Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SO-CW-LP  PA2W PA 117,882
SO-CW-LP  PA2PCH PA 92,672
SO-CW-LP  PH75MAA PA 83,204
SO-CW-LP  PG7R PA 72,433
SO-CW-LP  PA3EWG PA 64,872
SO-CW-LP  PA3EEG PA 43,700
SO-CW-LP  PA0JED PA 43,050
SO-CW-LP  PA3DBS PA 39,015
SO-CW-LP  PA5GU PA 24,765
10  SO-CW-LP  PA0WKI PA 16,576
11  SO-CW-LP  PA2CHM PA 15,194
12  SO-CW-LP  PC4Y PA 14,250
13  SO-CW-LP  PG2GF PA 12,455
14  SO-CW-LP  PA5P PA 9,617
15  SO-CW-LP  PA1FNW PA 7,733
16  SO-CW-LP  PA1BBO PA 6,192
17  SO-CW-LP  PA0CT PA 2,010
18  SO-CW-LP  PD0SOT PA 320

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