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Soapbox for 2020
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KC3MIO   Contact Moderator
I've worked a number of contests since I got my license, but never a Rookie Roundup and this was my
last chance.  At first, I did not know what CQ to call until I realized that CQ RR would work.  I
searched in vain for someone calling CQ RR and worked a number of veterans until I worked W6UP in CA
- my only rookie contact.

With CW not required for a license, I wonder what percentage of rookies have tried to learn CW.  I
am guessing not many.

Thanks and 73
W2SOX   Contact Moderator
I had a blast with this one, my last name is Morse but it surely didn't help me gain any extra
W3AVP   Contact Moderator
This was my last year qualifying as a Rookie. I'm very thankful for the 5 QSOs I made but felt that
knowledge/awareness of this contest is incredibly low. Someone spotted me on the cluster but seemed
confused as to what "RR" was. I know my CW signal was reaching out as the RBN showed me well in to
Europe. Just... hardly anyone was biting. :(