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Soapbox for 2014
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AC0HS   Contact Moderator
Our temporary dipole antenna helped us improve our score from our first effort in the fall. We'll
have an antenna on the roof if it ever stops snowing!
AD8B   Contact Moderator
Rough February weather was most unkind to many school stations.
AD9L   Contact Moderator
The Iroquois County Amateur Radio Club (ICARC)operated in place of our local school station, W9GRS
due to weather related rescheduled school events.  We had a great time operating, encouraging
members to contact school stations as they hear them on air.  In the spirit of SCR, it was
encouraged to work the schools even if might be a dupe.  The experience helped our club members see
SCR beyond what they see at the local school and give them ideas of how ICARC can enhance the
current program at W9GRS.
K4WBM   Contact Moderator
The school closed at noon on Wednesday because of an incoming snow storm. That ended School Club
Roundup for K4WBM for the rest of the week. We are pleased that we put 74 kids on the air in that
short period and most made a contact. We hope to be more competitive next October
K5LBJ   Contact Moderator
In just a few months, K5LBJ will celebrate its 10th anniversary.  Throughout that time, School Club
Roundup has always been the students' favorite activity.  This year, club members were excited to
top their all-time total points with 191,844.  And, they did so without ever turning the amp on, so
just 100 watts out.  Fantastic to have so many new schools joining in the fun.  We hope you are
beginning a long, successful school program.  
-73-  Ronny, KC5EES (Trustee of K5LBJ)
K7BZN   Contact Moderator
We used N1MM this year for logging. We will not do so again because it does not separately tally
states/provinces/countries and does not put "DX" in the exchange.
Consequently there is a great deal of manual processing that must be done after the contest. Back to
SCRLog next year!
KC5KBO   Contact Moderator
Additional Operators: Brayden KG5AGJ, Chloe KG5AGN, Matt KG5AGL, William, Amilia KG5AGI, Jacob
Kauffman, Daryl, Jordan, Philip KF5ULN, Ally, Oren, Ansleigh, Jacob Kelly
KD8NOM   Contact Moderator
What a great contest! Our elementary kids operated like seasoned ops! Our best year and score ever!!
KF5CRF   Contact Moderator
KJ4YKG   Contact Moderator
I enjoy working the SCR each year.  I Elmer at Chesapeake Center for Science and Technology but this
is the first year I submitted an individual log.  I had a great time.
KK4WXX   Contact Moderator
We had fun, this was our first SCR and the inaugural event for our amateur radio club! 73 DE KK4WXX
N0GFK   Contact Moderator
N0KOE   Contact Moderator
All the young folks were great operators.  If only more of us old timers were as courteous and
professional. Those qualities are sadly missing in the general ham community.  I am 74 yo  and
returning to this wonderful hobby after a 15 year hiatus and it was a real pleasure to make contact
with these young folks.
N2PPL   Contact Moderator
Granted I was only able to participate for a short time, but I was surprised to find the schools
mainly only operating on 20m while 10m & 15m were still wide open. I had also hoped to work a couple
of DX schools in addition to those stateside. Still, it's great to see the enthusiasm in the
students that ranged from elementary school age through college. Being the prize in a pileup can be
very hectic but the ops did a great job. Hope to catch you all again next roundup!
N4FCH   Contact Moderator
This was a very good learning experience for our new budding want to be hams here in Floyd.  It also
brought out where we need to concentrate our training and skills.
All in all with 7 kids and 6 Elmer's and 2 and a half days of school I'm please with the way the
kids worked.  And how they wanted to learn.  We are going to need a second station next year though,
but that's going to be difficult for us.
Thanks for a wonderful learning opportunity for our Children and also for the fun the Elmer's have
seeing the light bulb go on when something finally clicks!
N4NY   Contact Moderator
N4SMS   Contact Moderator
Only able to operate 2.75 hrs after school on Mon. Historic ice storm hit on Tuesday, devastating
the local power grid and cancelling school for the remainder of the week.
N5CHS   Contact Moderator
This is a great activity for our students to get hands on experience. They look forward to it all
year. It's a good way to attract new people into ham radio. Keep up the good work. 73 N5CHS
N7H   Contact Moderator
Our Station was a hit during our school's Math Science night. We had a
 number of first time operators including Mrs. Liliam Lujan Hickey whom
 the school was named after.
N7UJJ   Contact Moderator
After many years of participating in the SCR from Carl Hayden High School (KC7KFF), I finally got on
the air as an individual from my RV while camping along the Colorodo River.  Great fun.
ND8GA   Contact Moderator
We always enjoy this competition, so specially geared to young people. One of our juniors in the
club is a boarding student from China who operated third-party for us and made 23 contacts! (We will
upload a picture.) Many thanks to sponsors, students, schools and all hams who support this effort. 
Ken, KG8DN for ND8GA.
ON4HTI   Contact Moderator
We had great fun, and worked a record number of states, provinces and schools this time, thanks to
good propagation on 10m.
W0EEE   Contact Moderator
Lots of exams and homework this week, so not too much activity from W0EEE, but it was a good SCR
overall. Good to hear 16 schools and lots of other college clubs on the air. Mainly worked on 20m
SSB with our new, but slightly handicapped Tennadyne T-8. Winter winds and weather broke a few of
the elements, but as a log-periodic it still tunes up fine! 

Now, back to homework. 
73, N0SSC
W2CXN   Contact Moderator
It was great to get back on with a "real" antenna.
W4FOS   Contact Moderator
Our air time was limited this year and we only had one student operator.  The student is very
interested in amateur radio and he will be taking his exam in the near future.  We had a great time
considering our limited time.  See you in October 2014.
W5AC   Contact Moderator
We only operated a few hours but were glad to hand out multipliers with our club call. Our
university Amateur Radio Club was originally licensed in 1912.
W5KS   Contact Moderator
The SCR is always a fun event.  All of the ops had a great time.  Catch you in the Fall.
W5UNT   Contact Moderator
We have a lower score this year because the contest fell during an exam week.
W6BB   Contact Moderator
Conditions were great Wednesday morning, with a 10 m run for a few hours.  Often a pileup 2-3 deep,
up to 5-7 deep.  Much more fading Thursday morning and no continuous activity, though Senegal was an
unexpected treat---initially missed the callsign as W7RV, but he came back clearly with 6W7RV!

It was great to hear a number of school stations out there and to make a bunch of contacts in what I
expect to be my last SCR as a student.  K5LBJ in particular was coming in well both days.  I hope to
hear you all again March 21-28, 2014, as W6BB celebrates its centennial under special event callsign
W9KVR   Contact Moderator
My first time entering as an individual.  It was different not operating from the school this year,
but I had fun nonetheless as
I was able to chat with many familiar friends during the week!
W9NAA   Contact Moderator
We had 3 operators (KC9YSR, KD8RTT, KC9VHK).
This is the Rose Tech Radio Club at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.
WA8CMS   Contact Moderator
Wx prevented putting up a better antenna. 100 watts to a vertical on 20 meters provided the majority
of contacts. Fun contest! The club station is in a room right off the library. Lots of teachers were
checking the station out. They were surprised at the country contacts made.
WB4CHS   Contact Moderator
Snow/Ice Storm hit our area during the SCR, shutting down the school and the area.  Several of the
club advisors operated from their own home stations on Tuesday and Wednesday, and one operator
operated from the school station on Thursday.
WM3PEN   Contact Moderator
Ice storm the week before SCR. Major snow storm during SCR. Then Valentine's Day limited operations.
Had fun...Looking forward to the Fall SCR.