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Soapbox for 2020
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AA4LR   Contact Moderator
Had an issue where N1MM would start sending CQ when I was not at the radio a couple of times. I do
not think
my cats were involved. Apologies for any distraction this caused anyone.
AC2YD   Contact Moderator
First Sweepstakes in ~45 years!  Good to be back!  Many thanks to
all the good ears (and antennas) copying my 2-watt QRP signal!
Rig:  Softrock RXTX Ensemble, Quisk s/w transceiver, 1/4-wave
vertical with 32 radials.
AC9EZ   Contact Moderator
A great contest! Conditions were very good. Equipment was my Yaesu FT-450d and my Kent paddles.
Antennas were my new 40m doublet, 160m doublet, and new K2AV inverted L over FCP. Thanks for the
qsos everybody! 73 de Jim AC9EZ
AE0TT   Contact Moderator
This was my first CW Sweepstakes.  I had so much fun!  Looking
forard to next year.
AF3K   Contact Moderator
Flex 9700, PGXL, 6BTV vertical.
K0AU   Contact Moderator
Where was NNY?
K0HC   Contact Moderator
( 899 * 2 ) * 84 = 151,032 IN 19:20
K0JJR   Contact Moderator
(357 QSOs - 2 dupes)  *  (2 pts/QSO)  *  78 mults  =  55,380
missed:  ND, MB, NL, NT, PE, QC
K0RF   Contact Moderator
This was a remote operation and we had our difficulties with it but we were socially distant.
K1TH   Contact Moderator
I only had a couple of hours devote at the very end of the contest. But it was fun getting on and
making over 100 contacts.
K2EKM   Contact Moderator
According to my logs, hadn't participated in SS since 2010! Was inactive for 7 years due to removal
of my antenna supports (trees). Put up a 35 ft random wire with 9:1 unun attached to a 31 ft Jackite
pole last May.  Running 5w to that inefficient antenna. Was a challenge but it is great to be back.
K2RP   Contact Moderator
After decades of participating with my modest station, I tried something different.  Operated QRP
with a 35 year old Heathkit HW9 and a G5RV wire antenna.  Was surprised to work 130 contacts in 52
sections.  Lots of people with good ears out there.  Show what can be done with very basic
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB operated Multi HP in SS CW 2020. We did the same in the
last 4 SS CW tests, but averaged just 16 hrs. BIC due to non-ham
things like concerts. With these shut down, we easily put in 24
hrs BIC and beat our best past claim, in 2016, by 154 Qs and 27K
points. Great condx helped; SFI of 90, and Kp mostly 1 or 2. We
scheduled shifts, to avoid gaps. N3UM was on for 5 hrs. 21-02Z.
First he ran for 125 Qs on 20 M, with loud sigs from most K and
VE sects in the west, east to OH and GA, but no W1’s. Then he
got 82 Qs on 40 M and quit to sleep. W3GB did 5 hrs. 02- 07Z,
clicking spots on 40 and 80 M for always-CQing stations and
mults. He got all W1, most W2, and QC and MAR out to KY and IN.
At QRT we had 285 Qs and 74 sects, our best ever. At 12Z N3UM
ran for 111 Qs on 40 M in 2 hrs, then got 61 more Qs from clicks
and brief runs on 20 and 40 M by 1626Z. For our last 9.2 hrs we
each did 2 shifts of ~2.3 hrs. From 17-00Z we got 139 Qs, nearly
all on 20 M, slow but steady at 19 Qs/hr avg. Got 4 Qs and AK on
15 M, 4 Qs and our last mult WPA on 40 M at 2129Z. From 00Z to
our 24-hr limit at 0151 N3UM ran on 80 M for 84 Qs but no mults,
while W3GB scoured 20 and 40 M for NT. There was one VY1 spot on
40M, uncopyable under a howling pileup. He went QRT in disgust.
We got 1 Q each in DE, NNY, and PE. In 2019 CW SS, with 7 fewer
BIC hrs and SFI of only 71, we got 1 Q each in 13 sections!
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Band conditions are definitely improving!"
K4XU   Contact Moderator
A personal best. Must be all the Corona virus folks staying at home.

I set up the contest in N1MM and just used my old SS tried and true function key file. I was past
QSO #130 when I realized I had not change A to U. So, per the rules, I carried on. More than 50% of
my Qs were S&P, I could not get a run going on 20 before some W6 or W7 would crawl in behind me and
push me off.

