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Soapbox for 2020
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W4MLB   Contact Moderator
We had 3 newly licensed operated in the 2020 RTTY Rookie Roundup, all licensed less than a year,
along with 2 coaches. The team had a lot of fun, & even though didn't get a great of contacts, they
learned a lot about contesting & will be looking forward to joining the regular seasoned contesters
of W4MLB in the future. Congratulations to our Rookies!!!
WB9LWO   Contact Moderator
I was originally a ham in 1969 and have used FT8, but I had never used RTTY. I noticed that the
Rookie Roundup allows allows one to participate a single year as a rookie new to RTTY, which is a
nice way to gain first exposure to the mode. It was also good to see the various clubs and
non-rookies on the air being patient with those of us new to mode. Given the experience, it should
help to re-read the RTTY section of ARRL's "Get on the Air with HF Digital", attempt even more QSOs,
and maybe help out as a non-rookie next year.
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This is another WQ6X remote Screw-around event from NX6T in 
Fallbrook.  I wanted to do the right thing by being available 
to the Rookie RTTY OPs but found there were very few OPs in
the entire 6-hour contest to be found.  If y'all want US to
play with you, then y'all need to show up FIRST; we don't
want to just work each other, we showed up to work rookies.

I ran remotely from NX6T in Fallbrook.  T amke things simple, I ran
STN-1's K3 at 50 watts full duty RTTY into a Stepp-IR for 20 and a 2-el
shorty-40 on 40 meters.  15-meters was a complete no-show and in all
honesty, 20 was HARDLY much better.
Look for a write-up on this GiG at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com