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Soapbox for 2019
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2E0OXF   Contact Moderator
Had a great, but short time playing with FT8 during the contest. A great way to add to the DX count
7N2UQC   Contact Moderator
I could enjoy the good contest.
Tnx for a fine contest again.
IC-7600, Dipole-Ant.
AA0K   Contact Moderator
Thank you for running the contests every year 
FT8 addition was fun !
AA0O   Contact Moderator
My best performance yet in a contest, really tried to get the last few QSO's to hit 500 but didn't
make it
AA6DW   Contact Moderator
Had a great time with FT8 this year. 30 MPH+ winds made my temporary Cobweb antenna look like a
metronome. All in all a fun time.
AB0S   Contact Moderator
K3 SO1R, KPA500, Butternut HF9V vertical.  Software:  N1MM with MMTTY, 2-tone flat, 2-tone selective
or flutter, and GRTTY.

Stateside conditions excellent, given our place in the sunspot cycle.
AB5XM   Contact Moderator
AC8ZU   Contact Moderator
This my first contest please let me know if I did anything incorrectly
AD7L   Contact Moderator
My very first RTTY QSOs!  Looking forward to next year's RTTY Round-Up.
AE6JV   Contact Moderator
It was a lot of fun switching between RTTY and FT8
AE8TF   Contact Moderator
Only worked a few hours but still had fun.  Tried FT8 mode in a contest
for the first time - can't say that I liked it too much
AF4T   Contact Moderator
Was only able to join in briefly, wish I had had more time.
AF9FA   Contact Moderator
My first ever roundup!! Had a blast! Tested new antenna gear successfully. Made a lot (For me) of
contacts. The only problem I had was the Cabrillo part. I will be doing it again.
AG6AY   Contact Moderator
First time using FT8 in a contest.  Worked out well but does take
longer for a Q.
AG6RS   Contact Moderator
My First Contest Using FT8
BA9BF   Contact Moderator
Thanks to the ARLL organizers!Let me have the opportunity to complete the communication with DX's
HAM friends!
The competition mode I participated in was FT8 category
WSJT-X 2.0 Digital software I feel 2.0 version decoding receiving ability is not very good!
Hope the software can be further improved in the future!Thank you very much!Good bye!
                                  VY 73 !
                                              CHINA OP:BA9BF
BH7MVY   Contact Moderator
very good
BU2EL   Contact Moderator
TNX ALL MY Friends contact me.
DJ6TK   Contact Moderator
HNY to all, sri, no more time,73 es gl, Wilf
DL3FCG   Contact Moderator
It was fun to hand out some points in FT8 during the 2019 RTTY-RU. Thanks for the Qs. 73 and happy
new year. Mike DL3FCG one of the DP6T crew
DL3HAH   Contact Moderator
A perfect start into 2019!
DL6NWA   Contact Moderator
FT-991A + LW (80-40m) + SteppIR (20-10m)
EA3FF   Contact Moderator
A real pleausure begin the new year contesting . hny everybody
EA3FHP   Contact Moderator
Republic of Catalonia, new DXCC country.
EA3HCJ   Contact Moderator
Sorry, no time for make a good test may be next year 73.
EA3HKA   Contact Moderator
Asta el proximo concurso
EA4BAS   Contact Moderator
Kenwood TS2000
Interface MicroHam USB III
Cuschraft A3S
Dipole End Fed 8010 MyAntennas
EA8AQV   Contact Moderator
Yaesu FT-897D Dipole Windom 80 watt
EC7AT   Contact Moderator
EU6AA   Contact Moderator
TRX - FT-840 80w, Ant - DeltaLoop 168m
EU8A   Contact Moderator
EU8F   Contact Moderator
EW7BA   Contact Moderator
EW8G   Contact Moderator
40w digi
F1RCH   Contact Moderator
FT-950 - Antenna center fed
F4ESV   Contact Moderator
1st contest of 2019, 1st contst in RTTY for me and 1st ARRL Roundup
Tnx all and see you in the next one 73 de F4ESV Wil
F4HXJ   Contact Moderator
F5RD   Contact Moderator
Transceiver - YEASU FT-897D 80W in Digimode
Antenna - Multiband center-fed 2x20m 8m up for 80 to 10m
Software - N1MM Logger+ V1.0.7422.0
I'm not sure that mixing RTTY and FT8 is a good idea.
Using WSJT-x with N1MM Logger is a little bit "acrobatic"

Thanks to all who worked me
See you again next year
F5RD Bernard
G3RLE   Contact Moderator
FT8 Only. Dipoles + Inv L.
G4DBW   Contact Moderator
Tried the FT8 mode for the forst time in a contest. Boring. Like watching paint dry. Not for me. FT8
mode and other digital modes have their uses but contesting isn't one of them. 
Recommend ARRL abandon the experiment,and revert RTTY to a contest mode. Why not RTTY 75 baud in the
RTTY roundup ???
G4NRT   Contact Moderator
Great fun entering my first-ever ARRL contest.  I think the WSJT-X software is amazing!
G8UBJ   Contact Moderator
VY good conditions to North America during Sunday. Tough using a Creed
teleprinter in anger after so long. Some ops could be more
patient with my hunt and peck and a few CR/LFs now and then would
be nice ;o)
GU0SUP   Contact Moderator
I only used RTTY, and at the start of the contest, it looked like
many more folk were on FT8, especially on 80m, but conditions
seemed rather poor.
Sunday was better, with more activity, although my CQ runs were
short, with very few callers. S&P proved more productive, and I
found a good few mults. Some very loud stations with poor RX
were noted, but there were some very weak stations with good ears.
GW5NF   Contact Moderator
Long live RTTY
HA0SF   Contact Moderator
My name is István Nyitrai
73, DX
HA1BC   Contact Moderator
FTDX3000 Dipole (80-40) HyGain EX14 (20)
HA3FMR   Contact Moderator
HA6NL   Contact Moderator
ICOM756pro 100w
3el yagi GP-s
HA6NN   Contact Moderator
I had to choose ASSISTED because I have been searching for FT8 contest frequencies!
HF100S   Contact Moderator
Plik utworzony programem "Cabrillo Generator" - (c) SP7DQR
HH2AA   Contact Moderator
made available for remote operation by Remote Ham Radio
(www.remotehamradio.com) to members.  It is unique in that it is
the only station that may not be operated using your own callsign
and the fact that all proceeds from station rentals are returned
to the people of Haiti through donations to
Ambulance Service organization.  Refer to the HH2AA QRZ page at
https://www.qrz.com/db/hh2aa for more information.
ideal site to operate in order to get the thrill of operating a
DX station from the convenience of your home!

and USB connecting cable.
needed to provide WSJT-X with a PTT connection to the K3/0 Mini.

Universal Console
between Universal Console, K3/0 Mini and remote site
Commander              CAT control needed to use WSJT-X split
operation features
processing and broadcasts contacts to N1MM Logger+
desirable logging, analysis and file export features

multiple responses were required in order to obtain an RR73
response form a caller, which logs the contact.  It appears that
the latency of remote control results in timing issues that
prevent the caller?s WSJT-X software from ?seeing? the responses
until some type of synchronization occurs.  The unfortunate
result is that each additional response adds 30 seconds to the
QSO.  I operated for about 13 hours for an average of only about
21 contacts per hour.
FT8 frequencies were as follows:
Frequencies (MHz)
14.130 ? 14.150
21.130 ? 21.150
28.160 ? 28.200
was within 3.5 KHz of the bottom end.
run stations should select integral multiples of 200 Hz as their
audio transmit frequencies and check the TX EVEN/1ST box.  It
appeared that most run stations complied with this suggestion.

at frequencies 0, 60, or 120 Hz above the run frequency.  It
appeared that only a few callers complied with this suggestion.

