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Soapbox for 2016
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AD8B   Contact Moderator
A week after I reported it and a week before SCR my electric utility company solved most of a severe
power line noise problem. As always, it was great to hear some familiar calls and some new ones.
DL0ESA   Contact Moderator
Thanks for organising. It is a great initiative. We hope all the students had a great week and
enjoyed their time on the air!
K0RHS   Contact Moderator
The school was closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  So this time it was only a two day event.
We’ll see you in the spring.


K0UND   Contact Moderator
Had a wonderful time participating in SCR this year. We used this opportunity to expose our new
members to the hobby and gave them some practice behind the microphone. Operated 90 watts on a Yaesu
FT-450 with a 4-element yagi.
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Activity was most evident on 20m."
K5LMS   Contact Moderator
K5LMS had record numbers of students participate this fall, and a number of them want to study for
their Tech Class licenses. Our local newspaper, The Lampasas Dispatch Record, printed a story on
K5LMS and SCR on Tuesday, Oct 25th with a nice color picture of our station in operation during SCR.
K7UAZ   Contact Moderator
Had a great time with the little time I had around a large course project due that week.  Happy to
put the Univ of AZ on the air.  Looking forward to the Spring event. -Gary, N7GSG
K8TGR   Contact Moderator
This was our first experience for the club contesting.   We just formed the club and are just
getting started.   Cannot wait until the next round now that we have some experience and are ready
to roll with more QSOs.   Was a great learning experience for the kids.
K9SOU   Contact Moderator
We had a fun time even though we had to use our backup OCF dipole that severely hampered our receive
capability.  We got a new IC-7300 on Thursday, so we were able to try it out.  We are looking
forward to February when hopefully our main antenna is back in the air.
K9THN   Contact Moderator
This was a great experience for our young operators in their first ever contest.
KC2KJN   Contact Moderator
Great contest again. Good band conditions from WNY. However, we always have a hard time filling out
this form because the logging software does not output this data. We end up manually having to count
contacts, states, multipliers, etc. I can't imagine how long this would take if we had 1000
contacts, or ran multi mode! What is wrong with just submitting the Cabrillo file?
KD0YQE   Contact Moderator
KD2GXN   Contact Moderator
This was our first time in the school club roundup. In fact it was our first time on the air at East
New York Family Academy at all!! We had a great time, students and teacher alike. We look forward to
the next one in February.
KD8IWB   Contact Moderator
Setup was a portable station using solar power.  I was pleased to make contacts with the students
and hope they will continue to enjoy amateur radio.
KD8NOM   Contact Moderator
Great SCR again! We had many new members on the air. After only 3 sessions of learning the 'lingo'
and procedure they sounded like old pros! Looking forward to Spring SCR and meeting more schools on
the air! Go D.E.A.R.S !!!
KF5EN   Contact Moderator
Sure would have been nice to have had a few sunspots!
KM4HVE   Contact Moderator
I didn't hear many schools on the air. Might have been conditions as I only found them on 20 and
40m. Made and logged contacts with the ones I heard.
KM4RE   Contact Moderator
This was our second time participating in SCR. Both times have been great experiences for our kids.
Thanks for the time that everyone puts into this program. (This is my second submission. The first
submission was mistakenly entered as the call sign used being KM4KPJ. That is my personal call sign,
but we operated the station during the contest using our school's club call sign, KM4RE. I apologize
for the inconvenience.)
N0DCM   Contact Moderator
N0DCM we are the Harbor City International High School Radio Club. We were formally the Duluth
Children's Museum Radio Club. Many of our members go to the high school so we moved the club! As a
new high school club we are excited for the challenge of competing with other schools in the nation.
N1HRK   Contact Moderator
log should not be scored and only used to check other entrants' logs
ND8GA   Contact Moderator
Gilmour Academy really appreciates all the work by software authors, administrators, teachers,
parents, radio clubs and students in making this School Club Roundup a great opportunity for
W0QQQ   Contact Moderator
This was the first School Club Roundup that our club has participated in for a few years.  This was
a great event and we were able to staff the station every day between four operators.  Our club has
seen a lot more interest and participation recently, and this was a wonderful event to get on the
air and get our club some recognition on the bands.
W1YU   Contact Moderator
W1YU returns to the HF airwaves for its first contest since Field Day 2008.  We have been working to
revive the Yale ARC this year and have found much enthusiasm on campus and we're having lots of fun!
 Watch us grow http://w1yu.sites.yale.edu/ or https://www.facebook.com/deW1YU/
Join our Tuesday night rag chew net on the W1WPD/R machine in Woodbridge CT via Echolink on the
NEW-ENG conference node.  Net starts at 8pm Eastern Time. 73 from your friends at Yale!!!
W4LID   Contact Moderator
W4LMS   Contact Moderator
The kids had a great time.  For several it was their first time on the air, so "mike fright" 
was an issue, but they quickly got over it.  I was so glad to hear the support for young voices on 
the air from fellow hams.  Many in my group are choosing to get their licenses based on how well
they were treated during SCR.
W4S   Contact Moderator
"More CW contacts are needed in the ARRL School Roundup."
W5/MM0LID   Contact Moderator
Glad to talk with some of the youngsters at the schools.
Reminds me of when I first got my license back in 2002 as a youngster.
We need the young to keep the hobby alive.
Thanks ARRL and everyone involved with the clubs for making this possible.
W5AC   Contact Moderator
The SCR was great fun this semester and we wish to thank everyone for the contacts! This semester we
had 6 licensed and 2 unlicensed operators. Though it was tough at times due to the solar flares,
past experience helped us continue on. Here's to the next SCR. 73 from Aggieland! Whoop!
W6YHS   Contact Moderator
This was our first event. It allowed for many new operators!
W8EDU   Contact Moderator
This was fun!  We trained many new contest operators and had many
SOAPBOX: first-time operators on the air. Used as an in-class exercise for our ham-based English
seminar class, and represented a first contact opportunity for a good number of new hams.
W8MHS   Contact Moderator
Great event!  Our students enjoyed!
W8UM   Contact Moderator
Thanks everyone for the Q's. This contest was worked single op for about 4 hrs + 1 hr for equipment
setup. So total 5hrs, over three days. Since this was just me operating, I'll take the time to share
my thoughts. 

