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Soapbox for 2015
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AB0BX   Contact Moderator
First contest for Carter, 5th grader, KG7NAZ, with Anna, 9th grader, W0ANT. Radio is a Yaesu FT-897
provided by ARRL ETP grant and antenna used is a Force 12 15M 1/2 wave vertical dipole. Students
operated Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. Per N3FJP software, our score was 46M, 76 points,
score of 3,496
AC0HS   Contact Moderator
We improved our performance in every category- students participating, QSOs, schools, hours, etc!
Our dipole on the roof helped!!!
AC8PI   Contact Moderator
Great time!! My first ever School club roundup. Big thanks to N3FJP for the school club roundup
software. that was what I needed to really get out there and have some fun!
AD8B   Contact Moderator
I heard a few more Individuals and Clubs calling CQ School Club Roundup this time.
K0UND   Contact Moderator
2nd time participant in SCR
K1BBS   Contact Moderator
It took 4 of us an hour and a half to string up the 94 foot dipole (same antenna we use every year).
 This antenna comes out of a third story math classroom ... across the school's driveway ... and is
anchored in a tree.  Man, it was cold.  The first day of the event was a snow day ... a common
occurrence for K1BBS in the February SCR.  As is customary, a student (one of the team captains)
walked to school so we wouldn't lose a day.  5 hours later ... Cubby had 235 contacts ... I had 1. 
It is safe to say that everyone involved had a great time and we scored our highest score ever.  The
best part, though, is to witness the maturation of a first time operator as they transition from
timid and balky talkers to confident and smooth pileup managers.  By week's end, I could sit back
and let the students perform all the necessary functions and make all the decisions.  To listen to
them discuss what they had heard and how to reply was a treat.  SCR is the only ham radio activity
K1BBS participates in ... and that is what makes this such a special event.  Students literally wait
all year for this.  Thanks to all the stations that contacted our students ... especially those from
other schools.  You are the ones that made this event so enjoyable.  de WD1W ... trustee of K1BBS.
K1D   Contact Moderator
Our eight student operators were SCR rookies and are studying hard for their Tech license.  All
grade 3 through 8 students and teachers cycled through the radio room and were thrilled to hear the
action.  All are keen to participate in the Fall.
K3BSA   Contact Moderator
Had fun working the schools and individuals in the School Club Round-up this year.  Was great to
work them from a club station at a Boy Scout Camp.
K3TW   Contact Moderator
It's always a pleasure to participate in the ARRL School Roundups
73 from sunny Florida
K4KDJ   Contact Moderator
Despite using an alternate setup (due to ongoing SWR issues), we still managed to have lots of fun!

Total operating time was approximately 22 hours.

Operator/Primary Logger: John, KK4BSM 
Logging Assistants: Malcolm, NB3T and Magda, KM4EGE

73 and Go Hokies!

de K4KDJ
K5LBJ   Contact Moderator
As the Sun cycles up and down, so goes involvement of students at our school.  Although kids were
too busy to compete in Spring SCR, we hope everyone had a good time.  See you next time.
Ronny, KC5EES (Trustee, K5LBS, LASA HS ARC, Austin, TX)
K6IQL   Contact Moderator
K7UAZ   Contact Moderator
Wasn't planning to participate, but heard N3FJP calling. Submitting so he can get points for working
a club station. Also, we still use a paper log, so hopefully the log submission is usable. (Not sure
if there is other information that an electronic logger would include.)
K9SOU   Contact Moderator
Another great time... Wednesday and Thursday were not as good.  But the kids worked hard and did
well, even though it was final exams week.
K9THN   Contact Moderator
Jeffrey Hammers, KD9BHP, is the school club sponsor, but Dan Hunter, NW9N, was our chief operator in
the station with the students during operating hours. Also, one of our students left the timer box
checked and did not turn off the computer at the end of the day. The Cabrillo report says that we
operated for 58 hours but we only operated for 24 hours (6 hours per day, Monday-Thursday.) This is
our first time uploading a log for any contest, so if anything is incorrect that I need to fix you
can let me know by emailing me at the club email or my email katarina.sotak@gmail.com. All the
students involved really loved it and we have many students who now want to get their license. Thank
you for organizing this great contest!

