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Soapbox for 2015
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AB7BB   Contact Moderator
Thank you so much to all my contacts. Thank you especially to the non-rookies for your help and
patience. I have learned so much from this experience. 73
AC8PI   Contact Moderator
Another great Rookie roundup!
AD0DA   Contact Moderator
Thanks for helping make this event happen!
It was my 1st Rookie Roundup as a Rookie, and I enjoyed operating SSB, as I generally only work CW.
AE6YB   Contact Moderator
Submitting log so rookies will get credit for my qso.

CREATED-BY: GenLog v7.47
CLUB: Northern California Contest Club
NAME: Will Pattullo
ADDRESS: 161 Presidential Circle
ADDRESS: Healdsburg, CA 95448
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2039 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 AB7BB        LAURA      AZ  14
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2046 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 KG7PJV       BRUCE      AZ  15
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2205 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 KF5WGN       LEE        TX  13
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2211 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 WX7JM        JOHN       AZ  14
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2218 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 KF5PLL       HUEY       TX  12
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2224 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 KD8ZCH       RALPH      OH  14
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2226 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 N7LVB        TIM        AZ  14
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2232 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 KD9BVD       NICK       IN  14
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2245 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 KE0CRP       JAKE       MN  15
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2254 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 W1GKT        GREG       AL  14
QSO: 14000 PH 2015-04-19 2303 AE6YB        WILL       CA  94 K4RHB        GARY       AL  14
AI6DE   Contact Moderator
This entry Form Could Be Better
AK5CT   Contact Moderator
My First Contest to enter, enjoyed it very much.
K1MTD   Contact Moderator
I did not have much time to be OTA on this day, but wanted to jump in for my "last hurrah" as a
Rookie. I'm new to contesting, and enjoy it very much. Good luck to all the participants! 73!
K2YSO   Contact Moderator
K2YSO's Contest Summary Report for ARRL Rookie Roundup

