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Soapbox for 2013
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AB1QB   Contact Moderator
This was my last year as a rookie and I worked all 3 roundups - Phone, RTTY, and CW.  I thought the
RTTY Rookie Roundup would be my last but decided to learn CW.  This was my first attempt at CW and I
had a great time!  Thanks to all of the non-rookies for their patience with the new CW operators.
AB3TM   Contact Moderator
I usually spot and pounce for contests, but decided to try running this time.  My ear is not as
sharp as I thought it was!  Thank you to all the patient ops for repeating your calls for me.  The
day seemed to start slow, but picked up after the early football games were over.  I thought 15m was
going to be the band of the day, but that didn't seem to work out.  Thank you to 20m & 40m for
supporting my signal.  I didn't hit my score goal, but did pick up 3 of the 5 states missing from my
CW WAS.  I am very happy with that result.  Just wish I had been able to pick up a few more mults,
especially VE, XE, and a DX.  Again, thanks to all the rookies and non-rookies for joining in on
this fun contest!
AD0AK   Contact Moderator
The contacts made here are some of my very first CW QSOs.  Only had 90 minutes available.  Perhaps
more time will be available next year.
K0DTJ   Contact Moderator
Very worth while and lots of fun.  Some very good ops among the stations I worked.  All who
participated are to be congratulated on their achievement.
K2ZR/4   Contact Moderator
K2 @ 75W and Windom
The K2 called CQ R often over 3 hours or so. Only worked 4 Rookies.
73 & HH to All,
Dick, K2ZR/4
Key West, IOTA NA-062
K3KLC   Contact Moderator
1951	KK4CCL	ROY	11	KY
1956	K9CT	CRAIG	67	IL
2000	WN4AFP	DAVE	75	SC
2011	NR3P	PAUL	11	MD
K4AOA   Contact Moderator
K2 and 10 watts here.  Thanks to all that could hear me.  73/Jim/K4AOA
K4BAI   Contact Moderator
FT1000MP, 100W, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee.  Worked many non-rookies for non counting QSOs.  Had
on amp by mistake for first three rookie QSOs, so these are not counted.  After reduced power to
100W, worked 26 rookies in 17 states.  Very glad to find some new CW ops, including local friend
KK4BNC.  Keep up the good work.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  73, John, K4BAI (year
K5AX   Contact Moderator
Fun Test. Several YL Rookies worked. Happy Holidays
K5WL   Contact Moderator
Much better than last year!
K9CT   Contact Moderator
Need more rookies!!

Wide range of abilities represented...from 15 to 22 wpm.
KK4CCL   Contact Moderator
I just started CW 1 month ago and this was my first contest.  It was a lot of fun.  I wish I would
have taken up CW earlier...some of the new guys were flying.
KK4RTF   Contact Moderator
Yesterday, my daughter, Jennifer, KK4RTF, got into the Rookie Roundup at my urging, and made her
first CW contacts ever! 

She has been operating here with the Goat Farm group for about the last year and a half in M/M RTTY
contests, 'just to help her Dad out'. 

She acquired an interest and this past spring got her Tech license, but until yesterday, she had not
been on the air with CW. 

She did have the benefit of being able to use a station with 'robust' antennas.

Thanks to everyone for the contacts, and sending at appropriate speeds.  Many familiar calls were
logged.  She did find N5RZ's name of 'Gator' amusing.

Steve, NR4M and Jennifer, KK4RTF
(the Goat Farm)
KK6FUT   Contact Moderator
That was good CW practice. I was grateful that there were many long-licensed operators willing to
come back to my pitifully slow CQ (5 wpm), and suffer through requests for QRS and RPT PLS. Wish I
were able to contact more rookie stations (not many on the bands, it appears). Thanks for keeping
this going!!!
KQ6Q   Contact Moderator
Very few rookies found - more non-rookies calling cq!
KR3E   Contact Moderator
Low turnout, possibly due to poor choice of dates, i.e. the Sunday before Christmas when many are
very busy with other things and an NFL Sunday.  Also, lack of significant promotion. (Even some of
the items on the Novice RR page on arrl.org needed updating).

Many OTers seemed not to know how to call CQ.  There were far too many "CQ RR"s, rather than "CQ R,"
being sent by people licensed decades ago.

Maybe some outreach to CW clubs, such as FISTS, SKCC, CWops and FOC would help.

Finally, why does this form allow non-rookies to enter non-rookie QSOs  for inclusion in the score
that's being calculated?
KV4QS   Contact Moderator
N1MM / K3 / 40 and 80m delta loop in palm trees.  Many thanks to all the participants and to the
ARRL for sponsoring the Rookie Roundup.  73 KV4QS
N0AX   Contact Moderator
Fun to spend a few hours working the Rookies on CW.  Thanks also to the many non-Rookies who also
made an effort to get on and make a few QSOs.  73, Ward N0AX
N7SMI   Contact Moderator
I will miss operating as a rookie in the roundups. Thanks to all the non-rookies who took the time
to SLOWLY work us.
NC4RT   Contact Moderator
Could only participate for 40 minutes, but great fun!
NQ2W   Contact Moderator
Had fun during the time I could operate. Had a few non-rookies answer my CQ R; they're not included
in my score submission. Good luck to all the FB rookies that participated. I hope to hear you all on
the air in future contests. Always QRP, always CW - 73 de NQ2W
NR3P   Contact Moderator
Many thanks to all who worked us rookies, for your patience. We learn more with each contact- and
the learning curve is steep. 73, NR3P
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun working the Rookies with my newly vintage FT-ONE and SpeedX Hand Key
W1SFR   Contact Moderator
All contacts QRP
W5SMB   Contact Moderator
It was fun. Thanks. Log uploaded to LofTW...
W8MRL   Contact Moderator
This was fun. Unfortunately, I could only work the last hour and 20 minutes.
WN4AFP   Contact Moderator
My first Rookie Roundup was the "Novice Roundup" back in the late 1970's.