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Soapbox for 2021
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K3KEK   Contact Moderator
Interesting contest, sort of terrible band conditions but still have fun.
KA2YRA   Contact Moderator
Glad to participate as a non-rookie while operating Parks on the Air on World Amateur Radio Day.
Please note my score should be 9 since rookie to non-rookie QSO's count 1 point each, so 3 QSO's @ 1
point time 3 multipliers = 9.
Compliments to the skills of the rookies I heard on the air.
Thanks all. 73.
KO4OOO   Contact Moderator
We had 6 rookies operating for the 1st time in a contest. Most had not been on SSB before. There was
a lot of fun mentoring the new hams in contesting. They learned from the control operators, AF4Z &
K5LD,to how to use the Q codes they learned in their Tech/General classes & also how to pull calls
out, etc. The Callsign KO4OOO was well heard & easy for others to copy. 

Some of the Rookies have signed up for the Florida QSO Party Contest next weekend. 

PCARS Contest Chairman K5LD
W2ORT   Contact Moderator
Adding this comment to state that I was licensed in 2016 however I have never been in a contest
before. I understand this was on the form I'm just trying to make sure I do the right thing. Thank
you for hosting the event. I loved getting out and being able to learn so much.
W4BZM   Contact Moderator
Listing of contacts is not required?  Just the totals?

I intended to submit a check log for this contest, but it's not obvious how to do so or whether one
is required.  

Enjoyed working the Rookies -- wish the Roundup had been held on a day other than Worldwide Amateur
Radio day.  Seemed that we had a lot of "big gun" stations working the bands and drowning out the
W6DMW   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Good times as usual with a contest.  Operating from the N6RO station in Oakley, CA with N6RO and
N6WM as my mentors before the start of the contest.  Most of the QSOs were on 20M throughout the
entire day.  Nothing heard on 15M.  A few on 40 early then more towards the end.  Odd band
conditions it seemed but such is life in the radio world.  Flex 6600M crashed a couple times early
on then was a powerhouse the rest of the day.  Gremlins....what can I say. 

It was enjoyable to hear the excitement in the other Rookies and the helpfulness from those that
were not rookies.  

While it seemed only a handful of us were on the scoreboard, I know there were many more out there. 
With the scoreboard in mind: it was fun being in the lead for a bit and sad seeing KE8OLG overtake
me.  I was never able to regain the lead once he took it.  Congrats to him!  Hopefully more Rookies
will find the online scoreboards in the future.

73 and thank you to all!
W9TCV   Contact Moderator
A great opportunity to connect with other Rookies - but there was a lot of QRN for the first four
hours and a great deal of other traffic once things opened up, this being WARD and all.  Just rolled
with it and had the pleasure of contacting W1AW and special event station W5L along the way.  Had
fun and learned a lot - the points aren't the point, right?

Thanks to all who participated and those I contacted - hope to see you on the air again soon!
WB5WAJ   Contact Moderator
In the application I was only allowed to enter Multi-op. I operated as Single-Op. Some type of bug.