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Soapbox for 2022
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AA3HD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I very much enjoyed participating in this contest.  However, I was somewhat disappointed in the
number of responses I got (14) to my "CQ Rookie Roundup" calls even though I worked the entire 6
hours and worked all allowable bands.  In conjunction with this comment, I was only able to make
contacts on 20 meters.  Of course, this probably is due to poor propagation, as well as the limits
of my modest station whose HF antenna is just a multi-band vertical.  I used logging software to
track my contacts, and my log is available if needed.  This 67-year-old rookie, (first licensed in
2019), had a great time, and I look forward to many more years in the amateur radio hobby. Of final
note, although I have a "3" in my callsign, (vanity callsign AA3HD), I reside in Maine, the "1" call
KI5TKD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I had a fun time doing this contest. Learned a lot as well.
N6JSO   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Worked Rookie Roundup from my Jeep during an attempted POTA activation. Band conditions weren't
great, and I only had 2 QSOs that were clear enough to do the full Rookie Roundup exchange. Hoping
for better luck next year!
VE3GJP   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
W5NGU   Contact Moderator
Operators Rookies

Supervised by KG5RJR Extra
W5YO   Contact Moderator
This was my last year to participate in the ARRL Rookie Roundup.  It was our best year yet and it
was wonderful to hear so many rookies on the air!  

Thank you for doing this contest for us new folks!  What a great experience.
W6KEL   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Had a great time with the contest and everyone I connected with were gracious and encouraging. My
Dad (K6SAL) coached me well and once I got the hang of things the nervousness drifted away. Even
contacted a pilot in flight over Colorado. Thank you to everyone who made a contact with me; I
appreciated it. 73s- Kelli W6KEL
WD0REW   Contact Moderator
14 years old