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Soapbox for 2017
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AB1YK   Contact Moderator
I used an old Icom IC-720A with FLdigi on Linux.
The interface is home brew.
I have home brew antennas, 20m dipole 50' high and an NVIS 40m dipole.
AC8XO   Contact Moderator
Had a great day... learned a new technique. Now I just need to refine it!
KA1WPM   Contact Moderator
Not good conditions.  Very frustrating, and I'm not even a rookie!  Stations would appear and vanish
almost instantly.  I hope the rookies did better than this OM.
KD2MYR   Contact Moderator
Thank you to Dave K1TTT for his hospitality and hosting this contest!
KE0MHX   Contact Moderator
First time on RTTY. Thanks for the QSOs!
KI7DNL   Contact Moderator
It was super fun! I can't wait for next year.
KM4PYH   Contact Moderator
I reported the wrong license year to N1FD.
N4BAT   Contact Moderator
States I contacted were: OH, IL, NH (x's2), MA, and CT. I learned this on the fly solo, so I hope I
have submitted this right. Had a blast even though the bands were terrible!!

W5CMM   Contact Moderator
Licensed in 2014, but first RTTY contact in 2017.
W9SRP   Contact Moderator
From my area, I only heard the other 3 stations the entire 6 hours.  They were loud and clear at the
beginning and the end.  No one else was heard the entire time on 40m, 20m, 15m, and 10m.

The scoring changed!  I used to be a rookie.  I was licensed in November of 2014 and now I am not a
rookie?  Are you sure?!?!?! :-)
WH6FAM   Contact Moderator
Mahalo to NH6Y for great coaching and equipment.