the key, and ready to rock!