Last section was VO1HP on Sunday morning. Worked at least two of everything else.
K5GN   Contact Moderator
Only could be on for a little while before zzzz.  It sounded like a
fabulous weekend!
K5RX   Contact Moderator
My only goal was to get a sweep after several years of failure.
My antennas are too high for SS most of the time - nothing under
111' on 10, 15 and 20 m. and nothing under 180' on 40 and 80 m.
VY1KX made the contest for me when he called Sunday afternoon.
If he had called earlier, I would have quit much sooner and my
QSO total would have been much lower.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
My 44th consecutive year of over 1000 QSOs in SS CW!
Was much more fun with all the extra activity this year.
K6CSL   Contact Moderator
Real rough, butstill fun.
K6DF   Contact Moderator
As always, great fun!
K6FA   Contact Moderator
First time doing SS in a very long time. Had fun just wish my brain would let me copy and type at
the same time. Makes it hard to try to hold a frequency calling CQ. No problem the old way of paper
and pencil.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
Fun contest, GREAT to have 15 meters open.  If
only I could stay in the chair longer!  Thanks for the
QSOs everyone.    Dana
K7SDW   Contact Moderator
My ears are not as good as they use to be. Nice to hear all the good cw ops on the air.
K7UAZ   Contact Moderator
This was our first time entering the contest in 16 years. It was a lot of fun, especially with the
15m openings. Looking forward to next year!
K7XC   Contact Moderator
A fun event I almost missed! Was a bit late but stayed in the
chair as long as my body felt up to it. Went to bed 10PM Sat
night and woke up a bit before 2AM. Snowed all night and Sun
Morning, dropping 8" which quieted all the leaky power lines.
Stayed in the chair till the second half of the Steelers game
when I watched them go 8 & 0 !!!! Great day! Got back on the air
but my brain had faded so threw in the towel at 650 Qs and 83
Mults. Never heard A VY1 all weekend. 100W to a Fritzel Beam FB33
triyagi at 43ft, dual band 80/40 Meter Inv Vee at 38ft, 160M Inv
L at 40ft.
K8AC   Contact Moderator
Excellent opening to west coast on 15 meters
K8BZ   Contact Moderator
Never heard NT
K9IU   Contact Moderator
Oh Canada... NT...as in ... No Transmitter??    Missed the sweep by 1...  It's 2020, not surprised. 
 Great band conditions with SFI hitting 93 this weekend !  Great to get the school club on the air
after COVID shutdowns. Some software issues (old version, forgot about PEI now a new RAC section). 
LOTS of new callsigns on the air for this one.  Welcome or welcome back...Only a handful of school
clubs on the air.   Hope to see you again in SSB!!!
KA3TTT   Contact Moderator
I had fun in my first Sweepstakes operating QRP from Philadelphia!
KA8HOK   Contact Moderator
The contest was a load of fun as always ! I ended up short two RAC sections this year, I was unable
to work VO1HP and did not hear NT. Towards the end of the contest I worked K7JA and Chip said that
my section, AL, gave him a clean sweep. I felt like rare DX for a few seconds. I am looking forward
to next years SS CW !
KB4CG   Contact Moderator
It was great to operate SS again after a 21 year absence! Conditions were excellent on 80 meters
Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Many thanks to all the CW ops who make this such a great event,
and I look forward to next year.  

I was particularly impressed with the QRP stations that I worked.  To get a signal through the wall
of signals in SS with a QRP rig is an amazing feat!  

Returning to CW SS after 21 years just reaffirmed what I knew then: it was -- and still is -- the
greatest contest of them all!
KB6CA   Contact Moderator
I worked only 20m and 40m.  Enjoyed the contest.
Jeff KB6CA
KB8TL   Contact Moderator
I worked all the CONUS sections, first time ever! Never did hear AK or HI. Bob KB8TL
KB8TYJ   Contact Moderator
Hadn't done this contest for a while, so it was good to get back into it.
KC4TVN   Contact Moderator
KC8ZKI   Contact Moderator
My first cw contest.   Had a blast learning the ropes.
KC9EE   Contact Moderator
Personal best.  Only wire antennas thrown up in a tree.  Here's proof that a very modest station can
compete in SS.  I was a little apprehensive going into the contest this year because I knew I was
out of practice and had not taken the time to do my pre contest research and strategizing.  I knew I
had better get out of the gate well.  Did ok with that but still could improve greatly.
Biggest change with this contest is it is a lot more steady and consistent on Sunday as compared to
"back in the day".  Years ago you couldn't buy a contact on Sunday afternoon.
Now there are a lot of folks who show up just to be fresh meat. Many practice their running skills.
Thanks all for the participation.