satisfied that I did the best I could in the time I spent
operating in the contest.  It still got the adrenaline flowing!
I1WXY   Contact Moderator
Worked only in the spare time on Sunday.
Band used: 80, 40, 20
Rig used: Elecraft K3 100W
Antenna used: EndFed wire 26.4m
Power max: 100 W
20m Band closed ad 1630 gmt
40m Band Rtty edge restrictions (EU)
80m Band no US/Canada stations founded
IK2OVT   Contact Moderator
TS 990 PWR MAX 100 W - ANTENNA: 3 EL BEAM x 3 Bs - ENFWH 10/80 MT ITALY
IK3ASM   Contact Moderator
Sorry, my PC crashes, I sent 7 incorrect numbers, after
number 0028.
Wrong number/Ok number
0024/0029 - 0025/0030 - 0026/0031 - 0027/0032 - 0028/0033 -
0029/0034 - 0030/0035
IK4XQT   Contact Moderator
kenwood ts 140 s 40 w ant windom nvis on balcony of condo!
IQ2CU   Contact Moderator
IZ0IRH   Contact Moderator
Propagation was so-so in 40 mtr, better in 20 meter band. I expected to contact  more DX stations
from East (JA and so on), but not so.
Anyway I had a lot of fun, and this was my second RTTY contest in 8 years of activity. Thanks ARRL
and OMs. 73 de IZ0IRH , Mario
IZ1FKS   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately even this year no station in PSK see on air at all. roundup could be great because
it's not only rtty, but nobody operates in psk. rtty is quite old nowadays, it requires high power
and it's diffcult for small station to have lots of qsos during years with low solar activity.
Anyway several US stations worked for improving my RTTY WAS !! Hope to see stations operating psk63
or psk125 next year, they are very fast modes(more than ft8) and require a SNR much lower than rtty.
It's difficult to understand why no serius contest activity could be done in psk.
73 from Italy de Filippo (Phil) iz1fks
IZ1PLH   Contact Moderator
Extremly strange propagation. Nevertheles a good place where to fid old
freintds. Thanks.
IZ3NVR   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately seems that the introduction of FT8 killed RTTY activity.
IZ4OSH   Contact Moderator
Nice contest, pity little participation. For the first time I participated in a contest in QRP.
JA0BJY   Contact Moderator
I joined contest partly.
JA1CCH   Contact Moderator
IC-7600 with simple DP
e-mail: VET00561@nifty.com
e-mail: VET00561@nifty.com
JA1RRA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1UII   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2AXB   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contests
JA2BQX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2HYD   Contact Moderator
Tnx FB Contest !!
JA2JNC/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2LWA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3GZE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed it.
JA3HBF   Contact Moderator
Equipments: IC-7600 + JRL-2000F(500W)
ANT: DP(80m), DP(40m), 3ELE BEAM(20m-10m)
JA3JM   Contact Moderator
RIG:IC-706 50W   ANT:Vertical
JA3MIB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3QOS   Contact Moderator
Hight-Band condition were not good.
I operated with 50 W in the digital mode other than RTTY.
JA7DPC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1ILP   Contact Moderator
Operated with FT-8 mode using IC7300S and ANT of Long Wire Antenna.
JF1WCK   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG2REJ   Contact Moderator
JG4AKL   Contact Moderator
Bad condx !!
JH1KYA   Contact Moderator
I vy enjoyed the contest.
JH1TJH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1WOY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH2LMH   Contact Moderator
JH3SIF   Contact Moderator
There was a deep discussion with my friend who participated to Round UP this year that if a station
with large QSO database with past QSO data have used the database to "Check Partial" for getting
suggested callsign on partially decoded callsigns in a contest, the station can entry to Single
Operator category or should to Single Operator Unlimited. The WRTC rule clearly do not permit this
other than use of QSO data of the current contest. ARRL contest rules do not mention about using
such database with past QSO data.
My suggestion to the rule is to more clearly define the Single Operator and those who do not meet
the Single Operator definition must entry to Single Operator Unlimited.
JH4GLG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH8CXW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9CEN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed RTTY Contest !
Thank you for all .
Thank you for all .
JI1TSH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI2IXA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ3DKQ   Contact Moderator
JA - JA 's QSO could not be done at the recommended operation frequency of this time FT 8. If
possible we would like to announce the frequency for JA-JA
JK1HIY   Contact Moderator
I was enjoyed contest.
JK1LUY   Contact Moderator
200W    HB9CV
JK8NIP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JL1QDO   Contact Moderator
Rig: FT-2000(100W) Ant: 4Band Vertical & Micro Vert(80m)l
JO7RAA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
I want to do more QSO next year.
I want to do more QSO next year.
JR0BUL   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the nice contest. GL.
JR0DZH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1AQI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2MIN   Contact Moderator
Condition was too bad
JR2PZX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3RIU   Contact Moderator
JS1NDM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
K0ANS   Contact Moderator
[Delete the bogus overlay.]
K0GEO   Contact Moderator
Always great fun to ring in the New Year with
RTTY RU!   Thanks for the QSO's and see you
next time!
K0JJR   Contact Moderator
Exchange:    K:  RST, State (48)/DC
VE: RST, Province/Territory
DX: RST, Serial Number
Points:      1
Multipliers: Once Per Contest (Not Per Band)
K States (48), DC
VE Provinces/Territories (14)
DXCC (Except K, VE)
Band    QSOs  Points  Multipliers
160M       0       0  States/DC:                 48
80M      164     164  Provinces/Territories:      6
40M      220     220  DXCC:                      31
20M      339     339                         ------
15M       60      60                             85
10M        0       0
------  ------
783     783
Score: 783 * 85 = 66555
K0OO   Contact Moderator

Really missed NORTH DAKOTA.


HNY  73
K0VH   Contact Moderator
A mix using RTTY here and FT8 on its own log, after manual FT8 entry hope we calc score ok. FT8 fun
but kinda slow rate + when was the last time we actually had a different report than 599 (FT8
doesn't lie). 73
K1JT   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun! I used 100 W and a single antenna: an 80-foot dipole 50 ft high, fed with open wire and
a remote tuner.

It was a pleasant surprise that there was very little (close to zero) inter-mode QRM between RTTY
and FT8 signals.
K1NPT   Contact Moderator
A first timer ops in the contest. Enjoyed it !
K1OYQ   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun with using FT8 during this contest. It didn't seem to interfere with regular RTTY
and participation was very good. Most hams were respectful of the suggested band plan.  Thank you
K1JT for the software and to the ARRL for including it in the contest.  I would like to see more FT8
contests sponsored by the ARRL.

73 K1OYQ
K2YG   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3 @ 5 watts to dipole and tribander.
K3GWK   Contact Moderator
This was my first 'digital' contest. It was a real learning experience.
K3KN   Contact Moderator
K3NP   Contact Moderator
I think operating-wise, this was one of my best contests. I spent 18 hours in the chair and worked
320 contacts. Almost all were FT8 (I did 5 RTTY QSOs for old times sake-but it was slower going and
not nearly as many stations to work). My QSO rate was better than it's ever been-it was quite brisk
for me, and I was able to work most stations within 1 to 3 tries. I had some hassles getting all the
software to play nice with each other; my log required some major tweaking to interact properly, and
I had to do a bunch of manual edits to the log afterwards to get the modes set right. But I learned
a lot, and it was fun. I almost never "run" in a contest, but I did for a few hours during this one.
It was neat to feel like a big gun for once, with 150 watts and a wire! 73, de K3NP
K3NT   Contact Moderator
My first time using only FT-8 in RTTY-RU contest. Would like to thank all the patient digital
operators and the help received with log submission from Bart W9JJ. It was also a pleasure and blast
to work K1JT! The software worked without issues. Nice interface, easy to use.
K3STL   Contact Moderator
Sure was a Fun contest and I operated running about 50 watts the entire time!
K4CWW   Contact Moderator
Decided a RTTY contest should be really RTTY, by God, so no FT8 here!
K4GMH   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the QSOs.  All are appreciated especially with my limited antennas. 
Could only operate on 80/40 due to the storm in August that destroyed the tower
and antennas.  Dipoles are all that is presently available.  The 80 m dipole is
at 30 ft and the 40 m dipole is at 25 ft. Lot of good operators who were able to
hear my low to the ground signal.
K4MI   Contact Moderator
Had some computer issues at the beginning of the contest. RF from the radio was tripping out the UPS
the computer was plugged into, and a couple times it made the computer turn off. I also had issues
with the USB sound card that I have to use to get sound into the computer. I lost maybe about an
hour dealing with these issues. I tried some FT8 but most contacts were made with RTTY. FT8 seems to
work well as long as both sides are able to copy each other.
K4MRO   Contact Moderator
I wasn't able to calculate my score. I could not get N1MM to work with WSJT-X 73 de K4MRO
K4PH   Contact Moderator
K4QR   Contact Moderator
Flagpole antenna failed; Switched to attic dipole antenna;
K4SQC   Contact Moderator
Obviously first time with FT8 in a HF contest but seemed to work very well indeed.  It was
interesting to note the number of participants in a very small piece of Amateur Radio spectrum.  And
real signal reports to boot!
K4VD   Contact Moderator
A meager attempt on my part. Flex audio distortion caught me. Thank goodness someone was kind enough
to mention it. 50 watts and a dipole.
K4WI   Contact Moderator
Only part time effort here but great fun other wise. No FT8 here and none
planned for future efforts. Upside was working a DS5 for a ATNO on rtty. Worked
a E51 but he was not giving out serial numbers to all he worked so put him in
the log as a #001. Be interesting to see how the judges handle it! About an hour
into the contest I heard a pop and the amp cut off. Since we have had 8.5 inches
of rain in the last week I figured it was a coax issue. Swapped out a barrel
connector and all back lovely again. Sunday morning while I had a good run going
on, the rig all of a sudden would not come out of transmit.... I could not for
the life of me to get it to stop.... nothing had any effect.... finally realized
my Husky who normally stays under my chair had put her behind on the floor
key/switch.... got her off and all normal again. My apologies to the W7 and
everyone who I was working at the time! Conditions seemed to be fair; I called
CQ TEST on 10 meters several different times both days but zilch! Rig was
FTdx5000 plus KPA1500 to KT36xa at 150 ft mostly 1.2 KW with Writelog and
MMTTY/Gritty. Thanks to all for the contacts! 73's Cort
K5OA   Contact Moderator
Fun with FT8 and RTTY
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Casaul part time effort.  Missed working much Eu
and the multipliers that would have provided.
K6DAJ   Contact Moderator
First time operating at W6YX, the Stanford Amateur Radio Club station.
I did my graduate work at Stanford in the 1980s, but never had an opportunity to use the station
before. It's a fascinating and historic place, as well as being a super-station with diverse
antennas and equipment. Thanks to Mike, N7MH for introducing me to the station. N7MH and I did
parallel SO Unlimited efforts, negotiating sharing antennas, amps, etc.

