Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SO-CW-LP  F5SGI F 256,824
SO-CW-LP  F5ICC F 220,050
SO-CW-LP  F6AUS F 214,008
SO-CW-LP  F4WCY F 192,390
SO-CW-LP  F8EBY F 106,765
SO-CW-LP  F5OZC F 71,730
SO-CW-LP  F4CVQ F 53,040
SO-CW-LP  F5VLY F 33,432
SO-CW-LP  F1IWH F 16,512
10  SO-CW-LP  F5VFU F 12,132
11  SO-CW-LP  F5MMB F 7,954
12  SO-CW-LP  F6ICA F 2,444
13  SO-CW-LP  F5ROX F 2,356
14  SO-CW-LP  F6API F 810
15  SO-CW-LP  F5MDY F 252

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