Gary KC9EE
KD2KW   Contact Moderator
I used the wrong precedence, "B" during the contest so I submitted as high power even though I used
100 watts. Live and learn.
KD3TB   Contact Moderator
Small Op from my Beach House in Delaware with only a vertical
KD9QS   Contact Moderator
Another fun SS and PB for me using a home brew keyer.  My custom multiband vertical for 10-40m and
old faithful 80m doublet got me out there in force.
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
K3/10 running 5 watts to wire antennas.  Thanks for your copy of my QRP sigs, and thanks for the fun
!  C U next time, 73, Dan  ke0tt
KE4S   Contact Moderator
K3/P3, Expert 1.3K, 4L SteppIR @ 57 ft.
Was having fun until I discovered my refrigerator
was not working.  Lost a lot of time salvaging the contents! Got
most of it resolved in time to get back to the fun on Sunday
afternoon.  Good conditions on 20 and 40, missed only
NT and NNY sections. Thanks for the contacts.
KE5C   Contact Moderator
I sent A and realized after a few hours I should have sent U. I
continued to send A, but I was using N1MM's bandmap so I was U.
Sorry. I am old and rusty.
KG5STP   Contact Moderator
my first cw ss !  Hoping to improve on the next one...
KJ9C   Contact Moderator
Testing the remote station antennas
KK0U   Contact Moderator
Funny how reality has a way with your plans.
KO4DN   Contact Moderator
Had a great time. Enjoyed the contest.
KR0U   Contact Moderator
KX3 to 43 foot vertical and low inverted Vees
Good conditions on 80 meters provided many contacts and sections for my limited,mostlynight time
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Wanted at least WAS in 2020 for this one and got it
So then was on my way to try for a clean sweep
which looked promising when VY1KX called me but my beam
was on the east coast and wudn't rotate in the wind here and lost him!
KV8Q   Contact Moderator
Started out with great going on 40 meters; but, once the sun went
down, the skip went long.  80 was very noisy, especially Sunday
evening.  Never hard a signal from AK, NL, or NT.  Lots of fun
bumping into friends from CWOps. Thanks - 73  tom    Rig = TenTec
Eagle @ 100 Watts    Antenna = Mag Loop (40 thru 15) and an
Isotron-80 in attic 12' above garage floor and an indoor 10 meter
KX7L   Contact Moderator
Reasonable conditions, and seemed like lots of activity, plus a
generous amount of BIC time, gave me my highest score since 2014.
Thanks for all the QSO's!
KZ2I   Contact Moderator
Missing VY1JA so much.
N0JK   Contact Moderator
I got on Sunday afternoon to hand out a few contacts on 20 M. Running
100 watts and a vertical. Despite what I thought was a reasonable set
up -- had partial QSOs with several loud stations who should have been
solid contacts. Some did not copy all my exchange in one pass. People
not stick with the QSO to complete it if any fills were needed, and
were quick to sent "NIL." After about a half hour of this stuff, I
shut down and took the grand kids to a park. I can see how a newbie
with a similar station could get discouraged quickly. Not sure what
the answer is...
N1AW   Contact Moderator
I almost didn't get into this one, but realized it would be a great way to test
a new configuration of my SOTA equipment. Rig was FT-817 with a 10 x NiMH AA cell
pack; quit when battery died after 3-1/2 hours.
N2KW   Contact Moderator
Thanls to Dave, K1TTT, for the use of his fine station!
N3HCN   Contact Moderator
This one is for my Lisa!
N4GG   Contact Moderator
Well, I always vacillate about getting in FT and decide to do it, then someting happens.
Family breakfast out killed the important Sunday morning run, and a planned dinner took me
out of the chair Saturday night.  So, a little over 14 hours of chair time.  The clock reads longer
becasue I started taking off time less than 30 minutes at a time.
When you already have over 9 hours of off time, bearks can
be as short as you lime!
Thanks for all the Qs.  Great to hear old friends and a lot of checks of 00 and newer.  Welcome!
The station played perfectly as it always does.  80 sounded strange at times - there were solar
goings on.  40 seems to be a bottomless pit.
FTdx5000, FT1000MP, DXD, WRITELOG, 2 X ACOM 2000A, Wires in the woods.
When it comes to HF radios, newer is not better.
Hal N4GG
N4NTO   Contact Moderator
Nice to get back on SS! Haven't done it
lately. Seems 40 and 80 were the work horses,
20 was ok. Nothing on 10 or 15 from here.
N6DW   Contact Moderator
All S&P.  Thirteen plus hours.  Hard time on 40 and 20 Saturday
evening, but 80 was hopping.  Late start Sunday but there was a
steady availability of stations on 15, 20 and 40.  Most CW speeds
were in the 22-26 wpm range and not the eye-popping  26-32 wpm of
the worldwide contests.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
Ran QRP, just ONE HALF WATT to a 20 foot
end-fed wire, thrown into a tree out my window.
Propagation seemed somewhat improved from
the arrival of some new sunspots, but not great.
I did not hear a single signal on 10 meters, but
15 meters was really good at times.
I had a blast putting my new rig through
its paces at my favorite 1/2W power level,
and I ended up beating my previous best
1/2W Sweepstakes score from years back.
Thanks to all for your patience and the QSOs.
Keep those sunspots coming for CQWWDXCW!
N6TV   Contact Moderator
My first SS CW from home in the last 10 years, as I did not want to
risk travel to W7RN this year, due to the pandemic.  I made more QSOs
10 years ago than I made this year. Missed VO1 and VY1.
N7EPD   Contact Moderator
Had 2 VY1 call me but they both sent YT instead of NT so had to
force log them.  Hope the ARRL doesn't punish me for logging them
that way.  Missed NL for the sweep.
N7WY   Contact Moderator
On time 17:45 with interruptions..
N8AUC   Contact Moderator
I finally managed to have the time to operate in CW Sweepstakes. My first one ever! Had a great
time, even though I only made 94 contacts. Biggest problem was to string together enough hours to
actually operate the contest. Even with that, this will likely become an annual event on my
calendar, like Field Day is. Big fun!

