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Soapbox for 2015
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AB4LX   Contact Moderator
Not much activity with bad conditions and everyone burned out after the SARTG RTTY contest, this
needs to be on a weekend that's not a big RTTY contest!
AB7BB   Contact Moderator
Such a fun day! Thank you to all my contacts.
AC2IK   Contact Moderator
Fun but would probably have more participation if it didnt follow a major RTTY contest (SARTG)
AD4AX   Contact Moderator
This was fun. Thank you for the contacts. 73, Ed
AK5CT   Contact Moderator
My second contest with ARRL, enjoyed the SSB Rookie Roundup earlier this year.  It's always fun.
K1DM   Contact Moderator
20-m conditions were sketchy, so I didn't hear many stations.  I will definitely take the time to
enjoy these events in the future.
K4JPN   Contact Moderator
Glad to give a few points.  73, Steve K4JPN
K7UAZ   Contact Moderator
First time K7UAZ Amateur Radio Club has had members participate from the club shack in recent
memory. Lots of fun for the two of us.

All bands but 20m were dead. We did try to work them, but got no response nor could we hear anyone

Did note that some stations would aggressively hop on our frequency during/after a QSO, causing
significant QRM.
KC1ANM   Contact Moderator
Had a lot of fun! Thanks!
KC1DKY   Contact Moderator
I was really looking forward to this contest after working 40 stations during the NAQP last month
without really even trying.  But today I'm either the victim of poor 20m conditions or a
catastrophic antenna failure.  Oh well, I guess there's always next year.  73!
KF5WYS/AG   Contact Moderator
I am 12 years old and upgraded to General at the Duke City Hamfest in New Mexico last weekend. This
was my first chance to operate as a General. I am looking forward to the CW RR in December. I will
be my last roundup as a Rookie.
KK4ZUU   Contact Moderator
RTTY now in my digital arsenal, just a little late and oh, didn't the bands stink! SFI 85, A 34, K
4, S3-S4 noise
KK4ZWC   Contact Moderator
The band was not as good as last year.  We had a hard time finding stations to work. Had a lot of
fun in the contest. Look forward to operating in some of the other Rookie Contest.
N8FYL   Contact Moderator
Conditions were not too good.  Only found stations on 20M.  Didn't hear very many stations being
worked by the rookies calling CQ, or the non-rookies like me who were calling CQ getting much
NN7SS   Contact Moderator
Great fun! Conditions poor, and signals only found on the 20m band.
Operators all did an efficient job making the contacts. 
W1MSW   Contact Moderator
I was able to get on air for a bit and try to work a few Rookies.  Unfortunately, the conditions
here were very poor.  I worked one Rookie and tried to work a few more but they weren't able to hear
me.  I hope the Rookies did well and had a great time.  See you all in December for Rookie Roundup
CW. 73, Matt W1MSW
W9RF   Contact Moderator
Hope everyone had as much fun as I did, bands could have been better though.
WP4PGY   Contact Moderator
I had a great time and learned a few things. thanks to all who worked me from Puerto Rico 73's