I cobbled together my home station into an SO2R and brought it to W6YX.
It mostly worked with some caveats. Had some sustained rates between 150 and 200 for "last 10" Qs on
20m and 15m by interleaving Qs on Sunday. A severe rain storm added to the excitement. Tried a bit
of FT8 before my 3 hours of sleep, but forgot to log the first few Qs. Did get one mult from it. My
dabbling ended up costing me time, as I only made a few Qs during 45 minutes, as I was
experimenting, but that time could not be counted as off time. In my opinion, the requirement of
only counting two large blocks of time should be dropped. While you're at it, please take another
look at the M/S rules that limit band changes, as this effectively means you can't have more than
one person and still do interleaved 2-band SO2R.
K6JEY   Contact Moderator
Fun contest. Got to really sharpen my Ft8 skills and set up my station in an efficient way. Looking
forward to next time. Doug
K6JO   Contact Moderator
Great time thanks for the QSOs! Simple setup a3s at 55ft, xm240 at 50ft 80m inverted V, K6AM home
brew triplexer  two Icoms IC-7600 and a 7610 on loan from N6MJ. I could only run 50w on 80 due to
lack of filtering. The two Icoms ran without fault all weekend. Very poor condx to EU on all bands
only one EA8 on 15 and no EU on the low bands, but there seemed to be a fair amount of US stations

CU all in NAQP! 73 de K6JO ex W6BQ, KK6NON
K6MUG   Contact Moderator
I was plagued by multiple software and hardware glitches, I almost gave
up at the start.  Once I figured out how to compensate it wasn't too
bad.  I was expecting that I would make around 50 to 60 contacts but
kept on with S&P until it became difficult to find new contacts.  I got
a strange idea to check 20 meters 4 hours after sunset and found E51WDC
all alone there for another contact.
K6SRJ   Contact Moderator
This was my first contest and also the first day of snow up here in the mountains of northern
California! It was fun making FT8 qsos while watching the snow outside beyond my computer screen :) 
I'll try to post a photo.
Pretty good day's work for a 72 year old YL (or is that XYL?) :)
K6TD   Contact Moderator
Tks for the Qs ES tks for bearing with me thru equipment problems
K6UFO   Contact Moderator
I'm very pleased with 900 QSOs part-time from up in WA.
Last time I did this contest HP from down in CA I spent more
time and only made 1,000 QSOs.

I was only planning to make 200 Qs or so part-time, but then it
was fun, and then more fun, and eventually I just spent Sunday
afternoon seeing how high I could get. The RTTY rate was so
good I lost interest in going to FT8. I tried to use 15m whenever
it was open, and avoid the crowded 20m conditions. I waited
awhile before venturing onto 40m, but I hadn't waited long
enough - and got chased back to 20m. The KPA-1500 loafed
along at 800 watts, I mostly CQed and didn't use the spots much.

The remote station worked well, just a few minutes here and
there of bad internet, probably due to all the wind and rain
storms between here and there.

Thanks for the fun!

Mark K6UFO

15m, 20m: GXP 3 element yagi at 72 feet
40m: GXP 2 element yagi at 72 feet
Elecraft K3
Elecraft KPA-1500
Writelog, MMTTY, 2Tone
K6ZH   Contact Moderator
That was fun!  I only had limited time to participate.  But I very much appreciated the new link
between WSJT-X and N1MM+ so that the logging was pretty much flawless.  Nice to make FT8 QSOs as an
K7EPH   Contact Moderator
A slow start and a few logging problems otherwise had a great time. We need an FT88 only contest.
K7KB   Contact Moderator
Had fun running the entire contest in FT8, but it can't compete against RTTY. I can make 3 or 4 RTTY
Q's in the same time it takes to make 1 FT8 QSO. Also, lots of confusion on how to submit a FT8 log.
Assisted/Non-Assisted? Single-Op/Multiop? Unlimited? Lets get that narrowed down to only one choice.
K7PDW   Contact Moderator
K7STO   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun
K7XC   Contact Moderator
Here to activate NV for the NCCC RTTY RU Unlimited Club Effort.
Conditions actually a bit better than expected with good openings
on 15M both days which yielded several needed mults as they are
key in this event. Not one peep on 10M & I did check it often.
Tripled last years score! I ran "FT8 FREE" as it is no where near
as fast as Baudot! Every time I sat down and called CQ the pileup
was on as long as I wishes to keep my fat old mans butt in the
chair. Missed only 3 for a US sweep, ND, ME, & RI, Half the VE
mults were simply absent as far as I could tell. Running assisted
was actually little help as I ran rate as often as possible, only
hunting and pouncing when looking for a clear freq, All in all a
good showing with the elevated noise levels as not 1 but 3 Winter
storms worked their way through over the weekend. Station: A VERY
OLD IC-746, A Fairly New AL-80B with 500W out into: Dual Band Fan
Inv Vee on 80/40 @ 38ft, Wide-spaced Home-brew 3ele 20M yagi at
43ft, 3ele 15 Home-brew yagi @ 28ft, 4ele 10M Home-Brew Yagi at
24ft. Best of luck to everyone in 2019. KB!
(January) - 2019-01-05 1800Z to 2019-01-07 0000Z - 477 QSOs
Max Rates:
per hour by
120 per hour by
minute(s)), 107 per hour by
2019-01-05 1800Z to 2019-01-07 0000Z - 477 QSOs
>= 30 Minutes
mins)   (Start late)
02:26  (146 mins)
(206 mins)

Time Off 20:39  (1239 mins)
K7ZUM   Contact Moderator
First Time using and SDR rig It is AMAZING !!
K9BIZ   Contact Moderator
My first RTTY contest! Had a ball, will try more contests in the future.
KA2FHN   Contact Moderator
Was expecting a horrible day with no propagation. but overall a great time was had as 15 meters came
to visit here. really enjoyed the DX That came my way Not bad for “Poor propagation”
KB1VUN   Contact Moderator
Trying out a few contacts using N1MM+ with WSJT-X.
KB2HSH   Contact Moderator
After many years of regular 45.45 baud RTTY, I decided this year to try something different and
operated with FT8. It's always challenging to operate a contest with QRP power, but, the weak-signal
capabilities of FT8 made it much easier. I worked the first hour and last hour of the event due to
work and family obligations, and my QSO rates have never been better. Looking forward to the next
event with FT8
KB4S   Contact Moderator
I accidentally uploaded the log using my previous operator callsign of KM4COG.  I resubmitted using
my current callsign of KB4S.
KB6EE   Contact Moderator
At home for winter break, decided to get on the air for a bit. FT8 contesting is SO SLOW. Ran into a
few ops not in contest mode, but it went pretty smoothly otherwise. Only have a 20m inverted vee on
the roof, so I was limited in operating time.
KC0ET   Contact Moderator
Had a great time. :)
KC1IFK   Contact Moderator
This is my very first Contest! I can't wait for the next one!
KC2WUF   Contact Moderator
20W for both FT8 and RTTY during the contest. Overall good interface with WSJT-X.
KC7YE   Contact Moderator
Good outing here using the new FT8 program. couple of glitches but those were on me. breaks to watch
football on Saturday and church on Sunday.
KC9VGG   Contact Moderator
First time participant.  Got home from a trip late last night, installed the new
version of WSJT-X, and figured out how to operate it for the contest exchange. 
I operated for about 5 hours today.  I was pretty happy with my contact rate since it was my first
time out with the FT8 in a contest.
KD0CAV   Contact Moderator
This was a fun contest to work, I used to wire dipole antennas
and an Icom 730, I would like to see FT8 be given it's own
seperate contest I ran FT8 this year and I believe  it would be
best if it was given it's own place.
KD0IOE   Contact Moderator
First time I've ever submitted for a contest. Usually band conditions are trashy but FT8 cuts
through most of it here in an urban setting.
KD2GXL   Contact Moderator
KD3TB   Contact Moderator
Two contacts on FT8 then converted to RTTY for the remainder of
the contest.
KD5ILA   Contact Moderator
Only operated on Saturday. In and out of radio shack, but had fun.
KD5JHE   Contact Moderator
Very good time with it
KD6OAT   Contact Moderator
IC-718 into dipole @ 95w max pwr; first contest using FT8 (DG)
KD6X   Contact Moderator
FT8 mode only.

This was the first time I've ever entered the RTTY Roundup, and I had a great time using FT8. 
Software integration between WSJT-X and N1MM+ was better than I expected, and I'm looking forward to
even more improvements next year.  73!
KE0OR   Contact Moderator
This multi op was done at the QTH of KE0OR.  Dan, ke0or and Bill,
ae0ee were the operators.
hour period on Sunday.  All conts were made on RTTY.  A total of
4 bands were available and 3 were used.  The 40/20 bamd  used an
inverted V up in the trees approximately 45 feet high.  The 15m
antenna was a dipole up only 10 feet.  The 10 meter band used a
dipole up 30 feet but the band was not open when monitored.

2 slices on the built in panadaptor and it helped to determine
when and where to find contacts.
AE0EE for showing me several of his tips and tricks for keeping a
run doing.  The whole effort was great!
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
K3/10 driving a Ten Tec 405 amp at 50 watts to wire antennas.  73, and CU next time.  Dan,  ke0tt
KE0YI   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed working everyone.  73!
KE4YVD   Contact Moderator
Ejoyed the RU. Had some first time DIGI ops and shared a lot of info. Great camaraderie.
KE5YTA   Contact Moderator
First contest I have done. Lots of fun. Learned a lot.
Looking forward for more.
KE8AQW   Contact Moderator
This was my first time operating RTTY.  I enjoyed working the
KF4QFJ   Contact Moderator
Great contest weekend for the first one of the year!
-73 Jerome, KF4QFJ
KG0J   Contact Moderator
First time with Flex-6400, it was fun!
KG2DWS   Contact Moderator
Using a KX3 with a KXPA100 set to 50 watts. Antenna is an Alpha Military Vertical, mounted 5 ft
above ground. Used the Elecraft KX3 Utility software.
KG5EG   Contact Moderator
Been away from the RU for a long time.  Good to get back.
KG5GCC   Contact Moderator
FT8 Single Op entered as Multi Op per rules
KH6KG/W5   Contact Moderator
Nice to see a good turn-out for the Round Up.  RTTY signals are usually few and far between the rest
of the year.  Along comes a contest and we all show up.  Good conditions on the low bands, didn't
try the higher ones.
KI4LXH   Contact Moderator
What a fun time putting FT8 to a real test.
KI5LR   Contact Moderator
Trying to make FT-8 work in a contest.  Could not get WSJT to work with JTAlerts and log in N3FJP
correctly.  Gave up after about 12 contacts that were not logged correctly.
KI6RRN   Contact Moderator
KJ1J   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed this RTTY contest. I am living in an apartment and have my antenna inside. It was
nice to have the propagation a little better and I was enabled to have some contacts. And all my
contacts are with excellent ham operators. I am going to try a CW contest also soon.

