Op's Full NameEntrant Type
Daryl Hinz  Rookie
Call UsedStation CallCategoryLocationCall AreaTeam
KI7GXV  KI7GXV  Single Op  OR  W7
Op CallFirst LicensedEntrant Type
KI7GXV  2016  Rookie
Score Calculation:
QSOs Multipliers
 Rookie  Non-Rookie   States  VE Prov/Ter  XE Areas  DX 
QSO Points Total Multipliers Total Score
( 18 + 4 )x8 = 176

Lots of QRN in my location, and had to take time out for the Easter holiday, but I still had a great time. Conditions improved for IA contacts late in the day. Also thrilled to make a ME rookie contact with Cory KC1FKH, my furthest east QSO to date.