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Soapbox for 2012
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AB1QB   Contact Moderator
Great Contest!   Too bad more bands were not open.
AC2IK   Contact Moderator
Bands were terrible, had to fight for the few I got with 40 watts and a vertical, it was fun!
K7RDG   Contact Moderator
KB3VNH   Contact Moderator
Almost no one was on the air.
This submission is much more inconvienent than other contests where thy have a Cabrilo checker.
KD0QLW   Contact Moderator
This was the first operation by the St Charles High School Radio Club.  The club will have its own
equipment in place and on the air in time for School Club Roundup - see you there!  73,
Daniel, Ellen, and Ward
KF5PWJ   Contact Moderator
Great contest. Learned a lot about my antenna performance.
KF5STR   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately, the SFI was on a downward trend and 15m had virtually no RTTY activity at our
location, so we worked every RR RTTY station we could hear on 20m! We found scant few new contacts
the last hour of operation. Special thanks to Gene, W5DDW, for the use of his fantastic station and
for being the best Elmer a Ham could have!
KJ4VTH   Contact Moderator
Just realized I am still a Rookie and so I jumped in for my first Rookie Contest.  Lots of fun.
KJ6NGF   Contact Moderator
A lot of fun and first time using RTTY. Will want to do it again sometime soon.
KJ6PUN   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed my first chance to operate a digital mode in a real contest and apprecaited the
coaching from Joanna (K6YL), Rebar (N6DB), and Rick (N6DQ).
KJ6PUO   Contact Moderator
Thanks to Joanna (K6YA), Rebar (N6DB),  and Rick (N6DQ) for the excellent coaching and access to the
wonderful Stanford station.
KJ6YEB/W6YX   Contact Moderator
This was my first contest.  I really enjoyed the experience, and I would like to thank Joanna K6YL
and Rick N6DQ with helping me with the mechanics of the contest.  Not to mention the hard work of
Rebar N6DB for setting up the station on a beautiful northern California Sunday morning.

Also I want to thank the other members of the team, Peter KJ6PUN and his dad Keith KJ6PUO. Thanks

Overall, this was a great initiation into contesting.  I would highly recommend this type of contest
to all those new to ham radio.
KK4BJV   Contact Moderator
Conditions were rough stateside but great for DX!!  Was able to work 6W (Senegal), J6 (St Lucia),
and ZD7 (St. Helena) for new DX.  Plus I (Italy), PY (Brazil) and HC2 (Ecudor) were booming.  Hope
everyone had as much fun as I did, 73 de KK4BJV.

KK4EVI   Contact Moderator
We only operated for three hours from the club EMCOMM trailer, but it was a great introduction to
digimodes and the trailer capabilities. Another veteran brought his WinLink2000 kit and demonstrated
HF email.
KK4JSJ   Contact Moderator
HC2/AL1O is a German On DX-Pedition in Ecuador.  I counted this as a unique entity of Ecuador.
KS5A   Contact Moderator
Humm, starting to wonder who the real "Rookies" were!  An awful lot of great RTTY ops out there. 
Superb job!  I hope to see all of you in the next RTTY contest.
KU4V   Contact Moderator
First Time - Interesting. Too bad there was not more participation. 
Glad to be able to pass out a few QSO's
Needs to be better suggestions for difference in CQ header for Rookie vs Non-Rookie so OM do not
waste time calling other OM. Some rookies used "[call] (11) CQ" to set them apart, I used "CQ
ROOKIES KU4V (78)"; others you had to guess, then call them anyway.

I will participate again!
KX9X   Contact Moderator
Always fun working the Rookies in this event. I made my station available to Becky, W1BXY for a
short time and she got some experience with RTTY. She's taking the General class in a couple weeks,
so hopefully you'll hear her on 20 meters soon.

Sean KX9X
N1EN   Contact Moderator
Didn't have much time to play this afternoon.  Figured that I'd try to hand out a few CT's in
between a sked and a net.

I'll admit that I did feel a little guilty about being a Rookie with a 1×2 call, but getting D64K
on first call on a couple of bands, without needing to correct my call makes up for that guilt.  :)

-- de N1EN (ex AB1OD)
N4LWR   Contact Moderator
As a new HAM this was a great way to work a new mode of the hobby.
N4MEP   Contact Moderator
Score may be low, but it was fun.
N6HE   Contact Moderator
GREAT way to introduce "Rookies" to HF and RTTY! I enjoyed it.

I am a NON-Rookie entry- Calling CQ R (vs CQ RR) seemed to have people calling me who were licensed
pre-2010, and therefore non-rookies, and as I read the rules, these QSOs don't count. But I am
submitting what happened and hope ARRL can straighten it out - wouldn't be the first time I misread

Thanks for a great concept!

Would have spent more time in the chair but our club had its annual picnic today and they were in
the Lighthouse/Lightship weekend, as well. But it was fun while it lasted....

Thanks again!
Ray N6HE
N7SMI   Contact Moderator
Conditions were very poor and few operators online. It would probably provide a much better
experience to shorten the roundup to maybe 3 hours. Calling CQ for 4 hours and averaging one
response every 10 minutes is not terribly fun. Thank you for organizing the RR and I look forward to
the next one.
NX8G   Contact Moderator
It was difficult to call CQ and get only rookies to respond.
W2HAO   Contact Moderator
I tried and tried.  I just couldn't get through to the mainland today. I spotted many RR QSO's, but
I just could not be heard.  Maybe next time.  It was fun trying.
W4MLB   Contact Moderator
We operated from the PCARS club station and invited all the new members that qualified as rookies to
come operate. We had a total of 5 Rookie operators that learned how to operate RTTY. Everyone
learned something about contest software, operating procedures and learned how to operate the radio
equipment. Everyone had a fun time and I believe will return to operate more RTTY. 

Don AF4Z  Coach.
WA1N   Contact Moderator
Great conditions and it was good to see a lot of returning rookies from last year!
WM9I   Contact Moderator
My first Rookie Roundup!  Great fun even if I could only be on at the last couple of hours.