Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SO-PH-LP  UT2UM UR 152,220
SO-PH-LP  UR4QFP UR 140,968
SO-PH-LP  UT3HD UR 113,400
SO-PH-LP  UY1IP UR 99,416
SO-PH-LP  UR5RP UR 86,982
SO-PH-LP  UT5RB UR 63,648
SO-PH-LP  UR5VAA UR 49,644
SO-PH-LP  UR6LF UR 22,599
SO-PH-LP  UR5WHQ UR 20,493
10  SO-PH-LP  UT4USA UR 9,990
11  SO-PH-LP  UR3QTN UR 7,056
12  SO-PH-LP  UR4MS UR 5,248
13  SO-PH-LP  UW5EMC UR 3,264
14  SO-PH-LP  UR5UEG UR 1,875

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