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W4LMSSchool Club - Middle/Intermed/JR HighRambler Radio Club11
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W4LWCGAJoseph K Carter
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On our last day, we were able to get one of my classes outside to our current outdoor portable (and COVID acceptable) setup. Some of my 6th graders on the air and they performed very well!!! In a short period of time (1.5. hours) these 6 students (all male this time) gained 10 contacts and the thrill of being part of our radio club. Several requested Rambler Radio Club membership forms. Matthew asked us to walk to the car line and tell his mother about what he had done today. His mother was waiting to pick him up at school (I taught her by the way). Matthew was ecstatic telling her about the 1 contact that he had made and the other stations that he heard on the air. Ham Radio had put a smile on Matthew's face.

The conversation that Matthew had with his mother was the culmination of hard work from many people who need to be acknowledged.

+First, thanks to the Walker County Board of Education and Superintendent Damon Raines, and Kelly Long and the administration of LaFayette Middle School for their continued support of Rambler Radio Club and our efforts to continue participating during Fall School Club Roundup during the year that has become 2020.

+Thanks for the support from the best faculty and staff on the planet at LaFayette Middle School, who congratulate and encourage our students during this, the most stressful and challenging school year in memory. YOU ROCK EVERY DAY!!

+Thanks to our LMS custodial staff: Barrett, Debbie, Willy, Quinton, Carlos, and Aaron, who made our outdoor setup and social distancing possible with their hard work and help.

+Thanks to the hams around the world who welcomed our students to the amateur radio community.

+Thanks to Alex, W7HU (and Alex, Jr., N4EVJ), for providing Rambler Radio Club a platform this week to reach a greater audience through their Youtube livestream twice this week.

+Thanks to the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club for creating the School Club Roundup events.

+Thanks to the hams of Northeast Alabama, Southeast Tennessee, and Northwest Georgia for making our kids feel at home on ham radio.

+Thanks to the support of the parents and guardians of our RRC members.

+Thanks to the membership Tri-States Amateur Radio Club for their continued 14-year support and encouragement of the Rambler Radio Club.

+Thanks to Keith Carter, KF4BI, for making a special appearance and bringing smiles to our group (thanks, Dad).

+Thanks to KS4RT, Barry Eure, for founding the Rambler Radio Club and (finally) bringing me into the hobby.

+Thanks to the best trio of Elmers of any school club: Tony Hughes (W4TDH), Allen Padgett (KN4FKS), and Jack Thompson (N5U0V). This group arrived early and stayed late every day, and loved every minute of it.

+Thanks to my rock of a wife, Sharon Carter, who celebrates her birthday next week! I love you, Babe!

We are already making plans for Spring School Club Roundup 2021, and when we take the air in February, this huge group listed above will have our backs.

And for that, we are forever grateful.