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Soapbox for 2020
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"Greetings from warm and sunny Florida!"
Great to get K4KDJ back on air for SCR! OPs included K2OTF (VTARA President), N4ADK (VTARA Officer),
and KJ4OAP (VTARA Advisor)
This SCR found K5LBJ facing poor band conditions, a short school week, and other school conflicts. 
As such, students were only on the air 6 hours.  Better to make a few contacts than none.  And, we
made contact with the World Bank station which was cool.  Pray for sunspots!  :)

73, Ronny (KC5EES, Trustee for K5LBJ)
We had a lot of fun operating this week! It was a great opportunity for a couple of our students to
get on HF for the first time.
We tried to operate the full 24 hours. Did not quite make it. Bands were ok, but noisy on 40m. Less
European stations than in the past. Our students were all experienced at SCR. Our school lost the
6th grade. All the 6th grades were consolidated in one city school. So our recruitment took a hit.
Our antenna was poorly located so every contact was a challenge. In spite of that, everyone had fun!
Rambler Radio Club celebrates the end of our 13th year on the air with the Spring School Club
Roundup. And for the third straight SCR, we have had an overwhelming number of female operators! 
Thanks to the ham community worldwide for supporting young hams (we call them piglets) and sharing
the excitement of amateur radio!
W5AC had a lot of fun during this School Club Roundup! We had several new operators operate our
station this year and a few returning operators. Things went slowly early in the week, but picked up
later in the week as conditions improved and schedules cleared. We also got an ATNO - Montenegro.
Thank you everyone for the contacts. 73 from Aggieland! Whoop!