Thank you,

Student President
Katarina Sotak
KC2KJN   Contact Moderator
New point record for our school club. Band conditions were pretty good.
Everyone had fun and learned a lot.
KC5KBO   Contact Moderator

We were not able to operate as much as we did last year but we had fun 
and learned a lot.
KD2HWZ   Contact Moderator
THis was the first time running through with the students. We have attempted to follow the
guidelines to the best week could. We entered the data from paper log sheets into the logging
software for better understanding. The utc time was corrected however we were not sure how to
correct the clock. We operated for 11 hours total over the three day. The indicated 49.42 is not
correct. This was a great first year and we are looking forward to many more to come.
KD5ILA   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed talking to all the students.  Special Thanks to all the Schools, Teachers and
Operators who helped make this event possible.  I look forward to the next event.
KD8NOM   Contact Moderator
Another great SCR! This year the kids really got into PSK. They thought that it was like text-ing
with a KICK! Unfortunately we had to miss the opening day but the kids worked very hard to nearly
equal last Fall's 2014 score. Great job to our Radio-Active D.E.A.R.S.!
KF5CRF   Contact Moderator
Everyone Had fun
KI6BQJ   Contact Moderator
KK6L   Contact Moderator
I actually won the school club roundup in 1998 or 1999 from the University of Arizona (K7UAZ), and
this is the first time I've been back in the contest since then. It was a lot of fun to talk with so
many great people, and to hear about all the new hams involved in the contest. I'm glad to hear the
tradition continues!
KL7DG   Contact Moderator
Monday and Tuesday were a wash as we had high winds that prevented our portable antenna from staying
up. Wednesday was better and we were able to make a few contacts during the day. We had a celebrity
visitor Ariel Tweto from "Flying Wild Alaska" was at the school presenting her "Bursting Bubbles"
speaking engagement to the students. (She was supposed to be there Tuesday but the same winds kept
her plane from flying to the village). She was fascinated by my account of what the radio club was
doing with the students by expanding their world she wanted to see the station. She came in after
school and as i was describing the components she sat down pulled up the script I had made for the
kids and called CQ a few times with no takers. She couldn't stay long as her plane was due in for
her next stop. The rest of the week was non operational as my classroom was going to be used as
sleeping quarters for a visiting basketball team that was playing in a tournament at the school. In
rural Alaska the school is the center of activity and is used as a hotel for visitors who do not
have friends or family in the village. We will be back on in October as my contract to teach in
Pilot was renewed.
MX0SSW   Contact Moderator
We really enjoyed a great week of operating after a break of some years from this contest. All the
best to you all, 73
N0DCM   Contact Moderator
This is the Duluth Children's Museum Radio Active Club (N0DCM) in Duluth, MN.  We have been exposed
to Amateur Radio starting with our experience in 2012 with an ARISS call to International Space
Station. Some of the kids thought it was really cool talking with a real astronaut on the radio and
so we started a club. Since then we have been working with local elmers from the Arrowhead Amateur
Radio Club (ARAC) learning about how HAM radio works. They have helped us studying and testing to
become operators and even helped us put together our own equipment. This is our first school club
roundup and it was really fun. It was amazing to talk with people all over the country and to see
the map of all our contacts at the end.
N2RQ   Contact Moderator
It was great to hear so many young operators. I am sorry I was not able to get more air time in. See
you next October.
N3FJP   Contact Moderator
Excellent opportunity to encourage young folks in radio!  This contest has lots of potential for
growth with some minor rule tweaks!
N4BCA   Contact Moderator
We set up our station in the elementary school lunchroom and was temporary as we had to set up and
take down each day including the antenna. This was a good field deployment exercise!

The kids would ask "what is the big antenna for?" The 30 second ham radio elevator speech began. The
kids familiar with ham radio would run up to the station and the pile up was for who would be first.
Each day the curiosity would build and kids would casually come by the station to see what was up.
During the week curiosity gave way to being on the air! As usual, the girls outnumbered the boys. We
need to be doing a better job of introducing STEM/STEAM activities to the earlier grades. Planting
the fun and confidence "seeds" before the Middle/Jr. High School "culture" takes hold is the key for
finding those future technical adults.