73, John
KJ5T   Contact Moderator
Very last minute decision to play in this contest.  My friend who let me put up
my 4BTV in his backyard last year was going out of town and told me I was
welcome to use his place this weekend, Saturday morning I threw up the 4BTV. 
Really easy antenna to get up since it was already partially assembled.  Only
issue I had was that one of the elements for the 40 meter top-hat bent in
storage and when I tried to bend it back into place it broke so something that
will need to get fixed. 

I had the antenna set up by 1730z but I had not previously used my new
MicroKeyer III that I picked up and I didn't have a power supply for it over at
my friend's place so I had to drive the 40 minutes round trip back to my place
for a power supply, after getting back to the station and getting the MicroKeyer
set up it wasn't until 1900z when I was on. but it wasn't until 2151z that I had
a successful contact.  I was really trying hard to get true FSK to work but no
one was decoding me so something wasn't right, spent several hours reading
manuals and such but decided to switch to AFSK and things worked well after

I had to shut down early Saturday to help my wife give our sick cat his
medicine, so opted to reach 100 contacts and then shutdown.  All S&P, worked
most of what the 4BTV could hear minus a couple of folks who couldn't decode me.

No operating Sunday, helped N5XJ and NX5M get up a 2 element 40 at the NX5M
station, if you worked NX5M today on 40 it was from the new beam and I was the
operator, we just messed around for a couple of hours testing the antenna and
hanging out in the shack with the farm cats.
KK4RT   Contact Moderator
This was my first digital contest.  Took a bit to get N1MM to receive the log data from WSJT-X. 
Would have been nice if there was an option to have WSJT-X reject stations that weren't following
the contest exchange. I don't think alot of stations new what the CQ RU was....

I have participated twice in the ARRL DX SSB contest and had a nightmare to get a log formatted
properly to upload.  This time it worked like a champ and 1st time had my log uploaded. I even got
the log into HRD and now have my WAS on FT8.

Can you enter the contest twice, once on all bands and once on one band?  I did most of my contest
on 20M, so wonder if I can do a separate log submission?

The rule on the 6 hours of breaks is not clear.  I took 9 hours off at night and 2 hours off during
the day.  So, I had 11 hours off.  What exactly are the requirements for breaks to meet the 6 hours
off the air?  The rules explanation is not clear.

Had a great time and got 2 additional multipliers in the last 2 hours of the contest.

Scott, KK4RT
KN4DUA   Contact Moderator
KN4DUF   Contact Moderator
Please make FT8 a separate contest or a separate class in the rtty contest. My first time, enjoyed
KN4FRG   Contact Moderator
KN4USA   Contact Moderator
New to Ham. This was my first Contest. Had to work so I did not make nearly as many contacts as I
wanted, but I had a great time and hope I helped others hit the numbers they needed. Looking forward
to the next one.

73  KN4USA
KN5S   Contact Moderator
I can already see the headline in QST: "Roundup breaks all
records!". Hybrids rock!!
KO0Z   Contact Moderator
Fortunately, the forecasted geomagnetic storm wasn't bad at my QTH, SFI 72, A 9 and a K index of 2
on Saturday and more of the same for Sunday.  This contest, the bulk of my Qs on 80 and 40 excveeded
my 20 meter total, which reflects conditions at the bottom of the solar cycle 24.  It was good
hearing and seeing familiar call signs!  I look forward to next year's RU!
KW4J   Contact Moderator
This was a great contest! Lots of participation and the bands cooperated.
KX7L   Contact Moderator
Started out thinking I might do both modes, but when I realized that
both N1MM and WSJTX really want to talk to the rig, I decided not to fight that,
and went FT8 only.  An interesting experience, definitely a learning one.
I had a few funnies with WSJT-X - occasionally I would call someone and it would put
the rig into transmit but not generate any tones, then on the next interval all
was normal..  I thought maybe I could import the ADIF file into N1MM+ at the end
to calculate the score, but N1MM didn't parse the received multipliers, so all
the QSO's were worth zero!  Took a little manual massaging of the WSJTx cabrillo
file to get the header right - it wanted to make me "non-assisted" but
as I understand it, if you use WSJTx, you are automatically "unlimited".
LA1RMA   Contact Moderator
Really bad conditions, heard Brazil at times but no qso with him. Northern lights also made it
LA9RY   Contact Moderator
Propagation better than expected. Opening to stateside in the
N1MM Logger plus. RTTY was a lot more powerful tool.
50W on RTTY and 30W on FT8. Antennas G5RV 12m up and a horizontal
loop at about same height.
WSJT-X and N1MM created their own serial numbers. Not coordinated. Hope it is OK.
LY9Y   Contact Moderator
The log consists of 2 cbr files made from Win-Test logging software and WSJT-X v2.0.0-rc5
M6OIZ   Contact Moderator
Dear Sir/Madame,

I am truly sorry for taking your precious time but I have found some mistakes on the cabrillo file I
have sent to you. This was my very first contest so lots of stress and confusion but also a joy! 
I have corrected mistakes, and also I have set wrongly the mode, suppose to be FT8 but I set RTTY.
The new cabrillo file is generated but the question is, what shall I do now?

Yours sincerely,
Andrzej Andy Papiewski de M6OIZ
M7T   Contact Moderator
Just a few hours for SO2R practice
MM1PTT   Contact Moderator
I was using WSJT-X and N1MM+. I noticed the cabrillo log generated by WSJT-X used the QSO end time
and the cabrillo log generated by N1MM+ used the QSO start time. I expect quiet a few errors as the
RR73 was quiet often not being decoded that I was sending. The other operators would wipe the QSO
instead of logging and using the next serial number for there next QSO. I saw one operator not
completing the QSO 3 times in a row with different station and sending the same serial number to 4
different stations.
MW9W   Contact Moderator
Wasn't able to spend the full 24hrs operating as had some unforseen
family things to deal with, and with an "A=22" at the start of
the contest my plans for QRP changed to low power. Still had a
time though... RTTY ROCKS! 73 and HNY Ian.
N0TEK   Contact Moderator
All Contacts made by FT8
N1IXF   Contact Moderator
That just felt like the most fun I’ve had in a RTTY contest… at least to-date.  I think my
reaction is a combination of missing out on this contest last year, being well rested, and keeping
things simple by deciding to enter SO1R, unassisted, and using the HP category with about 800 watts
from the SB-221.

I came into this year’s RU with high hopes, especially after suffering the third failure of my
3-element SteppIR during the first hour of the 2018 running of RU. Murphy didn’t visit my station
this year, although his cousin left me with a noisy florescent worklight which briefly wiped out my
ability to hear weak signals.  That light, never a problem in prior contests, was dispatched

Strategy in this contest is very different from the others I’ve become used too. Having 24 hours
out of 30 meant I got a decent night’s sleep using my entire 6 hour “off time” in one block.
Then, all Q’s being worth a point and multipliers only counting once, not for each band, I tried
to focus my RF to the West and only pointed NE when the bands were strongly open to EU.  I had
pretty good rates throughout the 24 hours but I was surprised that there wasn’t more EU activity,
e.g., didn’t work a DL until mid-Sunday morning (local).  While activity in EU seemed off, the
number of stateside stations was great.  Lots of new calls and a fair number of them weren’t in
the check partial file. Hope I copied the right calls?  ;o)

There were several high points:  First, at K5ZD’s encouragement, I used on-line contest score
reporting for the first time.  Boy is that fun to track as you go, and as Randy suggested, it is
very motivating.  AC0C and AI9T pulled ahead early but that kept me thinking, “What can I do to
close the distance.”  I’m sure that helped me do my best to stay focused on rate and keep my
head in the game. I’ll definitely do this in future contests.  Second, set a goal to a least work
all states and as much of Canada as I could.  With K1VMT (VT) and KT3R (DE) calling in during the
last few hours, I got excited that my contest WAS (including AK and HI) might just happen.  If only
I could snag ND as a call-in or as I stumbled around in S&P, alas it wasn’t to be.  I had the
multiplier window open during the entire contest and seeing those states and provinces checked off
also kept my interest going.  Third, I usually enter LP but, with the cycle being what it is, I
decided this time to give HP a try.  While I wouldn’t push that SB-221 too hard, I could still be
louder than 100W and maybe encourage more callers during my runs. Hard to know if this made as big a
difference as I felt, but it really helped me shorten up my macros and get through in single
exchanges.  Finally, as in the OK DX RTTY and just when the grayline was favorable, VK5GR called in
on 40M for a new multiplier… let’s hope this is a habit in all future contests!

