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Soapbox for 2017
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AA6W   Contact Moderator
Thank's for the fun operating event!  The band conditions were poor.
I am hoping for better band conditions, during CW portion in December. 73 - Don.
AC8XO   Contact Moderator
Tough afternoon, bands were poor, it was Easter Sunday, but it was still a lot of fun. I learned a
lot and have a lot to learn
K1AUS   Contact Moderator
I heard only 2 rookie stations all afternoon. KL7TH was strong for a few minutes and then
disappeared. KG5LYQ faded in and out a few times but he could not hear me.
K1WDY   Contact Moderator
I only had about 20 minutes between Easter events, so I jumped on and worked a few fellow rookies.
K2RYD   Contact Moderator
Having the RR on Easter Sunday was a ridiculous idea. In the few minutes I was able to be at my
radio, I didn't find too many rookies calling CQ either. Better planning Guys!!!!
K5LGX   Contact Moderator
Propagation was cruel, only opening up for me in the last 30 minutes.
K6GRL   Contact Moderator
Band conditions were not good, fair on 20
K7PAC   Contact Moderator
Good day! Does this score sheet need to be submitted with a log? The QRM didn't allow for many QSO's
but I'd like to properly submit the meager few that I have.
Thanks + 73!
James "Ken" Hawkins
K7ZJL   Contact Moderator
KE0IAA  Samantha  16 IA

Control Operator N7SNW
KC1DKY   Contact Moderator
Glad I got to participate, if even for only 2hours, as it's my last year for the SSB contest. 
Conditions were better this year.  Highlight was making contact with my NPOTA friend Ruth, KM4LAO. 
I would not recommend having such a contest on a major holiday weekend though.
KC1FKH   Contact Moderator
I had a lot fun during this contest! I am 12 years old and I got my license in 2016. I'm looking
forward to next years rookie roundup!
KC3HMY   Contact Moderator
I was super excited for my first rookie roundup - but the bands didn't start cooperating until the
last hour! I think I did pretty well for working with a hamstick dipole on an apartment balcony.
KC4KEZ   Contact Moderator
KC4KEZ's Contest Summary Report for ARRL Rookie Roundup

 Created by N3FJP's ARRL Rookie Roundup Contest Log
 Version 1.5  www.n3fjp.com

 Total Contacts = 4

 Total Contacts with Rookies (2 points each) = 4 X 2 = 8 Rookie contact points

 Total Contacts with Veterans (1 point each) = 0 Veteran contact points

 Total QSO Points = 8

 Total States and Provinces Worked = 4

 Country Multipliers (Max 1) = 0

 Total Multipliers = 4

 Total Score = 32
KD2KYN   Contact Moderator
Good times!  Wish I had more contacts but... next time!
KE0IAA   Contact Moderator
Had a lot of fun.
KE0MHX/AG   Contact Moderator
This was a lot of fun! I'm glad I passed my General exam in time to participate. I appreciate all
the contacts!
KG5LYQ   Contact Moderator
Had a lot of fun today!
I chased for a while, and then called CQ towards the end.
Thank you to the stations for making contacts with me. This was my first Rookie Roundup, and I'll be
sure to be back next year! Thanks!
KI7GXV   Contact Moderator
Lots of QRN in my location, and had to take time out for the Easter holiday, but I still had a great
time.  Conditions improved for IA contacts late in the day.  Also thrilled to make a ME rookie
contact with Cory KC1FKH, my furthest east QSO to date.
KL7TH   Contact Moderator
Thanks for a great first contest. A lot of support from the experienced HAM's, was much appreciated.
The rookie contacts did great with their exchanges. I had a good time and can't wait for the next
KM4LAO   Contact Moderator
This was my second time doing the SSB Rookie Roundup and my final year as a rookie. I had a
wonderful time participating from Michigan! Thank you for all the QSOs. I am looking forward to
Rookie Roundup CW in December and then participating as a non-rookie in the future!
KT4BOB   Contact Moderator
Band conditions at my QTH were terrible! I made 2 QSO's with two different operators using the same
club call sign N1FD; Aron 15, and Abby 16. Since they were both rookies I counted them both. I
probably should have asked for their personal call signs but I did not think about this problem
until after the contest. If this is incorrect then you will need to deduct 1 QSO from the rookie
station total above. My Elmer, Mark N1LO has been trying to get me to call CQ for months now; I
finally did this in the last 20 minutes of the contest and made a QSO with HAWAII  !!!  Thanks
N1FD   Contact Moderator
Great contest.  The new operators had a great time working in the contest and were able to improve
their operating skills during the course of the contest.  Thanks to the ARRL for arranging the
contest and giving new operators this opportunity!
N8TLK   Contact Moderator
Licensed in 2006, but first HF contest participation.
VA3HFP   Contact Moderator
Licensed in August 2016.
VA3HFP in Oakville, ON
Operating a Flex 6500 100W
Antenna Cushcraft R8 Vertical
N1MM+ Logger v.1.0.6186.0
VE2NCG   Contact Moderator
Condition were pretty bad up here, after trying for 2 hours, finally managed to contact KC1DKY with
10 minutes to go!

W1GHD   Contact Moderator
Is there some rule that the bands finally open up for the last 30 minutes of the contest? Still lots
of fun, my last year.
W4ANT   Contact Moderator
Worked every rookie I could hear on 20 meters but conditions were not the best. Regardless,
enjoyable and relaxing for us ole timers too!
W4LTE   Contact Moderator
[log content removed]
W4MLB   Contact Moderator
Operated from the PCARS Club Station and everyone had a great time. We only operated for 4 hours out
of the 6. The 20 meter band was very active and the rookies made lots of contacts. The rookies are
looking forward to the Rookie RTTY contest where they will defend their past score.
W7WDX   Contact Moderator
I hope I calculated this right.
W9KCL   Contact Moderator
Do I need to send my qso log file?