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Soapbox for 2020
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AD8BU   Contact Moderator
I had the goal of doing better than last year, and succeeded. There was a lot of static on the
bands, but I made contacts and had fun.  Thanks to all the stations that contacted me as well.

K1GC   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed giving this a shot.  Thanks for the many supportive QSO's.
KB7ZM   Contact Moderator
Tried out a brand new home brew 40m delta loop with many thanks to KC7PD for guidance and parts!
I could hear W0QPR all afternoon, but propagation didn't carry my signal over there until the end!
That was a contact to celebrate!
KC1MBX   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
My name is Max,I'm 13.
I really enjoyed this contest.
I was licensed in 2019 and did a little contesting until the RR.
It was really fun. I started calling CQ on 40m and a few minutes later, I had my pileup
KC1RLS   Contact Moderator
This is a corrected score.  Original submission (confirmation  20xjezzn.arrl-rr-ph) was not
calculated correctly by me.

The correct score is 126.

KC3MSE   Contact Moderator
This submission is incorrect. Disregard, please.

Correct submission completes with confirmation number 20xa2so5.arrl-rr-ph

Sorry for my stupidity.
KD2KEH   Contact Moderator
Propagation conditions sure were tough for the SSB Rookie Roundup 2020. With the Covid-19 lock-down,
I had the whole afternoon to scan the bands for rookies calling CQ. While I heard plenty of
atmospheric noise, I didn't hear much rookie activity from my Buffalo, NY station. I had a few
contacts but had hoped for many more. I tried to help guys, I really did. 73, HPE CUL. Ken, KD2KEH
KJ7BFQ   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed the contest, but was disappointed in the number of participants.  1 California and 1 New
Mexico contact were the only West Coast stations I was able to pickup.  I think we need more
advertisement of the contest in emails, QST and On The Air.
KN4VGY   Contact Moderator
Had a great time, first contacts calling CQ.  Earliest licensed HAM Tom W5KUB 1964.  I have watched
his show several months now and even won $100.00 Yaseu Gift Certificate online during his show at
Huntsville 2019.  My Station FT-950 40 meter inverted V @ 38'. "73"
N4EVJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Hello this is Elixander and i just wanted to say,that i had a lot of fun during the rookie round up
2020! This is my last rookie round up i wont be a rookie but i will participate next year!!! :D
N5YHF   Contact Moderator
Band conditions = miserable.  S9 noise everywhere in EM10 - 20 was barely usable, 40 wasn't much
better.  Called CQ for extended periods and could not make out responses.  After a week where we had
10m open to Hawaii late at night, this was our comeuppance.
VE3RVZ   Contact Moderator
I am a rookie, first certified 04 July 2017. I suppose I should have checked 2018 instead of before
2018, but please make any changes necessary, thanks.
VE3UXD   Contact Moderator
That was a lot of fun!   I was overwhelmed at one point when I had this great run --  every time I
finished a Q someone else called! Somebody told me I got spotted -- that would explain it.   

What a great sport! I'm going to learn CW next, so I can do more contests.
VE6SVN   Contact Moderator
I was first licensed in 2017 which the ARRL website indicates still classgies me as a Rookie for
this contest.
W3OTZ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
As a technician and my first contest event, this was lots of fun. However, it would have been nice
to extend the bands to 6 and 2 meters, so that techs had more than just the small band plan portion
available. "Rookies" I would assume are most likely techs, so this would be a good addition to the

Thanks to all QSOs on the 10m band and the Non-Rookies that assisted me with advice. Once I'm able
to get my general license, I see myself doing more of these contests.


Vincent - W3OTZ