73 de N8AUC
N8BB   Contact Moderator
This is one of my favorite contests but this year was a challenge. A week prior to the contest I
fell off a ladder and broke 6 ribs in my back and damaged my lung a bit and it was a bit of a
struggle to sit in front of the radio long. I did work 250 stations with qrp and had a blast. Thank
you fellow hams. Nest year I go for the sweep, only got 71 of them rascals but still great fun.
N8LA   Contact Moderator
KX3; 5W; 200' Dipole Up 35', Begali Adventure Paddles.
N8VWY   Contact Moderator
N9TF   Contact Moderator
Played when I could. Normally I don't run in this contest as my
CW RX (brain) is a bit challenged with this exchange. But I
Did give it a try for the first time "EVER" the second day.
I hope I didn't bust too many calls or exchanges! I seemed to
have gotten into a rythem after a while. I could tell though
when the brain was starving a bit for glycerin (lunch) as
focus on the the incoming exchange began to faulter and needed
repeats as the mind wandered! I do feel I did improve on my
copy capability by sticking with it, and found it also helped
with confidence in attacking faster stations right away when
S&Ping. Looking forward to SS phone in two weeks and my most
favorite contest, the 160 contest! New antenna up this year for
160 that appears to be working very well for its size and twisty
configuration on my small city lot. Very pumped!! 73 Gene, N9TF
Rig, K3S 100 watts, antennas, 15/20 2 element triband at 37'
40&80 short loaded dipole at 35', 160, inverted L 30' vertical
99' horizontal, 65' East then turning South for remaining 34'.
ND9M   Contact Moderator
It used to be Id work a CT opn every dozen or so QSOs, but I didn't hear a single one this time
around. I know prop is in the toilet, but that was unexpected
NF6P   Contact Moderator
First time in a CW contest in more than 10 years.  Rusty, rusty
rusty, but had a fun during my part time effort.  Expect lots of
issues with numbers being wrong. Brain needs to catch up.  I hope
that stations needed my section.  All search and pounce.
NG0C   Contact Moderator
Being a new(er) CW op I was wrapped up with other business Saturday, but got on and realized the
long exchange and speeds were over my concentration level. But, Sunday morning was quite nice, with
many ops at speeds I could handle, and many ops slowed down for my 18wpm exchange. I had a great
time chasing mults and the conditions were good.
NG2P   Contact Moderator
I struggle with CW especially SS CW but I like to give it a try when I have time. Maybe now that I
have retired I will have more of it.
Usually I need to get most of the exchange down before I pounce as I can't get the fingers on the
right keys fast enough.
NI0K   Contact Moderator
Only had time for a few Q's Saturday. Sunday the weather was so nice I went for
a motorcycle ride for the last time of the season (northern MN). Had a great
time, but boy-oh-boy is my CW rusty!
NI2Q   Contact Moderator
Check LogBojan
NS0R   Contact Moderator
Had a great time this year.  Made efficent use of the panadapter
for the last hour of S&P which was a great help.  I wish I would
have used my tools better in previous years.  This is the best
score that I've turned in so far.  We'll see if it holds up past
the error checking.  Thanks for all the Q's.
73, Morgan, NS0R
NU6N   Contact Moderator
It is the longest time I operated in a contest! Wow!
NZ6Q   Contact Moderator
SNJ where were you ?? Watching the vote count over in EPA?  Of well, there's always next year...
VA6RCN   Contact Moderator
Missed Maine.
VA7KH   Contact Moderator
Good band conditions for the whole contest period.
VE2EZD   Contact Moderator
FT-950+AT2K+DIGI KEYER II+80m dipole+40 m delta loop on 40, 20, 15
VE2HEW   Contact Moderator
Sent the wrong Prec A, didn't realize I was in the unlimited
category until after the contest was over. Sorry for the error!
VE3GFN   Contact Moderator
Another SS without a Clean Sweep! Never heard NT, and I was amazed to pick up AK in the last hours
of the contest ... oh well, maybe next year ... a great contest, other than that, and all systems
(including the op) worked a treat!
VE3MIS   Contact Moderator
Enjoying a warm and sunny weekend took priority over a focused effort.  In spite of the distraction
SS offered up some decent conditions and some exceptional ops.  Tks fer the fun!
VE5CPU   Contact Moderator
Part time effort hindered by blizzard and snow static
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun with this years Sweepstakes contest. Radios
used Classic IC-756Pro and Venerable Vintage IC-751A two great
performing radios. 73 Gerry
VE7CA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I used my Drake Twins, R-4C, T-4XC with a 1945 Vibroplex Bug a 3 20M Extended Double Zepp antennas
at 90 ft.
VO1HP   Contact Moderator
Heard KL7SB very weakly...called a couple of times but no luck.  Also missed NT, LA, SJV.   Seemed
like all the 7's were in AZ for a while....but eventually the rest wandered into the log.  The pile
ups were not big this time and spent a lot of time CQing with no replies.  

