Op's Full NameEntrant Type
Abby Goodrum  Rookie
Call UsedStation CallCategoryLocationCall AreaTeam
VE3UXD  VE3UXD  Single Op  ON  VEQuirks and KWARCs
Op CallFirst LicensedEntrant Type
VE3UXD  2019  Rookie
Score Calculation:
QSOs Multipliers
 Rookie  Non-Rookie   States  VE Prov/Ter  XE Areas  DX 
QSO Points Total Multipliers Total Score
( 44 + 31 )x26 = 1,950

That was a lot of fun! I was overwhelmed at one point when I had this great run -- every time I finished a Q someone else called! Somebody told me I got spotted -- that would explain it.

What a great sport! I'm going to learn CW next, so I can do more contests.