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Soapbox for 2016
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AA0CW   Contact Moderator
Everyone I contacted was licensed after 2014 and all were very excited about ham radio.
AB7BB   Contact Moderator
Thank you so much to all my contacts...so much fun! And thank you to all the subtle helpers out
there assisting the rookies!
AC2SA   Contact Moderator
Felt the conditions were not the best, score is less then last year BUT I still had fun and will
complete my final years next year.  Thanks to all who contacted me.
AF5OI   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed working the rookies. Good to see so many YLs on the air.
AG4YL   Contact Moderator
This was my first Rookie Roundup, and my last as a rookie.  Although band conditions weren't the
best, I had a blast!  Thanks to all of the veterans out there who were tirelessly working us
rookies, and to all the rookies who got out there and played some awesome radio!  It was great to
hear a lot of YLs too!  33/73 and I look forward to next year as a non-rookie - I'll "see" you on
the bands!
K0DLJ   Contact Moderator
My first contest, I had lots of fun making QSO's. I also had some rag chews in the middle with some
old hams. I know I probably missed some other QSO's while rag chewing, as I chatted with KN3PAT
first licensed 1959 for 20mins or so. But I didn't care as he was a real joy to chat with. That's
what this is all about in my opinion. Thanks to the ARRL for sponsoring and organizing the event.
K0RJW   Contact Moderator
Nice ops, many YL's, they did a wonderful job working the pileups!  See you on next one.
K1AUS   Contact Moderator
Poor conditions on all bands at my QTH made for few stations heard and fewer heard me. As I was
licensed in November of 2014, the rules won't allow me to be a rookie next year but I will be on the
air to support the rookies.
K1ECU   Contact Moderator
Thank you for a great entry point contest for us newbies! It was fun, and I look forward to the RTTY
and CW modes later this year.
K3JAG   Contact Moderator
I am using the n3fjp logging program and show 11 multipliers but am unsure which contacts generated
the multipliers.  I have just put all 11 into the US States as the only other contact I had were 2
with Puerto Rico.
K5IX   Contact Moderator
Always a pleasure to work the rookies.  Here's hoping the Class of '14 will join us Veterans in
passing out points to the new crop of rookies next year.  See you all in the upcoming CW roundup!
K6MHS   Contact Moderator
Thank you for running this contest for the rookies.  The band conditions were not very good, but we
got a lot of practice setting up and trying different antennas.
K7MWT   Contact Moderator
14 years old
K7TMT   Contact Moderator
11 years old
K8IKO   Contact Moderator
Another fun contest, despite the band conditions!
K9GWS   Contact Moderator
Conditions were tough but I worked 50% more stations this year than last year so I happy and had a
lot of fun.
KC1BTA   Contact Moderator
I had a really fun time during the contest! Thanks for holding this Round-Up for the newbies!
KC1DKY   Contact Moderator
Good times!  73 to all my contacts :D
KC1EKC   Contact Moderator
Very interesting experience!
KC3FAU   Contact Moderator
Seemed to be a low non-rookie participation. As I did hear some hams on frequency but didn't get
contacts with them.  Maybe they thought they needed to be a rookie to work me.
KD2FLG   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all my fellow Rookies/contacts and the ARRL event that made this possible. Wish band
conditions were better, but had a good time. 73's.
KD2KEN   Contact Moderator
Had a great time though band conditions were terrible, had AM station blasting 40m for me most of
the time.  Also, wasn't sure how to log a mobile contact that was in VA from NC (didn't log NC so
didn't count the multiplier, already had VA).
KD9DGZ   Contact Moderator
My dad and i worked together under team northstar on his radio. We registered but never received the
comfirmation email.
KG5ARD   Contact Moderator
Due to lightning and storms I had to stop after a hour and a half.
KG5AYB   Contact Moderator
Please use as check log only
KG5BIU   Contact Moderator
KG5BIU's Contest Summary Report for ARRL Rookie Roundup

 Created by N3FJP's ARRL Rookie Roundup Contest Log
 Version 1.2  www.n3fjp.com

 Total Contacts = 10

 Total Contacts with Rookies (2 points each) = 10 X 2 = 20 Rookie contact points

 Total Contacts with Veterans (1 point each) = 0 Veteran contact points

 Total QSO Points = 20

 Total States and Provinces Worked = 8

 Country Multipliers (Max 1) = 0

 Total Multipliers = 8

 Total Score = 160
KG5LGT   Contact Moderator
KG5LGT's Contest Summary Report for ARRL Rookie Roundup

 Created by N3FJP's ARRL Rookie Roundup Contest Log
 Version 1.2  www.n3fjp.com

 Total Contacts = 3

 Total Contacts with Rookies (2 points each) = 3 X 2 = 6 Rookie contact points

 Total Contacts with Veterans (1 point each) = 0 Veteran contact points

 Total QSO Points = 6

 Total States and Provinces Worked = 3

 Country Multipliers (Max 1) = 0

 Total Multipliers = 3

 Total Score = 18
KG7MXL   Contact Moderator
Thanks for sponsoring this contest.  There is a lot to keep in mind and record.  Much more to
KH6/KM6ARN   Contact Moderator
Operated from NPOTA TR18 in Hawaii.  Thanks everyone! 73
KI7CLD/W7NB   Contact Moderator
I wasn't sure how to submit this, I was being assisted by a control operator (W7NB). Let me know if
I need to redo this using the email above. Thank you
KK4YEM   Contact Moderator
Last year as a rookie, and first year mentoring. Pity the bands didn't cooperate until the last hour
of the contest. 