Our station was a barefoot FT-450 feeding a 53' inverted V with a home brew 9:1 unun. The antenna
apex was about 25'.
N4HVH   Contact Moderator
Please also copy correspondence to Gary Yohe AJ4GL starcitysteeler@cox.net   and Josh Whitlow KI4HDI
N4NY   Contact Moderator
N7ERU   Contact Moderator
Operators: WH6EAL, KR0CKT. Participant: KK6PGR
N7WY   Contact Moderator
One accidental USB dupe not counted with N4SMS
N8TFD   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed being part of the event -- spent some great years at a great university amateur radio club!
ND8GA   Contact Moderator
In our local school situation, ham radio is increasingly seen as "old hat."  Yet, the level of
participation in the School Club Roundup seems also to be on the increase.  The Roundup is still an
excellent means of keeping the hobby and its relevance alive. Thanks! ND8GA
NE3MD   Contact Moderator
This was great fun. I'm a retired high school principal. I've always enjoyed young people.
NG2D   Contact Moderator
It's a fun contests. I would like to heare more students and fewer teacer/oprators who operate alone
without some kind of class participation.
NR7RX   Contact Moderator
Our first SCR and it was lots of fun!  Thanks for a great intro to students.  We'll be back next
time for sure with more students operating.
ON4HTI   Contact Moderator
WOW ! We don't have much competition in our category, but we broke our
own previous record again !
It was great fun to work Dave, AD8B, author of  SCR-Log.
Looking forward to the next edition.
VE7FCO   Contact Moderator
Great to hear some younger voices on the air
W1WBB   Contact Moderator
Great activity from the many schools on-air!  It's  always a pleasure to chat with the
students...the future of ham radio!!  Made 85% of QSOs on 20m band.  The 10m band seemed
underutilized...it was open all week.  More 40m activity would be nice as well to work the Northeast
schools/clubs from here.  Unfortunately no CW contacts made.  May I suggest **specific listening
times/frequencies** for the CW and digital modes (worth double the points!) in future SCRs to
promote activity on these modes??  Such as... check "on the half-hour" and +/- .035 on CW; +/- .075
on digital up from bottom of band.  Once spotted, QSOs will follow!  Overall, a very nice event. 
Looking forward to the next SCR!
W1YK   Contact Moderator
W2CXN   Contact Moderator
We ran SCR-Log 5.1 in tandem with N3FJP 1.1 for comparison
W4FOS   Contact Moderator
The class worked one day phone and one day PSK31 digital.  They were allowed to pick the mode for
day 3 and picked PSK31.  We found quite a few clubs.  Good mode to operate.  See you in September.
W4S   Contact Moderator
Greetings from Pope Paul II Catholic School in Lecanto, FL
W5KS   Contact Moderator
Looking forward to next October.
W6BHZ   Contact Moderator
Great Contest. Many operators were trained and really enjoyed participating. The member's interest
in working HF was increased and now plan on upgrading their licenses. A special moment was talking
with AL7DB, Dave, a former Cal Poly Alum from 1965 who was a former radio club member. Dave was
working a large EU pileup and after hearing W6BHZ he paused to talk with the operators in the club
individually for over 20 minutes reminiscing about Cal Poly and the club. We are appreciative of
that and enjoyed it.
W9GRS   Contact Moderator
School schedule limited operations, be we were able to "sneak" some operating time during my classes
at the end of day.  Highlights included Austin chatting about drag race cars with Tommy at WD5AGO
and having an extended QSO with K1N Navassa with DXpedition op Jerry WB9Z!  Looking forward to
October 2015!
WA4CR   Contact Moderator
Great fun talking to all of the different schools and students from first grade to college age!
WA5BU   Contact Moderator
First time participating as a newly reactivated club. Enjoyed it very much and look forward to the
WA8CMS   Contact Moderator
Fun contest unfortunately this station was available for two days.
WD5AGO   Contact Moderator
Slow start, normally just hand out points, but students rallied to make a go of it on Tuesday. You
can't say no. Great participation state side and abroad for the SCR. Met many new DX friends,
WM3PEN   Contact Moderator
Limited time because of work schedule, but enjoyed it.
WQ8CWA   Contact Moderator
You might want to take time to call "CQ SCR or CQ SCHOOL CLUB ROUNDUP". Makes it a
lot easier to id who is in the contest from just general "CQ'ing."