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W4LMSSchool Club - Middle/Intermed/JR HighRambler Radio Club7
Primary Operator/Sponsor
W4LWCGAJoseph K Carter
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For Spring 2021 SCR, W4LMS operated from our Football Field's concession stand: it was a heated location on campus that allowed our community volunteers access to assist us. And just like the Fall SCR, we operated on "100 watts and a Wire" with battery power and this Spring, with an Off Center Fed Dipole at 15 feet. And once again, RRC operated with an all-female crew on the radio. Our school and community support continues to amaze us. For all of those who didn't have the opportunity to operate this Spring, you were missed and we pray for better conditions for all for the Fall. We hope to see you on the air! 73 from W4LMS