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KJ7YOZSchool Club - Senior HighForrest M. Bird Charter School Amateur Radio Club23
Primary Operator/Sponsor
KJ7YOZIDMark Webber
ScoreCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools

Included are a couple pictures of our antenna setup and students working the radio. We used 2, 8 foot ladders with 20 foot painter poles as the antenna mast. We raised our student made 10 meter center fed dipole which tuned on both 10 and 20 meters. We setup the antenna each morning and took it down each evening after school. We used a 20 Meter slopper antenna off the same mast when it was working, and a separate 2 meter antenna the kids made for local contacts when the bands closed down on us.

The radio shack picture taken is of two members of our newly created amateur radio club. The one in the foreground won the schools most QSO contest. The student behind him has his technician license and will probably test for general soon. One of our amazing Elmers is in the background, KE4EW; he helped setup up the antenna each morning.

The room is the high school conference room which was loaned to the club for the week of School Club Roundup, and the feed line for the antenna was fished out the window and raised above the door with old volley ball net masts. Our new slogan might just be, “Whatever works!”

Overall, we had a great time, and this "contest" was a great way to generate interest in amateur radio.

We also had no idea how to run the computer program. I set it up turned it on and walked out of the room hours before the radio was in use and we never logged it off while students were not using the radio, so it looks like our hours are probably off or out of the 6 hour window. Hopefully, some grace can happen here. Sorry.

Mark Webber