The only low point was when a “mode-cop” decided to camp on me in the low portion of the 40M
RTTY contest segment… kept tuning up on my run frequency, transmitted CW on top of me, then
switched to RTTY to tell me I couldn’t be there, swear at me, and tell me to “F@%$ OFF”, and
of course he/she never ID’d.  Thanks to all who kept working me through that moron’s harassment
as it really helped me do my best to ignore it and “keep on, keepin on.”

Finally, after a contest I’m usually motivated to work on station improvements… I’m thinking
that’s my 2019 New Year’s resolution!

Thanks to all who called in and 73,
Rich N1IXF
N1XK   Contact Moderator
FT8 was great addition to the contest.  Amazing performance of WSJT-X.  Cudos to K1JT and the team. 
Easily worked close to 1 a minute at times.  Multiple instances of 2 or three decodes from one cq.  
This mode should be a great addition on Field Day.  Many new people will be amazed how well it
N2FF   Contact Moderator
Spent 7 hours in this one mostly pouncing.  Ran for a bit Sunday
aftrnoon wiht good results on 20M.  Had to break for
the UCONN Woman's basketball game.
Thanks to all the folks who heard me and called.
N2VXZ   Contact Moderator
This is my first contest. Operated for 24 hours with not more than 86 watts. G5RV antenna at 40ft.
IC 7300 and Palstar AT2K tuner. GL to all, 73
N2WK   Contact Moderator
I think FT8 took some of the Q's away from the all RTTY stations. I like FT8 but don't like 2 modes
in the same contest.
N3CHX   Contact Moderator
40Watts, Gnd Plane on 15Mtr G5rv on others
N3DPB   Contact Moderator



N3GWZ   Contact Moderator
First time doing the RTTY Roundup and used FT8.  Really enjoyed it!
N3WD   Contact Moderator
All contacts using FT-8
N4BP   Contact Moderator
FT8 Only
N5RP   Contact Moderator
Part time effort just to test setup and station
N5ZY   Contact Moderator
Operated FT8 only.  I presume most DX stations operated in RTTY, PSK, or another mode as it was very
difficult to find any multipliers to attempt to work.  It was a great test of future FT8 uses
however with N1MM for logging.  Thank you to everyone that made this possible and to the contest
results review team!
N6GR   Contact Moderator
Just made a two hour run at my first contest. 

N6HI   Contact Moderator
Ran QRP, ONE HALF WATT to a 20 Foot End Fed Wire.
15 meters was quite good. 10 meters opened just as I had
to leave on Sunday, but I managed to snag one contact on 10.
My hearty congrats and THANKS to all for your patience.
Most of you copied the exchange perfectly on the first go,
with repeats rare, a testament to your stations and your skills!
73 John N6HI
N7AME   Contact Moderator
As with most contests, I have other priorities and they must be done.   But did have fun during the
contest and did RTTY and not FT8
N7NTQ   Contact Moderator
20M and 40M ground vertical, 80 wire dipole.  All day Sunday we had a power outage due to a wind
storm so operation was on emergency power.  Had a great time.  Thanks to all.  73 Dave N7NTQ
N7PMS   Contact Moderator
N7WLC   Contact Moderator
This contest was a great way to test out FT8 for contesting.
Lots of operators were on and the bands were full of signals.
The contacts went pretty well and the 15-second overs kept
my on my toes.
N7WY   Contact Moderator
Time On 18:34 quit at 2200 UTC Sunday
N8LRG   Contact Moderator
Hit our goal of 1,000 QSO's Band conditions were rough and the DX to Europe was very short. ND was
not to be found. Hoping to improve 40/80m antennas for next year. 

We had a great time!

73's Phil
N8URE   Contact Moderator
I lost an hour and a half of time at the start of the contest, as my power was knocked out when a
squirrel got onto the transformer outside my building. Luckily everything worked the rest of the
time. I barely reached my goal of 100 contacts. I tried my hand at using FT8 for the contest, but it
didn't work that well for me. I had much better luck with RTTY, even being QRP. Maybe it's because
the FT8 users also have more modest stations. I had a harder time completing contacts than with
RTTY. I found that working split on a single frequency worked better than calling on-frequency,
otherwise I could never get through, and the suggestion to call +60 or +120 Hz higher didn't work
with so many people working in a single 3000 Hz window. Twice the software had a bug where it
started calling CQ RU8URE rather than CQ RU N8URE. I think FT8 would be better for a QRP-only
contest or maybe a DX distance contest. I will try it again with VHF soon. Equipment: RS-HFIQ radio
with HDSDR, Fldigi, MMTTY. Antenna: Full-wave loop for 20 m strung around my apartment balcony,
tuned to other bands with rebuilt MFJ-9201 tuner (of course the original parts broke, it's an MFJ).
N9KJU   Contact Moderator
These were my first RTTY contacts. I just upgraded to General last month. Still learning these new
(to me) HF Digital modes. And how to use/interface with my new IC-7300. I submitted 91 contacts and
got 46 LoTW confirmations within 24 hrs. I'm pleased with what I got in just 4 hrs working the
N9TF   Contact Moderator
I did notoperate FT8 in this contest.
Nothing against FT8, as I use it extensively for DX weak
signal work, as I have a very small station on a city
lot, and run no more than 100 watts. I think FT8 is a great
new digital mode, and a mode to have in every hams arsenal.
I just do not believe it is appropriate in an RTTY contest.
IMHO, I believe the ARRL should consider adding some contests
centered around WSJT type digital modes that are more geared
to computer to computer (robot to robot) type of contacts.
Many contacts made with FT8 would not be possible with RTTY due
to signals so weak they could not be decoded. 100% of the decoding
and decision making of what was received is 100% in the software.
With RTTY, the error correction is not as precise and weak signals at
or in the noise floor that can be detected with FT8, cannot with RTTY.
I really hope the ARRL thinks this through very thoroughly before
adding FT8 into the RTTY contest. Contests structured with WSJT types
of digital platforms, I think, would be more appropriate.
As for band conditions this contest, I really miss those sunspots!
DX mults were rough on 20m, and the EU opening was short lived for
those of us with low power and low antennas. Tried to beat my best
score from 2016, but just could not find or attract any more mults.
Set a goal of 700 Qs, but missed that by a lot. Just could not find
any new calls to work. Still had fun as always. 73 Gene, N9TF
Rig, K3S 100 watts, MMTTY/N1MM+, 2 element tribander 10-20 at 37'
40/80 short 100' dipole at 35' broadside NE/SW.
NC4MI   Contact Moderator
NG1I   Contact Moderator
20M horrible 40 & 80 fair
NN4NT   Contact Moderator
I was glad to see lots of RTTY activity with no interference from FT8.  I like both modes but had
better rates with RTTY and will probably stick with that next time to avoid being in the Unlimited
Please have more FT8 only contests.  The one in Dec. was fun as well.
NN5T   Contact Moderator
I chickened out FT-8 in the last minute and stayed in RTTY Baud only, but fairly stayed busy all the
time.  Mostly worked W and VE's, cannot wait for SSN to come back for more DX.
NO0L   Contact Moderator
NW7D   Contact Moderator
Fun contest, fair conditions
OA4DOS   Contact Moderator
Participation in FT8 Mode.
OA4O   Contact Moderator
We had little time to configure our new computer and radio, happily we are already with everything
walking for the next contest. The propagation was not favorable. We will listen to each other in the
next contest. 73 of the OA4O team
OE1WWL   Contact Moderator
I did not copy everybody, and everybody did not read me. Propagation was alright.
Sometimes I did not click efficiently, neither did others. I prefer automations.
I had to insert my own exchange into the logging window.
The rest was fun, so I enjoyed the roundup.
I configured N1MM logger then minimized it, only in order to export a cabrillo log.
I checked duplicates as I did before.
OE1XTU   Contact Moderator
Software WSJT-X Version 2.0.0 for digital mode FT8.
ANT 40m folded dipole
ANT 20m quarterwave vertical
Wx overcast melting snow 0C
OE6STD   Contact Moderator
This was my first FT8 contest
I expected more stations to participate.
There would have been enough room for more stations.
It was fun to be there.
73 dE OE6STD
OH2HAN   Contact Moderator
OH2K   Contact Moderator
A fun contest in spite of terrible conditions!15 and 10 meters never opened at all, and 20 meters
was very disappointing. Even though I could decode a handfull of US stations, I never got a response
from any of them. Only DX outside Europe was ZP4KFX, a really big surprise, plus a handful of
stations from Asia and the Middle East. Our antenna equipment at OH2K is very modest after a
disastrous mishap with our antenna tower in August 2018 (full story on qrz.com), so we have only a
dipole for 80 meters and an off center fed dipole for 160 meters that works on 40 and 20. Both
antennas are about 20 feet off the ground.

WSJT-X 2.0 GA with the latest version of N1MM+ made the contest interesting for a digital rookie
like myself. My only previous contest experience apart from the 2018 FT8 Roundup is in SSB.

I'm looking forward to more digital contests!

73 de Tom OH6VDA
OH2LU   Contact Moderator
IC-756ProII, 50 W, Mosley TA-33M Triband Yagi, 40/80m Trap Dipole
Statistics: 124 gross QSOs - 6 dupl QSOs = 118 QSO points
Multipliers: 34 DXCC entities, zero USA/Canada states/provinces
Claimed score: 34 * 118 = 4012
OH2NT   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-7100
Vertical 10..40 m
Dipole 40/80 m
OH6XO   Contact Moderator
My first ham contest ever. Thanks to the ARRL for organizing the competition. The instructions were
clear and excellent. The best thing was to learn new things.