I know there were lots who didn't make it but I tried hard to dig out the weak ones.

73 Frank VO1HP
   CK 64
W0CP   Contact Moderator
Great operators overall. Very few repeats. Need some designated
slow speed band segments as sandbox for aspiring CW ops.
W0FLS   Contact Moderator
Had a good time with a casual operation.  Things sure seemed slow at the start.
W1JCJ   Contact Moderator
Was a lot of fun to get back on the air for the SS here in 2020. Everything from cleaning off the
gear stored in the basement to shooting a wire up into the trees re-stoked the allure of radio in
this most weird of years. Thanks all!
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
15 was open, and 80 was hot. Beat last year's score by thousands of
points, and that's what it's all about. Go FRC!
W2BEE   Contact Moderator
Early Sunday morning, 2 hours, a few Q's and a bit of fun!
Vertical damaged and only works on 40, so that's what I did.
W2KGY   Contact Moderator
The West Point Amateur Radio Club, W2KGY, participated in its first November CW Sweepstakes. Cadet
Nolan Pearce, callsign KE8JCT, operated for the duration of the event. We look forward to
participating in more ARRL / CW / School contests!
W2RQ   Contact Moderator
First two hours were great.  40 was very strange Saturday night, so
most of that time was spent on 80.
W3FA   Contact Moderator
Was never able to connect to any cluster even after starting the contest. Began contest sending "U"
for the precendence and gave up on cluster but kept the precedence. Contest was ran as SO HP.
W3GW   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Hurricane Delta knocked down a bunch of trees that just missed the house but did not miss the
antennas. I threw a random loop into the few remaining trees and entered as a QRP station from
Louisiana using my old Ten Tec Omni d cranked down to 5 watts. As always, I had a great time. I did
not hear anyone on 10 meters except for a LU station in Argentina who heard me with my haywire loop!
Wait 'til next year. 

