Op's Full NameEntrant Type
Don Anastasia  Non-Rookie
Call UsedStation CallCategoryLocationCall Area
AA6W  AA6W  Single Op  CA  W6
Op CallFirst LicensedEntrant Type
AA6W  Before 2017  Non-Rookie
Score Calculation:
QSOs Multipliers
 Rookie  Non-Rookie   States  VE Prov/Ter  XE Areas  DX 
QSO Points Total Multipliers Total Score
( 2 + 0 )x1 = 0

A fun contest! Where were all the rookies this year ? I tuned up and
down the 20m and 40m bands for 2 hours. I only worked 1 rookie, and I worked
another 4 non-rookies. The bands were not too busy, and definitely lacked many rookies. I will look for more rookies next year. Best wishes in 2020 contest season. My best regards, Don AA6W.