73's Mika / OH6XO
OH9GIT   Contact Moderator
RX/TX  IC-7600, Amp. SPE 1-K
Antennas:Cushcraft X-9 20-15-10
Windom 80-10m,Butternut 80-40m
OK2SWD   Contact Moderator
TCVR: YAESU FT-897d 30 W, ANT: GP, SW: FLDigi 3.21
OK5EPC   Contact Moderator
Remotered own TS590s via Remoteham.com
OK5NW   Contact Moderator
rig TS-590S, ants sloper 41 m and dipole 2 x 5.8 m, pwr 100 W
OK5SWL   Contact Moderator
TCVR: YAESU FT-897d 30 W, ANT: GP, SW: FLDigi 3.21
OK7W   Contact Moderator
The contest was great fun due to SO2R. 
Even I spend 1 day with preparing of the contest, I did not had full setup possible. I did not had
any beverage antennas so I lost some qsos on low bands, but on the other hand our new 20m system
worked great.

Thanks to OK2ZAW and OK1MU for support and to all of you for QSOs, 
OM8JP   Contact Moderator
40 W, 3 band dipole (14,21,28), FD4 Windom
ON6NL   Contact Moderator
Many TNX for adding FT8 to this
nice contest. Had to get my new IC7610
linked with N1MM and WSJTx which took
some time. At the end switching between
modes was simple only forgot to set the
sequence number sometimes. Sorry for that!
ON9COP   Contact Moderator
Nice first contest in FT8. 212 QSO, 43 DXCC entities (less USA and Canada) and 23 states/provinces.
PA5DX   Contact Moderator
Great to enjoy this contest on FT8 mode.
Looking forward to the next one.
73s Ray the PA5DX
PA7PYR   Contact Moderator
Nice contest and no problems with the software.
PB7Z   Contact Moderator
Tnx fer very nice Contest
TRX Kenwood TS590s
Ant Butternut HF5B/Inverted L
PE4KH   Contact Moderator
Made a serial number error when restarting on Sunday
Great contest! Lots of local qrm, but managed to get a nice number
of contacts
PG1R   Contact Moderator
TS590S, barefoot; average output to antenna 50Watts.
Horizontal dipole, trimmed for 80,40,20 & 15M bands; 5m over ground.
No activity/propagation on 15 and 10M bands.
PY1IC   Contact Moderator
Bom dia,
Parabéns pelo "conteste" minha primeira participação em um conteste ARRL. 73

Good Morning
Congratulations on the "contest". My first participation in an ARRL RTTY Roundup, 73
R3BB   Contact Moderator
R3OZ   Contact Moderator
Thank you so much for your support.
dear friend ED. Vy 73!

С уважением,R3OZ
Vlad Kulakov
R4WT   Contact Moderator
R7FG   Contact Moderator
RA6LIS   Contact Moderator
RK3DSW   Contact Moderator
FT-450 50wt, ant dipole T2FD
RK3DXW   Contact Moderator
Thank you for the contest
RV3DBK   Contact Moderator
TX 5 Watts, Ant Magnetic Loop (indoor)
RW3ADB   Contact Moderator
FT897D, 50W, 5/8 Sirio-CB and LDG AT100Pro ant tuner
RW3AI   Contact Moderator
Icom 7800 pwr 80 watts, Ant ECO
RW3RQ   Contact Moderator
RIG - YAESU FT-1000MP MARK v field, dipole
RX1AG   Contact Moderator
S51J   Contact Moderator
FT-2000, vertical antena 9m tall, home location. Just gave a few
S57YK   Contact Moderator
TRX: FT-920 100W Vertical ECO+7
SM5S   Contact Moderator
73 de SM5SIC Gran
SP1DMD   Contact Moderator
Radio:ICOM 746 ONLY 100W
SP2UUU   Contact Moderator
super contest. see you in next year.vy 73 Chris
SP4LVK   Contact Moderator
RIG:FT-950 PWR:15 ANT:2el DeltaLoop
SP9KJU   Contact Moderator
TRX IC730 ABT 50W, ANT inw V 2x19,5m
to: https://contest-log-submission.arrl.org
SQ3MZU   Contact Moderator
Kenwood TS-870S, ANT W3DZZ or GP-5
SQ6MEL   Contact Moderator
SQ9GOL   Contact Moderator
The popular digital mode makes its HF contest debut January 5 – 6

SV1AJO   Contact Moderator
SV2/SV7CUD   Contact Moderator
42min, 2h 11min, 3h 4min=5h57min
SV7CUD   Contact Moderator
42min, 2h 11min, 3h 4min=5h57min
TA4PR   Contact Moderator
Thanks for contest
TG9ANF   Contact Moderator
UA3XO   Contact Moderator
UR3UK   Contact Moderator
Ktnwood TS-590S pwr. 70W
ant. Windom
UR5KDK   Contact Moderator
At the danu contest, having accepted the fate the first time, no matter what happened to them, only
those years got stuck, I met a 15 meter mast and 80 m antenna in order to get a chance. Worked 50 W,
passing was not.
Even worse, these were links.
Thank you to the organizers that this contingency on FT8 is being held.
UR7EC   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the good contest
IC746 ant Delta loop
UT7NI   Contact Moderator
UY5VA   Contact Moderator
UZ1WW   Contact Moderator
V51MA   Contact Moderator
VA3PC   Contact Moderator
All RTTY contacts, didn't bother with FT-8 this time round.
VA3SB   Contact Moderator
Fun contest as usual. Did not spend as much time operating as I
should have but enjoyed operating in the contest. Sadly, I did
not try FT8 during the contest. Next year!
Q's. 73 Serge VA3SB
VA7KBM   Contact Moderator
Given the generally poor and highly variable propagation conditions these days, this contest (and
indeed ALL HF contests) should also allow operation on the 17m and 30m bands (subject to Band Plan
restrictions). Thanks!
VE2NCG   Contact Moderator
2 Observations on my part:
1- FT8 is fun, wanted to do some RTTY but it's hard to change modes when multipliers keep popping up
on the band so I find it detrimental to the others digitals modes.
2-Sunday afternoon, some RTTY operators decided to transmit on 14132 over FT8 signals, probably in
need of new contacts, not a gentleman move...
For next year, I suggest to make the contest in 2 parts: first 24h FT8 only,
second 24h RTTY and others digitals modes and you add scores for final results.
VE2ZWA   Contact Moderator
Je n'est pas reçu mon certificat de
Participation. Est-ce normal?
VE3CV   Contact Moderator
Started on FT8 and Switched to RTTY and planned to do a lot more.
But soundcard problems returned and new soundcard arrives Monday!
VE3FH   Contact Moderator
VE3FWF   Contact Moderator
Running ARRL RTTY Roundup on the same frequency as non-contesters is sub-optimal, in my view.
Perhaps different frequencies next year? 80 meters had very good propagation as the contest was
VE3KI   Contact Moderator
K3, 75W both modes. No cluster assistance, just the wsjt-x
multiple-channel decoder that forced me to enter as Unlimited.
VE3KTB   Contact Moderator
This was a father-son effort at VE3KTB.  This is 19 year old
VA3LML's second ever RTTY contest and he was able to enjoy some
prime operating with lots of stations on 20m on Sunday including
the occasional pileup.  Not easy to get through operating low
power, but eventually most of them were worked.  Thanks for all
the contacts!
VE6BTC   Contact Moderator
Sorry first contest all ft8 hoping everything is entered correctly  :)
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun on the first weekend of the year doing the
RTTY Contest.
VE7KW   Contact Moderator
Not a serious effort but interesting to mix FT8 and RTTY.
W0GJT   Contact Moderator
Great first contest!
W0LSD   Contact Moderator
For me there were questions going into this contest regarding the assimilation of FT8 with RTTY and
for me whether I want to continue to participating in this mixed bag. Seemed a little like a
"shotgun wedding"! I'm not sure many questions were answered, however having participated in RTTY RU
for many of the 30+ years, I am one who would like to keep it all RTTY. I know it is a "Digital"
contest, but in the past very very few, if any, other digital modes were used. It is not a
condemnation of FT8 as I have made hundreds of Qs on FT8, but I think the character of the RTTY RU
is best maintained with just RTTY. There should be other FT8 contests, maybe short in length to
compensate for the boredom of watching automated Qs being made. :-)
W0SD   Contact Moderator
Great Contest. Score was up from last year, thanks in part to converting over to SO2V operating and
the addition of FT8, which came in handy when we needed to get thos multipliers that were hiding.
QSO Rates were down for day 2 (Sunday).
Had some computer issues (as usual) that limited us somewhat, but we are happy with the result
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
W1RM   Contact Moderator
Interesting but way too slow for my taste.
W2KYM   Contact Moderator
W3FIZ   Contact Moderator
Had a good time for the amount of time I had for this contest. Early Eagles Playoff party. Anyway
bands were in pretty good shape. I don't do FT8 and I am a bit confused why whey the brain trust
decided to put FT8 into this contest??? Don't get me wrong what ever floats your boat. I would
rather see Ft8 have there own contest and not take away Q's from RTTY. Just my 2$. Wonder if anyone
else out there feels the same way.

