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Soapbox for 2019
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AD8BU   Contact Moderator
First contest ever worked by myself and with my own equipment. I clearly need a better antenna...

73's everyone!
K0OLB   Contact Moderator
This was so much fun, even though I was only able to make 6 contacts.  Thank you ARRL!  I am now
very encouraged to get my General license.  I hope more of these Rookie contests happen in the
future for new HAMS.  The sad part is that in my area, I did not hear any (zero) HAMS or Clubs
promoting this contest.
KA5DOX   Contact Moderator
Had a hard time getting out. Wasn't sure what the problem was. Ill be back next year. Had fun all
the same.
KD9IPO   Contact Moderator
What a fun event.  It is a great way to get new operators into using the bands and getting some help
from other operators.  It was nice to "meet" some new operators over the air.  I even found out one
of my neighbors had passed Tech & General recently when we ran into each other on the air.   I
highly recommend all rookies to participate for just an hour or the entire time.  73, KD9IPO/Ron
KM6DKE   Contact Moderator
Could only get contacts on 20 meters  No activity on others  Technicians license in 2016, General in
2017, this is my first contest so as per instructions I used 2019.
N4EVJ   Contact Moderator
I LOVE contesting! I am 10 years old and I just got my license in February. The most fun was meeting
and working Daniel, N3DXL. His entire family are hams just like me, my dad, and my brother! 
-Elixander, N4EVJ
N7BIN   Contact Moderator
Band condition was not great but I got a few contacts and had fun.
VE3MWL   Contact Moderator
Thank you for organizing this contest. I tried most of the day during the contest time frame to make
contacts and just wasn’t having any luck.  After about 4.5 hours of attempts I was able to connect
with my first ever HF contact.  The rookie roundup encouraged me to get my feet wet I will be more
likely to reach out and try again.  THANKS!
W0HLY   Contact Moderator
Thanks for another fun contest.
W3AVP   Contact Moderator
Had a lot of fun! The Georgia QSO Party was going on so many stations were interested in that and
didn't seem too interested in working the RR. Parks On The Air people were very friendly and willing
to help out.