Would also suggest stretching this to a 12-hour contest so more rookies can get used to the
grey-line under tutelage.
KK4YOK   Contact Moderator
It was fun.   Thanks to all who supported the Roundup !
KK4ZUU   Contact Moderator
gemagnetic noise s2-s3.5
KM4CML   Contact Moderator
This was my first individual contest. :-)
KM4IXW/AG   Contact Moderator
This was great fun as my first contest!
KM4JDM   Contact Moderator
First contest, learning the ropes.  Thanks!
KM4JPW   Contact Moderator
I was using my Ameteur Radio Clubs station to transmit with, at one point, 4 "elmers" to guide me.
Got a call from a "Silent Key" and according to the guys teaching me, some hard to get contacts. Had
a good time learning more about this hobby!
KM4ODS   Contact Moderator
1st contest. Learned a lot...Had a great time.
N1FD   Contact Moderator
This was a multi-op entry using the Nashua Area Radio Club callsign, N1FD.  AB1QB hosted the contest
at her station and was the control operator but the rookies did all of the operating and logging.

We all had a great time at the contest.  All of the rookies were licensed within the last 6 months
and had little operating experience.  This contest was a great opportunity for all of new hams to
get on the air and work a pileup!  We are all excited about the next rookie roundup on RTTY.
NS2H   Contact Moderator
Great to Participate in my first ARRL Rookie Roundup!
NT4Z   Contact Moderator
This was a lot of fun.  Most rookies did exceptionally well.  I told one to relax and do not worry
about making mistakes.  We all make them especially those of us who are older.  I am encouraged ham
radio is still growing.  Thank you to those who worked behind the scenes to make this a successful
VE2GT   Contact Moderator
CREATED-BY: GenLog v8.20
CLUB: NorDX club
NAME: Pierre Jolin
ADDRESS: 20 Rajotte
ADDRESS: Sorel-Tracy, Qc  J3P 4X9 Canada
EMAIL: pierre_jolin@hotmail.com
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-04-17 1814 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 K4WTR        DAVID      AL  14
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-04-17 2135 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 KK6NON       LEE        CA  14
QSO:  7000 PH 2016-04-17 2144 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 KK4ZDK       JANET      VA  14
QSO:  7000 PH 2016-04-17 2146 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 KK4ZUU       DAVID      VA  14
QSO:  7000 PH 2016-04-17 2149 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 K8IKO        RYAN       OH  14
QSO:  7000 PH 2016-04-17 2156 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 KD0ZCN       WES        MO  14
QSO:  7000 PH 2016-04-17 2200 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 KD8ZCH       RALPH      OH  14
QSO:  7000 PH 2016-04-17 2204 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 WR1TR        BILL       GA  15
QSO:  7000 PH 2016-04-17 2220 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 AG4YL        MEL        GA  14
QSO:  7000 PH 2016-04-17 2349 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 AC9OA        DAN        IN  16
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-04-17 2358 VE2GT        PIERRE     QC  91 AB7BB        LAURA      AZ  14
VE7KCY   Contact Moderator
Super fun!
W2ONT   Contact Moderator
W2ONT is the club call for Ontario County RACES in the Finger Lakes Region of NY State. 
A beautiful day of operating outside on 40 and 20 Meters using a single station.
W4UTX   Contact Moderator
Had a great time!
W6BJB   Contact Moderator
Had a great time from Double Peak park in San Marcos, CA (north county San Diego).  Worked a Yaesu
FT-857D with Buddipole.  Great to hear some super young folks out there too!
W8BEI   Contact Moderator
Conditions were terrible in South Western Ohio (Cincinnati area) worst I've seen it since I received
my Extra in November!  We need a re-do!!
W9MCP   Contact Moderator
My log is so small, as I was only on for 30 minutes 23:29-23:59 UTC I can list the calls in case
anyone has a simple check/typo error. Also, I called as W9MCPstrokeAG as I upgraded yesterday
2016APR16 so people may have entered it with or without the /AG. KK4YOK/Donna/14/FL,
AK5CT/Bill/14/MS, and KM4JDM/Edward/15/TN
WA7DHQ   Contact Moderator
My first Rookie Roundup and had a delightful time.  Propagation wasn't
the best from my QTH but the Rookies were able to pull out my weaker signal from the noise and the
pile ups some of them had.  All in all, the Rookie ops did well and were most concerned with
accuracy in logging which slowed them down a little.  Good bunch of new DXers.
WX7JM   Contact Moderator
This was an awesome contest and I believe it is my last Rookie Roundup since I wasn't able to
participate in 2014. It was a fun contest and I wish conditions were better, but in all I hope
everyone had a fun ARRL Rookie Roundup and got lots of QSO's. 73 de WX7JM!