W4AAA   Contact Moderator
This is the third time that I have participated in the ARRL RTTY Roundup contest. It has been a year
since I made even a single radio teletype QSO so I had to spend a few hours reconfiguring my station
and familiarizing myself with the software and hardware. I have never used FT8 which has become a
very popular weak signal digital mode. When FT8 was added to this contest I had concerns that RU
would no longer be a RTTY contest but that certainly was not the case this year. I hope that the FT8
mode will become a separate event. The first half of the contest was really fast moving, after 12
hours of running two transceivers I had 1100 QSOs in my log. During the second half my run rates
slowed significantly and I even had to search and pounce at times. 80% of my QSOs were with the U.S.
and Canada, unfortunately participation outside this area was low, making finding new country
multipliers a challenge. 20m and 40m had excellent domestic openings and also good but short
openings to Europe. 15m had good openings to the western U.S. but I quickly ran out of stations. I
worked a little DX on 15m, surprisingly four loud New Zealand stations called me but I heard no one
in the Caribbean or Europe. My station worked perfectly and despite poor propagation this was a fun
contest. Thank you for the QSOs, please QSL via WD9DZV.

W4GHV   Contact Moderator
IC-7300, EFHW
W4JHU   Contact Moderator
Thanks for sponsoring, organizing, and administering this event.
W4PFM   Contact Moderator
HOA 100 watts to rain gutter for antenna. Much easier to make
contacts via RTTY than FT8!
W5UHQ   Contact Moderator
Resubmited log to change RY to DG  and non assisted to assisted because of
W5WZ   Contact Moderator
This is my first time to successfully use N1MM+, MMTTY, and MK2R+
with the GRAB, LOGThenPop, and Dualing CQ features.  Every time
previously, there always seemed to be a snag with eithe the hardware
or the software - one radio or the other wouldn't both RCV and XMIT.
It finally was an enjoyable experience, rather than an exercise in
frustration which has always led to giving up and doing something

2 x K3 in full SO2R setup.  Now time for the operator to upgrade
his SO2R skills
W6ATB   Contact Moderator
FT8 RTTY worked well for me. CQ (run) is the easiest to do but I believe Click & Bounce allows for
more contacts to be had. So less CQ and more S & P.

In my opinion, keep you TX freq tap fixed at a clear/open location on the waterfall and move TX tab
around when needed to maintain a clear frequency.
In doing so increases the chances of the CQer decoding your reply.

Winter Field Day is coming up shortly, may the best Club win! GO CLUB W6ZE!
W6BSD   Contact Moderator
This is the first time I an contesting and I hope the log sent is correct.
To improve the upload process it would be great to have an example of a line with all the fields you
are expecting. Since I am not a heavy contester and I am not using any special logging software. I
had to format the Cabrillo file by hand and I couldn't find any clear information on what to put on
each QSO line.
W6DPM   Contact Moderator
First time working RTTY Roundup, lots of fun.
W6DR   Contact Moderator
Highlight was working K1JT on FT8
W6KAP   Contact Moderator
I had to give FT8 a try in the contest even though my only antenna is lying on the roof.  K1JT's FT8
performed very well in contest mode as well as VK3AMA's JT-Alert.
W6SFI   Contact Moderator
Heard VE1 for the first time!  I credit the gain on the hex beam.
W6TCP   Contact Moderator
Was going to do a 20m, 100 watt part time effort!

Due to high winds on the hill I had to go QRT. Well actually the winds put an
end to the contest for me, lets leave it at that !
W6US   Contact Moderator
All contacts made with FT using WSJT-X version2.0. It was a fun contest.
W7CD   Contact Moderator
Just because they're both horses, you can't plow with thoroughbreds and race donkeys and expect the
same results. The greatly dissimilar QSO rates between RTTY and FT8 make it difficult for FT8 to
compete when the contest categories do not differentiate between modes. At this point, solutions are
probably to (1) keep these modes in separate contests, viz., RTTY RU and FT8 RU, or (2) have
separate categories and scores in RTTY RU for modes, or (3) help the WSJT-X development team to
engineer still another, faster mode with a smaller payload: drop the grid for HF contesting or be
willing to sacrifice some decoding accuracy (forego FEC).
W7LKG   Contact Moderator
Interesting contest this year with FT8 included. Not sure how to state my entry status. I am going
to specify ASSISTED, TRANSMITTER ONE, as I used wsjt-x Ver 2.0. I do not use any other spotters,
decoders, etc. Maybe some rules revisions??  A wind storm and 7 hour power outage did not help
either. Cleanup is a bummer. See you all next year.
W7SLS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.  Nice to try both modes,
and to find 15 open. Thanks to all for the QSOS
(and apologies for the ones I bobbled).

Antenna:  Inverted V, 10m at apex
Rig:      Icom IC-7610
Power:    Elecraft KPA-500
Software: Win4Icom, VSPE, WSJT-X, N1MM+

Software stack worked great (had to add 2 FT8 contacts
I made before I opened the WSJT Decode list window).
Occasionally FT8 QSOs "got out of sync" and/or logged
multiple time.  Me, them, propagation, sw, or?
I need to learn the protocol for what to do when FT8 QSOs
seem to go into "limit cycles" (endless repeats).
Kudos to the SW devs who made this stuff interoperate.
W7TR   Contact Moderator
A newbie to FT8 having only downloaded the program at the end of December. Had quite a bit of fun.
Thanks!   73, Todd KH2TJ
W8FDV   Contact Moderator
W8JWN   Contact Moderator
There seemed to be more activity from North America this year. I didn't follow FT8 activity but I
don't think it affected RTTY participants.
Conditions here in the northern latitude "Black hole"were poor to Europe on Saturday but improved on
Sunday morning. Still 13 countries shy of last year's total. Where was North Dakota???
W9AV   Contact Moderator
For variety, I did this one SO2R using only FT8, which lends itself well to  dueling QSOs. Even so,
it was a bit too much staring at the screen and clicking every minute or two. My vote is to take the
final step and get the human out of the loop and and let the robots battle it out. It's still
competitive since my robot is better than your robot is fundamentally the same as my antenna is
bigger than your antenna. Better to embrace AI than to fight it.
W9ET   Contact Moderator
I tried to do an all FT-8 on this contest.

The jury is out, hard to say if this is a contest mode or not.
WA2PNI   Contact Moderator
Enjoy running RTTY more than new digital mode.
WA3FIR   Contact Moderator
Thanks to W4UK for his QST article that got me interested in participating in this contest. First
time on RTTY in all my years of Ham Radio. Had a blast and this is a fun operating mode. Just goes
to show there is always an unexplored aspect of  Ham Radio to provide a new experience.
WA3FRP   Contact Moderator
Last year, I was mostly calling CQ on a fixed frequency on 40M and
80M.  This year, I tried finding stations that were calling CQ on 20M,
40M and 80M.  Pluses and minuses to either approach.  I was just happy
to get my Greenkeys Teletype M28ASR on-the-air again.
WA3V   Contact Moderator
Great fun to be in the contest using FT8.
WA4EUL   Contact Moderator
. . .first contest since upgrade to "AE"; first time using Fldigi/N3FJP together--worked fb. . .
WA5RR   Contact Moderator
This was the first RTTY contest for my new Yaesu FTDX-3000. Wow!
The radio has a great receiver with excellent selectivity. It
didn't wear me out after what would normally be a few hours.
Thanks to all the great ops on the low bands that heard my
50-watt signal! Even tried the FT8 part of the contest and have
decided it is not for me.
WA7CPA   Contact Moderator
This was my first-ever time using RTTY. It was very fun. I look forward to more contests and
DXpedition chasing using RTTY.
WB0TEV   Contact Moderator

Call: WB0TEV
Operator(s): WB0TEV
Station: WB0TEV

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 10:31

 Band  RTTY Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    68       0
   40:   138      14
   20:   228      20
   15:    17       4
   10:     0       0
Total:   451      38  State/Prov = 54  Countries = 40  Total Score = 45,966

Club: DFW Contest Group


Only a part time effort (10h31m) due to competing opportunities/demands.  As
expected, FT8's primary utility was for scooping up DX mults (40% of DX mults
came from FT8) while RTTY of course was the mode for rate.  Of US mults, only
missed OK as I am too close here in NTX and I wasn't on the air Saturday night
when I could have gotten it on 80m.  Only worked the main VE mults (QC,ON, MB,
SK, AB & BC) the remainder were conspicuous by their absence.  Most exotic
mult from FT8 was 9L1YXJ.  

I seriously doubt that FT8 will supplant RTTY in this contest long term, despite
the concerns of some.  It will however make a nice supplement, a source of
otherwise unobtainable DX mults and for the big guns who manage to work the
bands dry otherwise it will provide a pool of fresh meat as I suspect there are
many FT8 types who don't do RTTY contesting but will dive in to the RU. 

