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Soapbox for 2019
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K4WBM   Contact Moderator
My middle school club did well this fall.  Not so much for WB4HS.  Students were not familiar with
the broadcasting schedule and we had a lot of difficulties getting student operators during school
ours.   Then when the students were their band conditions were not so good.
K5LBJ   Contact Moderator
Kyle, KI5DKM (Club President for K5LBJ this year), recruited a group of Sophomore guys to take on
the Fall SCR.  They jumped right into it and were on par with the Spring SCR numbers, despite awful
band conditions.  Just when you though it couldn't get any worse, huh?  All in all, good to hear 34
73, KC5EES (K5LBJ Trustee)
K7UAZ   Contact Moderator
Thank you for organizing this contest twice a year! We were on the air for 23 hours and really
enjoyed operating.
K8LPS   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
K8YSU   Contact Moderator
We had a great time! Put the entire station back together again in the 2 weeks before the Roundup
and our main antenna went up the day before with all of 5 minutes of testing !! Students had a great
time. Always fun to compare notes with the other schools and looking forward to February. Thanks to
all we contacted. 73
K9SOU   Contact Moderator
It wouldn't be SCR without antenna problems!  Monday was way worse than ever before though.  But
thanks to some help from K9IU, we were able to get another antenna up and running on Tuesday. 
Another great chance to get students excited about ham radio!
KF5OMH   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all the schools and advisers that participated in the event. It is awesome that so many
youth are being introduced to this great hobby. Wish we could get the same cooperation from our
local school district to get amateur radio introduced in the schools in our area. Keep up the good
KM4RE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This SCR was a real adventure. We had great difficulty pulling anyone out of from the noise, then
with 6 hours remaining on our operating time, our receiver quit working. We love the challenges
though and had a great experience as usual! Thank you to all who put in so many hours to make this
happen for our kids.
KQ4KMS   Contact Moderator
We are a new school club station, and this was our first event.  Students from every homeroom in the
school rotated into the classroom station over the course of the week.  For most it was their first
introduction to amateur radio.  In summary, we had one control operator (W5FRM) and 480 students.
Thank you, ARRL, for such a fun event!
ON7DQ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
After leading School ARC ON4HTI for many years, it's still fun to participate as a "DX individual"
Alas, I couldn't contact any schools this time.
VA3FN   Contact Moderator
Never did participated in this contest activity until now but let me tell you it was very good
hearing these young people on the air . You go youngsters don't let this wonderfool hobby fade
Hopefully next year will hear you again.73 & DX John VA3FN
VE3BFU   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all the schools, I enjoyed the contest.
W4GBH   Contact Moderator
Thank you all for helping us reach another decent score this contest. we did not do as well as last
time but we still enjoyed it despite bad band conditions. we tried some CW but noone seemed to be
too interested in making contact with us on that mode so we switched and mostly ran voice. 73 to all
and thanks for the points and mults see you next year. 

Radio:FT1000D (Donated by W4AQL Georgia Tech)
Amp: Ameritron 811H @800w
Antennas: various dipoles and yagis @60ft approx
W8EDU   Contact Moderator
Propagation was better this year than in the past, especially Monday and Tuesday.  We had many
first-time operators involved and some good pileups. Our class that has many newcomers calling on
the contest was not taught this semester; look for our new voices in the spring term.
WA5SWN   Contact Moderator
Noisy Bands; poor propagation - But all the students were anxious to talk, so the 4 QSOs were
relaxed and enjoyable.