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Soapbox for 2018
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Thanks to all who work to put schools on the air.
Thanks so much for sponsoring this event ! We had a great time operating from the local park and
from home !
"Greetings from warm and sunny Florida."
This was the first SCR for our new North Augusta High School Amateur Radio Club. Students had a
great time and we really loved it. Hope to see you all in the October contest.
We more than doubled our effort from last year. 40m is where we worked everybody. We could hear
great on 20m but nobody heard us.
This year our students are disappointed because I had the flu and was restricted from school during
this SCR.   We were unable to operate our planned operating times.
The Spring 2018 SCR was a laid-back affair for K5LBJ.  With Seniors dreaming of college acceptance,
this semester student operators took a casual approach to the "Contest."  They enjoyed the slower
pace and bad band conditions made each contact that much more interesting. See you next time.  73,
KC5EES (Trustee, K5LBJ)
40 operators
13.92 hours of operation
Isabelle will be taking her Tech Class test on March 10!  The kids all had fun despite the bands not
being the best.
Great fun! Looking forward to the Fall SCR.
The crew had a great time! Lots of fun chatting with other schools and hams. Looking forward to the
Fall. Thanks again for all the fun.
I may have sent MNQP log by mistake in previous submission, correct log is attached here.
It was a pleasure feeling the enthusiasm of the youth in this contest
Thanks to GARS (Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society for their help.) Thanks to the parents of our club
Thanks to our principal for allowing us to have a club.
Finally, thanks to all the hams "out there" who wanted to talk to our kids.
Even with terrible band conditions our kids would not give up! On the last day we decided to go on
20m and the kids were having a BLAST working the DX stations. Our best DX was a station in Russia!
Glad to work the schools we were able to hear and as always to make new friends!
35 students operated with 7 handicapped. All had fun and a great learning
experience for all. 
Rig was an old Kenwood TS-140 at 100 watts to a simple 40m dipole.
Looking forward to the fall roundup.
SCR is an amazing experience. It is a highly motivational educational tool that incorporates almost
every single subject area in an applied manner. Thank you to everyone who puts in many hours to make
this event happen.
This was from our 1-2 days with our 1 hour club :). The kids have lots of fun, even though we
aren’t racking up the points. I’m not sure what to put for Power in this - we weren’t low/QRP,
but we weren’t trying to blow anyone out of the water either. Thanks for offering this for us to
N0HCS Harbor City High school had a great time in the February 2018 School Club roundup. We focused
primarily on digital and worked hard to get our contacts in between piano lessons, play practice,
dance class, clubs, homework and other commitments. We were able to be on the air for around 16
hours. We have been in the contest for a few years as the Duluth Childrens museum club N0DCM and
moved to the high school and N0HCS as the kids got older. We enjoyed PSK 31 chats with several
individuals, schools, and clubs around the country. 73 to all that participated!
Not good band conditions. But the quality of contacts was up. The young folks that I worked were
spot on as far as procedure, working pileup, etc.
School principal Anita Brouse, KC1IPS, got on the air! 6 student operators had a good time. 24 other
elementary school students came through for a 20 minute briefing on why ham radio is important
today. They asked great questions!
We always enjoy the School Club Roundup.  Many thanks to those who support this event.  ND8GA
Great event. Marvelous kids. I wish I had more time to spend.
After running school club ON4HTI for 21 years, I am now retired.
But it's still fun to operate during SCR week and follow the schools on the SCR chat page.
So pleased to see the work of the ARRL Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative taking root!  Events like
this are essential to ensure the vitality of our hobby. Let's see even more schools on the air in
the Fall!  73, de VA3UOT
We had a wonderful time this winter participating in School Club Roundup.  It was a pleasure talking
with other universities across the country.  The most fun was at the end of the contest, frantically
trying to secure a few more contacts, as other university stations, in typical collegiate fashion,
waited to the last minute to squeeze in a few more QSOs.
This was the first SCR from our school and a completely new experience for all but one of the kids. 
We used a portable telescoping mast to support an inverted vee antenna in front of the school and it
worked great.  The students raced to put pins in a map to mark the locations of each station worked.
 Everybody had a blast!
Greetings from Boston. Thanks for the fun contest! 73 W1KBN
We're a first time SCR school.  40+ students came through, made calls on HF (tough propagation) and
talked locally on 2M and 70cm.  We'll be following these students into the local junior high school
and encouraging them to study for the license. We've minted 15+ youth hams (half girls) over the
last three years.
73 de W4LID
We had 7 operators for this roundup, with one being unlicensed.
This semester we had a lot more digital and CW contacts thanks 
to a few members bringing their specialty to the contest. 
We always have a lot of fun talking to other schools on the air.
Thanks and Gig 'Em from W5AC! See you in October!
Thanks for hosting this contest! We enjoyed it!
Was surprised how few schools were on the air.  Perhaps the ARRL leadership can encourage local
radio clubs to try to spawn more school clubs.  Perhaps 'adopt' a school?
What a great time!  We had about fifty visitors including the electric
engineering department chairlady.  She enjoyed being on the air and
<> us she would take her license exam next session.  We have
many new licensees here on the CWRU campus and many of them made
contacts for us.
Perparation for our Regional Science Olympiad took priority this time so we didnt' get much
operating time in.  We were able to add WV to our school total, leaving us only 3 states short of
working schools in all 50 states!
Great time had at Purdue! New countries, new modes, and new operators made for a fun week.
You have the cabrillo file, it's super-irritating that I need to enter the above information.
Very tough conditions, but the contacts I was able to make were enjoyable.  Very impressive young
operators with great enthusiasm and obviously coached/ mentored well!