 Created by N3FJP's ARRL Rookie Roundup Contest Log
 Version 1.0  www.n3fjp.com

 Total Contacts = 172

 Total Contacts with Rookies (2 points each) = 65 X 2 = 130 Rookie contact points

 Total Contacts with Veterans (1 point each) = 107 Veteran contact points

 Total QSO Points = 237

 Total States and Provinces Worked = 44

 Country Multipliers (Max 1) = 1

 Total Multipliers = 45

 Total Score = 10,665
K4DLE   Contact Moderator
As a very new ham, this was my first time contesting and I really enjoyed it. We even got Poland,
which was pretty amazing! Worked 15 and 20 meters and had a lot of company. We had a great time
while it lasted -- halfway through a strong cold front moved in with a tornado watch and way to much
QRN to be able to understand stations calling us back.  Thanks to all who repeated their calls
multiple times, but it was just too noisy.  Hope conditions will  be better next time.  73s!
K4RHB   Contact Moderator
I operated station K4RHB with Robert Burns, station licensee, present as control operator. This was
my first year participating and had a great time. Thanks so much for the opportunity to have fun in
the Rookie Roundup.
K4WTR   Contact Moderator
Had a BLAST!!  Thanks!
K5IX   Contact Moderator
A real joy to make contact with fresh, enthusiastic voices.  The hobby's future is in great hands!
K6AVP   Contact Moderator
CA7CAQ Chile dx, KD5ZZK NM rookie using 5W QRP-pretty good for the band conditions on contest day,
worked 20m, 15m, 10m - 80 & 40m pretty dead here at qt..
K7VAP   Contact Moderator
Thanks to KG7RTR for forming a team with me, and K7MO for helping us out all day.  Also, thanks to
the Radio Club of Tacoma (W7DK) for use of the antennas.
K8SHB   Contact Moderator
Do you need my log file?
K9GWS   Contact Moderator
First time for me.  I had fun.  Band conditions were a little rough but I still had fun.
KC1ANA   Contact Moderator
I had a great time with a 6 hour pile up. Thank you for being so helpful and patient. I am sorry
this is my last year as a rookie!
KC1AXJ   Contact Moderator
First licensed December 2013.
KC3EDR   Contact Moderator
Wow, what a blast! I had tons of fun and would recommend the contest to any rookies out there.
KC3EFZ   Contact Moderator
First time on HF. Just got my Gen 3 month ago. Had a lot of fun.
KD0WUF   Contact Moderator
This was a lot of fun.. 73s
KD0ZII   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun, and got some great experience. Thanks to all the veteran operators who took the
time to participate!
KD2EFK   Contact Moderator
Had a great time, and I learned a lot.
KD2FVN   Contact Moderator
Had a great time, Thanks!
KD2HCE   Contact Moderator
First Rookie Roundup was quite fun, but DX conditions aren't usually too favorable here at OHIO (I
have a 2-zone call) QTH for any length of time with the current working conditions. Note: Name on
Callsign is Chris C Trifari. One DX station exchanged everything except his call, a QRM station
blasted him out. Not counting him, too bad, would have been RR 5th.
KD2HHU   Contact Moderator
This was an interesting afternoon. New radio + new antenna + new ham would make for a quasy
impossible outcome but, even though the bands seemed very noisy today, managed to make a few
KD2HNJ   Contact Moderator
Had alot of fun, I will definately be doing this again next year!
KD2HUE   Contact Moderator
Very busy in the last hour. All of my contacts were great people. Fun time!
KD8UOT   Contact Moderator
This was a great time for me...Thanks to all the operators that answered my call.
KD8UWF   Contact Moderator
First RR, it was FUN!
KD8VMR   Contact Moderator
I had a blast, hate that this is my last RR for phone.
KD8VRX   Contact Moderator
First contest.  Great time. :)
KD8YPY   Contact Moderator
KE0ABG/KD0ZZ   Contact Moderator
Tried on 10m for a long time but couldn't make any contacts, so switched to 20m with my husband as
Control Op and was able to participate. Wish I had done this earlier so I could have spoken to more
people! Thank you for your QSOs!
KE0AMY   Contact Moderator
Thank you for this event!!  For me it was a terrific introduction to contesting.  Loved talking with
other rookies and the encouragement of experienced hams.
KE0AOO   Contact Moderator
This was great, I was able to understand contesting. Was able to do CQ, all was very helpful, Thank
You for having the Rookie Roundup.
KE0DWP   Contact Moderator
I have only had my license 3 weeks. I had a blast. I would have done better had the weather in the
midwest cooperated. LOL Thanks!
KE8AYG   Contact Moderator
Licensed for three days, since April 17, 2015.  A real rookie at 12 years old.
KF5WGN   Contact Moderator
Fun time again this year.  Look forward to helping the rookies next year.
KG7GEX   Contact Moderator
Need to work on my General, so I can play on other bands than just 10. With the good antennas at my
dads station, I could be very competitive if I could work on more bands... See how it goes next
KG7JBV   Contact Moderator
Rough day on the airwaves at 10w on an end-fed vertical.  At least I got to test out my portable
setup with a few new additions.  Looking to set up for the RTTY version in August.  Summer
conditions and RTTY efficiency should yield better results.
KG7LMB   Contact Moderator
Also operated 15 and 20 meters under W1DGL and KG7GLW
KK4TXZ   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun this year during the Roundup, and was looking forward to putting the new K4KIO
hex-beam to use for an improved score over last years effort. Needless to say, I wasn't let down; I
worked 42 US states, an Italian station off of the back of the beam, and provinces in Canada and in
the Northeast of the US off of the side.

Static crashes on all the bands prior to the roundup starting indicated that it was going to be a
challenge to pull out weak stations and a duke-out for a frequency from other high-power stations on
20m. I started out on 10m, and made a few contacts before the band just fell away. I ventured to
20m, and heard the band abuzz with rookies and non-rookies alike calling each other. I did a few S&P
QSO's and planned on coming back later when the activity died down toward the end. 15m was very
good, although the noise level kept rising as the storms moved closer.

After a mandatory break imposed by Mother Nature (I had to unplug due to thunderstorms and
lightning), I managed to find a frequency on 20m. It was both thrilling and intimidating to feel
what it was like to be on the end of trying to work a pileup instead of trying to break the pileup.
There were so many stations that were pleasant and patient, it was really encouraging to work more
rookies than I had expected. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this sprint a success and
fun for all participants.

