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Soapbox for 2013
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AB1QB   Contact Moderator
Last Rookie Roundup for me as a rookie!  Had fun!
AF3I   Contact Moderator
I had a great time this afternoon meeting and working those who are the future of Amateur Radio. 
73,  AF3I
KB3ZOZ   Contact Moderator
Band conditions seemed very rough today, but appreciate all the ops who made QSOs with us rookies! 
Wondering why total unique DX entities is asked for when only 1 generic DX multiplier is given?
(5.2.4)  Wouldn't submitting a Cabrillo file be easier?
KK4CIS   Contact Moderator
N1MM / MMTTY / K3 / Delta Loop in palm trees.  I was surprised at how many DX callers I had. 
Unfortunately, only 3 of them sent me the year in which they were first licensed.  Bulk of activity
was on 20m, but was able to work a few on 40m.  Nothing on 10m or 15m heard in SFL and no replies to
my CQs on those two band.  Thanks for the Qs!  73  KK4CIS
N0AX   Contact Moderator
As a bit of a RTTY Rookie myself, I enjoyed working a few Rookies and even bagged a couple of DX
stations that called in.  I wish we'd had better conditions but you get what you get!
VE6SPS   Contact Moderator
First time in the Rookie Roundup for RTTY.
WE5BEE   Contact Moderator
This was my first experience with rtty and I found that I liked it more than ssb/phone, as it was
quite enjoyable.
WX7MB   Contact Moderator
Conditions on 20 meters seemed to shift during first 3 hours and signals were up and down. My last
chance to operate as a rookie was fun and I look forward to working the rookies for years to come. I
operated portable from 1829 to 2128 utc on solar / battery power using a MP-1 antenna from DM43ee.
Thank You both Rookies' and Vets for the contacts.. 73's de WX7MB  Mark