Joe W3GW
W3USA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
147 QSOs in two hours with a KX3 at 5 watts and a 20 Meter HamStick. Of course it didn't hurt that I
was parked 10 feet from the salt water of Sarasota Bay!  -  Jim  K8MR
W4GHV   Contact Moderator
IC-7610 EFHW
W4KFC   Contact Moderator
Again a great pleasure to sign W4KFC in the SS!  Along with my late father,
W4KFC was my mentor when I joined PVRC in 1953. My exchange CK was 33 the year Vic was licensed as
W6KFC in AZ.  Amazing the number of QSO's this year that said Hi Vic!  Only one station requested a
repeat of CK33.
73,  Buddy  W4YE
W5DV   Contact Moderator
Good CONDX on 15 both days,  Saturday evening had almost complete absence of band noise, allowing 
QSOs every khz up the band - a most unusual experience.
W6AQ   Contact Moderator
True portable operation from Flint Peak. I brought up a Manhasset
music stand to lash against a tree for an operating desk. In
honor of Dave Bell, who's KX3 I used for this operation.
W6K   Contact Moderator
This was TRULY a last-minute ad-HOC WQ6X operation from W7AYT's QTH in Concord.
A last-minute setup found WQ6X running the Fallbrook station remotely using
WQ6X as a SOULP entry from San Diego (SDG) section.
The last-minute decision was to register W6K for operation
in the East Bay (EB) section.
When it was all over, 4+ operating hours made it to the log;
enough to make a not-insignificant presence in EB section this year.

Overall the Sweepstakes turnout seemed to be increased over last year;
altho somebody should have told that to the signal-vortex of W7AYT's QTH.
Nevertheless, we make do with what we are given - part of the operator
betterment challenge of radiosport contesting.
Read more about this operation at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
W7LKG   Contact Moderator
And yet again another fun weekend. Looking ahead to the next CW one.
Think I'll move to PE
W7XZ   Contact Moderator
Biggest surprise was to find myself only three shy of a clean sweep
at the end, 100W to wire antennas.
W8ASA   Contact Moderator
My goal was a clean sweep in fewer than 100 QSOs. I got 82
sections in 94 QSOs, but never heard NL or NT. It was fun anyway
W8EDU   Contact Moderator
W8EDU is the Case Western Reserve University club station. I'm the only CW operator left standing,
so while showing a procession of COVID-separated students how a CW contest worked, I only wound up
with about half an hour of operating time.  I apologize for a couple of contacts that I know were
busted while I was operating and talking at the same time.  More next year, and more in SSB
W8LVN   Contact Moderator
Got a slow start for unknown reasons. Picked up later on as I warmed up.
Built a 10 meter dipole prior to this contest, but didn't get it up.
Which was OK, as I saw no hint of 10 meter activity. Worked all but
Ak, Ab, Wy, Ewa, Nl and Nt.
Satisfactory result on 80, but even though the antennas are the same,
40 ended up being much softer than 80 for me.
There were some odd conditions at the end, with W9XT and I having trouble heach
Lots of SMC folks--thanks for the QSOs.
W9KHH   Contact Moderator
No pin this year. Family priorities took precedence and limited time.