73 de Mark
KK4UBQ   Contact Moderator
Had a blast!  It was really great to work other YLs on the band too.  Great also to talk to WWII
Veteran!  I really enjoy the QSOs with the really long time hams.  I will really miss this contest,
but looking forward to helping other rookies in future years.  Thanks to all contacts and ARRL for
the good time!  73 to all de KK4UBQ
KK4UWV   Contact Moderator
First time competing in the Rookie Roundup, and I loved it!
KK4YOK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for the contest.  It was fun.
KK4ZDK   Contact Moderator
Please disregard the previous entry I submitted. the total qsos with rookies was wrong, thought it
was total over all. this is the correct one. thank you.
KK4ZUU   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the contest. 73, kk4zuu
KK6ABZ   Contact Moderator
Had a great time and learned so much about contesting and will continue with contesting! Great to
hear from Japan! So much more to learn
KM4DIN   Contact Moderator
I had a good time. I'm 10 years old and everyone was very nice to me.
KM4FBF   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun in contest. Conditions were fair with lots of static from Lightning in state. Had to
quit early due to storm moving into local area. Operated on 20 meters only since lots of stations to
KM7N   Contact Moderator
Fun time handing out some points to rookies!
KO4OL   Contact Moderator
Only worked a short time to give Rookies some contacts.  The best operator I heard was AB7BB.
N0AXE   Contact Moderator
Good fun again.
N3KN   Contact Moderator
Nice to hear so many newer people on the air. In the background of some QSOs I could hear a coach
helping the person make the contact. That's great!
N7BX   Contact Moderator
CLUB: None
NAME: Melanie Bishop
ADDRESS: 238 Raven Cir
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4857.0
QSO: 14240 PH 2015-04-19 1838 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT K4RHB                 GARY 14 AL   
QSO: 14226 PH 2015-04-19 1843 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT WP4PGY                JOSE 14 PR   
QSO: 21341 PH 2015-04-19 1906 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KD0ZCN                 WES 14 MO   
QSO: 21335 PH 2015-04-19 1908 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT WD4MRT                 BOB 59 FL   
QSO: 14275 PH 2015-04-19 1921 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT K4WHM              WILLIAM 13 NC   
QSO: 14286 PH 2015-04-19 1934 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KK4UBQ                 CAT 13 GA   
QSO: 14241 PH 2015-04-19 1943 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KD9BVD                NICK 14 IN   
QSO: 14247 PH 2015-04-19 2001 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT W4BIX                 JEFF 14 NC   
QSO: 21293 PH 2015-04-19 2009 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KF5WGN                 LEE 13 TX   
QSO: 14308 PH 2015-04-19 2019 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KD0ZII               SCOTT 14 MO   
QSO: 14228 PH 2015-04-19 2044 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT W1GKT                 GREG 14 AL   
QSO: 14260 PH 2015-04-19 2053 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KC9YVL                 RON 13 WI   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2150 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT AC8PI               JUSTIN 13 MI   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2200 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KG5BIS              DALLAS 14 LA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2201 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KD0WUF                SEAN 13 KS   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2208 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT K1KEN                  KEN 95 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2209 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT WD0AXH                DAVE 77 IA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2211 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT W5WW                 BRENT 90 TX   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2212 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT K7HRO                  TOM 59 WY   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2213 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT N5QQ                   RON 61 TX   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2213 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KC5FU                 BILL 90 TX   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2214 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KF5MUH                JOHN 11 TX   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2216 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT AK7MG               MARKUS 12 NV   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2218 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT AI6CN                  JIM 14 CA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2219 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KF5WVJ               RICKY 13 MS   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2219 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT AD0LV                  JIM 14 CO   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2220 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KU4FX               DENNIS 95 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2224 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT WA6AVR               JERRY 58 CA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2226 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT W8CL                 CHERI 14 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2227 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT K2SHA                 JOHN 09 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2228 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT WA6MM                 BRAD 70 CO   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2229 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KM4BVV                 SUE 14 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2230 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KB5GA                  RAY 75 LA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2231 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KK4YO              YOLANDA 14 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2232 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT WA0RIM               BRUCE 66 NE   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2233 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT AA0LV                CHUCK 60 KS   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2234 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KG5FCB               EMILE 14 LA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2235 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KA0KVW                 JOE 81 CO   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2236 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KG5CIK               STEVE 14 TX   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2237 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT W5ARX                 CURT 13 AR   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2238 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT WA8ZBT              DENNIS 67 TX   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2239 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KG5BMF                BARB 14 MS   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2240 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT K9YV                 STEVE 91 MO   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2241 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KG7DMI                GREG 13 NV   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2243 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KC0JRW                 BOB 01 NE   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2243 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KK6DF                 DAVE 13 CA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2246 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT N8RRX                STEVE 91 AR   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2246 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT W6ROX                 MARY 03 CA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2248 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KM4TCD                 TIM 14 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2249 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT N4ADX               DENNIS 06 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2251 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KF7BA                 BRAD 13 MT   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2251 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KD0EE                 MARK 81 SD   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2252 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KG5AMQ                JEFF 14 TX   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2253 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT K0EKD               GEORGE 56 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2254 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KE4TP                 PAUL 92 FL   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2254 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT KN0A                  FRED 61 NE   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2255 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT VE4BDF               BRUCE 01 MB   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2256 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT W6PZA                  RON 13 CA   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2257 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT WV0Q                   JIM 11 CO   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2258 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT AA5AC                LARRY 01 AR   
QSO: 21350 PH 2015-04-19 2259 N7BX          MELANIE 13 VT K4EDE                 ERIC 15 FL   
N8FYL   Contact Moderator
Had fun giving "contest" contacts to the rookies.
N8TFD   Contact Moderator
Did not have a lot of time to participate but appreciated the enthusiasm of the "rookie" stations
calling CQ
NJ2SP   Contact Moderator
NJ2SP is a club call for the South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club located in South Plainfield, NJ.The
club was founded in 2014 and all Rookie Roundup (3) operators were licensed in 2014. A single
transmitter was used.
NP2PS   Contact Moderator
My first time on 10 meters!  Really cool to work other rookies and some DX in Europe.  What a great
hobby.  73 - Ray, NP2PS
W1HQ   Contact Moderator
Wow, what great activity! Had a great time handing out an ARRL HQ station to all the Rookies.
Looking forward to the Digital version in August; hope to work more Rookies then.

