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Soapbox for 2017
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This was Pinson Valley High School's first entry in the School Club Round Up. We are a newly formed
amateur radio club and actually received our club license the day after the SCR ended. We had 20
participants and other students observing in our SCR group. Because we are a newly formed club, we
do not yet have club equipment but hope to have an established club station by the Fall SCR.
Always fun! My thanks to Dana at K5LSU for bringing a small software bug to my attention.
Please verify. File attached.
Thanks for organising. Greetings to all students from the European Space Agency. We hope you all
enjoyed the radio activity!
The students seemed to really connect to our ECHO LINK demonstration. EL needs to be incorporated
into the SCR.  (it was popular because it represents technology that is readily identified as "kid
friendly" and syncs with their generation's technology.  As sponsors we need to find a way to
utilize EL.
Great Time with an Interested and Motivated group!
SOAPBOX: "Greetings from warm and sunny Florida."
The kids actually operated for five days, but only one day of logs survived (barely).
While the bands were up and down, K5LBJ used the SCR-Log Chat box to schedule a few contacts with
schools, including a Morse Code contact. Great to hear many new schools on the air, and we were
proud to be the first QSO ever of Southport Elementary School. We wish you and all continued success
in the future. 73 - Ronny, KC5EES (Trustee, K5LBJ)
Participation was a little down, but the students had lots of fun making contacts. We had some real
pileup winners including Alexis and Elijah who made most of the after school contacts throughout the
week. Both were new students this school year and are in 6th grade.
Great time with the SCR again this semester! Unfortunately, we only had one participant for about an
hour a day. Thanks for the QSOs...PSK31 is fun! Looking forward to putting The University of Arizona
back on the air for the Fall SCR. 73, Bear Down & Go Cats!!!
Did a little better this time than last.   We are happy with our results.   Set a goal as a club to
do even better next time.   The club members had a blast working the event, and that is all that
We had a great time! Lots of students operating. Lots of QSO's Thanks to all who participated.
We are an elementary school located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We are active with the School Club
Roundup and other ham radio events. My students love talking on the air, so if you hear them calling
CQ don't be shy and answer. We can't wait for next year.
Another great SCR with the DEARS! The herd was on the move even though we had several out sick.
Officers and friends of the Cambridge Amateur Radio Association came for a vist Friday and were very
impressed with our kids' skills and efficiency. Proud of our kids' dedication and efforts! '73 de
Just setup station on Saturday 2/11/2017 had a problem with the vertical r-8. Had to relocate to a
new room in Copley High School. First four days the bands were very noisy. On the third day we tried
PSK-31 all day and the students were impressed as to the relative quietness. They also were much
more adept at typing on the keyboard. During the five day period there were over 70 students (a few
multiple times) who came into the room between classes and operating for one or two contacts.
On Friday we lost the r-8 for some unknown reason during the day. But all in all it was considered a
successful activity.
We may have a new HAM in the works just because of the SCR.  She liked working it, she made contacts
20 Feb and logged for N5EVA who is a net controller for a local net.  It was stated she had fun and
wants to do more.
I know many like making a name for their school, but this is what the SCR is all about - introducing
youngsters to the radio.

School Club Roundup is so much more than just a radio contest. Our elementary school students set
performance goals for the team and relied on their learned technical knowledge of radio science to
map out strategies to operate on the frequencies that would be optimal for the time of day and areas
needed. They coordinated a procedure to efficiently make as many of the prized school station
contacts as possible. As event unfolded, they worked together modify and adapt their plan to
changing conditions and changing requirements according to their current performance.

It is easy to see the confidence of the students grow as the event progresses. Students who could
barely stammer through a QSO with lots of side-coaching were working pile-ups without any assistance
by the end of the week. When students were not working the station, they would more often than not
be found sitting behind the operator, quietly helping them out with constructive tips.

When the event ended on Friday evening, all but one of their goals had been reached and in most
cases easily surpassed. The event winded down and the students counted down the last seconds. When
their timer hit zero, they erupted in cheers, filled with pride in their accomplishment. Those
returning to our school next year are all ready to come back and plan to recruit plenty of their
friends to be a part of it next time.

Children certainly gain academic benefits from amateur and SCR, but they also learn character traits
like responsibility and teamwork and what it means to depend on each other to accomplish something.
I hope this program continues for a very long time!
We don't have a club call sign, so we used my personal call so the kids could get on the air :)
I hope I uploaded everything correctly - first time!
Visited by teachers and students from grades K,1,2,3,6,7,8.  18 students now in Tech license class
We enjoyed the School Club Roundup and gained two new club members.
After 21 years of running school club ON4HTI, I retired and had to close the school club. Now I
returned and made some QSO's as an Individual.
Brought back some meories, too bad I couldn't get a school in my log.
Maybe next time ... 73 - Luc ON7DQ/KF0CR
Updated (accidentally included all contacts as Phone and CW)
Members of the K-State Amateur Radio Club had a great time during our second School Club Roundup in
recent history.  Despite a few nights of challenging band conditions, we were able to beat our score
of last year.
Yagi was damaged in winter storms had to rely on 40/80 dipole only, PSK-31 was slow but useful given
our diminished gain on 20 meters.
On 2017-02-16 16:25 VA6KGS an Individual in ND was contacted and it appear he was using a Mobile
Five operators this time, including one unlicensed and two new to HF. Though we weren't able to
operate as much as previous semesters, W5AC still had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who made a
contact with us! See you in October for the next SCR! 73 from Aggieland!
Great fun!  We had many students, faculty, and staff involved.  The
club got to show off its best profile to University administration.
We appreciate all the clubs and organizers who make this event
possible, along with the ARRL Collegiate Radio Initiative and its
school outreach programs.
Had a great time despite less than ideal band conidtions.  Interesting
to compare this year to our first year 9 years ago and see
similarities on location of qso's.  Highlight was getting the "Space
Sweep" by contacting both N1KSC and DL0ESA!
We had a blast this time around and even broke 100 contacts! Thanks to all the operators that
contacted us!
I thoroughly enjoyed working the schools and talking with the young amateur radio operators!  An
event that kept me smiling through the week, even when just listening!  Wish I had made more
contacts, but it was still gratifying!
Impressed by the good operating practices of the new Amateur Radio operators.  They handled their
pile ups proficiently and spoke clearly.  Kudos to the club mentors for such good instruction.  I
had fun because it took me back to my high school days when I was newly licensed.  Ham Radio's
future is in good hands!
As always, we enjoyed the contest. All our contacts were very patient and courteous. From our QTH
the propagation seemed poor. The School Club Roundup is the highlight of our year.