Oct 2022 School Club Roundup final results are listed below. Click on a call sign to see the entry details.

Category: School Club - Elementary/Primary - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KF4WMidlands STEM Charter SchoolSC372101291104
KG4EIFBaker-Butler Elementary SchoolVA169201330002
KG5QNOSSESH AV ClubTX2440220002
Category: School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KE0ZNVHOME SCHOOLCO169,500106784882636
W4LMSRambler Radio ClubGA63,448204124054519
K8LPSColumbiana Clippers Amateur Radio And Electronics ClubOH46,050342993821221
K5LMSLampasas Middle School Youth ARCTX37,430401904517228
N4GCSGainesville MS Radio ClubGA26,586502113732216
K4WBMWilliam Byrd Middle SchoolVA6,61563535232426
N1ASAAll Saints STEAM AcademyRI4,27774392015013
KD4TGRMcConnell Amateur Radio ClubGA1,7858035151316
KA5LMSLingle MIddle School Amateur Radio ClubAR1,4569026151008
KG4DTMMontross Middle SchoolVA2641001161013
W7NCSNorthwest Christian SchoolAZ224110770005
W9GRSWatseka Jr. High SchoolIL180120641005
Category: School Club - Senior High - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KF5CRFTiger Radio ClubOK263,29610968487171036
KY4DHDixie Heights High SchoolKY60,6302047038471012
K4WTLW.T. Loften High School ARCFL56,6723352984265319
K5LBJLASA High School Amateur Radio ClubTX30,163402174222417
KI5GAVBastrop High School NJROTCTX15,28850182374594
WB4HSWilliam Byrd High School ARCVA11,476642672631017
KC3SGVAdvanced Technologies GroupPA8,08570147292523
W1HLONorwich Free Academy Amateur Radio and Engineering ClubCT2,8808146143617
W2CXNBrooklyn Technical HS Amateur Radio and Wireless Technology ClubNY416921281013
KE8VNLTechnology Club - Patrick Henry Local SchoolsOH6110110001
Category: School Club - College/University - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
W4ODUOld Dominion UniversityVA336,350149987509411038
W9YBPurdue University Amateur Radio ClubIN224,91022106749724524
W5YDMississippi State UniversirtyMS102,3123950444712425
K8YSUYoungstown State UniversityOH67,156413244739129
W5ACTexas A&M University Amateur Radio ClubTX39,1875325738523913
W8YXUniversity of CincinnatiOH32,616642084320320
K5LSUAmateur Radio Society at LSULA29,7007411384036316
W8CULWest Virginia University Amateur Radio ClubWV19,26080214352619
W4DFUGator Amateur Radio Club | University of FloridaFL16,764901322710219
W8EDUCase Amateur Radio Club of Case Western Reserve UniversityOH11,2501017912945110
W9YTUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonWI6,612110572818215
W8LTThe Ohio State UniversityOH6,36312297314614
KE4UGAAmateur Radio Club at the University of GeorgiaGA5,84613079243708
KB3CVDUMBC Amateur Radio ClubMD4,6411413252315112
WA4AUGAugusta University Amateur Radio ClubGA3,906155321710015
N8MXavier University MusketeersOH5321601471006
K7UAZUniversity of Arizona Amateur Radio ClubAZ1801701891000
KD9SHKTrine University Amateur Radio ClubIN42180760000
Category: Non-School Club - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
N4HKZ4-H Ham Radio ClubVA10,17616842513115
K3NEMAmateur Radio Club of the National Electronics MuseumMD3,36621311813016
Category: Individual - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
Category: Individual - DX
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW-Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
Category: Checklog
Call Used


KA5LMS   AR   School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High
The Lingle Middle School Amateur Radio Club was officially established on September 20, 2022 and granted callsign KA5LMS on October 12, 2022. The Fall 2022 ARRL School Club Roundup was their first official event.
KE0ZNV   CO   School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High
I had a awesome time during this October scr, excellent band conditions. Happy to hear all the schools and Youth on the air.
KG4DTM   VA   School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High
This was the first time Montross Middle school participated in the School Club Roundup. Many students had never seen Ham Radio before. We setup in the library and when classes came in to exchange books, they were able to observe and talk if they wanted to. Many were intrigued by the radio and how far we could talk. I was disappointed there were not more schools on the air during the day and that they were using digital instead of phone. But we did get a few and they really enjoyed it....thanks for the opportunity. Our score was not that much but it was well worth it. We operated about 3 hours but hope to do more in February.
KG4EIF   VA   School Club - Elementary/Primary
This semester's participants:
Riley G. (2nd Grade)
Benjamin H. (2nd Grade)
Anders E. (3rd Grade)
Seth K. (4th Grade)
Amaris K. (1st Grade)
Ruth L. (2nd Grade)
Luke W. (4th Grade)
David W. (1st Grade)
Samuel T. (1st Grade)
Benjamin V. (4th grade)
Eli V. (3rd grade)
N1ASA   RI   School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High
Excellent conditions. Glad to get a key teacher behind the microphone to make a contact. Also, thrilled to have the district superintendent to stop by and understand the relevancy for middle school students.
N4HKZ   VA   Non-School Club
Our fist School Club Roundup event. Great fun had by all the kids. Thanks to ARRL for providing these youth focused events!
N8M   OH   School Club - College/University
Time was 2.14 hours

This was a good catalyst to get the ball rolling on re-establishing the amateur radio club at Xavier. We now have plans to get an antenna on the roof of the chemistry building!
W2CXN   NY   School Club - Senior High
We returned to in-person club meetings and found that our station power supply would not turn on. It took until the following Thursday to borrow a replacement.
W4LMS   GA   School Club - Middle/Intermed/JR High
Rambler Radio Club (W4LMS) was able to operate for the full week this year. We continue to thank the ham radio community for welcoming in students with open arms and making them feel so welcome.
W4ODU   VA   School Club - College/University
Howdy everyone, I guess the new kids on the block have made a name for themselves...

Thanks to W9YB for being our inspiration to keep operating and stick out the whole roundup.

Great turnout of schools this year!

Wish we could have operated a bit more but it was midterms week and we had priorities...

Operators: Connor W4IPC, McKenzie KO4GLN

operation was 100% remote.

Radio: Flex 6600m
Amp: Elecraft KPA500
Antenna: HF9V vertical
WA5SWN   KS   Individual
20M & 15M were wide open, very low noise. Good propagation but not many SCR stations. Most were POTA activators or nets. But still a lot of fun!! Looking forward to the February Roundup... WA5SWN