Kudos to Rick Ellison N2AMG (the chief RTTY/digital coder on the N1MM team) and
the rest of the crew for coding up an initial interface between N1MM+ and WSJT-X
in support of this and other RTTY/Digi contests.   For something that was coded
up in a hurry it worked out pretty well and I'm sure will only improve in
further releases.   Rick and others even hung out on the N1MM+ groups io
reflector during the contest fielding questions and assisting those that didn't
have a setting or two quite right.  Indeed that's what alerted me that I needed
to go back into the N1MM+ contest setup and choose DIGITAL instead of RTTY and
do a Rescore Current contest to have it pick up and score the FT8 QSOs

Victor WB0TEV
WB4OMM   Contact Moderator
My humble submission!  Only had two just over an hour sessions, one Saturday night and one late
Sunday (until the contest ended!).  N1MM+ Contest Software, Yaesu FT-2000, Yaesu SCU-17 Interface,
Windows 10 Desktop.  Ran 75 Watts to a G5RV at 35 feet.  Stayed on 40M as there were plenty of folks
for me to work. 
Had a blast!  73 to all!  Steve WB4OMM
WB6CZG   Contact Moderator
The FT8 portion of this contest should be a completely separate contest, with its own rules. I only
did FT8 and I could have used high power and still follow the power rules. After the contest ended,
I attempted to import into N1MM to figure out my score; failed to import all of the data. I probably
did not set some check box in the convoluted N1MM setup directions.
WB6JJJ   Contact Moderator
What great contest weather...
High winds >35 MPH and rain to keep us indoors this weekend.
Yesterday, I had to stop for a bit when the 20 Meter Yagi elements were hitting each other causing
the amplifier to complain.  And the rain static was bad...
I got started a bit late because of a self-inflicted check-box error that was fun to find.  But all
was well after that.  Until this morning when I turned on the computer and had no audio going to the
This morning for some reason Windoze thought that it should turn off the microphone input??!!??
With all of the time transmitting during runs, both the radio (IC-7610) and the amplifier ran cool
according to their internal thermometers.
I stayed up late hoping to catch a bunch of JA's but that didn't happen.  Just the normal trickle
here and there.
Other than the rain static, the bands were quite noise free here which was nice on my ears.
There were some great long runs of 128/hour which was a lot of fun.
I noticed that most people gave the FT8 mode a wide berth - also nice.
Definitely, lots of activity on most bands.  A few of us even made some 10 Meter contacts.
There were only three duplicates that came my way - not to bad, I guess.
Thank you for all of the KB's and QSOs this weekend, it was a lot of fun.
And, probably, the last RU from this ranch.
WB7CYO   Contact Moderator
WB9TFH   Contact Moderator
Had family over, operated part time. Still lots of fun.
Score not even clos to last years.
WE6Z   Contact Moderator
What a blast!  Conditions were excellent.  I used my new 160 meter vertical on 80 meters and it
worked great.  Had 50MPH winds here, and it did a little damage, but I was able to repair
WE9V   Contact Moderator
After living the last 6 months in China, I came back to a questionable
station status.  Things were pretty much working when I did the last
contest in March 2018.  Since returning home, most everything seemed
okay.  Upon further investigation, a few things aren't right, such as
160M and 30M SWR (not an issue for this contest), my homebrew stackmatch
isn't switching between upper and lower, and my 2nd tower rotator isn't
indicating.  The good news is that it still rotates, and I can observe
direction during daylight.

Because I didn't plan to operate full time, I started the contest
1.5 hours late.  A few hours into the contest, I got the dreaded
"ERR 12V" problem on one of my K3's.  The RX still works, but you're
limited to about 10 watts.  It's one thing to do this contest low power,
but you really need SO2R to keep it somewhat interesting.  Since I
wasn't operating seriously, I took an hour to tear apart the radio,
un-seat and re-seat the 100W PA connectors hoping that the oxidation
would have improved and get me going again.  A few transmissions
later proved me wrong. So I turned the power way, way down to about
3 watts and drove one of my amplifiers to get the 100w out.

Took another hour off a bit later on Saturday night to spend time
with my daughter.  Then, I got about 7 hours of sleep, operated a
bit Sunday morning, but found that EU was pretty sparse on 20M.
Then at 16z, took another 2 hours off to go to church and make
breakfast with my daughter.  Operated the last 5.5 hours straight.
Yeah, quite the marathon chair session, huh?  LOL

Another year I'm kicking myself after the fact for not operating the
contest full time.  No one to blame but myself, and a little feeling
guilty for leaving my daughter to fend for herself most of the weekend.
Makes me wonder what I could have accomplished if I operated full-time.
Writelog says I operated just under 18 hours of the 24 allowed.
Note to self for next year:  Operate full time!!!!

100% RTTY.  I've been really enjoying HF FT8 since returning from China
(wow, did that really explode in acceptance/usage in 6 months!), but
I didn't want to be classified as assisted, nor did I think that you
could sustain the same rates.  I was afraid that there would be less
people on RTTY, causing rate to go down the drain, but that didn't seem
the case, which is good.  FT8 is great for DXing, but not ready for
prime-time contesting.  Yet.  FT8 is evolving a ton over the last 12
months, so I wouldn't doubt more changes will come and help FT8

73 and thanks for the QSOs.

Chad WE9V
2x K3
50/100' KT34XA stack, Mosley TA34 for 2nd radio
XM240 at 110', converted to W6NL Moxon
80M Dipole at 95'
WJ3P   Contact Moderator
With my new IC-7300 I wanted to get re-started with digital HF again after many years.  Reading
Steve Ford WB8IMY's "Get on the Air with HF Digital" got me psyched for FT-8, so I loaded and set up
WSJT-X on Saturday morning and worked a few stations in the contest.  I even worked my neighbor
K1JT, creator of FT-8! A rewarding weekend overall!  73, John WJ3P
WN8Y   Contact Moderator
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This is another K3/0 remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook.
This weekend was ad-Hoc all around.
I originally planned to run my FT-1000mp @100 watts RTTY (the 1000mp LOAFS along
at 100 watts) from W7AYT's QTH into the latest incarnation of the WQ6X Lazy 8jK
sloper.  Unfortunately, CAT cable failures meant that while I could easily
send/receive RTTY, I would not be able to CAT-control the radio.

Fortunately, I brought my secret "black bag" containing an Elecraft
K3/0 and all of its attendant GooDies allowing the operation of STN-1 @NX6T in
The onsite K3 fed a classic Acom 2000 amplifier to produce 550 - 950 watts
(depending on the band, my mood and temperature/heat situation in the Fallbrook
ham shack).
All the equipment problems kept me off the air for the 1st 5 hours.  At 23:00z
the K3/0 went to work putting 41 QSOs in the log.  Shifting to 40 and then 80
and back to 40 produced some very nice frequency runs.  Only MS & ND kept
WQ6X from WAS.  Where were the more eastern Canadians (VE4, VE1, VE8, VY & VO)?

Running a Stepp-IR & 2-element shorty-40 made it easy to work stations off
the backside (or BI-directional); which is how all the KH6 and ZL stations made
it into the log. A pair of 10-meter openings on Sunday put CX7 & YV1 into
the log.  10 often sounds dead because everyone is listening and no one is
calling CQ.

The biggest confusion was the callsign prefixes not matching their area (Ex: NY6
in NY, NZ8 in TX, W8 in SC, etc.)  In many cases, stations SHOULD have signed
/portable when they were in "rare" states (like NV, WY and DE) so they
stand out more, encouraging more calling stations.

A BEEF I have with most RTTY contests are the IDIOTs who use the 14.100 NCDXF
Beacon frequency as their personal run frequency.  We already have ENOUGH
difficulty copying the beacons without IDIOT-LID RTTY OPs adding to the
reception problem.

Did YOU work the ARRL RTTY RU?  Is WQ6X in YOUR LoG?
Look for a contest BLOG writeup on this GiG at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
WR4VR   Contact Moderator
Contest was educational and fun. Because of the heavy use of my station with the FT8 transmissions,
I was able to find two unknown problems and fix them. I am looking forward to the ARRL Field Day
event and the use of FT8. (Especially with the solar minimum currently going on)
WT6K   Contact Moderator
Log Exported from N1MM. Doesn't seem to reflect the contacts were all on FT8. Can send in a Cabrillo
log from wsjt-x if that would help.
de wt6k
WU4G   Contact Moderator
My first ever RTTY contest now that I have a RTTY friendly radio
(Icom-7300).  I'm hooked!  Tried the FT8 side of it several times
and it did not enthuse me at all.
WW4DD   Contact Moderator

                      CUL. BILL (WWADD)
XE1FJM   Contact Moderator
I had some difficulties with wsjt-x since many operators used the RRR 73 mode trying to make the
QSOs faster but later they still requested confirmations. Each QSO received as well, I saw the need
to resend the confirmation and then my software repeated the QSOs. I deleted many duplicate contacts
for that cause. That mode in WSJT-X should only be used in expeditions so as not to cause
The best software combination I found was: WSJT-X with N1MM Logger and DXLAB suite with Commander to
control the radio. I did not use DXKEEPER or JTAlert because they did not make a good match. With
the WSJT-X log and the N1MM log it was possible to correct the few errors I had in the first attempt
to send my log. Congratulations.
Congratulations for the contest, the second in which I participate. Now I have returned to the hobby
YB1IM   Contact Moderator
I very happy joined this great ARRL-ROUNDUP 2019 contest, GL de YB1IM
YB3HQM   Contact Moderator
Selamat dan sukses untuk Amatir Radio
Terima kasih - Salam damai dari Indonesia

YC8FXI   Contact Moderator
Thank you very much for ARRL.ORG
YD2DSV   Contact Moderator
Thank you for the great contest. This is the first time I joined one of the ARRL contests. It would
be nice if you can provide certificate of participation for all contesters.

de YD2DSV '73
YD2YDX   Contact Moderator
start 25-08-2016
YG0TUR   Contact Moderator
very happy with this contest, hopefully it will be sustainable in the coming years
YL3FW   Contact Moderator
Trx - SunSDR2 (5 Wt); Ant Inv.V; Tnx & 73!
YO2IS   Contact Moderator
IC-7300, 80W fsk, 41m sloping wire.73 Szigy.
YO4AAC   Contact Moderator
YU1KT   Contact Moderator
IC 7300 PWR 100W
YW6CQ   Contact Moderator
ZL2RX   Contact Moderator
Much planning for very few contacts. But I did enjoy some the challenge. Low power and only a Zepp
and a vertical and seriously bad band conditions is a challenge!
ZL3VZ   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed the contest but conditions appeared worse than last year.