Station: Yaesu + Heathkit linear ~500W SSB (amp), 100W (no amp) CW into SteppIR beam pointed into
Texas (wrong way) most of the time. This set of Q's were my first on SSB. On the first day, it took
me 20 minutes and a manual to figure out how to get power out of the transmitter, another 20 to
learn that the mic gain needs to be turned quite high, and another twenty to figure out that 20m was
on USB. 
I used pencil and paper for the whole contest, then transferred it into cabrillo afterwards. My
handwriting wasn't the best. Apologies for any missed calls.

That's what you get from a (slow!) CW op.

As always, thanks to the folks here running at W8UM for keeping the equipment maintained and ready
for operation, thanks to those who answered my calls (and the patience from the lone CT1 station),
and thanks to the people who are running SCR!

Note for SCR: Really, SCR and schools should encourage CW. Extra points for CW as an incentive for
future competitions?
W9GRS   Contact Moderator
We only operated 2 days this time as we were focusing on our attempt at portable operations from
Indiana.  We will be using this as a springboard to get new students involved in operating during
the ARRL Sweeps and for February SCR.  We did log a new state with a school station with N0DCM in
Minnesota!  We only have 5 more states to go!
W9GRS/9   Contact Moderator
We tried something different this year and attempted our first mobile 
operations.  Our 8th graders went to Turkey Run S.P. in Indiana for a
geology field trip and brought the radio along to make some QSO's!
We used our Kenwood TS480, a Tarheel II antenna from Benny KC9GWD,
and 12-volt battery from Mike KC9HHT.  After a little adjusting on the roof of the school bus, we
were able to get the SWR down enough to put 7 schools into the W9GRS/9 log!  It was a great
experience for all of us!
W9UWP   Contact Moderator
We had a lot of fun. Thanks to all the operators that contacted us!
WA4MSA   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun!  We were limited to 3 days due to school schedule.  We used a yagi at 65 feet which
helped immensely.  Team members were very excited and always wished to keep operating even when the
bell to dismiss rang.  Hope to put in more of an effort in the Spring SCR.
WD5IAD   Contact Moderator
Although our operating time was limited, we enjoyed the contest. There seemed to be fewer schools
than usual.
WL7CXM   Contact Moderator
Conditions were rough along with equipment issues made this SCR a tough one for us from Alaska.
Hopefully conditions will be better in the Spring. We still had fun trying and watching the SCR chat