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Soapbox for 2015
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AC2IK   Contact Moderator
2 suggestions:
New hams need to send CQ only as fast as they can copy CW
New hams need not be timid about asking for repeat reports or asking the other operator to slow

The need for the novice band continues to be evident with each RR contest
AD0DA   Contact Moderator
It was a fun 6 hours of CW!
AD0FL   Contact Moderator
First Rookie CW Rookie Roundup.  It was a bit challenging with the band conditions, but fun
AD8J   Contact Moderator
Got on for an hour to help the cause.
AF5OD   Contact Moderator
The contest was a lot of fun. I want to say special thanks to Joel W5ZN for letting us use his
station. This is our first CW contest. Joel pushed us to try for this contest and we have been
studying hard for a few months now and it was still very difficult. We were not allowed to use any
computer aid for copying it was all by ear. We are not ready for the big leagues yet but we will
defiantly keep practicing and improving.
AK2S   Contact Moderator
I wanted to join the Rookies so I called CQ a few times which I had never done before in a contest.
I also decided to use my 1947 Vibroplex "bug" which is a year older than I am (I am 67).  Does this
qualify me to be a Rookie; I think not. Thanks to all who tolerated my sending.
K0BAK   Contact Moderator
Last Rookie Roundup I qualify for, only did one other. Had fun, bands weren't too good. Thanks for
many ops that worked hard with me to make contacts under severe fading. Wish I started doing these
roundups sooner.
K1CIC   Contact Moderator
First 3 CW contacts for me!
K1DBM   Contact Moderator
First CW RR...I had lots of fun learning.
K1ECU   Contact Moderator
I would like to apologize to any and all hams with whom I may have attempted to work but failed to
complete a QSO because of my poor CW skills. I intent to practice and make a better showing next
year. 73 de K1ECU
K4BAI   Contact Moderator
Also worked many other non-rookies and these are not counted.  Glad to meet some new CW operators
and sorry there were not more.  All QSOs were on 20 and 40M.  No activity heard on 10 and 15M.
Called CQ R on 80 and got only one non-rookie.  Happy Holidays to all.  73, John, K4BAI.
K5IX   Contact Moderator
It never gets old!  Each year, I have more fun in RR than the last.  Some really nice fists out
there--I was especially proud to work an 11-year-old Extra Class YL!  Hope to hear lots of '13s next
year as non-rookies--your continued participation will make it fun for us all.  

Thanks Rookies!  The future of our hobby is in YOUR hands.  Looking forward to working you again.

K5IX Dave 76 TX
K8TE   Contact Moderator
My first time and happy to give out some contacts in the last 23 minutes.  I hope some of you
rookies will join the contest community for another great to have fun with ham radio.  73 from NM,
Bill, K8TE
KC1APK   Contact Moderator
A great contest! Thank you to all the people I worked! 73 de KC1APK Dave in VT
KC1AXJ   Contact Moderator
My last year as a Rookie.
KD2HEK   Contact Moderator
My first CW contest would have probably been a bit more fun without the Kp 6 condx. Well, at least
I'll still be a rookie next year.
KD8VMR   Contact Moderator
Last RR for me, had fun.  Message to all rookies, Join in the fun.
KF5WYS   Contact Moderator
I upgraded to General this summer and enjoy the digital modes. I am 13 years old and new to CW so
this contest was difficult operating for me.
KI4WFJ   Contact Moderator
KX9X   Contact Moderator
Nice job by all the Rookies! Great to hear new licensees sending good CW; I heard several using a
straight key, too. Well done, all!
N0AX   Contact Moderator
Great working some new calls from 2010-11-12-13-14-15!  The first few times trying to contest with
CW are tough but soon the code speed goes up and so does the enjoyment.  Try the North American QSO
Party CW event on Jan 9th - exchange is name and state/province/country. It will seem pretty
fast-paced at first but hang in there and you will start making QSOs by the bunch.  Call CQ at
*your* comfortable speed to slow down us speed-demon old-timers :-)
W2RAN   Contact Moderator
Lot's of good fists out  there. Had fun using my old Novice station and straight key for all
contacts. Love hearing CW activity on the bands.
W4KFF   Contact Moderator
Had a blast!  Lots more concentration this year.  Looking forward to my final R/R contest next year.
 Many thanks for this endeavor.
W6NF   Contact Moderator
Poor conditions at the time I was able to get on but did manage to work a few Rookies. Thanks for
the Qs!
W7PV   Contact Moderator
Would be better to hold this contest on a Saturday so as not to conflict with church and football.
WB4IT   Contact Moderator
Final year as a rookie. 73 to all.
XE1AY   Contact Moderator
This is my first time that I participe in this contest.I have to slow my transmition half that I
usually use.But thereĀ“s no good conmdition on 20 m band