Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SO-CW-HP  RG6G UA 2,829,684
SO-CW-HP  UC7A UA 1,346,451
SO-CW-HP  R3ZZ UA 1,015,296
SO-CW-HP  RM1T UA 719,280
SO-CW-HP  RA3NC UA 551,662
SO-CW-HP  R6AF UA 447,325
SO-CW-HP  RJ3A UA 234,783
SO-CW-HP  RU6MO UA 213,590
SO-CW-HP  RG3R UA 61,509
10  SO-CW-HP  R7FF UA 47,355
11  SO-CW-HP  UA3R UA 32,960
12  SO-CW-HP  R7TW UA 22,310
13  SO-CW-HP  R7RF UA 20,280
14  SO-CW-HP  RV1CC UA 13,504
15  SO-CW-HP  RV7C UA 12,256
16  SO-CW-HP  R1MJ UA 11,883
17  SO-CW-HP  UA6HLN UA 9,633
18  SO-CW-HP  RA1OHX UA 451

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