Sean KX9X
W1MSW   Contact Moderator
What a fun time working Rookies during the 2015 April SSB Rookie Roundup.  Everyone sounded great
and did an excellent job handling the exchange.  Thank you to all of the Rookies who participated
and a big thank you to the Non-Rookies who were there to provide lots of contacts for the Rookies. I
look forward to hearing everyone again in August for the RTTY Rookie Roundup. 


Matt Wilhelm, W1MSW 
ARRL Contest Branch Manager
W3MPG   Contact Moderator
All contacts on 10 meters
W5DPH   Contact Moderator
This was a lot of fun!!!
W6IHS   Contact Moderator
Thanks to ARRL for the Rookie Roundup! We had a great time. My XYL was my second/relief operator and
before the roundup, hadn't been on the air very much. After the fun she had in the event, I'm sure
she will be on the air more often. The 20m band was up and down all day, and we lost a few QSO's in
the mud, but it taught us to work harder to make those contacts and not just give up on them. We
want to thank ARRL for the event, and to all those operators, both rookies and old timers, who spent
their time with us on the air today. 73 to all of you!
W6PZA   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed the event.  Wish band conditions were better but hand a fun time...
W8ZZW   Contact Moderator
First contest great! Last few minute pileup was amazing to work through!
W9UIH   Contact Moderator
Got some good airtime for the Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Amateur Radio Club, W9UIH.
As a vast majority of club members are rookies, this gave us a great opportunity we couldn't resist.
Had a great time despite limited antenna capability due to weather.
WA0IYY   Contact Moderator
enjoyed working new hams.
WA0JCO   Contact Moderator
hopefully helped some folks out with some qso points, I had a good time for a lazy Sunday afternoon
WA6YBN   Contact Moderator
The call, WA6YBN, is the call of the Sierra Amateur Radio Club. The two rookies, KK6TAZ and KK6LKK,
did all the QSOs.  We had a number of elmers and a good time was had by all.
WX7JM   Contact Moderator
This was my first year in the ARRL Rookie Round Up Contest and I really enjoyed it. Thanks everyone
for their contacts and see you next again year for this contest!