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Soapbox for 2016
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Greeting to all the students from the European Space Agency. We hope you had a great week with the
radio! Also thanks to all the fellow radioamateurs who kindly answered to our call. It was a
pleasure to establish contact you all!
A great time was had by all!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to work our school station.
Our 2nd SCR.  Propagation was not as good as in October, and this made phone contacts VERY
challenging.  I suspect that is also responsible for fewer School contacts.  Putting the antenna up
with snow covering the roof was a challenge too.  Our 19 participants had a ball.
Really great to have K3FBI back on the air after so long.
Greetings from warm and sunny Florida.
With an S5 noise level on 20m, this SCR week was a challenge.  But, despite no great band openings,
the K5LBJ students made their 2nd highest number of SCR QSOs, ever.  Aided by spotting on the DX
clusters, students (especially a few determined YLs) learned to "run stations" like true contesters.
 Demonstrating skill and professionalism, they managed to make 915 contacts.  Very proud of their
persistence to get on the air and many thanks to those that took the time to speak to the students
of K5LBJ.  73- Ronny Risinger, KC5EES (Trustee for K5LBJ, Austin, TX)
This time we reached a new high number of students through the station at 53; we usually average 35.
We were happy to see the Canadian schools participating, but we missed some of our old friends in
other countries and in the States. We wish there were active schools for SCR in all states! :)
Due to member's schedules we were only active for about 3.5 hours, but during that time we worked a
great pile up!
Great Fun! Looking forward to our next one.
Great Contest. Thanks to all Schools, Clubs, and Individuals who participated in the contest. Thanks
to all who were patient while we learned. Our students learned a great deal about math, science and
geography and had fun contesting. We are looking forward to the next SCR.
Thanks for the opportunity to again be a part of this wonderful event.  Though our six students
didn't break any records, they will long remember the chance to speak with people from all over the
place.  The magic is still there!
~KB2RMS  Steve
We had noise problems this time but we will be on the air again on Monday afternoon and looking
forward to the October SCR!
Another great SCR despite the fact that our school was closed for 2 days due to snow. Our kids
rallied to the cause and secured a big 3 day total. Operating conditions were generally good for
this time in the solar cycle and would have enjoyed a few more PSK contacts with more schools. Next
year perhaps? '73 Jim WX8J
Trying to submit again
Thanks to all the stations who contacted us!
N0DCM Duluth Children's Museum Radio Club station's 2nd year in the February School Club roundup. We
had a great contest. We had 2 less contacts than last year but scored approx 10,000 more points due
to use of PSK, multipliers for school clubs contacted, as well as more states and DX countries. We
did all this in less available time to work due to kids and parents busy schedules. Thanks to all
our contacted stations willing to help make our contest a success.  We really enjoyed the contest
and got some new people interested in our Radio club this week!
A snow day and sub-zero temps didn't keep us off the roof or off the air. Band conditions were
surprisingly good for several days.
First time using new donated rigs and equipment. It was a good learning experience, but not great
for making QSO's. Also our new vertical isn't mounted on the building yet, and weather prevented us
from getting a decent antenna on the roof so we used a mobile ATAS-100 attached to a fence next to
the building.
Bands were in good condition this year.  Excellent participation from individual stations supporting
the Roundup.
Our "armchair" contact with John HK3C near Bogota, Columbia, was special this Roundup, as was
Meimei's animated text QSO on PSK31 with Richard N0BAD in Minnesota.  As always, we are grateful to
the volunteers who support this wonderful event.
My highest praise to the teacher/moderators for their work with these aspiring hams.
We had 33 students ranging from 6th through 12th grade making a few contacts each. This was new to
everyone and they really enjoyed having the opportunity to operate.
good log   delete the first sent
Students from grades 9-12 visited station for their first time.  Friday there were at least 6
members of the CAP group.  This coincided with the MARS COMEX although those contacts did not count
for SCR.
Submitted to permit school scoring only.
This time we had 11 licensed operators plus 2 new hams that have not 
received their callsigns yet. We enjoyed this contest and hope to work
with everyone next semester! For more info, please visit w5ac.tamu.edu
Feel free to reach us at clubofficers@w5ac.tamu.edu to have a sked.
We're looking forward to have more contacts. 73 from Aggieland! Whoop!
Always a great event.  See you in October
Participation a bit lean this year. Hope to do better in the fall.  73 Gregg
Scheduling didn't allow for full operations, but we were able to search and pounce to get W9GRS into
the logs of a few schools to give them a multi the last 2 evenings, thanks to help from KC9RCD.
I was able to get on air after school and work a few schools during the evening hours.  Nice to hear
some different schools outside of our traditional school operations and get them into my log.
Finally got my school station into my log as KC9RCD operated from the school station and put W9GRS
into a few logs!
Although we had a couple of operators unable to show up, the club had a fine performance despite
issues with our low band antennas the first couple nights of the round up. We are looking forward to
pushing harder and putting more people in the log this fall, with hopefully more operators behind
the mic, keyboard, or key. Although we worked more schools and clubs this year, there is always room
for improvement and some schools we missed out on were simply due to being too close. Operators were
N9EAT, KD9DOM, KD9DOL and KD9DOK, with a few observers showing up as well. 

73 de W9UIH
This was the first contest that our club participated in and it was awesome. This was great practice
on handling pile-ups and a great way to engage all of our members that haven't been exposed to
It was interesting working the SCR as an individual after 16 years as a school conrtol operator. 
Through the week, I only worked schools ... using the hunting and pecking method.  Heard some very
competent student operators ... particularly at K9SOU, KD8NOM, KM4RE, and N4SMS.  In all honesty,
though, I'm a little disappointed in the number of adult operators I heard creating / running
pileups under a school call (many sounded like seasoned contesters).  This event is an opportunity
for students to shine ... not for adults to run up a score.  That said, I have to congratulate all
the students (and their control ops / advisors) on their participation in this event.  Listen to the
enthusiasm in a student's voice and you know he / she has discovered the fun, joy, and magic of ham
radio.  The magic live on!
Our school group operated just short of 18hr this year, although we were busy during those on and
off times.  Our best score to date with the students coming through with much antenna work, QSO's
and logging. It even resulted in two of them wanting to pass the next test.
Good session this time Weather was an issue only for Monday. Looking forward to next year's session.
I am planning on being at Plot Station for the 3rd year in a row next school year.