Hope to be on next year.
W9RE   Contact Moderator
Nice to get NL and YT late on Sunday.  Thanks for all the repeats.
WA0LIF   Contact Moderator
Why the ridiculously long exchange?  This handicaps those of us who can't copy at the insane speeds
most are using.
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
WA2BOT   Contact Moderator
First time I have ever entered a CW contest since licensed. An interesting experience. :)
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
Transceiver problems on the last hour.  Limped to the finish line!
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokto, Japan
WA7BNM   Contact Moderator
Bad logger configuration caused SN 0001 to be sent twice, CK reflects what was
actually sent, but again problems with configuration.
WA8Y   Contact Moderator
My Flex 6600 died, and so ended my 2020 SS CW effort
WB0RUR   Contact Moderator
No time this year to operate
WB3AVD   Contact Moderator
Used a homebrew key whose construction I had just completed ... a
double lever "cricket".
WB6JJJ   Contact Moderator
Fun times playing radio...
Just a few hours yesterday and today - too many family and friends things going on this weekend.
My granddaughter (9 years old) even got into helping to push buttons near the end.  She knows some
Morse code but not fast enough for this contest.
Thanks for all of the Qs.
WB7GR   Contact Moderator
My first foray into CW contesting.  Not a big score but a big skill challenge.  Looking forward to
next year.
WB7QMR   Contact Moderator
Flex6300, Outbacker Ant, CW-Skimmer
WB8LZG   Contact Moderator
My Grid Square EN72qq  Great condx for QRP Sweeps this weekend. Had fun grabbing some of the rare
ones from the pile ups. Also got "skunked" on a few that just couldn't hear my peanut whistle. 58
sections in just under 5 hours of fun. Gregg WB8LZG
WC5D   Contact Moderator
My PREC should be AAA = Low Power, Antennas, Attic.
WC7S   Contact Moderator
GREAT FUN,  seeing friends and new folks thanks for all the comments about my signal, new antenna,
end fed long wire, and a new ground system, and the help of Momma Nature, and daughter Prop
Princess, and Ol Sol, worked for all of us too.
Hope to see you all next test too.
WD0BGZ   Contact Moderator
Operated 40-meters only with a goal of trying to collect all 84 Sections via S&P without assistance
... Rig: Yaesu FT-950 at 100-watts, Antenna: Cushcraft D40 Dipole at 55-feet
WE6Z   Contact Moderator
Wow, the bands were great.  Lots of activity.  15 meters was great.  10 not so much.
WN3F   Contact Moderator
thanks to those with the patience to work my poor Morse code
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This was another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook.
STN-1 was Single-OP'd by K4RB & N6KI while WQ6X ran STN-2, so we
had to coordinate band usage in order to not walk over each other.
Band condx. were actually quite Good; for a domestic contest anyway.
160 & 10-meters were essentially non-existent.  15-meters was quite
 surprising.This year, there were PLENTY of sections that were scarce
last year; like, NE, EWA, ME, NH, RI, VT, DE and even NNY.
The bummer was in trying to work VY1OC on 40-meters Sunday afternoon.
The OP's were SO INCONSIDERATE that they eventually scared the OP off
to parts unknown.  If those IDIOTS would've listened before they
transmitted more than 65 QSOs woulda made it to the VY1OC log.
Y'all ruined it for yourselves and for the rest of us.
There is LoTs more to say at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
WQ9T   Contact Moderator
My thanks to K4RB for alerting me I had a chirpy signal.  Found my feedline was damaged, and most of
my radials were missing.  Must have been some RF feedback causing the chirp.  I switched to my
back-up antenna - a random wire and tuner.  Just moments before start time Saturday, I was called
into work, even though it wasn't my weekend to be on call.  Same thing happened again on Sunday. 
The antenna issues and work issues really put a damper on my efforts.
WR4T   Contact Moderator
New to contesting, this is my first sweepstakes, and other than
CWTs, 5th contest overall. I am using a very modest setup
(below).  The complex SS exchange made this mostly an S/P effort
for the first 300 Qs, which helped in tracking down multipliers
(no spotting).  After gaining some competency, I ran most of the
last 100Qs late Sunday afternoon and early evening..  getting
there but still have a long way to go.
C-Line, 20/40m Dipole at 50 feet, 80m 3/4-Wave Inv-L
WS1L   Contact Moderator

Elecraft K3S, KPA500 amp, Hex beam @35 feet, dipoles and verticals for lower

I started Saturday afternoon on 20, with decent results, then moved to 40 and
later 80 before calling it quits about 0300Z with 163 Q's and 63 sections. 

Sunday morning at 1030Z there was no activity on Top Band, so I worked 80 and 40
looking for mults until 1220Z.  At that point I was at 193 Q''s and 74 sections,
missing NE, NNY, AL, PAC, SJV, AK, EWA, WY, AB and NT. 

Sunday morning once the sun came up across North America I moved to 40 and 20,
checking 15 every so often for activity.  AL, SJV, NE and AB soon made the log.
A little later two EWA's called me while I was running on 20.  WY was one of my
few QSO's on 15. 

NNY was the last of the 81 sections I worked - I had heard them on 20 at 1800Z,
but they were unworkable from here in WMA, just too close.  I made a note of
their call, and managed to work them on 40 in the early evening. 

The last few hours were low in rate, as I had worked out everything I could
hear.  Never heard PAC, AK and NT, and never saw them spotted. 

Still, first Sweepstakes from our new QTH, and nice to see the antennas are

73 de Chuck, WS1L